Zillow Premier Agent: Are Leads Worth Paying For?

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Zillow Premier Agent Overview: How It Works

The Zillow Premier Agent page allows new agents to receive direct access to leads from Zillow’s MLS data. Agents are able to sign up for Premier Agent access with an account and monthly subscription fee.

Zillow Premier Agent members have the ability to download a MLS Action Plan and get the MLS data downloaded directly to the agent’s desktop. It’s personalized for the agent and can be used as a sales tool to build a business around a local area.

If you’ve been a Zillow Premier Agent member already, you probably saw some ZPR (Zillow Premier Agent) mailings. The program works on a point system with rewards given out based on agent behavior. Typically the better the agent behavior is, the higher the points will be. Agents have to be a Zillow Premier Agent member for a 90 day period in order to get their points.

Zillow Premier Agent Pricing: How Much Does It Cost?

Leads are one of the primary benefits of being a Zillow Premier Agent, and it’s the primary reason why so many agents choose to buy them. We have seen agents spend several thousand dollars on leads from Zillow in the past, and we’ve seen even more agents paying less than a hundred dollars per lead.

But how much should you spend on leads?

To keep it simple, the amount of leads you buy each month should be based on how many agents you have that are late to market. This is an estimate you can easily use. Say that you have 10 agents late to market. Then you might want to buy a much higher number of leads than you might have if you had 20 agents. The reason you purchase leads is to offset the number of late trends you have. You do expect more leads than you could realistically work yourself since you don’t want people who are new to your market to lose out on leads.

Sample Zillow Advertising Costs for Different ZIP Codes*

Zillow’s premier agent program is one way to become the top producer in your office. The program gives you access to a promo code that gets you an ad for each lead that you provide (35). These lead ads are placed on Ramey’s Zillow landing page in some of the top circulation zip codes (Lexington, SC 46054 and Vallejo, CA 94590). The price to rent the ad is 10 cents per lead on the initial rental and after that, 15 cents per lead for the first 1000 lead rentals and 20 cents per lead for every lead thereafter. This means that a single lead ad costs you 20 cents (3/10 of one cent), 30 cents (3/3 of one cent) or 40 cents (3/4 of one cent) per lead depending on the size of the lead.

Zillow Premier Agent Features

Do you dream of working from home, while also earning residual income from those referrals you’ve made? Then you might want to consider becoming a Zillow Premier Agent.

Premier Agents are the face of the Zillow brand on the Zillow Group’s various websites, and for good reason. They are trained to be knowledgeable about real estate and eager to find the perfect match for their audience, courtesy of a network of millions of real estate agents and buyers across the United States and Canada.

According to Zillow, Premier Agents benefit the most from the Zillow brand’s new referral program. Because of this, Premier Agents are given several tools to promote the Zillow Smart Search’s real estate tools and matching options.

Not all agents are created equal, though. To become a Premier Agent, agents must pass a series of tests to ensure they are Zillow-approved. They must also demonstrate their commitment to the Zillow brand, and their ability to convert new leads.

Our recommendation is that you only hire Premier Agents who have already passed the GDS test, and are willing to share their knowledge and expertise on the new platform.

You can find a full list of Zillow Premier Agents here.

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4 Ways to Make Money with Zillow Premier Agent Leads

We recommend a FREE IDX Leads account to everyone. Some people think that they have to pay money for leads, when in fact they can sign up for FREE and there are no commitments.

Zillow FREE IDX Leads allows Members to register and build their own premier IDX website for FREE. A free IDX allows the possibility of making money with your own IDX Website.

Zillow Premier Agent Leads can open up FREE lead opportunities for real estate agents and brokers. Receive top agents, buyer leads, and vendors’ leads. (Even Non-Real Estate companies can use Zillow Premier Agent Leads! )

Zillow Premier Agent Leads sends you leads to help you sell more houses or make more money. Zillow Premier Agent Leads provides lists of people who are thinking about selling their houses.

Non-Real Estate Companies

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Zillow Premier Agent Leads ⤤ Listings with Special Benefits

Zillow Seller Boost

It seems to me that a lot of new agents, and some experienced agents, look at their Zillow listing and ask themselves: How much is this worth to me? Will I get a good price?

Here’s a question that you should be asking yourself. Instead of looking at your listing and wondering how much a buyer will pay for it, how much will it cost to sell it? And here’s the kicker, knowing that number, can you justify paying for an ad to bring new leads to you?

That’s sort of the idea of what we’re going to look at in this post. Let’s look at how to evaluate your leads and talk about some types of lists that you might be able to buy to get more truly valuable leads.

Such as this Knock Knock list.

We’ve had a lot of questions about this list and what to do with it. Well, Monday they are testing Zillow Premier Agent and it just so happens that this list is going to be included in that.

Zillow Premier Agent Direct

At Zillow Premier Agent, we've always been big fans of leads, so much so that we had to make it a special feature just for you as leads have been a core part of our focus for the past 10 years.

We've also been vocal about the need for effective lead management and marketing, which has led to the average cost of a lead dropping from about 25 to 10 dollars each and the time needed to make these leads convert dropping from 100 days or more to 20 days or less.

We've always provided excellent training and coaching to our agents in the form of courses that cover every step of the lead-process as well as in the form of one-on-one coaching. We've also referred to leaders in the field of lead generation, and have had their guidance and support.

Despite all of this, our agents still weren’t converting their names into leads fast enough. We were getting leads faster than our agents could turn them into leads which led us to a conclusion that was both depressing and encouraging. It felt depressing because we knew that our future could be much better if we could increase the conversion rate of leads into closed sales. And it was encouraging because we had already built a company that enabled our agents to go to the source and purchase leads instead of relying on findings, prospecting, cold-calling or pay-per-lead services.

Zillow 3D Homes

Are 3D Home Images Worth It?

3D images can be quite visually impressive, but does this have any value if potential buyers are already viewing the 3D image on the web?

Now that you have seen this 3D colorized image of a particular property, you could reasonably get a sense of what the outside of the house looks like. This makes it difficult if not impossible to view an in-person rendering of the property.

However, if you search for a picture of the home on the web, it will likely turn up, because the particular home has been photographed by others in the past.

This detail can be very helpful if you are searching for a new home and you can’t get to the area to see it as part of the buying process.

However, if someone is viewing the home image and they become interested in buying the home, they contact the real estate company and ask for more information. The images are valuable if they exist at all though. This will allow you to have a good idea of what various homes will look like.

Not all homes are photographed at all locations, and the photographer could not get to the property at the time the photos were taken.

Alternatives to Zillow Premier Agent

Although a few Zillow Premier Agents are always great at creating and managing a great listing, there are many who are not.

Obviously, you need to select only the best to work with, while avoiding listing with mediocre agents.

It is very difficult to find these agents, but there are a few simple things you can do to help.

Your Number One Lead Source

One strategy that works well with sales and conversion is to stay in touch with your top-rated customers. Think of your best clients as your best leads, and you can market to them directly on broker web sites.

For best results, only contact top-rated customers once a month to remind them you are a real estate professional and that your clients have an easy way to check your exemplary record of service.

If the customer asks for a visit, schedule your appointment and ask if you can let the customer know that you are planning to be in the area for already scheduled appointments.

Making the Right Turn on Your List Agents

If you want to get more leads, your first choice is to look on Zillow for a broker that has a large network of agents with whom to do business and whom you can refer your clients and buyers.

Bottom Line

It’s not easy to see the true value of leads until you have been doing it for some time. Personally, I’d compare it to the first time you jumped out of an airplane and the thought of which way was down was a little disconcerting.

After you get acclimated to this rather pleasant activity, including having done it so often that you enjoyed it, you find yourself sitting on the plane after your jump realizing that it wasn’t nearly as bad as you thought it would be. Yes, the feeling of free-fall was frightening, but you came in for a nice landing.

It’s a little like the first month or so on Agent Quest. You’re feeling anxious and out of your comfort zone, and you’re not quite sure of the value of the leads you are getting. You’re getting leads every day and it’s working for you. You’re finding homes, making money, and you’re beating your loan officer’s deals.