Zillow Alternatives: 6 Best Real Estate Listing Sites

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Top 6 Real Estate Listing Sites 2019

The real estate industry is going through some big changes and moving away from the traditional MLS listing website to more technologically-driven ones like Zillow.

There are many real estate listing services that cover the US. Go Beep Go to take a look at your best local listing options.

For the most part, real estate websites offer all of the basic information that you’d need when you’re buying a home or selling your home. They offer an MLS – or Multiple Listing Service – which is the listings database where all of the homes for sale are listed. It’s maintained and provided for you by the local MLS. That’s where the "multiple" list comes from … because there are many listings that are included in the directory, database, or just with whatever method of navigating the site, the MLS.

The MLS listing websites also come with a map of the area, pricing information, photos of the property, and other details.

How We Evaluated Real Estate Listing Sites (Zillow Alternatives)

Answering the important question: Is a review of a real estate listing site a good thing for the property owner?

Our answer is yes.

For years real estate brokers and agents have been frustrated by the monopoly that Zillow has on the real estate business. When a buyer searches for a home, there is a significant amount of traffic going to Zillow without a listing coming from a licensed real estate agent or listing broker on the site. Seems as though the only way to sell a home for serious buyers on Zillow is being able to provide a decent unit, pictures, and price.

You’ve probably seen hundreds of homes listed on Zillow, but can you decipher between the good, the bad, and the ugly?

We have the experience and knowledge of the local real estate market to help you find the best listing sites for real estate in your area. In order to select the best real estate listing sites for your area, we applied a ratings system that takes into account:

  • Real Estate Listing Sites with Zillow Alternatives
  • Real Estate Listing Sites with Zillow Alternatives
  • Real Estate Listing Sites with Zillow Alternatives
  • Real Estate Listing Sites with Zillow Alternatives

Homes.com: Best Real Estate Listing Site Overall

What are the 6 Best Zillow Alternatives for Real Estate Listings?

Zillow has become a staple for both first-time home buyers and professionals looking for houses to list. The real estate website was founded in 2004 and has grown immensely over the years thanks to the immense user base and user reviews. As real estate agents, brokers, and directors can attest, this is one comprehensive resource that will save you time and money so you can focus on marketing and advertising your listings.

In the real estate world, listing your properties fast and easy is the key to winning clientele. A comprehensive listing on Zillow can definitely help you out with this.

However, as the world has become more digital, so have the methods for listing your properties. Today, it’s more challenging than ever to stand out from the crowd especially in a saturated and competitive market like the real estate industry. With all the choices from Zillow, let’s take a closer look at the top 6 best Zillow alternatives.

Homes.com Pricing

Select your desired upload product and click Product Pricing.

Choose either Inflate, Custom, or Historical.

Choose which listing category you would like to display your home in.

Enter your desired price range and number of bedrooms or bathrooms.

Preview the pricing chart and click "Build".

Homes.com Features

  • Live and search homes in any market.
  • Save your favorites for instant access.
  • Get email updates when homes hit the market.
  • Choose your preferred style, size, and neighborhood.
  • True/false searches indicate options like pets allowed.
  • Take advantage of user-generated photos of homes.
  • Better photos lead to increased value.
  • Thousands of Residential Real Estate Listings.
  • Find foreclosures, short sales, and open houses easily.
  • Want to live in Charleston, San Diego, or Las Vegas?
  • Browse detailed information for each listing, and see upcoming events.

What Homes.com is Missing

What Users Think About Homes.com

While this site costs no commissions, it provides a variety of services including professional photography, advertising services and automated updates. While this can be a major time-saver for realtors looking to switch to this site or for those looking to set up listings quickly, some users are concerned about the high fees and poor search capabilities.

Realtor.com: Best Real Estate Listing Site for NAR Members

Realtor.com Pricing

Realtor.com Features

  • Free Listing with a Buyer Agent
  • 45 days of Free Listings
  • Listing Searches by City, Neighborhood and Zip Code
  • Price and Value Comparison Tool
  • 24/7 Customer Support

What Realtor.com is Missing

What Users Think About Realtor.com

Apartments.com : Best Real Estate Listing Site for Condos & Apartment Rentals

Apartments.com Pricing

Apartments.com Features

What Apartments.com is Missing

For as long as we can remember, the apartment hunting process has been as simple as looking through a newspaper. Going to a mailing or flier station… and then calling a realtor… only seemed to take the guesswork out of looking for an apartment.

Unfortunately it could also take the fun out of the process as well. Every month, we’re exposed to the same advertisements, sometimes even mere inches away from the stacks of these flyers. And since nearly every ad seems to be the same, we start to question whether these ads are even legitimate. It’s a constant barrage in our face, one that’s incredibly hard to ignore, and it can be downright disturbing to us as consumers too.

Fortunately for us, times have changed and the apartment listing experience has gotten better. We now have a variety of rental and real estate sites that can help you find the perfect spot. These sites have significantly improved the way we find and look for an apartment, as well as the way we read and respond to ads.

What’s even better, there are no newspaper advertisements to sift through anymore. No more cheaply made Craigslist postings with spelling mistakes. It’s all for the better.

What Users Think About Apartments.com

RealtyTrac : Best Real Estate Listing Site for Short Sales & Foreclosures

RealtyTrac Pricing

Of the Day:

For the last 2-days, RealtyTrac has been offering 12-months of free listings data on their website. With that 12-months of free listings data, you can see a history of the price change for all comparable homes in the neighborhood. As of today, July 1, 2014, the average price change for all comparable homes in Arapahoe County, Colorado (where I currently live) is 1.56%.

The cost of that free data from RealtyTrac is FREE!

Ok, here are my conclusions.

RealtyTrac Features

In today’s market, buyers need a variety of information – on the property, the neighborhood, and the seller – to decide whether or not to make a purchase. Real estate brokers are in the best position to act as information middlemen and it’s their job to help give buyers this information. But as a buyer, you’re not limited to just your realtor. RealtyTrac is the industry’s leading national database of foreclosures and short sales, and it’s growing every day as more real estate brokers create listings using this system. With RealtyTrac, you can easily discover the property’s listing price, features and history, and real estate agent information.

What RealtyTrac is Missing

Zillow has received lots of plaudits for their innovative real estate website model. Zillow reports that they recently surpassed Trulia in the number of monthly unique users.

I published an article about alternatives to Zillow in which I tried to highlight obvious features that are missing from Zillow.


  • ✓ One agent, many listings
  • ✓ Kudzu crawl with ads
  • ✓ Listings automatically expire
  • ✓ No price history
  • ✓ No price drop alerts
  • ✓ No easy way to see agent specials or insider MLS information


  • ✓ Agent special messages
  • ✓ Better due diligence for listing agents
  • ✓ Snazzy new blog
  • ✓ List price history
  • ✓ Better mobile applications (on IOS and Android)
  • ✓ Great real estate resource
  • ✓ Better mobile applications (on IOS and Android)
  • ✓ Search MLS trends
  • ✓ Better mobile applications (on IOS and Android)
  • ✓ List price history
  • ✓ Listing agent profile
  • ✓ Realtor user group, community or professional network
  • ✓ Listing agent profiles
  • ✓ Better mobile applications (on IOS and Android)
  • ✓ Great real estate resource

What Users Think About RealtyTrac

LoopNet : Best Real Estate Listing Site Exclusively for Commercial Properties

LoopNet is an online marketplace for commercial real estate listings. Unlike other real estate listing sites, LoopNet’s focus is exclusively on commercial properties, and advertisements can only be placed for commercial properties. The benefit is that the price of advertising will be based on its ROI (return on investment) rather than on how many visitors end up viewing the listing, which is a problem with some online real estate listing sites.

LoopNet is one of the most popular real estate listing sites and maintains over 3,000 commercial properties for customers.

Getting online and starting your real estate business is easier than you may think. Set up your listing by creating a simple account, uploading your photos and descriptions, and selling your business by listing your property.

LoopNet Pricing

LoopNet Features

LoopNet is one alternative to Zillow that can be a great way to achieve your real estate goals.

LoopNet lets users put listings on the site to be viewed by a vast number of interested buyers and owners. The website makes using listing tools easy with online forms, drop-in forums, and the option to add a property video.

By having a listing on LineNet, you can also create a virtual tour and social network to enhance your online marketing campaign.

LoopNet also features a robust and customizable drag and drop tools you can use to manage and edit your real estate listings. The platform also syncs with your other marketplaces including eBay and Facebook.

What LoopNet is Missing

LoopNet has what many real estate commissions and brokers want: a real-time web site with integrated information. Property data can be found with latitude and longitude coordinates and maps, which make it easy to plot tours and calculate property sizes. Different listing types help agents find the right buyer, the right property for the right price. Inventory is updated in real time, and brokers have the ability to customize listings to showcase the property’s most attractive features.

Not only does LoopNet have more listings, its data is updated in real time, allowing agents and brokers to get more accurate data, rather than having to spend extra time and money updating listings on other sites. What’s more, LoopNet provided its clients with automated email alerts, so agents could get updated listings in their inboxes in real time. Real estate brokers, meanwhile, could get these searches added to email marketing toolbar code so they could send subscribers relevant property listings.

LoopNet also integrated with external software, such as Xirrus, Stratus, and ABB. This feature allowed agents and brokers to add listings straight to their websites without having to copy and paste or send information to multiple websites.

What Users Think About LoopNet

LoopNet is the online advertising and marketing arm of LoopNet LLC, a third-party marketplace for buying and selling technical equipment. The company’s offerings include a searchable inventory of products that are currently searching the like-minded marketplaces. These vendors are independent entities that have a motive to increase their visibility in their industries through LoopNet’s API or proprietary integration. LoopNet is the advertising and marketing arm of LoopNet LLC.

LoopNet sellers do not need to use the premium MarketProIQ solutions for listing and showing their products. If you sell your services or products on LoopNet then it’s likely that you are a vendor; if you’re a consumer then you’re probably reading this at a search as opposed to a sale. So, to simplify by saying; genuine sellers can use the LoopNet marketplace independently, but this is less likely to happen.

LoopNet specializes in a wide variety of technical equipment, and buyers of these products can advertise through the LoopNet marketplace for free. If you’re searching for specific equipment or if you need to procure tools that aren’t available through LoopNet then you can either directly contact the relevant vendors through LoopNet’s proprietary counterparts or find equipment through the LoopNet directory.

Real Geeks : Best for Building Listing Pages

Want to create professional looking listings and easily update them? That’s what Real Geeks is all about. Real Geeks offers easy drag and drop real estate listing pages that you can use to quickly build listings. The layout is customizable to match the style and branding of your site, and it’s super easy to change colors and fonts on any page you want. It’s also quick and simple to add images or videos to your listing pages. Real Geeks has a great mobile-responsive layout and will work with any device. The real estate list management updates for local searches updates are also super speedy. Real Geeks is the easiest real estate listing site to use and manage. Real Geeks’s popularity has been growing exponentially over the years. Real Geeks is the perfect choice for small real estate agencies and individual real estate brokers.

Real Geeks Pricing

Zillow is my favorite real estate listing site. It’s simple, fast, and I like the information I get from it. However, I’ve come to find that you get what you pay for. While I am very satisfied with Zillow’s ease of use and pricing structure, they do walk the thin line between information and data feed.

If you’re looking for a more robust real estate site, check out the Real Geeks ranking of the six best real estate listing sites. We’ve tested these platforms extensively and would encourage you to read through our reviews before deciding which one suits your needs best. We hope you’re able to put together a comprehensive analysis of these platforms so that you can make your best real estate website rankings.

Real Geeks Features

  • The Real Geeks Guide to Real Estate Listing Sites. Every real estate agent must have their own listing site, and although there are plenty of great sites, only those who really get what it’s like to work for buyers and sellers will make their time and money worth it.
  • Real Estate Listing Sites that Don’t Scream …We’re Picking Sold!” Real Geeks searched high and low for the best real estate listing sites and found several worthy of the Real Geeks Guide. Although some sites are great, many are riddled with problems … including the marketing and view ease and a lack of functionality. The sites that made the list are not the ones who scream …we’re picking sold!” It’s the sites who show that they have the right elements of a professional listing site, and it goes beyond just the look.
  • The Only Listing Sites that Did Not Suck
  • The Best Real Estate Listing Sites of 2016

What Real Geeks is Missing

Well this is what they need to know!

As a regular Real Geeks reader, you’re probably sick of all the real estate listings already. The Real Geeks Swag Store (and the Industry Awesomeness page) has all the coupons for the free custom website you’ve been looking for. When it comes to Real Geeks lets face it watch out for those new important websites or Quiznos coupons. But you know me, – I’m not that kind of Geek.

And I’m not even going to talk about your new online classifieds sources here, they’re cool but they’re not important.

But what about people with Real Geeks. Real Geeks like saving money. Geeks like coupons. Real Geeks. Real Geeks are constantly researching and looking for better ways to optimize for valuable real estate. Can you imagine what Real Geeks could learn from new and current websites in the real estate industry?

What Users Think About Real Geeks

Real Geeks is an online listing service that launched in 2008 as a design-centric alternative to several other local listing websites owned by large real estate companies. Real Geeks is an essential service for people who need to find a rental or house for sale, but don’t necessarily want to go through a big corporation that has a listing on thousands of different products.

We feed from the inside out. Our network is made up of real agents who take great pride in their work. Because we’re local, we’re familiar with the neighborhoods… and the homes. We’re the middle men of the housing market, connecting properties and homeowners with one another. Are you a homeowner looking for the house you used to live in decades ago? We can help you. Interested in renting out your home to help with a family member…s medical expenses? We can do that too. Buying a new home and don’t know where to start? Let Real Geeks lead the way.

Real Geeks allows the user to search for certain criteria, such as price range, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, etc. If you don’t know what marketing language to use, you can also just search for the address or ZIP code of what you’re looking for.

Bottom Line – Real Estate Listing Sites (Zillow Alternatives)

The following Real Estate listing sites are great Zillow alternatives if you don’t want to pay a monthly fee. A lot of them are free and it’s better than paying a monthly fee to Zillow. If you are into Real Estate listing sites, this site is a one-stop shop listing all the websites and how they compare to Zillow.