8 Types of Press Releases to Get Your Message Out

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Event Press Release

An event publication is designed for media outlets that seek press releases specifically for events. Typically, such events have a short time frame.

Typically, event press releases are in the form of a lede or intros to stories that will be running about the event itself. The information provided is a brief summary of the event, the key speakers and sponsors and the event location.

Writing an event press release is similar to writing a cover letter. Look at other press releases for the same event and the times desirable information is provided. Then tell your story in the same way and from the same perspective. Remember, no one likes a shameless copycat.

Secondly, be sure to highlight the best part of the event – the speakers, the venue or the prize. This will differentiate you from the competition and attract the attention of the media.

Be sure to know the time frames for your press release. If the event is for one day, make sure you know the deadline for the press release.

An event press release is an efficient way to get your story out quickly before the event so the media has time to cover it online, in print and on radio.

Book Press Release

Product Press Release

If you’re launching a product and already have a name and packaging, your press release is readily available. You’ve done the work already, so all that’s left to do is send it out.

The objective of your press release is to:

  • Get your name on the news and in the industry
  • Provide trade magazines an opportunity to review the product
  • Introduce the product
  • Obtain coverage in trade publications
  • Get your product to the trade shows

New Business Press Release

A new business can’t get going without a PR push; it’s just economics. When a new business starts up, it’s important to let the world know. A press release is the best way to do this. Many new businesses will contact the local paper, or even the business section of a larger newspaper to pitch their new business to reporters. This gives the reporter an entree to talk about your business on the business page, which can help promote business in the area. (Often, local businesses will write their own press releases, and the writer or editor will print one on the first or second page as a lead in to a story.)

Investors who aren’t local but want to be first in line to invest in your new business will hopefully see the press release and invest. When the news hits the wire services, hundreds of other investors will see it. Before your PR release, investors in your area will have no idea what to expect from you. After the release, if your business gets any press, it will be easier to find investors who can relate to your story.

You should offer free general release to any of the following groups with one condition:

The group must publish the release without editing it but must use the correct attribution listed below. The exception is small newsletters and not for sale magazines.

New Hire Press Release

If you’ve just slipped into a new job, you’ll soon have the opportunity to brag all over town about how great your new company is.

If you’re thinking about sending out a press release as part of this celebration, make sure you’re not just boasting about your accomplishments.

Instead, do your homework.

Check around to see what your competitors are saying about their new hires. Don’t be afraid to get sneaky. For instance, you could call up a press representative at your competitor’s office and ask them to send you the press release that they just sent out for a new hire at their company.

This is another way to keep your press message fresh and to make sure that you’re giving out the most accurate information. Another good way to do this is to spend some time on Google News. Type in your company name and the words……new hire and then look for press releases that come up under that search term to see what your competition or competitors are saying.

Rebranding Press Release

A press release, according to Statista, constitutes one of the top five most-shared online media. It also has an average open rate of 44 %, and 73% of you will read it.

The average press release came in at around 843 words, and most entries are shorter than 600. The average copywriter’s pay in the UK is £26k per annum.

The name ‘press release’ is misleading as it does not solely constitute a single message sent to a publishing outlet for dissemination.

A press release can be a guide to new company policy, a company acquisition announcement, a new product announcement, a staff change, a charity donation, or even an invitation to a new corporate party.

A press release can be used to drive traffic to your website or increase your SEO.

The previous decades saw a period of over-reliance upon press releases for businesses and organizations.

Only a small proportion of press releases are ever published. This low conversion rate is what has led to an over-reliance upon press releases.

Recent tactics marketers and PR practitioners have employed to get their press releases published has seen a rise in the use of branded and promotional news releases.

Traditional press releases are intended to affect a few audiences – those of the journalist to whom the release is addressed and a small handful of staffers at the media outlet to which the release is sent.

Partnership Press Release

Partnership Press Release Partnering with a similar niche business is another great way to boost your traffic. By submitting a partnership press release, your niche site can introduce your blog to a likeminded audience.

They can do so by linking to your site or by displaying your infographic or blog post. Long story short, write a press release to announce your partnership.

A good partnership press release will have a hook that will grab journalists’ attention to prompt them to click your link.

Another plus is that they’re a great way to bring in new traffic to your site.

Award Press Release

If you are sending out an award press release, don’t forget to include an award holder’s bio, list of awards, and any related images of your award winner and engagement. In other words, the award press release should look like a news release .

Award press releases, like most any press release, should be sent out to key news outlets or trade publications. The goal of the press release is to get your award winner the exposure he or she deserves. An industry tradeshow, a famous publication like Wired Magazine, a link on a key website, or any place where influential members of your industry go to learn about the latest industry advancements and news is all the publicity you are looking for.

The Key Elements of a Press Release

It used to be that press releases were used to announce a new product or service. Today, they can be used to create awareness for a cause or organization, and can range from offering information, demonstrations, or even contests.

Here’s a look at 8 different types of press releases that can accomplish a wide range of goals.


News announcements can be used to garner media attention for an organization and the broadness of the announcement can vary. For example a special day or celebration would garner attention through a news announcement while an important event or meeting would also garner a high level of media attention.

The most important aspect to a news announcement is to include all of the details along with who is responsible for making the announcement and who they are representing.

Demonstrations and Educating

Demonstrations are a great way to target a specific audience. For example, if you are a parent looking to educate your children about fire safety, a demonstration wouldn’t be your best bet as it would attract more parents than young children. However, if you were presenting the science behind science, it would be a great way to target your audience in your county fair booth.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The press release is the ultimate tool for promoting your non-fiction book. When you post a press release to a website such as BookBub, BookBub will send the release out to other sites that belong to the same distribution network, while also posting the variations to the Sysomos blog. Our hope is that people will talk about your book.

While there is no 'perfect' press release, here are some tips for writing a press release that will get people talking about your book.

First and foremost, your release should be targeted towards an audience. The book might be about entrepreneurship or entrepreneurship marketing, but an entrepreneur likely won't be interested in reading about the subject unless they are already into it. Noting this within the title of the release might help to narrow down the type of sites that you're likely to get picked up by.

The length of your release should be proportional to the topic. Fluff is not helpful; nor is it helpful to send out a press release, press release copy (PR), or any type of media release that's so long that it takes days to get through. If you include many details about how you do something, make sure that you also include details about what you do.

Take the time to recognize any key experts and supporters. They need to be given credit for helping.

What are press releases used for?

A PR is a message from an individual or organization to the press that is published by the press or media. The information contained in the PR is distributed directly, if necessary, to the institution or group that needs to be communicated to the media. A good PR may have people at the media contacts’ offices making the effort to run the story and include details in the press release. Often times press releases are used ahead of time.

You’ve decided you want to get a message out, and before you do you need to know what is a press release and also choose the best format and create it. Just follow the step-by-step instructions below to create your own press release.

What is the format of a press release?

The press release is the perfect introduction to your product or service. It’s a concise, one-to-two page document that explains the purpose of your new product, the way it works, and its benefits to the market.

It also makes a good branded, paid or evergreen content piece for any website. A well-conducted press release entails planning, background research, writing, design and grammar. Following are some of the formats of press releases:

Exploratory or Concept Release: A concept release is announced or released before any significant development is made in a project, that might be later announced as a product or service. It is given out to the media when the idea of the product is developed in the minds of the stakeholders, or it is in the alpha stage. The concept press release focuses on the main points of the idea.

For the concept press release, it is recommended that you stay for both the media and the investors. It is prepared by the public relations team and is the main tool of communication for the product from the concept stage.

Launch or Product Release: The product release is meant to announce a new product or a new feature of a product. It releases all the details of the incoming product including the pricing, the launch date, all the specifications, and more importantly, the feedback from the industry jitters.

How do I send a press release?

Press releases are distributed to media outlets, government officials, non-profit supporters, potential funders, and all those who might be interested in receiving press releases. Press releases are a great way for organizations to stay in contact with a large audience.

Press releases are almost always sent out via email, and a press release can never be removed once sent out. In other words, if you should accidentally send an email to the wrong person, it’s too late. The only thing to do is to hope that the person that the press release was intended for will forward it or otherwise pass it along to the intended audience.

There are websites that will filter out unwanted terms and announce new press releases to the media. However, some people find it preferable to use a released press release site, which means editors, for example, have the right to pick and choose which press releases they will publish.

You aren’t limited to using just one site. If you are a member of a professional organization, you might be able to get a release or a preview of your release posted on your organization’s site. You can also check with your local press association, which most communities have. They will have regional press release databases where you can submit your press release.

Bottom Line: Types of Press Releases

Use press releases to politely share information about yourself and your organization. They serve as welcomed, free advertising and should be mailed periodically to journalists, editors, public relations professionals or anyone else who regularly receives releases.

To be effective, any release information should be clear, accurate and easy for them to understand. It should be done in a professional, easy-to-read format. Make sure to include a news release announcing your event, a complete contact list of names and e-mail addresses and your organization’s basic information.

The following section will cover the eight types of press releases you can use.

<h4>The Press Release</h4> <strong>A press release tells the world about you and your organization in a few neat paragraphs. It’s a great way to praise your recent accomplishments, announce future events, or share information with the media. It’s a form of mail marketing so you must treat it as such: make sure you carefully construct it; proof read it; and send it to relevant reporters. </strong> <strong> </strong>