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How We Evaluated the Top Real Estate Website Builders

In Terms of Speed, Ease of Use and Security ….

After evaluating 31 builders and testing them on their performance …

The winner of this evaluation was Builderall .

The winner of this evaluation was Builderall .

Placester: Best Overall Real Estate Website Builder

Some of the best websites ever made were created by plcaser, for real estate websites. Placester takes a slightly different approach.

Instead of creating a website that looks like 99% of the other real estate web development agencies, Placester’s approach is to create a customized website that shows off your personality.

Their approach is the same with the rest of their web design partners – to help your website be as unique and original as you are. With Placester’s pricing, you can easily afford to have a turnkey website for real estate. Choose from the two plans, give them a design idea – they’ll take it from there.

Placester is a web development agency, but they also have their own WordPress plugin on both the major marketplaces, so they install WordPress for you when they set you up with web hosting.

In all of the testing I’ve done of their products, I’ve found that they are very easy to work with and they complete projects on time.


  • Professional
  • Easy to work with
  • Works with everyone…


Their learning curve is a little steep for novices

Placester Pricing

Placester Features

Placester started out of the new wave of website builders. It is simpler than other website builders and is easy to learn. It also can be configured in a way to give a more traditional website features like portfolio and customizable sliders.

The only real issue with Placester is the limited file system and no easy way to add information. This is because Placester is very convenient for website components. So if you are willing to build this type of site, Placester could be for you.

What Users Say About Placester

Placester is the front end Web building tool for Real Estate agencies. With a growing list of offline forays, Place ter is on its way to becoming a giant for online real estate listing design tool.

The company has been steadily improving their product, and they keep switching up their online design theme on a regular basis to keep users hooked. So far, they have 3 design themes, and they plan to release a new theme each month.

One of the most notable features of the Place ster website builder is the way it links listings to the agent’s profile. Hence, when a user clicks on a listing, they are taken to their agent’s profile page.

Moreover, each listing has its own link, and that link directs the user to the contact information of the agent. It’s this clever use of multiple links that help to keep users engaged. They say a very simple idea is more likely to stick than one that is complex. And this is the single most important aspect of a successful online real estate listing design tool.

Real Geeks: Best Websites for Managed Advertising

Here are the Top 6 Managed Advertising Real Estate Website Builders.

We're not talking about the "build it and they will come" builders who just drop software on your site and hope it runs. If you want your listings to actually generate leads you need your website to be optimized for Search – Google+ and social.

You need Lead Generation, that's why I'm sharing my top 6 favorite real estate website builders and service providers.

If you are interested in learning how to get a website setup, I have a full eCourse on my affiliate site that covers exactly that (just click the link).

Real Geeks Pricing

Vs. ODesk Platform

Real Geeks just recently launched the new version of their website builder and their pricing is unparalleled. However, if you’ve never used Real Geeks before and wish to skip the training page, or if you just want to have a clean install of all of your favorite Real Geeks Utilities, that’s perfectly fine too. Real Geeks will give you a credit toward the Web Services Features on their platform so that you’re set to go!

Real Geeks Features

What Users Say About Real Geeks

The real estate industry is always evolving, and you can stay a step ahead with a website that is responsive and updated to help you.

When working with a real estate website, the goal is to help your buyers connect with you and whether they are customers, inquirers or sellers. It is your responsibility to ensure that the site uses the best technology and is effective in generating the maximum conversions.

Website building can be a challenging craft, but when you work with real estate website builders, you can rest assured about time, functionalities, and performance. These builders have the experience in the field to be able to adapt to your particular demand and needs.

They are real real estate website builders, real real estate experts.

Below are a few of the top real estate website builders in the industry.

Zillow Premier Agent: Best Free Website Builder for Zillow Leads

You probably already know Zillow as the top real estate site. But did you know that for Zillow Premier Agent real estate agents, this is one of the best website builder toolbar for wordpress website?

FREE ► ► ► ► ►

The Zillow Premier Agent is an all-in-one website productivity toolkit that is specifically designed for Zillow Premier Agents with their full-time career as a Zillow Premier Agent that requires on the fly marketing activities for sales leads.

The Zillow Premier Agent is the easiest way to create a beautiful website that will increase agents’ sales leads and increase their chance of getting and closing listings. The Zillow Premier Agent provides tools to create a professional website, create promotional postcards, Create, market and engage your online marketing, publish a WordPress blog, and more.

The Zillow Premier Agent can be downloaded as an HTML file and installed on your web page, as a WordPress theme, in your WordPress dashboard or in WordPress widgets. Some of the features that can be incorporated through any of the website platforms and formats are:

  • Website Builder
  • Dashboard
  • Featured Sales Email & Postcard
  • Online Booking Forms
  • Online Radars
  • Facebook and Twitter Advertising
  • Magazine Ads
  • Email Campaign
  • WordPress Blog
  • Print Ads
  • Google Maps

Zillow Premier Agent Pricing

To the uninformed, a Zillow Premier agent may seem too good to be true. However, once you read the fine print of a real estate agent’s contract, an agent’s working relationship with Zillow becomes more clear.

The Zillow Premier agent program has new, in-depth pricing and contracts that include business services, remote office services, print marketing and editing, website design, digital marketing, mobile website and apps, mobile search and smartphone app promotion, and thousands of listings and neighborhood marketing.

A new Zillow Premier agent is a great way to cut through the confusion of getting started in real estate. If you’re looking to get into real estate or you’re thinking about becoming a real estate agent, we suggest looking into the Zillow Premier agent program.

Zillow Premier Agent Features

Zillow has become the most trusted source for information about local real estate in the United States. But agents also have their edge with Zillow Premier Agent capabilities.

If your real estate listings are displayed on Zillow, you’ll be invited to join the Zillow Premier Agent program. With Zillow’s Premier Agent program, you have access to a suite of tools and resources to help you market your real estate listings.

Your customized website will be one of the many ways you can list your listings with Zillow. It’s important to understand how you can use your customized website to market and let more people know your listings. Here are just a few of the features you’ll have access to through your customized website:

Feature Up Your Listings

Your customized website will allow you to highlight your listings’ features that will help your buyer clients make informed decisions. You can showcase each listing’ floor plans, neighborhood statistics, photos, plus other important information that buyers need to make the right decision.

What Users Say About Zillow Premier Agent

Zillow is a top real estate website. With hundreds of properties for sale a day and “zestimate” data, it’s a valuable tool for home buyers.

Zillow also offers a Premier Agent program for users who are looking to maximize their home buying power.

Some real estate agents are complaining that Zillow now carries a affiliate fee”to list a property on the site. Moreover, the Premier Agent (PA) program claims to rank agents more prominently in search results, but many agents believe the PA program is effective.

Other Real Estate Sites

Other real estate websites offer similar tools to help buyers and sellers. Here are just a few of the top real estate websites for home buyers as well as sellers:

  • ● Realtor
  • ● Broker
  • ● Edina Realty

iNCOM: Best for Integrated Marketing Tools

INCOM’s Real Estate Website is a premium Real estate website design that includes all the best tools necessary for a successful Real estate website. In addition to a stunning website design, iNCOM is integrated with Google Analytics, Twitter & Facebook , Google Maps, Blog, and more.

The iNCOM Real Estate Website Builder brings together the very best Real Estate website Marketing tools in one place. Using the iNCOM Real Estate Builder, iNCOM gives its users the ability to take their Real Estate website from concept to completion. The iNCOM Real Estate Website Builder offers a great set of Marketing tools in regard to all the different ways to market Real Estate websites.

And if you want to develop your own Real Estate website, iNCOM can provide you with the tools necessary to create awesome contents. iNCOM is GDPR complaint, as well.

iNCOM Pricing

It’s time to spread the word on iNCOM, the world’s leading chatbot for real estate. iNCOM is an incredible resource for real estate professionals and for people who are looking to buy or sell their home.

INCOM provides a totally personalized conversation with an experienced agent, in real time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

With iNCOM there is no need to call or email and wait for a response. This holds true across all demographics – young and old, men and women, homes that are in the most elite locations or are on the tiniest of lots.

As a realtor or a buyer, how often have you run into an agent who markets their knowledge but not their personality? How many times has a reluctant homeowner dropped off the opportunity due to poor scheduling or inability to connect with the agent? With iNCOM, you can now work with agents at the same time as thousands of other agents, in different time zones, but instantly. You will get results, more easily.

INCOM is currently in use by over 20,000 agents and is working with home-hunters 24/7.

iNCOM Features

INCOM is a leading real estate website builder and is loved and appreciated by real estate professionals, entrepreneurs and site builders all over the world.

INCOM Real Estate is a highly effective, people rated and marketing driven website that brings together sophisticated real-estate technology and the real-estate power of the Internet.

Register for the iNCOM HOME PAGE – free of charge – today!!!

If you own a real estate website and are stuck With an old and outdated web site, then we can certainly help you to SPEED UP your ROI!!!

For sure all of your web site's visitors will be impressed and delighted to find out you've registered for the FREE iNCOM HOME PAGE!


8796 S. Rugby Dr.

What Users Say About iNCOM

IDX Broker HOME: Best Websites for Optimized Search & Discovery

Real Estate Website Builder: HOME

Founded by James Cavanaugh and Justin Langford, who are both real estate experts, Real Estate Website Builder builds beautiful and flexible real estate websites. With a business-ready WordPress framework, they are able to build you a website that is highly functional, customizable, and SEO optimized.

They offer a “Start for Free” plan that lets you create a website in minutes without signing up for a monthly plan. They also offer web hosting solutions for any size business. Website builder, SEO, web design? HOME is a one-stop-shop for you. Get your website up and running in just a few minutes without having to fire up your computer.

If you’re a new agent who wants to optimize your website, then go with HOME. If you’re an established agent, use them for your website but then utilize and customize the website for your business as well. …

Real Estate Website Builder focuses on driving traffic and getting real estate listings found. Make sure to utilize their powerful search engine optimization to your advantage. You can also enjoy the hosted solution from HOME. Say goodbye to complex website software and endless maintenance! This free WordPress platform helps you keep everything simple. Get your website up and running in no time at all.

IDX Broker HOME Pricing

As opposed to wood frame detached homes, all two-story homes offered by IDX Home Marketing in Washington D.C. are priced as Attached Townhouses. This pricing scheme is to allow buyers to more easily spread the cost of owning a home throughout the top of the home address instead of paying for all of the structure upfront on the purchase of a run-down, foreclosed house. The attached townhouses are offered from 3,500 square-feet to over 8,000 square-feet.

IDX Broker HOME is a great way to get a lower payment price and length home buying process, while also receiving the benefits of an IDX Broker from IDX Home Marketing. The attached townhouses are high quality homes that come with an Energy Star rating and have been inspected by a HUD Certified Inspector. The attach townhouses are also within a walking distance of public schools, retail stores, and community centers.

These two-story townhouses come in a variety of styles including One-story, Split Level, and New Construction. The available sq. ft. range is 3,000 to over 8,000 square feet, while the prices range from the low 4's to the mid-to-upper 50's.

Here is a price comparison to a traditional wood frame detached style home:

IDX Broker HOME Features

IDX Broker is an online real estate brokerage platform that offers its customers several innovative programs that make it easier to run a real estate business. All the members of IDX Broker are web developers, internet marketing specialists and architect/engineers and they all are seeking to transform real estate in an innovative, easy way.

A company can set up and broadcast call center. They can add apps for marketing and customer service. They can offer maps and directions that are actually accurate. They can put in place ways to hold open houses during the week (instead of relying solely on weekend open houses).

IDX Broker has partnerships with realtors and broker agents all over the United States. There is a system to handle licenses and registrations. Agents will be able to manage their IDX Commission payments and they can also set up a system to keep track of their other sales and marketing expenses.

The IDX Broker management software also includes a few different advertising locations for realtors and broker agents who rely on internet marketing. These websites can keep track of different search words. They can allow the real estate agent to show photos to the client and they can also have the ability to send emails and have text messages as well.

What Users Say About IDX Broker HOME

BoomTown: Best Real Estate Website Builder for Growing Brokerages

Boomtown helps small and growing real estate offices make their web presence their best. Their flexible, lightweight and user-friendly website builder helps real estate professionals focus their time on servicing clients, instead of creating content, building a website, or managing a web host.

Boomtown’s robust real estate website builder puts the power of over 50 real estate websites in the hands of anyone, even the novice web surfer. No coding or design experience is needed to create a professional-looking website • 25 different templates to choose from, easy-to-edit layout builder, with over 1,000 design options and 100 unique features.

A Boomtown website can be made in minutes, and your website hosting and domain name will be ready within 48 hours of ordering. Once your website is created, you can then take advantage of all the valuable tools, including email marketing, lead tracking, and the e-commerce platform.

BoomTown Pricing

Once you’ve secured your choice of developer, the next step is to choose the building plan that’s right for your needs. Once you’ve made your decision, you can go ahead and make your deposit. BoomTown………………… within the next 24 hours Boom is going to get a check for your deposit. During this time, you’ll be able to customize your property, purchase additional lots, and make final changes before your property goes to market. BoomTown………………… if you’re interested in building on a larger lot or having your lot custom built, contact the developer directly. BoomTown will whittle all your options and find the best developer for your project in under 24 hours. Boom involves no hassle and zero costs to you. Once your lot goes live, you can make sure your lot is listed accurately before it goes to market.

BoomTown Features

The BoomTown Internet website builder with six drag and drop website building tools, BoomTown makes it simple to build a website from scratch, without having to register for additional software or web development knowledge. This builder offers an all-in-one resource that will inspire your creativity.

With a complete set of design and editing tools, even the amateur web designer can be sure to have a ten-foot website that is both stylish and effective. The website builder gives your website the professional touch you need as well as the benefit of a completely customizable layout.

The web design toolset within the built-in website builder provides easy, drag and drop functionality that allows you to add text, images, and videos with ease. All of these design elements can be made available to new visitors to your website and you can edit even the smallest elements at your convenience.

BoomTown comes with a number of starter templates that will help you jumpstart your web development, as well as a free magazine template that you can use to get started.

Additionally, with all the features built into the website builder, you can manage site functionality from your mobile phone or tablet. You can switch between editing tools, post content, and preview your page on any device.

What Users Say About BoomTown

When you are trying to get your website ready, you probably think it’s going to be a breeze. But when it comes to creating a cool website for yourself, it’s best to consider several things at once.

BoomTown’s team of experts and outstanding website builders are here to help you out with creating a sturdy house for your website. All you need to do is throw your ideas into the mix and BoomTown will help you design and create the website you want.

BoomTown has been in the industry for over a decade now and their team has survived the ups and downs, challenges and victories that come with an online business. They employ only those who create the best websites. Here, you can count on the experience and the support of a dedicated team, so you can be sure that you are getting the best in the game.

So, if you are not really sure about your website, this could be a great start for you to get started with your website. Not only will you get a great website but you will also be able to build trust and showcase your work in the best way that is available.