13 Top Door-to-Door Salesman Tips

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Make the Most of Door Hangers

Homework for you. Take a look at your house. Do you have any door hangers? Do you have any banner stands or pennants? Is there any space for a banner?

If the cardboard box is the right size, grab a handful of door hangers from the nearest store and head out to have fun!

Pretend You Know Your Prospects

Say hello as you walk in the door. Do not be upset if you are not greeted; many prospects are expecting salespeople and leave the door locked. If the prospect is in and you are invited in, leave your card (or business card) on the kitchen table or counter (or do not leave it at all).

No matter how long it has been, put your prospect at ease: "This is not your typical door-to-door sales pitch. I've figured out that you do not have the time to hear that you need to buy, and I've already discussed the benefits with you. I know you want to hear about ourselves on an individual basis and that you want to share your personality. I'll get back to you in 24 hours."

Be prepared to answer any questions that come up. If you are sporting your card and you know the prospect's last name, if you are not immediately invited in, immediately say, ""Mr. Prospect, my name is Brandon and I am a sales consultant with ABC Home Service Products. I am not going to be a pest. I am not going to interrupt you, and I am not going to try to push you on buying yet. I would like to show you a few things, though, and include you in some fun."

Drop the Company Name and Become Mr. Prospect

Pair Up With Another Salesperson to Stay Positive

Some people are extremely stubborn when buying products and prefer to go it alone. But if one salesperson fares better than the other, then great – they can work together and help out the other person.

Working with another person can help keep customers from getting bored, and it also gives you a great opportunity to make a sale if you can help them out.

Otherwise, you can keep the team together and work together on a special price.

Test the Product Yourself

If you’ve been hired to sell a product, but haven’t ever used the product before, you can prove to your customers that you are well-informed and that your opinion is genuine by testing the product yourself. This is a great way of establishing trust with your customers, and it shows that you care more about the quality of the product than about your commission.

Use the Special Coupon to Offer Discounts

Every door-to-door salesman should have a price list of the products they are currently selling so they can talk about it without having to dig through their bags for every piece of paper they’ve had to write down. This is also a quick way of explaining how the special coupon system works. The final price will be the base price, plus the commission, and minus any special discounts.

Incorporate Video to Train and Pitch Effectively

Video has become a key tool for every successful salesperson. A well-made, well-executed video can do wonders for your business:

Train: Video doesn’t need to be long to be effective. You can use short videos to move people through your sales training stages and material. You can use an introductory video to show them your product, or an educational video to briefly explain how it works.

Pitch: If you are selling expensive, high-ticket products, people need to see exactly what they’re getting. You can use a video to demonstrate multiple uses or benefits and show exactly why your product is incredible.

Create a video that outlines your company’s mission, vision, and core values. Review the top selling points and list them out in your video. Directly address and show people how you can meet their needs.

Ask your employees to review and complete the steps in your sales proposal. Use videos to bring folks on the ground level to help you show customers how to take advantage of your product and service. This will help you make them feel as though they are a part of your company.

Use video to send out a pitch to your company’s recent customers. You can use a short film or informational video to stay in front of your clients and continue to build trust.

Retarget Using Postcards

Most people don’t like door-to-door salespeople. It’s not a very engaging way to get someone to listen to you and sometime in the past year you have probably flicked your finger through your hair or rolled your eyes at the mention of door-to-door salespeople. But did you know that door-to-door salespeople can give you an advantage over your competition by using the power of re-targeting?

Re-targeting is a sales technique that allows companies to effectively target existing customers in the neighborhood. Not only does this sales technique save you money by avoiding travel, the high cost of selling to people you don’t know, but it also gives you the opportunity to talk to these well-established customers in a personable manner and build relationships.

If you recall the 2005 commercial that aired during the Super Bowl, you may have seen the door-to-door commercial technique used for one of the features. The commercials were effective at creating attention to the product and what they were trying to sell and help to move products off the shelves and into people’s homes.

Let’s use the concept of cross-selling old customers with new product builds and take a look at how this may be done.

Target Modest Homes

Don’t just let your salesman’s shirt-busting, lip-biting presentation to an elderly couple get you to call for interviews. Especially when you’re a day late in your selling season.

You need to start by going door-to-door towards the end of the day, after the homeowners have had some time to sit down and record a video of the mess he made, so when they call, they’re just knowing what to ask.

Learn how to find these houses to target buyers first by looking at how many cars are in the garages and which ones have gas in their tanks. You’ll also need to check the mailboxes for notes on how frequently they get deliveries and when they’re likely to be home.

Tip 1: Adding something extra to the side of your car

If you want to ensure that your salesmen are knocking on all the front doors, take the time to add something extra to the side of your car. Simple yet effective.

Believe in What You’re Selling

If you’re a salesman, you should believe in what you are selling.

There are many products that people buy from salesmen and wonder why, since in all honesty, no one needs those products. Even people who literally do live their lives saying ‘I am going to die very soon’ don’t need to pay extra for that extra peace of mind. So if you want to make a sales call, you need to believe in what you are selling.

In conclusion, belief in your product, but this is something that, like any other skill, can be developed with practice.

Know your Product!

Prospective clients normally want to ask about the product or service they are buying, but before they can do that, you need to be able to answer their questions.

In order to do that, you need to feel confident in your product. That doesn’t mean that you should start talking about the scientific evidence of a product’s superiority over another product. Instead, simply talk about and explain the product. Fluff up the features to make them sound better, then answer the client’s questions about the product.

Be Sensitive to Women’s Sense of Safety

Many times you will have a customer come to the door who is of the opposite gender. If this is the case, how you present yourself will speak volumes to them.

Be courteous and respectful. And if the customer is female and there’s a man on the other side of the door, it’s even more important. Unless you want to be charged with sexual harassment or some such crime.

Fellas, remember that when the customer is female, a type of chivalry, dubbed –ladies first,” is in order. Don’t send her in first to handle the dog that’s barking, but rather you.

Stand close to the door when speaking to them and lean slightly into the opening and balance on the balls of your feet. When the customer opens the door, you want to look at them eye to eye rather than down at their feet. You don’t want to be seen as a low rent lowlife street thug, and the customer won’t either.

For female customers, sit down and face them. Any other type of posture, such as standing behind them or walking toward them head down will appear intimidating to them.

Boost Credibility by Reading Industry Publications

When dealing with door-to-door sales calls, make sure you’re giving buyers the best deal and the best service they’re looking for.

To do this, it’s important to have a basic understanding of the types of industries potential buyers work in and the types of publications they read on a daily basis. If you don’t already have a print subscription, take a look at today’s edition of your local newspaper, magazine, or business publication.

After you’ve read an issue, profile yourself in your industry by answering this question: ‘If I were a buyer looking to hire a company to work for me, which type of company would I hire? ‘

You should use these types of publications as your guideline for what buyers are looking for, what they consider most important, and how they look for information. To boost the credibility of your sales calls, use these publications as a baseline to make sure you’re offering products and services that best fit buyers’ needs and wants.

Offer Niche-specific Presentations with Print Material

Top tips for door-to-door salesmen include knowing your product and selling it effectively.

From that, having the right presentation will make it easier for you to sell your product and the customers will be more likely to make a purchase.

Not all sales are suited for door-to-door sales and as such, you should use more or less the same approach as you would if you were sitting at a desk in a corporate sales department.

Approach your prospects with a value proposition that will appeal to them. You need to present yourself as a person and not a number, you want to create an image in their mind that you are the one to talk to for their pain points.

If you are selling home security systems, talk about crime rates in your area, how many homes are covered and which are not. Play on the fears and prejudices of the people in your area in order to market yourself as an authority on security.

The presentation should be specific to the area that you are in, you’ll need to approach further on to those who might be more likely to buy your product than the general population.

Offer a Website for Customers to Follow Up Later

Have your company website up and running by the time you show up for your first appointment. If the customer doesn’t have your website to follow up with, your sales pitch will just be a useless piece of information.

Make Sure Your Customers Pay You on Time

If you don’t have the check in hand at the time of the appointment, you’ll want to make sure you call the customer the following day to follow up. Customers who pay their bills on time probably aren’t the type of customer a fly-by-night salesperson needs to target.

Get Your Hardest Working Customers on Your Side

The best way to shake off your challengers is to do the hard work first, set up appointments, and impress your customers with your knowledge and dedication.

Find Young and Motivated Prospects

Younger and more energetic customers are usually more willing to buy new products or services and will stay on for more questions, especially if your answers are in-depth.

Your Eye Color Can Affect Your Sales Process

Scientists have even gone so far as to study the effect your eye color can have on your business. While eye color can’t and shouldn’t dictate your sales, it does involve you cracking a smile and engaging with your customers.

Pay Attention to Your Body Language

A good sales person must be friendly, professional, and upbeat 聿 yet at the same time he or she must be able to appear completely natural. You can help you accomplish this with the proper amount of preparation. In addition, a good salesperson knows how to listen and, in some cases, take initiative.

Read the other person’s body language and mirror his or her expressions and gestures. In other words, mimic that person’s body language and body language will follow you in return. Confident, attentive body language has a positive effect on your customers.

This stand in front of the door, engage your customer, and take them inside.

It is best to allow the customer to observe the product for a bit, but you should try to get an impression of what they like and dislike. Once you’ve done that, are set for making a deal.

Look them in the eye and ask questions.

While it is good manners to look at the floor when you answer a question, it is equally important to make eye contact. 聿 When you look a person in the eye, you create a certain amount of trust. It’s no accident that both politics and business are mostly based on eye contact and body language.

Use a CRM to Nurture Sales

Keeping track of leads is key to developing quality, powerful, and sustainable relationships. And to do so, you need a CRM that will keep you organized. But in the world of CRMs, there are many choices, and some are simply not created equal.

To help you narrow down your options, here are 13 tips for handling your customer’s data from top to bottom.

Address Gaps Between Sales Pipeline and CRM

If your CRM only presents your company’s online campaigns and sales pipeline and does not include customer data from your offline marketing efforts, you’re lagging behind the power of building relationships.

This is especially true if you set up a CRM to complement your online marketing efforts, but to meet your offline goals, you rely on other channels, like the phone or inviting prospects to events.

Help Sales Execs Differentiate Good Leads from Bad Ones

Bottom Line: Door-to-door Sales Tips

The work world and the real world is full of conflict, negativity and adversities. It may be very difficult to combat it as the best you can do is to find ways to make it work in your favour and effectively make yourself thrive.

To begin with, you need to be familiar with the work environment. Find out what the field you want is all about and learn everything you can about it.

Workloads will come not just from customers but also from colleagues and fellow employees. Hence, you need to adjust yourself to them and the requirements of the job. You also need to adjust to the atmosphere, the time and the place. All these are things that are essential to know and that may make or break you as a salesman.

You need to plan your routes and routes carefully if you want sales that happen every time. But what’s more important is that you never fail to adjust with situations that come your way.

The bottom line is to be human, to be relatable and to make sure that you’re on the same page as your clients. This is the only way you can expect to see sales add up to double digits every day.