SurePayroll Review: Is it the Right Payroll Software for Your Business?

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What We Recommend SurePayroll For

When SurePayroll Would Not Be a Good Fit

First, you need to consider whether you’re in a business where the expenses are paid through payroll. If you’re self-employed or work as a freelancer on a contract basis, this may not be for you. SurePayroll works best with a business that uses a fixed revenue stream and has at least a few employees who are paid through payroll. And you should know the value of all income and expense accounts before you sign up.

If you’re still interested, here’s how the program works. You enter all business transactions for the relevant period into SurePayroll.

These transactions include:

Receiving money for goods or services sold.

Paying expenses.

Paying employees.

Expenses are paid with the help of the Net system on SurePayroll. Income is paid with the help of the Gross system, which allows you to track the amount of income available for paying employee wages. SurePayroll computes your payroll wages, so all wages should add up to the amount of wages reported in Gross.

SurePayroll Overview

SurePayroll is fairly a new payroll system. It’s base is mainly the small business man. SurePayroll specialises in online payment of payroll taxes so it’s a pretty good fit here. At it’s heart, SurePayroll is geared towards a cash intensive business. SurePayroll was developed for the sole purpose of making payroll management a one stop shop. They specifically recommend you to use SurePayroll for 3 reasons.

· Payment of all payroll taxes,.

· Easy payroll processing with just a few clicks,.

· The ability to view your account balance online.

· Quick payroll direct deposit.

· Mobile access for employees.

· 1099 file support.

· Selective email attachments.

· Payroll analysis.

· Tax status.

· Employer logo and address.

· Big company mileage tracker.

· Automatic creation of employees.

· Automatic tax reporting.

· Automated bank reconciliation submission.

· Frequent payroll updates.

· Final Forms

· Flexible check bounce options.

· Annual subscription.

· Training and online help.

· Scheduled recurring deposits.

SurePayroll Pricing and Features

As a payroll service provider, SurePayroll offers a range of services from individual employees to small organizations to large corporations. It’s not surprising that with its mixed bag of pricing plans, they cater to virtually every type of company. The question is, how do SurePayroll’s plans stack up against the competition? Is SurePayroll a viable option? Will they be the right payroll software for your business? Here’s our detailed SurePayroll review.

First, let’s look at the basics of SurePayroll’s features. SurePayroll’s source code is compatible with payroll software packages such as Oracle Payroll and Xero.

SurePayroll covers a wide range of business needs, including:

  • Retirement plans
  • Estate and trust administration
  • Employee and independent contractor tax compliance
  • Small business accounting
  • Medical, dental, and vision plans
  • On-site and group payroll
  • Custom payroll
  • Networking
  • SurePayroll has all the basics covered …
  • The next question is how much do you pay?

SurePayroll offers two types of pricing plans: Pay As You Go and Select.

So, what’s the difference?

Payroll Processing

Do you want to know when you get paid? When tax comes out? Are you frustrated by how long it takes to get paid? If you’re a sole trader, small business or a freelancer, you’ll have special pay-related finance needs. But you don’t have to worry about it. As an Australian payroll system provider, we make it easy for businesses and sole traders to make all their payroll-related bureaucratic disputes a thing of the past. We provide a payroll processing system that eliminates all the hassles of dealing with Australia’s challenging and conflicted tax system. We help you pay all your employees on time to help you stay in the black and pay your bills, and we’ll help you stay compliant with all payroll related laws and regulations.

With SurePayroll, you can simply write one cheque and your employee gets paid with no hassles or payment hassle. We’ll do our very best to make sure that you’re paid on time and get your employee’s money on time, with no bank fees and no fines. You get paid, we get paid. When you register your business with us, you get all the benefits of an Australian account, plus you’re ready to go.

Payroll Tax Management

For anybody with a small business, it may seem unnecessary to spend a lot of money on payroll software. After all, their small business may only have three employees. The original thinking is that it’s all cheating, so why would a small business spend the money on something that they don’t need?

However, just because you may only have three employees doesn’t mean that you don’t want payroll tax management software. For example, you want to be sure that your employees are being paid correctly and that you aren’t having to pay too much in taxes.

You also don’t want to have to do your own payroll, so why not use payroll tax software management software to leave the administration for you? This saves you a lot of time and frustration, while ensuring that your employees are being paid correctly.

Obviously, the issue with payroll tax management software is that it’s pretty expensive. Some of the best payroll software—like SurePayroll—cost hundreds of dollars a month, which may seem a bit out of reach for your small business.

Hiring Tools

To relax or run a business?

Finding the right payroll software can be a daunting task for most small business owners. The scope of the data required to run payroll is extensive, and the software options available can be overwhelming.

We have been in the payroll space for over a decade now and have seen the evolution of payroll software in a small business environment.

We have build payroll software that is easy to use, offers ease of access for our customers, and is cost efficient. SurePayroll is our solution to this problem.

It falls in the category of "I want it to do it all" but what it "it does all" is payroll.

There have been a ton of payroll software solutions on the market but over the past few years the industry has dramatic changes with a large number of payroll software solutions getting discontinued or completely turning towards the book keeping space.

SurePayroll is different from the crowd. There is only one payroll provider in Canada that could match the simplicity required to run a small business and it is SurePayroll.

SurePayroll is a cloud based payroll solution, which means that you don't need to download or install anything. It has over 4300 customers worldwide, which are all happy with the functionality available and ease of use it provides.

We work hard to build only the best software to make sure that you don't have to worry about the payroll process.

Employee Benefits


For the USA, SurePayroll has been a payroll service since 2001. In 2007, it was acquired and became part of Onpay. Since 2010, it has been leading in the payroll market as a standalone product.

For Canada, SurePayroll started in 2006 and today is one of the most preferred payroll services for Canadian businesses as well as the other US customers.

For the UK & Other EU countries, SurePayroll has been serving for nearly 12 years.

SurePayroll can access all the government required taxes and news for you. With these, you can easily save on your taxes.

For Asian countries, SurePayroll does not have any official status yet but is working on it.

The company makes is easy to set up an operating and manage an employee. It also makes it easy to pay your employees’ payroll taxes.

Paperwork has been reduced to a minimum with SurePayroll. You can either pay taxes or have a paperless system.

Payroll Processing

SurePayroll’s payroll processing is around 7 days. However, if you do not have everything as per standard, you will have to wait longer. It seems to be around 14 days.

For payroll processing, it covers a wide range of countries including the USA, Canada, UK, Hong Kong, Brazil, Australia and the countries in Asia.

SurePayroll Ease of Use

One of the things we really liked about SurePayroll is how easy it is to use. You can use the software right off the bat without much knowledge of Payroll. SurePayroll is user friendly and responsive. They also have a lot of resources available to help you become familiar with the software.

After a while you might feel the need to get a little more deep into the software, but that’s not to say its difficult. (Though, I guess the better your knowledge, the easier it is for you to use).

One of the areas that SurePayroll falls short is the ease of use compared to other Payroll Software. In our book that’s a serious downside.

Top SurePayroll Alternatives

SurePayroll is not the only free and well-recommended payroll service software program available on the market, with plenty of other competitive solutions to choose from. As a matter of fact, as this article is going to demonstrate, there are plenty of excellent payroll software applications for your small business; choosing the right one can be a daunting task, however. Therefore, don’t worry! We have selected three of the very best alternatives of SurePayroll which will not only save you money, but they also offer additional functionalities, support and security that could make them a better fit for your business. In order to make the comparison a bit easier, we have compiled a list of most important features of these three applications in their own paragraphs, below.

Payroll Organizer

This feature definitely sets Checkbook payroll apart from the rest of its competitors. It makes it possible for your employees to view and manage their own paycheck stubs directly, from within your online payroll application. Users can also edit and update each other’s pay stubs while they are on the go; all of this takes place on a template-based spreadsheet, provided by the application, which can be accessed and updated from your PC as well as from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

You will also gain access to a comprehensive tax advice tool, that will handle all payments and tax deductions and help you remain compliant at all times.

What Users Think About SurePayroll

There are over 500 user testimonials on the website…and although many of the reviews are glowing, they’re not all positive!

Some people are complaining about the software being difficult to use, although this really only becomes an issue if you don’t have a payroll pro on hand to help you.

But even if you’re a pro in payroll, you may find the SurePayroll quality assurance and client support to be a little lacking. While you can contact the support team, you can also expect to wait a long time to get a reply.

SurePayroll is also very expensive, especially when compared to software designed for small businesses.

Overall, SurePayroll is rated as being pretty good for your money if you work on a large scale. But it’s definitely not the right choice if you have a small business or a business that handles relatively small amounts of payroll work.

Bottom Line

Surepayroll appears to be the right software for employers looking for a simple way to manage their payroll processes and paperwork. The system is user friendly and easy to navigate. The developers offer great support, and the pricing is very competitive.

On the other hand, the business owners' software account is rather expensive for the minimal services offered in return. Surepayroll has a lot of room to improve in the user interface department, and the server reliability could be improved as well.