Security Guard Insurance: Definition, Cost, Features, & Providers

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Security Guard Insurance Providers

Security companies are common and many who disagree on the big insurance companies, but large insurance brokers being the biggest maybe not only because it can cover more, but because it is more suited to Insurance companies handling larger areas with a variety of areas.

When choosing which company to use, the first thing that needs to be considered is what is going on. This is that in the rare case that a company is being sold or some other large event it will usually inform the public.

Next it should be considered what the company is going to serve, are they only going to do work that is considered security work or will they also do work on the side such as putting and updating websites. If that is the case it is important to look at how qualified the staff are and how effectively they get the job done and whether they work daily or just when necessary.

When it comes to the big companies there is a number of them and the first one that comes to mind is Titan which handles more than one and other large companies that include security guards such as Menstar and International Security Group which are much larger than M.I.L insurance and have been at the top of the security game for many years.

Top Security Guard Insurance Providers


Insurance321 offers the complete range of coverage for quick, easy and affordable protection. Find the security guard insurance that best fits your needs from our full line of security guard insurance products now including: commercial auto insurance, commercial and industrial liability insurance, employee owner insurance, workers' compensation insurance, professional liability insurance, property and casualty insurance, hazard insurance, international liability insurance, and liability insurance for businesses.

As a security guard (or similar member of the security services industry), you have a responsibility to maintain the protection of our patrons. You can make a difference in preventing potential security breaches or crimes by your dedication, attention to detail, education and training, and your willingness to proactively resolve any and all onsite problem as well as events that occur offsite.

Security Guard Insurance can provide the motivation you need to pursue those goals.


The Security Guard Insurance (sometimes referred to as a Policy, or just referred to … The Security Insurance) is an accident and illness insurance for the security guard. It is a pretty standard coverage made specifically for the Security Guard to protect from unexpected health costs. The policy covers loss of income due to illness/injury.

Security Insurance offers coverage to guard/patroling staff who is performing regular duties and activities. The policy is mainly meant for private security guards who works for commercial establishments, including malls, schools, shopping centers, etc.

Private Security Guard Insurance

The private security guard insurance policy offers coverage to the staff member doing regular security guard duties. The insurance covers the income/pay loss, and the benefits are reimbursable to the employer that employees the employee.

Different Coverage Options in Security Guard Insurance

The traditional Private Guard Insurance Coverage Sale includes a broad array of medical benefits, like hospitalization insurance, prescription drugs, dental, hospital expense, outpatient care, ambulance service, patient coverage, inspection/X-ray, surgery, ambulance service, professional fees, and hospital expense. The medical options in the coverage will depend on the contract you sign.

Other Coverage options that are offered are:

  • Medical Expense
  • Employee Life and Hospitalization Insurance
  • Medical and Prescription Drug Plan
  • The Disability plan

AMIS / Alliance Marketing & Insurance Services

The policy coverage that you purchase through AMIS, Alliance Source for Security Grads, will depend on your specific line of work.

Alliance Source for Security Grads provides insurance to incoming college and university students, law enforcement & security professionals, and higher education administration. AMIS offers two different types of security guard insurance plans:

The security guard insurance plans vary in terms of the benefits they offer, and both plans include limited benefits.

Security guard insurance plans through AMIS are available to individuals who are hired by a third-party company (i.e. Law enforcement, Private security, and private investigators) to perform their duties.

Actuals provides self-funded coverage for students, employees, and dependents who work with a third-party company that employs and insures them.

The Security Guard Certificate:

A valid security guard certificate signed by the employer, state, and insurance providers is required to apply for the insurance policy.

Though the security guard certificate is not required for Actuarial, Actuals offers a discount for those who have completed a training course.

Security guard certificate requirements are different for each state and/or province. In general, a valid certificate must include:

Reporting Requirements:

Trusted Choice

While the cost for a private security guard, as a whole, is very reasonable, the market is quite diverse, and some classes of guard have extremely high rates of invoices.

Security guard agencies may not commission all the guards they dispatch. Usually, agency commissions are fixed and just represent a proportion of each guard’s rate of pay. The effective cost to consumers of all insured security guards is therefore often higher than the commission paid.

Security guard service providers typically provide services to outside clients, usually in the form of a contract. The services contracted for often exceed the scope of similar services provided to the personnel’s own organisation. Resultantly, the provider may be able to charge a higher rate for the outside services. Once again, the effective cost of the security guard is higher than the commission paid to the provider.

The following chart and discussion provide the marketplace report for Security Guard Insurance.

AP Intego

Course: Security Guard Training Resources

AP Intego, a leading security training provider, offers a wide variety of security guard training programs. Such courses include classroom and online training, contractor training, WGU courses, and more. We’ve compiled the most useful training resources in one location for easy reference.

Please note, these are not all of our resources, and other resources may be added in the future. For a complete listing, please visit the Intego Beyond Academy Brochure. The link to the brochure is included below.

The links will help you find the right security training course for your needs. The brochure is provided in PDF format for your convenience.

AP Intego has been providing a variety of security guard training programs across the nation for over 15 years. Our goal is to help our students become the industry’s most trusted and highly valued security professionals. You will learn how to protect the reputation of your company while aiding in the company’s overall success.

AP Intego is one of the country’s largest security training providers. Intego’s reputation among employers and employees is second to none. Our premier security guard training courses are the result of the dedication and years of experience that our professionals bring to the table.

How Security Guard Insurance Works

When it comes to choosing the right security guard insurance, you’ll want to make sure you’re picking a comprehensive policy that will provide your security guards with the coverage they need to fully protect you.

Most security guard insurance plans will offer liability coverage, which is vital if anything happens while your guards are working. While they are being used for your security, even without fault on their part, a property may be damaged so they’ll want to make sure they have appropriate liability coverage to cover the costs if an accident happens. However, shouldn’t focus solely on their protection per se, but will also cover benefits for medical expenses, sick pay, paid leave and even blood loss if they’re injured on duty.

Many of these policies will also provide various benefits for post-employment disability, which will help your guard if they cannot continue working. There may be a period of time when they’re not fit to work and will want to make sure they have the right benefits for medical expenses in case they’re unable to work for some time.

Who Security Guard Insurance Protects

Insuring yourself as a security guard is the most important thing you can do when you’re hired to provide your services. Everyone from a maximum-security prison guard to a regular office night watchman needs to be covered.

Today, more than ever before, security guard insurance is talked about and recommended for good reason. In 2011, the industry suffered a record number of workplace accidents. These numbers don’t include in-home security guard insurance, which also requires coverage.

Employers no longer hire just anyone. In the ever-changing, competitive workforce, employers are looking for the best workers. If you’re a new security guard new to the industry, making sure you have the right security guard insurance will help you stand out from the rest.

Types of Security Guard Insurance

General Liability Security Guard Insurance

General Liability Security Guard Insurance coverage protects security guards for bodily injury and property damage that occurs while at work. Property damage includes damage to equipment, damage to unauthorized vehicles, and property damage that occurs when the guard is off duty without permission.

General Liability Coverage is also known as Workman’s Compensation type of insurance. It covers loss due to bodily injury to the guard, which is a liability claim. You should keep in mind that liability insurance only covers injuries suffered by employees, not by clients or other individuals working in the building such as cleaners and security guards.

Since a minor injury can quickly turn into a major liability claim, such as one caused by a slip and fall accident, your business should have basic liability insurance policies.

On the other hand, liability insurance does not cover relocation costs for employees who must move to another city after a claim. How much relocation should you cover? It should be enough to cover expenses to move your savings, a bond, or deposit required by a potential employer.

Professional Liability Security Guard Insurance

Workers’ Compensation Security Guard Insurance

While Security Guard Insurance is a great way to protect your security guard worker, your business doesn’t have to be a company. It can also be an individual or family-run business. This article and the knowledge below will explain what Security Guard Insurance Coverage is, how it can protect you in the event that you incur a loss, and how much it may cost.

A Security Guard is responsible for protecting assets and fa