The Top 18 Sales Training Program & Courses

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Online Sales Training Programs

I Applied This Training and My Online Sales Increased By 30%!”

Sales training is a MUST for any small business! It is critical that you have an excellent grasp of all aspects of your company’s sales, marketing, advertising and web presence. Unfortunately, many businesses do NOT have their staff trained or drilled in any of these important areas.


If you want to gain a solid foundation in the key points that will dramatically increase your company’s sales AND e-commerce profits, then this is the program that you MUST learn some valuable information that will force you to get things done for your business.

This training covers every area of online sales and marketing that will provide you with massive online sales, profit and traffic.

Self Study Online Course Includes:

  • Online List Building Secrets
  • Basic How to… Guides
  • Online Advertising Principles
  • Web Presence Training
  • Email Training
  • Pay Per Click Advertising
  • Email Marketing Tools
  • Facebook Training
  • Twitter Training
  • Google AdWords Training
  • Google Analytics Training
  • Google Docs Training
  • Google Apps Training
  • SEO Training
  • Video Tutorials
  • Fire Training

Sales Hacker

Jill Konrath Sales Training

Jill Konrath proposes specific ways to increase sales. Examples include:

  • Increasing the number you get
  • Increasing the size of the dollar amount you get
  • Doing something new or special to get the sale
  • Promoting your offer to the right target
  • Coaching your team to master the art of selling
  • Attaching a discount to your ticket price
  • Showing your appreciation to those who follow your call to action

Subsequent letters have been divided into sections:

  • Introduction
  • Sales Philosophy
  • The Sales Cycle
  • The Funnel
  • The Final Page
  • Making the Sale
  • Showing Appreciation
  • Inspecting the Current Product
  • Interviewing the Prospect/Customer
  • Prospecting
  • Counter Sales
  • The Long Game
  • Persuading
  • Protecting Past Customers
  • Questions and Answers
  • Objections
  • Rewarding
  • A Partnership
  • Philosophy of Retention
  • Objections and Solutions
  • And much more!

21st Century Sales Training for Elite Performance

The answer? Become one of the top sales achievers in your company. That’s right, the competitive sales and business world is about making more money than the other guy. To do that you must focus on your selling talent, and then learn from the best selling coaches and programs available. The most successful selling programs have a formula that works. They combine solid selling skills with a proven methodology to result in sales gains and growth. As a sales rep, you can and should train your own selling skills by immersing yourself in proven, effective sales processes. This is best done in a Sales Training Program or Sales Development Program that combines the best in sales philosophy, skills, tactics and processes to boost sales and growth for you. Learn how to use new sales tools, techniques, and tactics to help you earn more commission and earn more in training and on the job. Learn to develop a mindset that helps you achieve your goals more consistently. Learn from the best Sales Coaches in the industry to see and do things differently. Know that your performance will determine your earnings. Do what it takes to be among the best and the number one sales rep in your company.

HubSpot Inbound Sales

Smart Calling College

Smart Calling is a system that works with Sales Representatives to enable them to sell effectively in real life as well as a virtual world or simulated world. Sales Representatives are the main characters in the virtual world where they manage a virtual sales office.

The program also includes a training for Sales Representatives, where they learn a range of skills, strategies and techniques to build small, strong and smart calling combinations. The training is done in a virtual world format, where a Sales Representative learns from his virtual sales manager. This virtual world format provides a friendly environment for virtual sales staff to discuss procedures and enhance their confidence and ability.

The single central point of contact for the system is the Sales Manager. He controls the virtual world for the Sales Representatives. The Sales Manager also communicates with real life sales.

The Smart Calling system helps with the following:

  • automated marketing campaigns
  • customized presentations
  • customized follow-up sequences
  • customized call handling
  • result tracking and analysis
  • time tracking to keep track of training time
  • capability and performance based promotions/training

Increase in productivity.

The Art of Sales: Mastering the Selling Process From Coursera

There is a lot of goodwill to gain by getting students through a sales training program successfully, and they should be trained as soon as possible. Typically, the training process consists of the following:

Pre-Sales Training: Before a student can begin using the product, lessons need to be learned. This will set the stage for a better understanding of the product and its features, and a student will be equipped with the knowledge to best utilize the product.

Sales Training: The next stage of the sales cycle is where the student learns the material needed to take the sales process further than the initial meeting. The training will cover the questions to ask, what to look for when interviewing, how to make a closing statement, and provide much more.

Personal Selling: Students will then feel prepared to take the required sales training with the use of a trainer, a computer screen, and a product. Your student will then ask follow-up questions, and the trainer will discuss the course of action needed.

Getting a sales training program to work for you is not simple, but if you stick to it, you will see the results you are looking for. It is possible to convert the initial steps to actual sales, and a good growth in sales is assured.

B2B Phone Skills Improvement Program

It’s a fact: your success is directly linked to your ability to connect with your prospects and change their minds quickly and effectively.

But don’t get us wrong, customer demand doesn’t solely depend on your ability to communicate.

As part of your needs to effectively sell, your prospects also recognize your products as the solution to their problems. That’s where your content, social media, and nurturing efforts can help.

Does this have you concerned? Do you want to improve your sales and turn your business robust, but are not sure where to start?

You’re in the right place. We spent a lot of time creating a simple, yet comprehensive solution for B2B sales training tailored to your needs.

What makes our sales training program better than the others?

We’ve designed, created, and delivered more than a 1000 sales training programs in the past 10 years.

We know what works and what doesn’t in sales training.

Our program came about because we wanted to provide subscribers with what they really need to succeed at sales.

The three phases in our sales training program are designed to help you:

Improve Your Sales

Rapid Learning Institute

The Rapid Learning Institute… (RLI) is home to some of the world’s largest online sales training programs. Their program’s are always 100% remote, designed to help sales managers and managers in any sales position get the results they desire. They are based in New York and London. While they focus primarily on helping the mass merchant, the Academy can be found in stores of all kinds around the world.

The Badass B2B Growth Guide

B2B courses are designed to help you find sales growth, and this is the guide and affiliate course by B2B superstars and copywriting at the top professionals in the B2B marketing and affiliate field.

The program consists of 30 sections, and each section is designed to show you exactly how to find sales growth, get sales at any stage, and make more sales than ever. The program includes learning sessions, lessons, interviews, and a complete course in sales training completely designed to help you build your own business, boost your income, and get sales from the ground up. The sales training lessons and interviews are provided to help you take action immediately, get results, and improve your life.

Public Sales Training Programs

A salesperson or salesperson trainees’ success depends largely on their ability to close deals within the organization. If there is any delay in closing the deals, they will be penalized either salary or financially by the company. So it is very important to know the methods, skills and techniques by which to close the deals.

Sales training is a process that aims to provide an array of skills to the sales team, so that it can close the deal richly in a manner that is compliant with the business’s standard.

There are a few best sales training programs available to the salesperson as well as customers or leads of the services offered by the company. Some of the most popular are as follows.

Online Sales Training Program

This is perhaps the best training program available in the market as it is easily accessible anytime, anywhere. It provides the tools, techniques and methods that can help the salesperson perform better in the sale of products and services. It also teaches the salesperson something that they need to know, like the requirements, the benefits and the workings of the product or service.

Sales Training Programs Offered at the Company’s Offices

Miller Heiman

The Miller Heiman Commercial Sales Program is a complete sales development and management system. It focuses on generating and closing more sales, at higher percentages, and with greater monthly overall sales by using proven and successful methods.

The Miller Heiman Program works. Since its inception in 1988, it has changed the sales performance of over 75,000 salespeople.

The Miller Heiman Program includes:

  • Five modules (The four fundamentals of selling)
  • Developing Your Commercial Sales Personality
  • Pitching Effectively to Buyers
  • Sales Presentations
  • Qualifying new prospects
  • Offering services and products
  • Knowing your worth
  • Demonstrating your worth
  • Driving business and closing
  • Managing time and priorities

The Training and Education Department of Miller Heiman, the national home furnishings retailer, has introduced the fifth sales module to the Miller Heiman Commercial Sales Program.

This module focuses on sales training and sales development, recruiting, qualifying, coaching and managing salespeople. The Training and Education Department believes that by hiring the right employees, with the right skill sets and the right attitude, we can not only excel in the overall commercial sales of our business, but also we can help our company to achieve its overall objectives. But the training and development process, as with anything else, takes time and space.


Dale Carnegie

Dale Carnegie courses in sales training are known as one of the best and most successful course in sales. The Dale Carnegie School of sales has trained thousands of sales professionals across the spectrum of sales and corporate development. The courses in sales training are designed based on the techniques that Carnegie developed for himself.

Dale Carnegie was a prolific writer and lecturer. His books and speeches spread his philosophy all over the world and his appeal brought him the fame. Some of his most successful books include How to Win Friends and Influence People, The Gentle Art of War, and How To Become a Motivational Speaker. While his books focus on developing the character of a person, his teachings in sales have given birth to the term –Carnegie Training”.

The courses in sales training have become widely popular for companies and individuals who want to learn how to sell effectively and how to become a persuasive speaker.

Some of the Most Popular Dale Carnegie Courses in Sales Training Are Listed Below

Developing Salesmen into Creative Salespeople

The course in sales training helps sales professionals become more effective and aware of their strengths. The course in sales training helps salesmen develop their characteristics in the areas of self-mastery, self-confidence, and self-esteem so that they can become more persuasive.

Effective Speaking

Rain Group

The Rain Group S2R program has quickly become one of the most successful and highly regarded sales training programs on the market. S2R has been the program that every business needs to implement if they want to perform successfully because it was designed with the salesperson in mind. The Rain Group is one of the most attended sales and marketing conferences in the country because they are always doing something to keep the attendees engaged.

The Rain Group S2R-Master program is geared towards sales people who have been on the field and have done some training within the company. The program is a mere two-day event and teaches the power of selling the way that it is taught in The Rain Group.

The program is geared towards sales training and is designed with hundreds of sales training programs available online. It is the only one that comes with a guarantee on the success of one of the Rain Group’s S2R graduates.

The Rain Group S2R program will help you to be a master of selling so that you can do what you do best and make sure that you succeed. The event teaches you how to get into the mind of your customers and how to showcase your personality into your sales to get the sale. The program teaches you how to check in with your customer throughout the process to ensure that you are checking a couple of things that will ensure that the customer gets exactly what they need and even more.

Private Sales Training Programs

Traditionally, careers in sales are male dominated, but that’s no longer true. In fact, the average workforce balance is now 57 percent men and 43 percent women, and that shift is reflected in the sales industry.

The workplace is constantly evolving and adapting to the trends and preferences of the consumers, and so too is the sales industry. It’s changing to better suit the lifestyle of the modern generation. In fact, during the 2000s, there was a massive push for increased motivation and self-training; those trends are continuing and people are becoming increasingly comfortable with transaction-based spending, both online and in stores. In short, the paradigm is shifting from consumer to customer, especially when it comes to sales.

The way customers buy is also shifting; they’re applying the –service before, after” model to their entire relationship with a company instead of just a transaction. They’re more interested in ensuring they’re getting the best experience and products, even if it takes a little longer to get the job done. This is why customer relationship management (CRM) systems are becoming more popular; it’s the best way to ensure customer satisfaction and sales growth.

The Brooks Group

{1}. Sales Hiring Boot Camp
{2}. The Harvey Twist
{3}. The Harvey Insight
{4}. The Harvey Progress
{5}. Sales Leader Roundtable
{6}. The Bruce Bruce Experience
{7}. The Tucker Spin
{8}. How to Get a Sales Call Code
{9}. The Tucker Lesson
{10}. The Ultimate Sales Plan
{11}. The Tucker Debate
{12}. The Tucker Case Study
{13}. The Harvey Lifestyle
{14}. The Harvey Follower
{15}. The Bruce Way
{16}. Sales Roadmap
{17}. Sales Training Bootcamp

Richardson Sales Performance

Selling is Selling….Too!

Sales is not a skill; no matter what anyone says, sales is not a skill. If it was a skill, it would be like any other skill….you would need to take some sort of training, like we do with learning how to tap dance or computer word processing. What is needed is the right attitude, commitment to the process, and a lot of repetition. As always, the most important aspect of selling is the buyer. You can have the greatest product and the most wonderful sales department in the world, and if you cannot find the right buyer, you will not succeed.

Sales is not selling; it is helping, serving, and serving others. We are so involved in sales that we rarely think of it in these terms. It is as if we don’t think of ourselves as sales, that we are doing work rather than being paid for our efforts. Remember that you are always selling something; you are always reaching out to others.

Who would you be as a sales professional without the right attitude? What do you think the top executives of multi-national corporations, carefully screened and chosen from amongst thousands of applicants, understand? What makes them successful? What is their number one common attribute? You guessed it! Positive attitude!

Wilson Learning

(Revised 2013)

Wilson Learning’s – Algebraic Selling ” Sales Program is a program aimed at sales representatives in the professional services industry. It was designed with the intent of helping sales organization increase their knowledge of the art of selling, and improve their performance as professional sales people. The program takes a learning approach to sales, and it focuses on the essential elements of the best sales styles in order to help salespeople learn and develop a more consistent sales personality and competencies.

Signature Worldwide

Signature Worldwide has been around since 1996, and their aim is to provide customers with the best in insurance, financial services and accounting solutions. They offer flexible, low cost insurance alternatives, online banking, payroll, and invoicing and will assist accountants and their staff with the preparation of financial statements.

Their online sales training program teaches you how to sell a product properly, to create a relationship with your customer. You will learn about product features, benefits and how to use them to present the best offer.

DoubleDigit Sales

If you want to build a Double Digit Month in Month Out Business from ground up and become a millionare and sell programs like hell I would highly recomend the DoubleDigit Sales Training Program. I have my Biz now for 3 years and Im making a Liveable income and cant believe how doubles my new people coming and joining me every single month. The site has so many resources you can find them all on my site and it only takes 10 minutes a day to do the tasks.

I have so much to tell. If you need a million dollars to make something out of nothing this program will not help. But you have to have a business and a dream, you must believe in you, and you must have patience.

No body can do this it all on there own there is much more. If your having trouble getting your customer to pay in full they will close a sales, and they will close a bigger sale. I just got a program that sell like hell. First person came to my site and bought a copy and read it and I didnt follow all the Rules and I closed the sale. Then Received the Money. In a week I received a sale from it. And that the only way it can be. If you dont believe in you and your product you wont sell it.

To be honest with you. I have a lot of people that bought my course and it took a little while to apply it.

Tips for Maximizing Sales Training

For sales training to be effective, you need to maximize the results by applying sales training program and courses right. Beware of fake career and money making ideas from unreliable resources.

If you want fast and effective results, here’s what you should do.

Identify what you need

You’re going to use the sales training program and courses for a variety of reasons – to increase sales, increase your earning ability and even to provide the future for your family. Knowing what you need is the first step to successfully using sales training program and courses. If you’re looking to increase sales awareness and increase sales productivity, sales training program and courses will likely be a great investment for you.

Decide how you want to use sales training program and courses

There needs to be a purpose behind implementing sales training program and courses or else you won’t be motivated enough to do it. In other words, you need to decide if you want to get sales training program and courses that help you sell more or one your friends and colleagues since you know that many of them will fail at using it.

Take action

Bottom Line

I'm sure you've read other articles from sales trainers all over the Internet. Sales training programs can be quite in depth, sometimes even too deep.

Going in with an open mind, we began to take an in-depth look at what all these different sales training programs had to offer. To my surprise, we found that sales training doesn't just have to be taught in a classroom with your peers.

Sometimes it's best to learn by yourself. Many business owners and salespeople can give sales training lessons without having a classroom. They can teach from their experiences. They can walk you through the basics of sales training to the higher level.

This was a refreshing discovery.

Sometimes, sales training courses feel like they're more about the business owner or salesperson than the student. And it can even be a bit overwhelming at times.

But when the sales training is taught in the business owner's own words, from their own experiences, they offer a better understanding and feel more authentic than a classroom lesson ever could.

We began to think about the costs and the different training courses available in the marketplace. We decided that the courses available were pretty priced and it would be worth our time to carefully study which ones they thought would be the most valuable for each of us.