13 Sales Follow-up Email Templates for Any Situation

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Cold Call Follow-up Email

When you contact someone by phone or email and they don’t respond, the worst thing you can do is leave them alone. That’s the time to follow up and cultivate their interest in your product or service.

In the follow-up email, you can describe what you did and ask them for feedback. You can also read similar stories or testimonials to build more rapport with the potential customer. Due to the volume of people you will be contacting, the template remains the same; however, the message will be tailored to the customer’s background.

Cold Call Follow-up Email Template

Sales follow-up emails are an effective way to get in touch with prospects.

Yet, unfortunately, as you email more and more leads, it’s easy for your emails to lose their effectiveness and eventual just fade away into the ether. By using built-in email templates, you can quickly and easily get a follow-up email out the door.

If you’re cold calling or reaching out to new prospects, here’s how to create a follow-up email.

{1}. First, open your target prospect’s email and read it. This will give you an idea of who your lead is, why they are reading your email, and whom they work for.
{2}. Write your email in a clean and professional manner. Include their name and company name in the email. Be sure to include their email address in the email.
{3}. Write one to three sentences describing the key benefit you found in the prospect’s previous engagement.
{4}. Secure a meeting by including a time and date.
{5}. Send your email.

Following up with a prospect will not only help you secure a meeting but also will improve your chances of securing new business in the future.

External Event Sales Follow-up Email

Thank you for taking the time to set-up your account in order to compete for the position of Sales Consultant at {Company Name}. I am the Senior Account Manager that you spoke to on the phone about your possibilities in this role. I did my best to give you the information you were looking for and I believe we were both interested in moving forward. Please let me know if I can be of any additional assistance. Thanks, Amanda

External Sales

{Brand Name} Corp.

Bank Towers

Chicago, IL.

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

A: Dear { Contact Name },

I’m writing to follow-up regarding opportunities for you to continue working with us at { Company Name }. If we don’t hear from you by { End Date }, then we’ll assume that this position isn’t a fit for both of us and you won’t receive a final call. If you have any questions, please contact me at { Phone Number }.


External Event Sales Follow-up Email Template

Subject: ________________________________________ Navid M. Rohani 6 Signs a Woman Will Sleep With You Timing: Monday, Wednesday, or Friday of the Week 1st Email:

Dear _________,

Thanks for attending ____________ event, which was a great success.

I was excited to see you there and would love to get your feedback about the conference. Here is more information about what we talked about during your visit.

________________________________________________________ The conference was well attended and your presentation received positive feedback from your audience. Your topic was _______________ and you gave a presentation to our audience.

Here is audience feedback on your topic:

________________________________________________ We have collected 6 signatures below to share with you: [Insert 6 sample signature lines for us to use]

And then ____________________________________________________ If you have any further questions about the conference we’d love to help.

Lead Magnet Sales Follow-up Email

What is this?

A great place to start is with a Winning Lead Magnet Follow-up Email.

Why is this a great template?

It’s short, sweet, and to the point. Show people exactly what they’ve bought.

What do you get?

This email fits your 12:1 test.

What is it not?

It’s not overreaching.

Is this the right use for this template?

This template is great for any type of lead magnet.

Lead Magnet Sales Follow-up Email Template

Welcome Back!

Hey [Name],.

I'm so glad you managed to get a chance to check out [name of lead magnet]. If you have recently signed up for the [product] lead magnet, I'm sorry to hear that you have not received it yet. I was able to reach out to our [name of team member] to find out the reason why you haven't received it.

Please allow me to clarify:

When you're a [niche] blogger, it can be hard to get people to read your post. And even if they do, they might just bounce right back to their newsfeed before you even have a chance to process why they showed up there.

With our help, that's not the case. We generate targeted traffic and conversions for you in just a few days. No hype, no overcrowding your prospect's inbox with unnecessary emails or ads, and no hard sell.

So when your readers do come and read your content, they're much more likely to click the buttons we send to them. It saves you time, effort, and gets you working on doing what you love rather than constantly marketing.

It's definitely worth checking out, and not only because I'm just that nice. Just hit reply and we'll set you up with a free account.

And of course, feel free to come back any time!

Web Inquiry Sales Follow-up Email

Remember that email template I sent you last week in my report? Now it’s time to use it! This is the perfect time to send that template out to your website visitors.

Send out the template 7 days after your campaign is over. This will give you plenty of time to analyze the results. But more importantly, this gives your customers time to get back to you and will increase your response rate.

Call to Action Follow-up Email Template

The Call to Action Follow-up Email Template contains a brief overview of your services, pricing and the difference between your services and those of your competitors.

Make sure it directly relates to the purpose of their visit to your website.

Also, as mentioned above, it’s best to send this email out 7 days after your campaign ended. This gives you ample time to analyze the results.

How much this email impacts your customers overall experience with you is crucial to the success of your campaign and the results you get.

Review the Results

Once you’ve sent out your email templates, analyze your results.

Web Inquiry Sales Follow-up Email Template

You’ve followed up with your web inquiries, and you’re ready for your next sales lead. You made time to respond, but you’re not entirely sure how much interest there is or if your potential customer is ready.

Use a Web Inquiry Follow-up Email to follow up with your web inquiry sales leads to qualify. This email template is especially useful for product based businesses since you can use it to ask an open-ended question about their needs. In this way, you can easily assess your list and feel confident that they are ready to buy.

Inbound Call Sales Follow-up Email

You have collected the information and now you have a very good chance of starting the conversation.

Dear ___,.


How are you? How was the meeting you had with ___ to discuss your __?

Personally, I’m very excited about this new potential opportunity and I love the idea of __.

When we discussed it recently, I asked you if __ was something you wanted to do. I’m thrilled to hear that you are very interested in this new line of business.

I’d love to set up a time to talk in the next few days so that we can figure out how to work together.

What’s your availability over the next few days and how about a time to chat in the next 24 to 48 hours? How does your schedule look for the next few days? Would early Saturday morning work for you? If you’re free some time after midnight tonight wouldn’t that work?

Glad to talk to you soon.


Inbound Call Rep

P.S. Only 2 days left to enter our amazing contest.

Inbound Call Sales Follow-up Email Template

Sales follow-ups are an incredibly effective way to boost your email open rate. When you email your prospects in the same format you used to get them on the phone, they will be much more likely to open it and read it. And in this email template, I’ve already provided some of the things you could say to them so they’re already on the hook.

The main point is to take a proactive approach. After your sales call, it’s perfect to follow up with a specific template that you use every single time. You can even include a PDF with your sales offer so they can view it right away. Once they read the content of the email, you’ll have their attention and they’ll be much more likely to open it.

There’s no doubt about it: When you set up a system for follow-up emails, deliverability will be a non-issue. And when you combine that with a specific template with the right message, you’re going to set yourself up for success.

Here’s the template I use to follow up with my prospects:

Hey there!

What a great first time meeting! I’m so glad we were able to have a chance to connect.

Networking or Public Event Follow-up Email

Having a sales funnel that includes the following deliverables is an effective way for you to create repeat and continuous revenue.

This sequence is going to help you accomplish two things.

First, you’ll be able to prospect for new business. These targeted emails can also serve to remind them that you’re still in contact, that you’re still playing in the same sandbox as them and that you want to work together in the future.

Second, if you’ve already established a strong and trustworthy relationship with your prospects you can send these follow up emails to your customers as well.

Networking or Public Event Sales Follow-up Email Template

You attend a networking party, mixer or a public event and you are wondering what you should say to people whom you met there and may or may not be able to reconnect with. You want to follow up with them, but you don’t exactly have an “handshake” or “keep in touch” line to lean on. This is where your professional sales email template comes into play.

Sales Call Follow-up Email Template

Subject line: Hey [NAME], It’s [NAME]!

Your Name | Title | Company

This template will work well for you if you have a one or two cent-per-click program, or CPL or CPA offer that you are running.

Sales Event Follow-up Email Template

Subject line: [Reminder]

Hi [NAME],.

The [event name] was amazing! Thanks for attending!

For this template, you can tailer the content to the event itself or to your product.

Inbound Link Follow-up Email Template

Subject line: Hi there [NAME]!

Face-to-Face Meeting Follow-up Email

Dear (salesperson),.

I look forward to discussing these market insights and would like to schedule a follow-up call to discuss your proposal.

I’m committed to meeting this week to discuss these sales targets. I’ll schedule a time to meet next week and will contact you with that time shortly.

Looking forward to speaking with you soon.

Best wishes,.

Face-to-Face Meeting Follow-up Email Template

Email writing is very important in business, but if your purpose of sending emails is to follow-up or to send information about your product/service, then you have to keep the tone formal believe that it is better than email writing.

Following up with a face-to-face meeting and sending an email to a prospect who agreed to meet with you, but forgot to arrange the specific date and time.

However, selecting the suitable email follow-up subject is very important. Using a neutral and friendly subject line is a profitable strategy, because people always have a bad feeling about unnecessary emails, but if you use a subject line that is interested, it will most likely catch their attention.

Here are a few email templates for this purpose.

Subject line: Looking forward to meeting you soon

Email Template:

Subject: [RIGHT TIME] Today I would like to schedule a few minutes for us to review your business details. Some things we can discuss are

  • Our services and your needs
  • Development plans and expected deliverables
  • Availability from you for a step-by-step walk-through

Please let me know of a good time for us to set up a meeting so that we can have a 1:1 meeting. I will stop by your office at [RIGHT TIME].

Best Regards,.

New Proposal or Quotation Follow-up Email

In this Follow-up Email Templates, you'll find 12 email examples to send to all correspondents. You can send them anytime or save them in your email marketing system's Autoresponder for easy use.

This Sales Follow-up Email Template is well suited for premises owner, team, manager, owner, training provider, salesperson and network manager.

Let's you to use this Sales Follow-up Email Template for any situation:

  • Elderly customer who wants to buy your product or go to your class
  • Want to setup Appointment to check demo of computer, laptop, mobile phone, tablet and internet package
  • Competition has started or 6 months ago
  • Hire you as your advisor or sponsor
  • Negotiation process of property or looking for new premises
  • Want to setup Appointment to check your new Car
  • Want to setup Appointment as you said to provide you even more information about gym/ sports classes
  • Negotiation process of computer, laptop, mobile phones, tablets product or package
  • Senior customer wants to buy your product or go to your class
  • Someone who has already your product or go to your class
  • Need a
  • All about your company's logo and branding
  • Free article to help them get the best deal on their new mobile phone plan, tablet or Internet plan
  • All about or about your Company's Logo and Branding

New Proposal or Quotation Sales Follow-up Email Template

I recently sent you an email to [Name], the person you meet in person.

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Here are my proposal and quotation for [Project].

Please let me know what you want to buy me to complete the job.

I will be waiting for your reply.

Proposal or Quotation Second Follow-up Email

You’ve sent your client a proposal or quotation and now they’re thinking about whether or not they should hire you, they might need to know what your next steps are. So send them a reminder that they’ll have something else to think about.

A reminder email is also a great way to begin the discussion. If you sent them a proposal, remind them what you told them in your proposal and then ask them how it’s coming. Ask if they have any questions, and then if it’s appropriate, explain your next steps so the conversation has a structure.

But don’t worry if you hadn’t sent them anything before. You might not have been as formal and won’t need a second follow-up email.

Proposal or Quotation Second Follow-up Email Template

This email template is sent after the first proposal or quotation is sent to the client. If the client responds in a way that requires a revision of the proposal, this email will remind the client of the revision that would likely be needed and when he/she needs to make any changes.

It is a timely reminder of the requirements of the client so that the Custom Sales Representative can finalize and present the revised quotation.

The idea of using this email template is to inform the customer about the changes in the proposal as early as possible so as to accommodate it.

Client Email Preceding the Second Email

The template below can be used in extreme scenario where the customer has taken more than two weeks to respond to an email that has been sent to him/her.

You can also use this email template to check if the client has seen your previous email and whether he/she has any concerns.

The template below is ideal for when we have to call the client for making changes to the proposal. This document should be delivered to the client at least 3 days before the date of the deadline specified in the pre-printed document.

Let the client tweak the proposal on his/her own and have him/her fill it with their company’s signature at the closing of the deal.

Double-tap Follow-up Email

Email marketing has become a billion dollar industry over the last two decades, and that fact has not escaped the sales team. However, many of them aren’t very good at email follow-ups, which results in a large number of emails going to their recipients’ spam folders. This is a huge waste of money for our potential customers, so it’s important for sales team members to learn and adopt good email follow-up techniques.

In this article, I will discuss some of the most effective follow-up email templates I’ve used for sales and marketing campaigns. The templates have been tailored for several different scenarios and conditions, which enable you to use them to suit your business and your personal needs.

If you follow the selling tips here, your sales team can automate and delegate the entire email follow-up process; your customers will no longer need to make the effort to respond to the initial contact. This frees up your customers’ time and increases the chances of your sales team winning the deal!

General and Welcome Email Templates

The first type of email template is the one that starts any conversation. The success of a sales campaign is largely dependent on the time, effort, and friendliness with which your sales team greets your potential customers with your key messages (KM).

Double-tap Follow-up Sales Email Template

This following short email template convinces prospects to take the first step and fill in the order form right away.

This email template includes two templates and makes use of great language and common sales phrases. This email template is a straight forward sales follow-up. The best part about this email is that you can plug it in anywhere in the following template.

The email opens with a strong call to action to take the first step and fill in the order form and continue into the first sales follow-up email. On the subject line, we reference the attachment and advise the prospect to look over it and grab their phone.

Moving on, the email is focused on addressing the prospect’s questions around the first step. First, we explain how we can answer those questions without having to fill out the order form. We let them know that if they don’t have the order form, they can ignore the email and call us during business hours. Moreover, we advise them to ignore our email if they just need a quick answer.

Resolved Service Call Follow-up Email

(Any Situation)

Hello *****************,.

Our technician, Jim *********, will be out at ********** to fix your issue either manually or remotely. Please call if you have any questions or concerns.


Thank you,.

How to Reply Template

Hello *****************,.

Our technician, Jim *********, will be out at ********** to fix your remote or manual issue. Please call if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you,.

How to File a Complaint Template

Hi *****************,.

We have been unable to resolve the issue with the customer stated below:


I am calling to file a complaint.


Thank you.


Resolved Service Call Follow-up Email (Any Situation)

Hello *****************,.

Our technician, Jim *********, will be out at ********** to fix your issue either manually or remotely. Please call if you have any questions or concerns.

Resolved Service Call Follow-up Email Template

Dear ,.

I am doing a follow-up email to confirm the resolution of your service call request number .

We went over the details in this email on , and I updated your order notes on back to fix the problem. At that time, I told you that I would be in touch; however, I have not heard from you since then.

Please reply to let me know what has been resolved; otherwise, I will have to close this as unresolved.

Cold Lead Follow-up Email

Are you looking to land a new prospect on your sales call? One of my favorite ways to follow up after a cold call is to send a cold lead follow-up email.

The cold lead follow-up email serves as a reminder that you and I talked, and you want to stay top of mind. This is a way that you can take the time after the customer’s decision making process to be proactive and not reactive. Don't fall into the trap of just waiting for the prospect to ask for your product or service.

How to Create and Send Cold Lead Follow-up Email

Insert the Prospect’s Name into Your Email Copy

Sound familiar? It should. The name of the prospect is already in the prospect’s email, so it’s a good place to start. You’ll want to include the prospect’s name in the second paragraph.

Water Down Your Pitch

Try starting the cold lead follow-up email with a statement about how you noticed that they owned an apple product.

Use a Common Phone Call Out

This will sound familiar. The following sentence should use their last name and say that you’re calling to follow up on the appointment you had.

Remember this.

Cold Lead Sales Follow-up Email Template

Is your sales funnel cold?

In other words, have you followed up with your leads on several different occasions and they haven’t responded?

You can send follow-up emails that can convert your voicemails into sales.

Create a printable template and fill out your details.

Fill out your details below.

With some tweaking, you can use it for any cold lead sale.

You can use the template in your email marketing software.

See these examples.

Second Chance Follow-up Email

This follow-up email template is for someone you interacted with recently who has been a repeat customer. In this case, we want to let them know that the chance to make a sale is still right at their fingertips.

After the Learn More button and a John Hagee quote, you state your business name, address, and phone number. Then you specifically ask the reader to follow up with you directly if they are still interested in the product. You provide several product options for them to choose from. You ask them to get back to you ASAP because there are more sales opportunities happening all the time.

The key point here is to cut through all of the follow-up emails cluttering your customer's inbox. By using the above template, you're using a more direct approach to all of those other sales follow-up emails. You're reminding your customer that you can offer a product to them and that they would still be interested in doing business with you.

Second Chance Follow-up Email Template

Possible scenarios you could use this follow-up template in:

You’ve had a good and smooth first-time meeting.

You’ve met with someone for house shows and they’ve checked out the home.

You’ve gone through the home and priced all the home’s features and convinced the client to buy this home.

You’ve received an offer you can’t refuse from the buyer.

You’ve managed to get your client a workable price.

You’ve lost the deal to another buyer or real estate agent.

You’ve lost the fixer-upper bidding war.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A key email template you Should use Every Time : What to say to your leads when they Respond to an email you sent them.

As you can see, this template doesn't waste time. It leads you immediately to a Thank-You page for that leads response alone.

You can also use this template for an UNSOLICITED Lead and have it Message them: best practices for the Sales Follow-up.

How long should I wait to send my follow-up message?

Understand that salespeople often send multiple follow-up messages in the hope of getting a reply. But in many cases, your first message is the only one that generates a result!

Likely, you’ll get a response in a few days after you sent your message. But if you’re patient, there’s nothing wrong with sending another message a week later. Maybe even two weeks later.

However long you wait, make sure you don’t sound desperate. You want to be polite and professional while still showing that you’re persistent and willing to do whatever it takes to close the deal.

If you don’t hear back, you should send one more message and follow up with a phone call after a week if you haven’t heard back.

What is the best software for email tracking?

Some popular sales follow-up templates that are customized for different sales situations.

When selling a product or offering service, you're competing with a lot of different voices. Each time you follow-up with a prospect, you're not only competing with other opportunities but are also doubling up on others that might have hit their follow-up activity for the day. That's why following up is so critical.

Picking up where your previous sales activity left off is essential. When creating the sales follow-up template for your specific product or service, you want to find a place that ends up being intuitive and comfortable for your prospect. Without this start, they'll never get around to responding.

For added organization, consider using eCRM software to leverage the power of your contact information. Remember to take advantage of the entire CRM system.

For other situations, here are a few emails or calls that can help further your sales efforts:

Bottom Line

You need a 13 Sales Follow-up Email Template Template!

This is the bottom line. If you don't think you need these 13 sales follow-up email templates, just think about all the people you've worked with that didn't follow-up with their leads and how many of those people you ended up hearing from.

Now, as far as how to actually use this template is concerned, it's all about. . .