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Free Rental Application Template

How the Free Rental Application Templates Work

Got a property you'd like to let out on a rental basis? You already know the application process requires writing a long and complicated application, plus postage for the signing of the lease, and a cheque for any deposits or fees you want to collect.

Now, let's take it one step further and make it easy using our tenant application template!

Just print off the form, fill in with your particulars, sign and return, and you'll be applying for a tenancy in minutes. The process will take even less time if you use our free Rental Application Pack, which includes the necessary signed and witnessed forms and has everything ready for you to sign.

The other advantage of using our form is that it provides a template to sign by which your tenant will know you're serious that you really mean and want to rent the property to them. Not only that but this will help to alleviate some of the stress and anxiety of them not really knowing if you really want to rent your property to them or not.

Also don't forget to organise:

  • A legally-compliant deposit of at least one weeks' rent.
  • An inventory of any property damage or furnishings that will be in the house.
  • Other items that will be expected by the tenant.

When to Use a Rental Application Form

For small start-up businesses, renting can be an easy and accessible way to get started. Instead of spending a lot of money on equipment, the owner can simply pay month-to-month to use the equipment instead of taking the financial hit of buying the equipment outright.

However, renting your equipment can prove to be cost effective, but it’s also more than that – it also allows your business to build customer loyalty.

For some business owners, it’s a good idea to give their customers a little incentive to come back and rent your equipment again. By providing a rental application form to your customers, you can gain more business and build a stronger relationship with your customers.

The next time you rent equipment from a customer, hand them a customer service application form. Even better, offer your customers a discount or some type of incentive for filling out the form. For instance, let them fill out the form and then offer them a free trial month if they’ll fill out the form. If you have space on your rental application form for customers to add their signature, ask them to write their name and phone number directly on the rental application too.

What to Include in a Rental Application Form

When you are looking for a place to live, the rental application form can be the key to your successful application. It decides the scope of information both the landlord and the tenant needs to know.

Based upon the form you will be filling out, the landlord can see if you are qualified for the apartment, ask for your references (so they know they’re dealing with a trustworthy and responsible renter), and decide how much to charge you to rent the place.

In adapting the rental application form for landlords, you need to follow a detailed process which involves preliminary requirements.

Before you fill in the Rental Application Form, you need to determine the object of your application. Do you want a single room, an entire unit or something else? Are you looking for a short term or long term rental?

Once you have figured out the object of your application, the next thing you need to do is check out the rental criteria. Don’t even consider moving in until you have met and satisfied the criteria. It’s better to focus on your requirements than to rush to the apartment and end up keeping yourself from living there.

Date of Rental Application Completion

How accurate and up to date are you on your rental application from your tenant?

While it is very important that you keep all your typed tenant documents up-to-date in your tenant files, it is equally important that the information itself is 100% accurate and up-to-date before you send it to your tenant.

The latest date that you can make changes to the application and submit it or the date that the tenant files must be submitted by in order to be valid for a later date is noted on your tenant files.

You may be tempted to write a date on your document that is a few days beyond when you actually submit it, but doing so is a big mistake as the date that you write on the document will not be available for your tenant to check when they sign the application.

According to the RTB (Real-Time Background) Hearing procedures, the date that is given by you to your tenant is the date that this date is as the date will be put in the database at the time of entry and will not be changed.

In some cases, the tenant may say that they do not know the exact date on a document that you provide them, but we all know that they do!

If anything at all is going wrong on your side of the transaction, they would have mentioned that to you otherwise, because it is their goal to ensure that all information is accurate when they sign your document.

Rental Application Fee

Rental application fees for rentals in the United States vary by state and institution, but a typical form of physical application is an application and payment for a key deposit. For key deposit, a few institutions demand the application fee as a deposit and ask the student to send it to the address they have provided.

This may pose a hardship to some students, who may be required to provide sensitive information as part of a key deposit application.

For your own safety, you should exercise caution when sharing any personal information on online applications or forms. Only give out information that is specifically relevant and required by the institution.

Many student loan applications require the use of banking information, and the banks and EFNS offer insights on how institutions are using this data. In addition, some student loan applications also require references information, and even a few share personal information with the institutions [6]. Many student loan applications also require personal references. Many financial institutions have systems in place to keep data secure, but you should still take precautions in case of a data breach.

Property Information

Which is the best time to rent your property?

Which is the best time to rent your property? Should I sell before I rent?

What is the most common tenant screening question?

Why do applicants fall short of the requirements?

Do you have any sample documents?

How important is the rental application to the property owner?

How important is the rental application to the property owner? How far in advance do you accept applications for your property?

Applicant Information

Full name:




Zip code:


Email address:

Social Security Number:

Driver license number:

Vehicle license number:

Citizenship: Select One Student Military Spouse

Driver's License number present:

Date of birth:


Residence: Select One Rental Address Home Address

Employment: Select One Employed Retired

Full time:

Part time:


Address (if employed):


Employment status: (Active/Retired)

Would you be available for a conversational meeting or phone interview? If so, schedule it via phone or do an online chat?

Objective: I would like to hire you as my rental property manager.

Rental Property Manager:


Contact number:

Applicant’s Employment

Name of Employer and Date of Employment Verification of Verification of Period of Engagement.

Duration of Period of Engagement Approximate Career Salary.

Description of Position and Job Duties Job Title

Date of Occurrence Description of Occurrence.

List Dates of Occurrences where Incidents occurred, or Reasons for Alienation of Employee.

Newspaper or Printout, if any, of Occurrences.

Other Reasons, if any, for Alienation of Employee up to the Time of Application.

Oral Statement of Applicant regarding each Employement during past 3 years. (List Employer, Job Title, Duties, and Salary for each Work Experience.)

List all Experiences during Schooling, both Paid and Unpaid.

List all Licenses, Certificates, and Degrees obtained, whether by Education, Certification, or Apprenticeship.

Describe the Course and Method of Instruction Employed in Each Course

List any Books, Magazines, Periodicals, Brochures, or Handouts, which You may have collected or Read, or which may have been suggested to You, during Your Schooling.

List all Qualifications and Certificates obtained since Graduation.

Additional Occupants

Your rental application may require additional people, pets or additional items to be listed in conjunction with your name and phone number. You will need to submit a letter requesting approval by the landlord in addition to the rental application if you would like to rent a property with additional items, or if you are authorizing someone to sign on your behalf.

Your letter must include the following information:

  • Name and address of tenant
  • Name and address of authorized signer
  • Authorization for signer to make application
  • Agreement to release party from liability for application
  • Understanding and acceptance of mandatory fees

You will also need to provide a copy of the authorization to the landlord or property manager. The total number of people or pets must be noted as well as their ages and relationship to the applicant.

Whether the additional people or pets will be living separately from the tenant, inside the home or apartment, or sharing your home and apartment with you is also to be noted. Addresses must be on the lease or rental agreement to be considered an addition.


What we aim to achieve with this Rent a Pet Service is a service that is efficient and meet the needs of the client who are looking for an animal to rent out. Like all new business ventures it helps to start it off with a well-thought out plan and our goal with this plan is to use these forms for consultations in the future.

The following form is the basic Form to be used for any Service.

Once the form has been filled out by the client and the agent you can download it or have it printed off.

Basic Questions:

Contact Information of Client: In this section the client will supply their personal information, so basic information such as Full Name, Phone Number, Email Address etc. should be listed.

The information can be combined into one section in order to conserve the space on the form.

Once they've completed the form they can either print it out and finish off the form, or take it to their local printer to be completed.

Rental Property Location: The client will supply the exact address of the property that they will be renting the pets out from. The agent will want to know this in order to ensure that their flock will be taken care of.

Pet Type: The type of pets that a client is looking for will be given in this section. Basic Pet types such as Dogs, Cats, Ducks etc will be covered here.


Applicant Signature & Date

Rental Application Template Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it free?

Yes, you can download our rental application form for free. It’s available in Excel, Word and PDF formats.

How do I use it?

It’s very easy and takes only a few minutes to fill out. Just download it, fill it out and send it back to us. There are no fees attached to our application form.

How long does it take to get my application approved?

We will usually review the application form within the day after receiving it.

Does it include a floor plan?

Yes, it does. You will find our floor plan including our measurements attached to the form.

Is it free?

You will find information in the Application form itself concerning the Membership requirements. These can be viewed here.

Rental allocation and acceptance criteria are defined in our constitution also available here.

Do I need to pay when I apply?

No, there is no fee should you want to apply but don’t want to become a member.

Does membership require regular attendance?

No, membership is strictly voluntary and your membership does not require any attendance.

Does membership require I join a certain team?

Do I Have to Use a Rental Application Form?

Rental Application Form (RFA) is a standard application form that you can use to collect rental information.

The RFA is also available as a Word file, ready to print and fill out. If you prefer to use your own method of document delivery or you do not have access to Word, the PDF file also includes the RFA. If you are a landlord, you may use either the RFA for Landlords or you can choose your preferred RFA.

How to Use the RFA for Rental Application

Include a cover letter that explains the nature of the rental (in your own words).

Place the RFA inside the cover letter (and if applicable, sample tenancy form and blank cheque).

Attached a self addressed stamped envelope (SASE) pre-addressed to the Canadian Housing and Renewal Association’s office (see the sample labels below).

Quitly drop the packet of documents into a mailbox in a prominent location.

Please note: without a rental application form, it will be difficult to collect all of the rental information required to determine the rental amount.

Does Each Tenant Need to Fill Out Their Own Rental Application Form?

By law, each tenant is supposed to fill out their own application and return it to the landlord in a timely fashion. In most states, tenants not properly filling out an application can cause liability if the landlord does not approve an application after multiple requests. However, there are cases in which landlords can make exceptions for certain situations.

When a tenant pays the rent before the first day of the tenancy, the tenant usually doesn’t need to fill out a rental application. If the tenant has already signed an application, they can use that application to move into the unit. If the landlord allows the tenant to move in early, they should still send a separate blanket application once the tenant moves in.

In this case, the tenant can take the blanket application to the local office supply store and get it notarized. This is important because it gives the tenant the official documentation to use to fill out the application. If the tenant does not have another copy of the application, then they might want to save a copy of the signed rental agreement as well.

However, some landlords might require applicants to submit written applications even if they are filling out their own forms. If this is the situation, the tenant will need to save their application and disclose any mistakes.

Here is the link to the Rental Application.

Are There Questions I Can’t Ask on a Tenant Application Form?

What happens if I don’t know how to fill in the forms?

When it comes to finding a new home, all the commotion can make you forget about your first priority … making sure you don’t overlook any essential questions on the rental application form.

While filling in a rental application form may be daunting for any first-timer, it’s also important to remember that you’re going to have plenty of opportunities to talk to the landlord and see the property first-hand so that you’re not caught off guard by any last-minute information.

So as long as you have a few days to spare to complete your application form, just take your time to fill it out accurately and completely. If you’re not confident you’re getting each answer correct, simply question it further before you sign.

What happens if I accidentally give away too much information?

Do I Need a Standard Rental Application and a Lease?

OR Can I Use a Custom Application?

Sometimes rental applications are just one form, and you don’t have to worry about a leasing document. For instance, you might rent out a rental space or you might own it. If you’re just using a form as is, there are a few things to keep in mind.

You’ll need to include a copy of your state’s Residential Landlord Tenant law and post the laws and policies on the premises of the rental agreement. You’ll also need to include all the rules and regulations you have.

You may want to use the free rental application templates and lease templates provided by Paperwork Depot to avoid any hassles.

The Bottom Line

Whether you have wanted to get started with property management or you are already managing a large portfolio of rental units, managing a rental application can quickly become a tedious task. That’s why the best property managers leverage technology to streamline their rental application process. From the very start, your rental application process will require a web-enabled application platform that enables you to capture all the relevant information and instantly store it in one secure location.

Organizations like DocuSign, OnTimeNow, and DocPlanner are great tools for managing property rental applications. With these, you can digitally sign a rental application before submitting it to your tenant and immediately store that document in the cloud so that your applicant can access it later. This will not only expedite the application process but also decrease the number of repetitive questions you have to ask, thereby saving time and money.

What you also need to do before you begin the process of creating your rental application, is to set up an IT support desk to answer specific questions that a tenant calls about your property. If you don’t have the time or resources to do this then we can help you set up your IT desk.

Summary: …