Top 25 Real Estate Video Marketing Examples from the Pros

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Add Narration to Your Home Tour – NextEdgeVideo

Brand your real estate content with highly effective web video production services, including private home tours. NextEdgeVideo is a Full-Service Video Production Company specializing in the Real Estate, Travel & Hospitality markets. Our video marketing services are affordable, engaging, and help improve website conversion rates.

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That said, we do put a lot of care into what we do, because we believe in it. Real estate's crazy. It's also important. And it's exciting and worth watching.

But you already know all that.

If you don't, then you should. And when you do, you’ll do it differently because you’ll understand the power that video serves.

You’ll understand what happens when a home video whisks immediate emotional response from people, and how that can drive additional business results like improved sales.

And you’ll understand that the format of a private home tour is one of the best places for video.

Think Outside the Box – Laura McDonald

Make It Memorable – Brian Lewis

Brian Lewis is an agent with RE/MAX of Tampa Bay.

In this video, Brian talks about how making it memorable is important. If you watch this video, you’ll notice he uses a lot of expressions, facial recognition and variety, which makes it more interesting and fun to watch. Also, he has a lot of different shot types, which makes the video look more professional and helps viewers understand his message.

In the video, Brian quickly explains how real estate is limited, which is actually a great point. As a viewer, I really like this point since I’m interested in buying a house and I’m also looking for a place for my kids. So this point is extremely important and Brian knows this point well. So he does a great job making an impact on the viewers.

Another great thing Brian does is to use examples of other agents in the neighborhood and some outcomes of their work. He also gives some reasons for selling, which helps convince viewers. He also show his website along with the appointment number. There are also many details that Brian included in this video like different types of neighborhoods, type of homes you can buy, etc.

Highlight Special Connections – Wall Street Journal

Features Special Connections Real Estate Agents in the Orange County Area Offer Showcasing and Marketing Specials for Expanded Marketing.

While many marketing efforts are focused on the agent’s product to support their ability to succeed in the marketplace, I may choose to show the outside world, via a TV Show or Direct Mail, that Insiders know how blue chip customers will respond to certain marketing opportunities. These opportunities are typically the most successful marketing tools used in this economy. The information was obtained from a variety of sources including studies supplied by an independent marketing research firm. By using these studies we are able to target the right buyers and non replacement buyers.

We expect the special connections TV Show to be on the air next year. It will provide a broader base of advertisers, and provide options to market the insides of our product to clients. In the process, we will have the opportunity to show the special connections we provide in the real estate market.

Showcase Buyers & Sellers in Your Testimonial – Post & Company

These are some of the best examples of real estate videos on Youtube to improve your sales & lead generation. These are great examples and what resonates the most is finding people in testimonials who are both buyers and sellers. Having buyers and sellers in your video testimonials are the lifeblood of both listing and sale videos.

Sellers are more likely to be accepting of some marketing than buyers, but having both buyers and sellers in video testimonials softens the blow and provides a better balance.

Your video testimonials need to be relevant and credible. Being credible can be tied back to consistency.

Your video testimonials should embody your brand and should be consistent with your website.

Video testimonials from your sellers are typically more effective than buyers.

These videos are also great examples of what you can do for optimal search engine optimization (SEO). You can use Google Search Console to identify your organic visibility, or simply Google Drive it to see what you’re up against.

Redfin Expert Advice Showcases Experts

Redfin is a top real estate website for buying and selling homes. Their best example of a house video is an expert advice video on finding your perfect home.

Explore Everyday Life in Your Neighborhood Tour – New York Times

Learn all about New York City from a local – from the top of Central Park to the wild west Loeca Falls.

New York has always been a city of dreams.

Everywhere you turn, you’ll see stories of how miraculously that dream came true, often helped by the persistence of an entrepreneur , a trait it has in spades. Whether it’s closing down in 2008 and bouncing back to become the top office location in the country, or a ninja warrior-inspired co-op at the World Trade Center, New York’s always staying on its toes, trying to find new ways to stay on top of the world.

Today, if you’re looking to make a seamless transition into your new home or move once you’re settled in, you’re in luck. The New York Times released an amazing video tour all about what life is like in NYC, from the top of Central Park to the wilds of Long Island.

Use Drones to Highlight Depth & Space – Pienovi Properties

Drone photography is a hot trend in travel, property & real estate photography. Here’s one great example of using a drone to capture interesting, unconventional views of a property.

The drone gives a unique perspective on what the home owner wants most, the backyard, without too much interference from the property’s surroundings. Real estate professionals may not think that a drone is useful for property shoots, but recently, I’ve seen loads of real estate agencies using drones to capture property photos. After all, the Realtors job is to show potential home buyers and investors the home inside and out. But if you’re using a drone for a property photo shoot, how can the Realtors convey the depth and space in these shots?

While aerial photography isn’t a new concept, it is tricky business. The vast majority of drone photography converts are good enough to capture the absolute best aerial photos of a property. But for most real estate photographers, producing a good drone shot requires the right mix of skills and patience. In many cases, a real estate property shoot is no longer a one-man job; it requires a team effort of a photographer who surfaces the property, photographer who shoots the photos of the inside or outside, and a drone pilot who controls the camera.

Showcase Your Entire Farm Area – Teri Barton

Give Them Ways to Connect – Paige Martin

A good real estate video will provide value to its viewers whether they're an expert in the field or someone coming in for the first time. That's the reason why the video should contain different types of content – video marketing examples, real estate facts and figures, and stories that will captivate the audience.

Let's look at some examples from some great real estate videos on YouTube so that you have an idea of what to look for and how you can implement it in your own real estate video marketing efforts.

Focus on People – Jillian Allen Kotler

Jillian Kotler of Kotler Realty Group has no problem taking on the world. She’s a top entrepreneur, blogger, speaker and real estate expert. But for her Top 25 Real Estate Video Marketing examples, she wanted to keep things more personal. In these videos, she’s shared personal lessons and experiences – what she considers – the top 25 wins and losses from her real estate career.

Jillian says, ″Conversations with your current and future clients are key to future business. In order to do that. .. you have to be a good listener.. .. I have learned that observation is my strong suit. I am always attracted to things that I can apply to how I run my business.”

Jillian has decided to share her knowledge and experience by filming herself and a series of episodes that were edited into videos. She has learned a great deal from each of them. Because she has filmed them with such energy, her viewers will want to watch them over and over. With the right format and presentation, her videos can quickly serve as a complement to a marketing strategy, professional development training, or even life coaching.

Want to learn more about how you can use video to make your brand more successful?

Show Your Prowess – Ben Bacal Estates

Amy, who worked for the architectural company Christine Ben Bacal Estates, Inc and got ready to start her own business, decided to sell a local property Ben Bacal Estates has owned for many years. In the new world of social media that will serve as the basis of Amy’s client’s search for new homes, the time period spent on the website is just an initial stage. The main reason for Amy’s interest in Digital Marketing is the social media coverage and the way it suppresses the cost of advertising. Amy is also looking to make a profit through the technique of investing in real estate through the agency Christine Ben Bacal Estates, Inc. to increase the company’s credibility.

Metrics are indicators that allow you to measure your success. This is exactly what Ben Bacal Estates has decided to do, by taking action before and after the marketing campaign showed that the company may be successful in the new world of digital marketing.

Digital Marketing is an excellent solution for Ben Bacal Estates to take advantage of to prove how effective they are. Taking into account the company’s philosophy and the need of having successful campaigns in the future by learning from the past.

Use Virtual Staging in Your Listing Videos – Corcoran

The Corcoran Group’s virtual staging program helps their agents show off their listings by creating virtual rooms in HD video. Anyone can easily use the same technology the top agents at Corcoran use to draw in buyers with virtual rooms that look just like the real thing.

This is a great example of how virtual staging can help your listings stand out. Virtual staging also can help establish trust between potential buyers and sellers.

Be Personable – Jess Smith

The RE/MAX Advantage.

Jess Smith, The RE/MAX Advantage.

I once met a woman who had an interesting story to tell me about her Realtor, Jess Smith. The woman told me Jess had brought her to tears when he helped her sell her home. And then she told me how he went above and beyond to help her purchase her next home.

A year passed and I received a request from this woman for an interview. It turns out that she’s a VIP with the RE/MAX company and wanted to share her story with their prospects. She told me Jess’s special way with clients was his ability to be personable. She told me Jess didn’t just talk to her about her home and property, he really listened to her and encouraged her. She told me his sincere caring touched her heart and that listening to him made her feel real.

Real estate is an unchanged business. With 24/7 connectivity and the modern day convenience of online tools, the business has grown and evolved into a multi-faceted industry with enhanced online tools. Regardless of your business model, whether you’re a full service Realtor or an independent broker; you need to know how to effectively use these tools for your business.

Leverage the Unexpected – The Boutique Real Estate Group

Real estate videos don’t have to be boring and overly wordy! Real Estate videos can be more entertaining and fun!

Mike and Natasha from RKO Group Realty in Tulsa, Oklahoma, put together a video for their listing in which they sing, “Sweet Home Alabama,” wear sunglasses throughout, and have robotic panda hats.

This video gained them a lot of attention!

They also include a video of the home:

Have a Client Narrate Your Video – Russell Real Estate Group

When the Boston office of Russell Real Estate Group developed a plan to promote their new website to their list of nearly 10,000 customer leads, they knew they needed something different than the ordinary home tour.

Thus, the decision was made to have Russell’s top three brokers, whose portfolio of clients represents 90% of the company’s business, narrate a short video of the homes they sell. This background information sets each of the brokers apart and allows the viewer to connect the lifestyle depicted in each video to the actual home under construction or being sold.

What’s really interesting is that the narrations are not done live – they are recordings of the brokers that were made prior to the videos. That way, the clients aren’t shown watching their broker talk. The brokers are also not showing their faces until they’re at the actual site of the property, which makes for a more interesting and informative video. Here’s a look at the video made of the Boston Russell Real Estate Group office:

Include Price & Details in Your Listing Video – The Agency

The real estate industry has fallen head over heels for video content marketing. Buyers and sellers have grown increasingly comfortable with video because they’ve learned that the video industry is about more than quick montages and ease of access. Their idea of video is more than just appealing to the eye; their expectations are in regard of content with rich and dynamic descriptions that are sure to engage. In reference to video marketing, video is no longer seen as a nice to have or an additional benefit. Video is seen as a great equalizer and a critical component of a successful marketing strategy. That’s why real estate agencies on the forefront of video marketing have made their videos stand out.

The Agency of Record knew that including the price and details in their listing videos would be the key to driving the most amount of leads. The video allowed the broker to provide more information in the video before the viewer saw the listing. The overview covered the broker’s details, the location, and most importantly, how to contact them. This helped make viewers more confident bidding on the property.

In the end, the listing listed for more than it was listed for. This is the real media marketing magic at work in the real estate industry.

Use Humor to Sell – Reilly LePage

As a real estate sales rep, Reilly LePage was always carrying a camera around, shooting candid shots of realty in action. As the commission packages and job responsibilities changed, he packed along his camera, snapping pictures of his office space (and the various production assistants who were always entering the room), his plumbers and painters, his contractor’s and-so-on.

As Reilly’s best friend and business partner, Greg Bourff, put it, –Reilly was right out of the framing studio’s school of shot composition and composition through framing. His photos are art. He needed to be in front of the camera.”

You can’t argue with a plan like that. And Reilly has used those same background shots in hundreds of his own home listings and marketing videos.

Even if you’re just using your camera as a promotional tool, it’s still a great idea to shoot from unusual angles or in unusual locations. When people can see you or the space you’re promoting through your eyes, you’re a lot more likely to connect with them.

People can identify with your experience, your style, and how you’ve worked out a solution in your own unique way.

Have a Sold Video – Hilton & Hyland

Show a Complete Person – Angie Cole

I’ve learned a few practical ways to use video marketing. One technique is to use video for entertainment instead of promotion. You can use video as a way to bond with your audience. Use it to show a complete person – and not just the company’s product.

Here, Angie Cole stars in a new real estate video for her business, Cole Real Estate – without any mention of real estate. Instead, she serves up some comedy skits that demonstrate her traits as a real person.

Use Music to Give Your Listing Personality – Sotheby’s International Realty

Think of your YouTube video as the foundation of your property’s online presence. Once your video is live, you’ll want to build upon it to give your listing personality. Use music to give your property personality. When you’re choosing the music, think about the audience you’re aiming to attract to your property. For example, if you’re trying to attract a younger audience – let them hear music like rock or pop. On the other end of the spectrum, if you’re looking for an older audience to buy your property – consider using calming classical music.

The most successful videos are about 90 seconds to two minutes in length. If you’re not sure what to include in the video or how long to make it, start with 90 seconds. If users seem to have a problem with the length when reviewing your listing, you may go as long as one minute. If it’s an interesting property, visitors will invest more time watching the full video. And the longer your video is, the more you’ll be able to show potential homebuyers.

Infuse Emotion Into Your Listings – The Kevin Blain Real Estate Team

The Kevin Blain Real Estate Team takes video marketing in real estate to a whole new level. They have an impressive list of awards, including being named "Best Overall Real Estate Team" and "Most Efficient Team" at the most recent Great American Real Estate Agents awards. In this exclusive post, we’re publishing two of their videos, one of which is a video marketing keynote that the team has presented in a conference setting. Both videos demonstrate how the team takes a marketing approach that goes beyond the traditional methods of real estate agents to provide their clients with the information they need to successfully sell their homes.

The Kevin Blain Real Estate Team has been practicing video marketing since 2008 and was the first real estate team to win the Realtor of the Year Award for a best story video. They had a team with expertise in several different areas before creating the Kevin Blain Real Estate Team, including Sherry Mack, who is a 2010 and 2011 Realtor of the Year finalist, and Mike Jordan, who is a 2011 Realtor of the Year finalist. Most recently, they’ve been recognized by the National Multi Housing Council (NMHC) for their new way of marketing and for the positive results it has made on their client’s objectives.

Show the Expanse on Land Listings – GlobalVideoHQ

A rich background of successful land listings from GlobalVideoHQ, one of the industry’s top real estate video production firms.

This one minute introduction to GlobalVideoHQ video production service as it pertains to real estate video marketing and land listings.

Launch this video on your own landing page or embed it on your real estate website.

The home market and international real estate markets have different real estate video rules, so since they rely on different formats, GlobalVideoHQ employs both video formats.

Highlight Lifestyle in Neighborhood Tours – Lyon Real Estate

Take people around your neighborhood. Create an interactive video tour like in Lyon, France. Use body language. Automate your cameras and you can do this in the middle of your real estate site. Changing the curtains behind your camera gives it more movement. If you have homes that have great views, set up the camera down the block from the house you want to show.

Look for open space grass where you can have people walk. Get a good wide shot. Grow vines so they climb up the trunks. Getting the camera up high gives you a wide shot, and you don’t have to stand or crouch over to be in the frame.

Around the back of every house, make a trial run. Keep repeating that until you have a good 10-15 minutes. Keep a skit on the first section. You could do a skit with a couple who are looking to move into your neighborhood.

Set up your camera by the side door then walk around. You’ll see the family’s bedroom, living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, and then the backyard. People want to see the details. They want to see the flow of your home.

Make these videos unique to your neighborhood. Use their own street names and it will work. Use your best trees and touches. You’ll have more people looking at the neighborhood.

Convey Confidence in Your Introduction Video – Becky Frey

Becky Frey is Chief Product Officer at a national real estate brokerage and a well-known real estate executive. In this example, she uses a Vimeo account to show her expertise in a PowerPoint-style video that’s perfect for introducing her online marketing services.

This video is a great example of creating a video to quickly convey that you’re an authority in a specific field. The video opens with Becky watching a video and notes that she wishes she could do a video like this. It then segues into a video of her giving a sales pitch on why she should win the contract as a real estate applicant. Her pitch speaks directly to her target audience?real estate agents – using examples drawn from her actual experience.

The video ends with video of another real estate professional stating that they want Becky as a client. With a clear photo, photo, sound, and text, this video is an inspiring and confidence-building introduction to Becky’s services.

Create a Classic Home Tour – Leonard Steinberg

Leonard is a co-founder of OnLocation, an online photography and videography service for real estate agents. When his company’s North San Diego real estate video marketing contest was over in 2008, he wanted to share the best video marketing examples from the winners.

He invited 13 real estate agents to participate in the filming of their videos. He asked each of them to take a picture of their home, write a headline and make a short video of their home tour. He then asked them to include the following essential information in their video:

  • Home address
  • Home’s Zip code
  • Number of bedrooms
  • Number of bathrooms
  • Square footage

Along with the basic property information, Leonard wanted each agent to portray their home through the eyes of a first-time buyer.

Using the same professionally filmed and edited home tour, Leonard created a unique interactive website in which prospective home buyers can virtually tour the agent’s homes as if they were at the open houses themselves.

The Bottom Line

Video is exploding in real estate marketing. You are bombarded with real estate video ads clogging your Facebook Newsfeed. From the corner coffee shop with their new gluten-free menu, to the local newspaper promising new construction, video is required – yet it’s an art, not an easy addition.

Many realtors are not using video in their marketing, and for good reason. It is expensive to produce, and you need to invest the time to learn, time to watch the videos, and time to figure out how it might work best for your business. But as franchises are increasing in popularity, is there a way to plan for a small investment, but still reap an enormous return that will take other realtors by surprise? The short answer is yes, there is!

Currently, I’ve spent the last year putting together a secret weapon that is now available to you. The real estate video marketing book – Secrets to Real Estate Video Marketing Success!” is a bootcamp in real estate video marketing.