Real Estate Text Message Marketing: Cost, Features & Providers

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How Real Estate Text Message Marketing Works

Text Marketing is a new method to drive maximized residential leads. It grew out of the popularity of TV yard signs and now has evolved beyond that to include SMS marketing. The most commonly used text marketing vendors do not sell their own platform. Instead they sell access to the platform that is created from the user’s website. This system has driven pricing down and allowed the most low cost plans to become available.

The marketing has two parts: the initial message through the text campaign, and the follow up message after the lead has been generated. The longer that leads are followed up with, the more that lead becomes a customer.

Users can set up different polling questions and send out a text message from their website. Currently the most popular and lowest cost text providers alert the user when their site is visited.

Real Estate Text Message Marketing is a great way for Realtors to build successful new lead generation efforts. For some Realtors the text message strategy is an easy way to generate quality leads, but not the only way to succeed.

Who Real Estate Text Message Marketing Is Right For

Real Estate Text Message Marketing Costs

The price of sending a text message marketing campaign can vary depending on what type of offer is being promoted, how many recipients are being targeted, the type of service being offered and more. The cost can also increase depending on the type of cell phone used to send the message and the amount of minutes used to send the text message. Some providers offer more affordable rates than others but all will have a fixed cost when comparing to more conventional advertising methods.

Real Estate Text Message Marketing Features

The biggest reason people do not use cost-effective SMS-based lead generation marketing like real estate text message marketing is a fear of the unknown. However, the process for integrating SMS into your real estate marketing campaign is quite simple and straightforward.

To announce that you are offering text-based lead generation services for your real estate listings, you must complete a few administrative steps. You need to decide which texting provider to use, which cell phone numbers you want to get included in your messages, and where you want to send your messages.

When you have decided which features you want, it’s time to get started. Below is a look at the different features offered by the top-rated real estate text message marketing providers.

SMS & MMS Enabled Texting

Free or Paid?

If you’re thinking of taking your Text Message Marketing to the next level, texting is one of the best ways to get your message out to your audience. SMS and MMS are two types of carriers for real estate text messaging programs. SMS is a free option for both sending and receiving real estate information from your text clients to you, while MMS is a paid option. Not only are you able to insert property listings into your texts, you’ll have the added benefit of including images. One of the most recent technologies that has risen is the ability to send geo-localized text messages to members of your team. Real estate technology has come a long way to create a unique way for you to market your services to the entire world.

Text Inbox

Inbox Marketing is absolutely the most convenient and efficient way to reach your customers. It means that you can communicate with them anywhere, anytime, and at the same time without additional expenses. Today everything in one place. The costs associated with text marketing are quite simple – those for your customers are doubled. The main advantage of this kind of marketing is the large number of digital channels you can work on.

Nowadays, to let people know about new products, to inform about discounts, sales, new vacancies and so on, the fastest and the most convenient way is to use text message marketing. Text Inbox Marketing.

For this type of marketing it is required to allocate a specific number of the same initials – this in order to block unwanted or duplicate messages on your number.

It has simple analytics application that has a possibility to analyze your online activity and translate it into results immediately.

Short Codes

There is a lot of confusion about text message marketing for real estate professionals. They are often told not to use them because they don't look like phone numbers, and they're expensive.

Here is the low down on all things text-based in the world of real estate marketing.

Keywords or Text Words

Should I Use in a Real Estate MLS Text Message Campaign?

Every real estate professional knows that one of the best ways to reach buyers is to send out one-way text messages, but have you considered adding key words to your text marketing campaigns?

When should you use text keywords in your text message marketing campaign?

A text keyword is simply a helpful reminder for prospects. For example, you can use it to let last-minute buyers know about a home’s closing time or to alert potential buyers to close or open house listings.

But the best part about using text keywords is that they can be used independently without a keyword list. That’s right! You can use your last-second or brand keywords throughout your entire text message marketing campaign.

Let’s take a look at how you can get set up to use text keywords in your text message marketing campaign.

Mass & List Messaging

One of the biggest reasons that mass and list texting has become so popular is because it’s really easy to use and the cost is very low. It’s an excellent way to get your property listed without the expense of running a paid ad.

While mass and list messaging are very similar, they do have a few major differences. Mass and list messaging have different functionality and have different costs associated with them.

Mass messages are generically referred to as ‘broadcast messages’. They are unpersonalized messages that are intended for a large audience. Generally, mass messages are sent to a large group of recipients that does not allow you to customize who receives the messages.

List messaging allows you to customize the messages to be sent to a smaller, select group. Messages sent via list messaging are sent to a smaller group of people that may be interested in receiving your message.

Keep in mind that mass and list messaging are intended for different audiences. It is important that you have clearly defined goals for each of these message types.

Mass marketing is especially popular among the top real estate agents, who make their money primarily from referrals. With list marketing, you may have more success if you’re not as aggressive with your listings. Instead, be sure to focus on building a following with your target audience.

Drip & Reminder Campaigns

Drip Marketing is for people who don’t have the time to set up individual drip campaigns for every listing.

What Drip Marketing Does?

With Drip Marketing, we send your buyer a daily or weekly email (or text message) letting them know about the house. The email is basic and gives the basic details about the house, or it could drop you a text message.

When Your Buyer Is Ready to Buy

If your buyer is ready to buy, they’ll click on your daily email. The email will either direct them to Amazon to get a new offer sent to their phone, or it will also direct them to your website for the same purpose. Your buyer can also choose to receive your reminders through a text message (you’ll then send them a code for the text message).

Include in listing description:

Drip Marketing is a great way to get your buyers’ attention and remind them that they’re ready to buy. It sends an email out to them a day or two before a listing’s listed for sale.

This is a passive marketing method. This means it’s a low cost marketing method which is great for a budget conscious buyer.

Engagement Campaigns

Engagement campaigns are often created in tandem with contact campaigns. A mobile marketing service provider can help you execute and manage engagement campaigns.

By using an engagement campaign, you’ll be able to spark more interaction and interest between you and a specific segment of your market. These campaigns rely on inbound messages sent via mobile or SMS, email or other promotional messages.

For example, let’s say you’re a REALTOR looking to attract the attention of prospects in your area. You could send your clients a promotional text message about an upcoming sale, or maybe an offer for exclusive new listings. You may even want to encourage your clients to engage by answering a quick poll or providing helpful information about the areas of your region that they may be interested in.

Real Estate Text Message Marketing Providers

If you’re looking to sell your house fast without throwing money in advertising, real estate text message marketing might be for you. A real estate text message marketing provider will send your potential clients or visitors to your house a text message digest showing photos and information of the property along with a link to a website with more information and details. These messages are free and can be sent to your phone through a text message service.

You’ll have to use an autoresponder reply system for text messages, which is in essence a program that keeps your business up and running even in small bursts. Let’s take a look at the quick and easy steps to create a very time-saving autoresponder reply system.

First, once you have a type set of text messages, you’ll need to shoot off a quick test to your phone to find out which days and times to send your messages.

Next, build a simple website design for your real estate text message marketing website using a regular HTML file. Upload the texts in your autoresponder. You can make your own design for your website or you can use an online template maker.

Real Geeks

If you’ve been following My Real Geeks website, you’re aware of the Real Geeks monthly podcast. Presented by real and self professed geeks, each episode focuses on some aspect of technology in real estate. While episode topics might include SEO, content marketing, messaging, referral programs, lead generation and data, each component is covered from a basis of –how can we use technology to improve the way we market real estate”.

This is where Real Geeks (RG) derived Real Geeks Marketing (RGM).

RGM is a Real Geeks SMS marketing system that allows agents to market their real estate listings in their local area. RGM is like a custom SMS or messaging service marketplace.

RG connects agents with motivated buyers and sellers in their local areas and enables them to get highly targeted opt-in leads.

RG is not unlike other sms texting services like Acento, Text4Realty and others in that it’s a highly targeted marketing medium. The difference between all these services is their method of targeting.

Texty by Easy Agent Pro

Easy Agent Pro is the ultimate business automation software for real estate agents. With this app, you can send out unlimited SMS and MMS messages for free, compare listings, track your career, market faster, and upsell more than ever before.

No Advertising, No Obvious "in Your Face" banners, No Spam, No registration required, No Credit Card required, just powerful technology that can turn an average agent into a legendary one.

That's what make it the best real estate text marketing solution in the market today, because it help agents to list their properties faster and even get more Realtor client!


LionDesk’s aim is to transform the property industry into a mobile business, giving agents more insight into their listings. Since its launch in 2012, LionDesk has successfully turned the properties market on its head, especially in the vendor-agent relationship.

LionDesk’s messaging technology is a free service which allows agents and vendors to communicate real time (messages sent within seconds of a property going live) and seamlessly leverage all of the power of the cloud.

The software is also available on an on-premises mediaservers, for a set monthly fee, an excellent solution for owners.


Com – TextMarketing Services

EZ Texting


Ez Texting offers a number of free text message marketing tools for real estate agents. In addition to offering a free plan to rent text messages, Ez Texting offers a range of paid plans to expand your text message marketing.

Ez Texting also provides a texting service for over 30+ industries, including signs, automotive, insurance, and more.

In order to rent text messages, you’ll need to sign up for a text message marketing provider account. When you sign up, enter in your phone number. Ez Texting will send you a text message asking you to verify your phone number. After confirming your phone number, Ez Texting will send you a text with a PIN.

Each plan has different pricing, features, and providers.

Here’s a look at the different plans and pricing offered by Ez Texting, Inc.

Ez Texting offers three different paid plans: Basic, Plus, and Platinum. Each plan has individual features to meet your text message marketing needs. All three plans feature unlimited free messages per month.

Here is a breakdown of Ez Texting’s paid plans. A Platinum Plan is sold on a month-to-month basis.

The plan tiers are determined by the number of messages sent in a month. Ez Texting will automatically renew the plan.


SlickText is a real estate text message marketing service that allows realtors, brokers, agents, and real estate agents to use text messages for lead generation. This service provides the following features.

  • Automatic and manual credentialing
  • Easy-to-use flexible messaging
  • All-inclusive membership that includes free text message marketing basics …
  • Marketing management software
  • Plus 1000s of real estate leads on hand to go.
  • The monthly marketing costs are very inexpensive.
  • It’s available as a long-term subscription, and the cost can be divided up over a period of time.
  • You can switch from sending text messages to any other method (like email or even social media marketing), at any time.
  • There is no limit to the number of people who can subscribed to your offers. This means there is no need to worry about subscriber caps or quotas.
  • So if you would like to send text messages to hundreds of hundreds of people, you can easily do it.
  • This also works great for rentals, too!


Staying one step ahead of your competition can give you the advantage you need to get the most out of every investment you make. This includes getting a higher return on your property, conducting efficient marketing campaigns, and collecting more leads and sales.

But how can you grow your real estate business using text messaging? It’s easy … all it takes is a few simple steps and a good text message marketing provider. You can start by contacting a Text Message Marketing Provider and requesting a demo, giving you the ability to learn more about the process.

Once you’ve decided on a provider, you can start by testing out how much your text message marketing campaigns are costing you. You just need to pick your provider and set your daily rate … and you’re all set! You’ll be surprised at how affordable these text message marketing campaigns are.

And since your text message marketing is going to be delivered through your existing CRM, you’re also going to be able to use the same analytics that you love. Don’t let data fail you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Text Message Marketing?

Text message Marketing ( SMS /MMS marketing) is an effective long-term consumer marketing method based on the premise that most consumers prefer to receive SMS /MMS messages rather than emails. About 21.6 million US consumers receive Text Marketing messages and more than four out of five text messages are opened within one hour. Almost 100 billion business and personal phone numbers are on user databases and they can be purchased at very low prices. Text message marketing typically makes use of the short message service (SMS)

Who is a text marketer?

Text message marketers are the people who receive cellphone text messages directly from their clients instead of, say, email. The Text marketer uses the cellphone number that is part of their client’s profile to send inbound texts to prospects. The messages are sent through a wireless carrier’s network and are free to maintain for the Text marketer or subscription-based (for some models like Twilio), while the Text numbers charge for the reproduced texts (this adds to the cost of the Text message).

How does one market through text messaging?

What Is the Difference Between SMS and MMS Texting?

Messaging can be confusing, and you have to understand how the different mobile devices use text, picture messages, and videos differently. These three types of messages— SMS, MMS, and, in some cases, iMessages … work differently for the carriers, so you need to know the differences if you’re planning to marketing your business via mobile messaging.

The first, SMS, stands for Short Message Service. SMS service was invented in the late nineties, and since then, it’s become the most popular and widely available mobile texting service. SMS doesn’t provide mobile marketing providers with any type of visual image, but it does provide for mobile promotions and text marketing … which is why it’s also sometimes called text messaging.

One of the weaknesses of SMS text messaging is the bulkiness of words. Also, the text messaging space is finite. The carriers can send out only a few hundred characters of text. If you’ve ever tried to send a very long SMS text message, you know this can be a problem.

This limitation also applies to picture messages, which are typically sent as text messages. Picture messaging, better known as MMS, carries a few more benefits compared to SMS text messages, but it does have its limitations too.

How Are Charges Calculated for Real Estate Texts?

When you sign up for Real Estate Texting, you’ll have access to two ways to access your information: Direct Mode and Feed Mode. …

The two modes provide similar information, but each has its own set of restrictions. Cellular providers (sometimes called Carriers) may charge differently depending on which mode they’re using.

If you’re looking for a way to have real estate information delivered to your mobile device immediately to inform about any and all properties that match your search criteria upfront, you’ll need to have Real Estate Texts… Direct Mode.

In order to use this mode, you’ll need an account with RealtyText, a Carrier provider, and a device that supports wireless reception. Depending on your plan, you’ll have access to Direct Mode for free or you can chose a plan with more text monitoring options. You can also buy credits to use between your text charges and see how you like Real Estate Texting.

If you’re looking for a way to have real estate information delivered to your mobile device daily but still need more control over the information sent to you, you can use Real Estate Texts… Feed Mode.

The Bottom Line

Reaching your target audience has never been more efficient. With Text Messaging, you can more effectively send out your real estate marketing messages, and you are save money on massive expensive phone bills.

Text Messaging (SMS) is the fastest growing way to contact cell phone customers. Plus, a text can be delivered much quicker than a phone call! How quick? It can take as little as five seconds for a Text message to be delivered to a customer’s phone.

With SMS, you can save time, money and create better relationships with your clients. Text Marketing holds nearly 78% of the mobile phone market of the United States and is leading the way to greater and greater real estate marketing efficiency. It’s much less expensive than a phone call and more specific than e-mails and flyers. Most people have a cell phone with SMS Capabilities, so there’s no need to download a new app or have special phone technology.

One of the many features that Text Messaging offers is the ability to send out advertising messages to select groups in your geographical area. This enables you to send promotional ads for special properties in different counties and zip codes.