Top 25 Real Estate Postcard Templates & Examples from the Pros

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Just Listed Postcards – Focus on the Listing

Just listed postcards are a great way to promote your property and to focus on the listing details before prospective buyers become overwhelmed with all the information on MLS.

Just Listed Postcards have a great impact on a person’s decision to make a call or to just walk away from your property.

Arers get a real estate marketing mailing sent to their home or office announcing your property’s recent listing, which gives them time to make a decision (if they are interested in coming to look). These mailing are typically sent to property owners a few days after the listing goes on the market, which is key for getting your property’s listing onto multiple real estate web site.

In addition to announcing your property’s listing, just listed postcards also feature interesting information about your property. From the reverse side of these postcards you’ll be able to tell a story about your property’s history that’s sure to capture a prospective buyers attention. Prospective buyers are busy people and most often will not have the time to sit down and read long detailed descriptions about a home’s history and features.

Just Sold Postcards – Give It a Personal Feel

A postcard is used for marketing and to spread the word about real estate in many countries, in particular the US. But you also need your card to be effective by touching the consumer emotionally. Real estate postcards are meant to be effective the first time you see them, which means what you write on the card matters before it even hits a mailbox!

A postcard should be short but sweet – this is the industry standard template of a postcard, and you should stick to it. If you think you are the next WordPress or Evernote, go for it, but don’t add a logo to your postcard, there is no need for a postcard to look like your website, or a brochure with your logo on it.

You want to show off the place and space you are selling features of. Use a postcard template that grabs your attention and presents the location in the best light – your real estate for sale or rental.

It doesn’t have to be a picture. You may have an excellent real estate promotion that will help you sell houses or rent apartments faster and save people the time it takes to look through multiple listings. Your postcard can sometimes be more compelling than a photo, because of the emotions it evokes.

Expired Listing Postcards – Capture Attention

Postcard Templates are the most effective marketing tool that you have at your disposal when it comes to promoting your Real Estate listings.

A well crafted and designed postcard can not only get your leads into your sales pipeline, it can also drive a lot of attention to the listing and cause it to stand out from the competition.

The Internet has made it really easy to create attention grabbing postcard templates and have them delivered to their destination instantly as well.

This makes it easy for you to manage, provide updates and modify your postcards on the fly, quickly and efficiently.

What Types of Real Estate Postcards do I Need?

There is a wide variety of postcards available to you at your fingertips! Your real estate agent, listing agent or broker may provide you with template postcards to promote your listings.

But you can also create them yourself to use in your method of choice.

Here are 6 common methods that you can utilize to promote your listings:

Traditional Postcard

Since most real estate agents or brokers will give you pre-made postcards for your listings, take advantage of these templates as often as you can. This will make it easy to ensure that all the relevant postcards are up to date and the design itself gives the information that you require. The pre-made postcards are perfect for any of the marketing methods that we mentioned earlier.

Open House Postcards – Make It Clear

Make It Compelling –.

As a real estate agent, you’re going to make a lot of open house postcards. In fact, you’re going to make hundreds, if not thousands, of post cards. You’d be a fool not to use the time you spend in your car to your advantage, using the open house postcards to make sure you’ve got a clear and compelling message for your buyer.

What are the benefits of using open house postcards?

You can use the open house postcards to get your real estate cards out to buyers you’ve already worked with.

You can use them to remind past clients that you’re still a top producer and they can always rely on you for expert real estate services.

You can use them to educate buyers on the pros and cons of your neighborhood – while your open house is occurring.

You can use them to highlight special open house events that you’re hosting like open house wine tastings and tours of your home’s unique feature.

You can use them to inform buyers about the real estate market in your area.

Agent Introduction Postcards – Be Yourself

If you’ve been a real estate agent long enough, you’ve probably given a pack of postcards out to all your Buyer clients. And you’ve probably done it with a carefully written primer to introduce yourself to your Buyer clients.

What isn’t taught in school for agents though, are the ins and outs of picking the right postcard, and most importantly, the right subject for the postcard.

Postcards should be written from your heart and send the personality that you put into your Sales presentation when you meet with your Buyer clients. Choosing the right subject and writing the best subject line are essential for effective postcard direct mail.

On this post, you’ll find 25 Postcard Templates, with subject lines and messages to write your very own postcards from the heart to Buyer clients. Take the time and incorporate these suggestions to add a personal response right from the first impression. The buy in you'll have will get them opening that catalog to actually look at your listings. Postcards with personal response messages have a greater acceptance rate than brochures.

Social Media Postcards – Connecting with the Buyers Civic pride. So many agents ask for an Internet connection to post listings and photos on social media sites, but they forget the most important aspect: the first impression.

Cash Buying Real Estate Postcards – Be Direct

The best way to make a direct approach about buying a house and to make sure that you are the only one who is getting the house is to go directly to the homeowner with an offer.

Don’t just drop off a postcard in the mailbox of a listed house. Your postcard can be visible for everyone to see, but it can actually be seen earlier by the seller than your offer is. If the seller receives your offer before seeing your postcard, they can stop by a local pizza restaurant and receive a meal from a happy seller. All of this was possible, and a bit cruel, with a real estate postcard.

Some people might say that the postcard is a waste, but if you really want to buy with cash, you are not going to use a credit card to pay the seller. You just have to buy with the seller sooner rather than later.

Out of all the postcards, you can send out, the best real estate postcard is one that has your real name on it. The fact that you are an agent might hurt your chances at selling a house, but at least the seller will know that you are serious about buying.

Fence Sitter Postcards – Nudge Them

Bank-Owned Postcards – Emphasize Value

If you’re selling your home, or have just listed your home for sale for sale, you’ll no doubt be aware of important trends in real estate – trends that you have to take advantage of if you want to sell your home quickly for top market price. One such trend that’s impacting real estate sales and enhancing home value is the postcard. Postcards are attractive and concisely market your home and demonstrate to potential buyers the sales price.

Postcards are economical, inexpensive and make a good impression on potential buyers. Postcards are also being used by house people as a family portrait. Types of Postcards – This postcard type lets you customize them to fit your style and suit your specifics.

Free-Offer Postcards – Entice Your Audience

Real estate agents, brokers or property managers can send these postcards to present their property – free of charge! These postcards are easily customized – the images shown in the postcard above are only samples, but you can add your own images to really make them your own.

There are plenty of real estate postcards that you can use to entice your audience into giving you a call. You can use postcard templates like these to postcards to promote:

  • A nearby residential property
  • An upcoming open house
  • Pocket listings
  • A company’s move to a new office
  • Incentives for current clients
  • Offers of incentives for new clients
  • A property for sale or a rent-to-own option

These cards are a great way to make more sales and to grow your business. To see more real estate postcards, click here.

Renter Postcards – Open Their Eyes

To a New Opportunity.

Postcards are a great way to keep your name in the forefront of your real estate marketing plan. They can help expose your listings to potential tenants who may have not otherwise been exposed to your property. There's no question that the old saying, "A picture is worth a thousand words" is true. Especially when it comes to marketing your property to a potential renter who is viewing targeted listings. Whether you're looking to rent out your vacant properties, or you're searching for new listings and hoping to attract interested tenants, postcards can help.

If you've ever browsed through a local real estate inventory source and looked at the listings of some of the properties listed by agents, you know how quickly these postcards can capture a person's attention and keep that person reading. Postcards are more than a marketing tool, they’re a powerful tool intended to do one thing – communicate the selling points and features of a place. The facts and details listed on the postcard are the most critical part, because it is after all the facts and details of your property that you want to be known.

Every single postcard represents a chance for someone unfamiliar with your property to "fall in love" with your property and possibly decide that it's the right property for them.

FSBO Postcards – Understand Their Pain

Home Anniversary Postcards – Be Thoughtful

One of the best ways to commemorate your first anniversary in your home is to send your spouse a special postcard.

Use your anniversary as a reason to send a postcard, whether it’s via email, snail mail, or online. You can use the occasion to send your spouse a message that they’ll appreciate.

On the flipside, if you’re thinking of breaking up, sending postcards on divorce day is a classy way to keep the relationship fresh in your spouse’s mind.

Today, there are dozens of options available for designing and purchasing your customized postcards. Match your house style with the fonts and colors of the cards to create a touch of sophistication.

Whether you send someone a postcard to celebrate something special or to make a point, it’s worth taking a moment to consider how you want to announce your new home.

You can even use the annual postcard as an opportunity to share a special information about the new home that your friends and family will find interesting or amusing.

Looking for some great catalog templates for postcards? I’ve got 25 fantastic samples of gorgeous postcards below, from a romantic and classy envelope to casual and fun theme cards, and many more.

Renter/First-Time Buyer Postcards – Highlight Benefits

If you’re new to the whole real estate game or you’re moving from one state to another with new property, postcards are a great way to showcase what you have in your portfolio without having to dig too deep into the boring details.

Postcards highlight what makes your properties unique – whether it’s a great location, an awesome commute, hiking trails or whatever else that you’re trying to highlight to prospective buyers.

You can take all of these benefits and turn them into a great processional postcard that you can give away to potential buyers or renters. Consumers are often overwhelmed with information these days. They’re more likely to respond when they receive information in the simplest way, which is why a postcard is one of the best ways to hit a key message home.

This is a great way to highlight what you have to offer as a real estate agent, whether you’re working with buyers or renters. It’s a great way to stand out with the local buyers and renting potential clients.

Local Market Postcards – Be the Expert

Real estate photo postcards can be an effective marketing tool, especially when they’re printed in your local market area. Local market real estate photo postcards offer a powerful way to truly connect with real estate buyers. After all, buyers are not just looking for sellers’ listings, they are also looking for people they can trust that know their market. So it’s important for you to help buyers by providing them with listings of the best homes in their local market.

But what if you don’t know the real estate hot spots in your neighborhood? Or what about homes for sale that are too valuable to showcase on your local market postcard?

While there are great postcard design companies out there that are very willing to create a local postcard for you, it helps to have expert local market knowledge. In that case, you can take a look at the templates and examples found in the top 25 best sellers for real estate postcards.

Holiday Postcard – Simply Share the Spirit

There’s no better time to send Happy Holidays Postcards than around this time of year. All the hustle and bustle of the holidays makes people feel the most hopeful and grateful. Now more than ever, people are looking for a bit of good cheer to send to their friends and family. This means that Happy Holidays Postcards are the perfect way to celebrate the holidays while supporting a worthy cause.

When you support charity campaigns by sending an email or writing a letter, you do so knowing that you are helping others. The holiday season is no exception. When you send a Happy Holidays Postcard, you are helping to get good press for a charity or provide a holiday gift to someone who is in need of the help.

Whether you are sending Happy Holidays Postcards, wishing a business colleague a Merry Christmas or letting friends and family know that you will be spending the holidays with family, you can send a Happy Holidays Postcard. With the holiday season upon us, consider how you can support charities by sending a Happy Holidays Postcard. All you need to do is choose a design or use one of the awesome templates below to put a little good cheer into the world.

Example Postcard

Send a Holiday Jet Package to the Person You'd Like to Treat to a Free Cruise Vacation!

New Agent Postcards – Welcome Conversations

Cute postcard is becoming part of the welcome kit of your real estate agent. This mailer can save your time by implementing this beautiful and unique way to drive customers to your business table.

It can increase the chances of converting your referral from your family and friends to a real customer.

For most events, you will need a postcard template to attract your new customers. And you will need them quickly, as sending an email or a text message will take way longer than it lasts.

Buy a postcard kit before sending your emails and texts. If you are a first-time seller, you will start sending postcards from the very beginning.

If you are going to send an email, wait until your postcards greets more than 300 people because email gives little or no guarantee of a recipient. If your postcards are stuck in a gatekeeper’s email inbox, and you can’t be sure of it, send an email.

So now you need to have a postcard template. But where do you start?

You can find simple printable postcards for your real estate here.

Let’s explore what your real estate postcards should have.

Recipe Real Estate Postcards – Give Something Good

It’s the holiday season, and the time of giving is upon us. Now is the perfect time to drop a card in their mail box and wish them a Happy Holidays, and then hint subtly that you’re thinking of selling.

With the holidays this close by, we highly recommend you include a recipe, real estate postcard, or general postcard that can be found in you local newspaper. But don’t be scared, we’ve included a few real estate postcards to get your started.

Once you’ve designed your card send, you can personalize it further by including your contact information and the specifics of your real estate hot-spot. Now is the time to drop a hint, you can hint that you’re thinking of selling or disclose exactly where you live and how much you’re asking for your home to market.

If your lucky real estate journey will take you anywhere but to the eastern half of the United States, these template below are designed for that. The only one you might want to modify is our billboard template as it isn’t that helpful in the south. But it’s a great template to help you get started.

Highlight Interest Rates – Market Possibility

Of Certain Pricing & More!

ATTRACT FRESH INQUIRES! Hightlight your property’s price flexibility through its ability to change in the future! If you are marketing your home property for sale, even as a buyer realtor to get more exposure, you can do that with the power of words and real estate marketing through postcards. Lots of real estate agents and brokers are involved in selling real estate simply because it’s a constant business in their lives. When you think about it, marketing really is the easiest way to sell real estate. In this post, we’ll be looking at some of the best real estate postcard templates and examples from the pros, so that you can see how this type of mailer works, and how it is used. By the end of this post, you’ll know how to use real estate postcards to promote your listings in email, print, online, or with other marketing printed material.

Short Sale Postcard – Give Them a Way Out

Sometimes you think you’ve done your best, but it’s just not good enough. When that happens, you may need to consider giving your clients a little push.

A Short Sale Postcard, also known as an Exit Slip or Eviction Slip, is a little note that you can include with the more urgent buy and sell paperwork that your clients receive. This one extra step can mean the difference between a short sale and your worse nightmare – an eviction notice.

Starting with the Short Sale Postcard

Ordinarily, your clients won’t have time to read a long and complicated piece of paperwork before they hand it to their realtor. But that’s exactly why you’ll want to include an Exit Slip with the short sale paperwork. This slip gives your clients a way to opt out of the short sale. Even if they’re not willing to discuss the short sale, they can at least back out of it by signing this form.

Recent Activity Postcards – Show Your Chops

Call to Action Postcards – Make It Easy

To Call You!

All postcards that you send should have a clear call to action. Your goal is to get as many people as possible to contact you, so in order to accomplish this, you’ll want to make it as simple for the receiver as possible.

Quantity of information in a postcard will allow recipients to get in touch with you easily and will help boost your open rates. Having the recipient’s email address or phone number on the postcard is a proven way to increase the number of emails you get and make it easier for recipients to contact you.

The standard text on most postcards is only a sentence or two long and doesn’t offer much room for keywords indicating what is actually selling you and the property. By including a web address or phone number located directly on the postcard, you’ll allow people to contact you in seconds.

The postcard can also include links to your good resouce and social media properties where the items are currently available. This will also help encourage more people to contact you.

The best way to ensure that the postcard is successful is to keep your call to action on it very simple and direct. You’ll also want to make sure the postcard ensures everything is spelled correctly, with the right address and format.

Customer Appreciation Postcards – Emphasize Gratitude & Assurance

Have you thought about sending real estate postcards to your buyer relatives and friends? You’re not alone – tens of thousands of real estate agents and agents are sending thank you postcards to their referrals every year.

But to keep things nice and personal, put your own picture on the front of your real estate postcard.

Your agent friends and referral sources will be so thrilled to receive real estate postcards with your picture on the front that they’ll promise to recommend you to their family and friends!

Here are some great ideas for real estate postcard templates and examples for you to utilize.

Fun Informational Postcards – Be a Resource

Real estate agents should always remember to stay current with local trends. Whether it’s in marketing, technology, training, or technology, you can create personalized postcards that can help you demonstrate your knowledge and expertise.

The industry is always drastically changing. As trends and fads make their way into the market and new innovative technologies are introduced, you can remain ahead of the curve and attract more clients.

Real estate agents are constantly meeting with their clients, doing research and looking to educate themselves on the industry. Sometimes it can be tough to create time for yourself, especially when you are already busy with regular business.

Keeping up with current trends can be tiresome. Spending time on personal interest pursuits gives you a break from the daily tasks and allows you to connect with others in the industry. The best tip for running a successful business is to have your own business.

Promising Results from Postcards

As a useful resource, you can create personalized postcards to share with your clients. Whether it’s hand-outs during your initial meetings with a client to gather information, or a postcard you send out when a prospects closes on his or her property, postcards are a great way to provide the client with additional information that will help them throughout the process.

Spring Reminder Postcards – Underline Urgency

While Spring is a time of year full of new opportunities and fresh beginnings, one thing is for sure, you want to capture the audience’s attention right away before they lose interest. As a residential real estate agent, there are so many ways to creatively sell your home. In today’s world, there are plenty of realty companies who charge a lot of money to deliver a customized, yet effective Real Estate Postcard that works.

But with the right template, postcard printers like D-more Design templates in one of the top residential real estate postcard printing companies who get the job done at a fraction of the cost. This post will give you the chance to learn more about what makes a great Real Estate Postcard and how you can use templates to take your Real Estate Postcard Realtor marketing to the next level.

Infographic Is the Most Popular Form of Real Estate Postcards

Because Postcards are the most popular form of residential real estate postcard printing, it’s no surprise that infographics are the postcards most are interested in purchasing. In fact, according to an infographic published in The New York Times, the infographics will dwindle down within the next decade.

But before you decide that infographics are too crowded or wordy to be effective, take a look at these statistics:

Social Media Marketing Postcards – Connect Across Platforms

Frostceltic is a social media marketing expert and has a knack for creating professionally designed postcards to promote a business. He liked the idea of using postcards as an effective advertising tool and decided to use the concept in his personal and business use. Using a postcard-style template, you can create a social postcards using a mix of tools like Facebook, Twitter, or other social networks. If you want to take full advantage of postcards to market your business, check out the Top 25 Real Estate Postcard Templates & Examples from the Pros to get inspiration, and to get your creative juices flowing.

Instant Templates, Instant Results.

Get started right away creating your first postcard in minutes. Start with a template, and watch in amazement how quickly you can get text and images inserted. Then you can tweak and republish; all without losing your design. Ready to make it your own? Copy, paste, and mass produce.

Postcards, Postcards, Everywhere.

From the first time you create a postcard design, you’re setting the tone for your brand’s social media marketing, so keep those lines crisp and clean, with crisp and clean text. Then print, preview, and distribute, and watch your followers come to your side.

Why Real Estate Postcards Work

Approximately 90% of prospective home buyers use the internet when researching for homes. Today, many buyers make a decision on which real estate agent to work with. If you are the real estate agent, you must ensure that all the essential information is displayed on every postcard that you send out. The combination of a Real Estate Postcard from the listing agent will serve as a visual contract with the buyer to ensure that the information displayed on the postcard is true to what the agent is offering. If the postcards are not harmonized with the standard home listing options, you are sending a different message. For example, if you choose to include a property map on the postcard but do not include the MLS number, your postcard does not follow the real estate standard. Without a mapped property, the buyer who has seen that postcard will have more questions.

Using a real estate postcard template is the best way to deliver information in a way that is clear, understandable and easy to look at. It can also separate your postcard from competitors’. Now, you can design custom real estate postcards that convey a clear message to your buyer.

Building Leads & Sphere of Influence

Many real estate agents have consulted from time to time on their online blogs and forums for sample real estate postcards. These are designed so you can customize them to your portfolio. A winning postcard will be simple and eye-catching. This will convince your readers about the amenities of your property, the neighborhood and the location. You can also customize them to suit your business needs. And of course, the postcard is a great tool for you to use to recruit deal producers into your network or to engage and grow a core of faithful clients.

When you are creating your content marketing, whether it is a card or an email, the key takeaway is to include the benefits of the business.

For example, if it is a postcard, the reader should be presented with a photo of the property or a 360-degree tour. An interesting property located in a convenient and walkable location has been proven to sell faster. Many real estate agents use these sample postcard templates to help them come up with their own “Business/Real Estate” postcard designs.

When you design your postcard, make sure it has a professional look to convey that it came from a licensed agent and can offer unbiased advice.


As a property manager, you might be surprised to learn that real estate postcards can lead to more leads, more listings and more sales, not to mention better consistency when it comes to our marketing. In fact, there are plenty of experts who believe that all successful real estate marketing should be composed of multiple marketing tools, including postcards. The business equivalents of postcards are known as business postcards and the real estate equivalents are known as real estate postcards or postcards for rent.

When properly designed and delivered, real estate postcards can actually draw in many of the people that would have otherwise bypassed your business without your postcard introduction. This is thanks to a particular breed of real estate postcard known as the high-end street postcard.

Inexpensive Cost

Real estate agents can make a fortune with the right business and promotional tools. Promotional items for real estate agents are marketing tools that help real estate agents meet their goals and expand their portfolios. While you can’t cheap out on these business tools, you don’t have to spend gazillions of dollars to make a huge impact.

They Show You Give Exposure

Hands-down, real estate postcards are the BEST marketing tool for apartment buildings, condos, townhomes, or single family homes – especially in today's market. While online and offline advertising is essential to attract qualified prospects, real estate postcards are cost-effective and they get results. Prospects see postcards and they are put in the vein of buying a property. The listing agent has excellent opportunity to get their name out there because they can use this postcard literally around town. They share the postcard to people they know because they understand their prospects are walking around and not sitting at home.

Effective Real Estate Marketing Postcards 101: How to Keep Your Postcards Out of the Trash

Use your postcards for marketing, not for your trash. That’s how achieving more repeat sales and converting your customers to clients is simple. And those are the best results that any real estate professional could ever find.

The true secrets of successful real estate postcards are:

No. 1: Use high quality postcards.

No. 2: Use postcard templates.

No. 3: Use the right wording for each postcard.

Personally, after twenty years of Email Marketing, my preference for postcards because they’re easily noticed and visually appealing. Postcards are simple and proven direct response marketing tools in today’s business environment.

So, Which Real Estate Postcard Templates To Choose?

Below, you’ll find 25 free real estate real estate postcard templates. You’ll see how these templates get more beautiful if you choose to add photo, videos and other interactive elements. These templates are the collection of 50 templates in total.

Simplified Real Estate Postcard Offer Template

This real estate postcard offer template is a quick and simple template for your real estate job postcards and gives you a chance to include your business’s offer, logo and contact info.

Remember the Customer Wants to Know: What’s In It for Me

Determining what your customer wants to know is one of the most important aspects of the top 25 real estate postcard templates and examples. They’ll ask themselves, "What’s in it for me?" and answer that with, "What’s in the offer?"

A great transition into this contact should be preceded with a simple question asking if they’re interested and ready to purchase a home. The postcard should be used to stand up the offer, fill in any gaps in your information and introduce different aspects and nuances that are pertinent to them. As a regional or local broker, it's up to you to show them the many different unique aspects of the area that they wouldn't otherwise see.

"Do you see the brick work?…Looking at the property across the road, don't see any trees?…Our agent has helped us find a great community with beautiful amenities that I know will meet our needs…. And you’ll be able to save thousands every year."

Consideration of Buying or Selling

Postcards As the best gift ideas to your loved ones during Christmas, Wedding and other occasions. All Top 25 real estate postcards have different shapes and designs, often with colorful backgrounds. Some come with nice pictures of the houses too. Many different forms of postcards can be used for effective marketing. Some need to be mailed only and some are used to recognize the sales of certain properties. Each of them more suitable for certain types of property listings.

Email Marketing
The popular postcard is an effective way to build your e-mail list that you can then mail out to once you have their attention through the web. As an example, look at mailing list building templates below such as the Small Business Self-Mailer, Real Estate 1-2-3 and the Custom Self-Mailer.

Greeted by Email and Post

With this approach, you can utilize the postcard’s semi-passive nature as a welcome to your potential customers. As an example, look at both the sample postcards we’re offering in the Source Page or Acknowledgement. Just simply insert your company or real estate email address to take care of the recipients of postcards. Through this, people are very likely to become more familiar with you and therefore, more likely to be interested in your products or services.

They Know Someone Buying or Selling Soon

Now What??
Get The Postcard Email

An Offer They’ll Use

Use top-notch design templates and graphics to create a professional letterhead or save as a postcard. Your prospect will read the letter and pause, just like we all do when we see an offer we can’t refuse.

When you’re ready to make an offer, use the postcard design or letterhead templates to make your offer stand out. Because subjects such as real estate are personal, you can customize the design to make it fit your needs. Let your prospect see your logo, address, and a brief description of the project. Or, change the subject to fit your message.

After you’ve made your offer, send the postcard or letterhead along with a brochure, pamphlet, or book. These can include floor plans or digital mock-ups, and can be saved as PDF designs. I’ve found these templates to be a key tool in keeping my clients interested because my images help illustrate the quality of the work.

The design templates are such a fantastic addition to my marketing materials because I can quickly and easily generate designs by simply replacing the logos and addresses. I’ve found that they’re also ideal for giving clients and investors an introduction to our company and what we do.


And hard work will get you far in real estate. If you’re wondering how to open a real estate studio, if you should use a postcard template, or if you want to make use of postcard examples to give your real estate listings a professional and polished look, you’ve come to the right place. We have compiled a list of 25 postcard templates and examples plus images and links to some of the top real estate marketing companies, websites, and directories around.

These postcard examples and templates can be used for different purposes. Some people find them useful for creating the perfect marketing materials … postcards with information and images that are easy to understand and attractive to both buyers and brokers. Some postcard templates show an example of a different card and lists different ways to customize a card. There are also 1-line and 2-line postcards, real estate flyers, and detailed postcard templates showing a specific postcard with more information and more detail. Companies that use postcard templates also notify bloggers about new postcard templates, launch new templates, and review cards.

Whatever the purpose, postcard templates are a great way to express your expertise, advertise your listings, and boost your real estate business.


(Keep it Simple Stupid)

If you’re just getting started with email marketing, then you’re probably overwhelmed by all the cool new marketing tools and options that you have at your disposal — email split testing, automation, video testimonials, data segmentation, personalized replies, lead flows (for both website and content), landing pages, email drip campaigns, etc.

Since there are such a wealth of options to choose from, maximizing your email marketing ROI can be a daunting process. But by keeping email marketing simple, you can double your email marketing ROI (return on investment). The best email marketing sets you up for maximum success with minimal investment.

Simple is better. Simple takes three solid K-I-S-S principles:

  • Keep it simple.
  • Keep it short.
  • Keep it short and simple.

Everything you send via email is marketing for you. Most people fall that in order to market, you have to get prospects to open and read your email. But just getting your email opened is only half the battle. You also have to make a persuasive case to convert the openers who read your email. And that’s the tricky part.

How Much Do Real Estate Postcards Cost?

Mailing Costs

When it comes to real estate postcard design, the costs of mailing are always the thing that most people are concerned about.

And you should be concerned also. When designing real estate postcards the costs of mailing are super important. Lets start with a true story.

In the last year I did a lot of designs for new postcards. As per usual I had a ton of questions in order to prepare an answer to send to the client.

One day I was told that the postcard we have designed for a certain location was going to be mailed through a bulk mailer with up to 95% of delivery.

I was shocked but could not prove my statement. Finally I called the post office where I was told that there was no problem, 95% of these mailers do not have a special envelope.

I know that this is not true because I have worked in the printing field for 30 years. I know that these postcards have special envelopes.

I know that this is just one of the many expenses that has to be considered if we are looking at a branded piece.

So the next time you design or create a postcard make sure you ask yourself the following:

Do I have enough room to add the size of the envelope to the card?

Printing Costs

The biggest factor in your printing costs will be the type of paper you choose and the quantity. You’ll also have to consider which printing method you prefer … how the material will look on your walls with printed images, with photographic images, with multiple images side by side, etc. And then, of course, you have to make sure you take into account your shipping costs.

As with your deposit, you may also print in batches. You’ve (hopefully) already done your research and have already selected your most likely buyers. Now you can decide how many postcards you’d like to print and if you want to offer them as an incentive to potential buyers.

You can opt for a wide variety of paper choices including paper stock in card making weight, heavy weight and executive weight, glossy paper, uncoated and unprinted, embossed, textured, wood finish, and more.

You may then choose to purchase inserts to include specific information or custom made inserts. Or you can opt for a blank insert.

Design Costs

Verona Shaughnessey, independent graphic design consultant, designer and online education creator, has agreed to speak to us about design costs.

Q. What are all the steps involved in the design process?

A. The design process varies from project to project. What we have found helps establish high quality, professional projects is to use

A) A brief that provides an accurate description of the client’s communication point. This information has to be

Complete and in depth; client and designer use this brief as a reference as the project progresses.

B) In-house design skills: Both my husband and I have over 20 years of graphic design experience. We currently collaborate on many projects together in addition to taking on many projects individually as well. When you have a skilled designer on your team, you always have someone who specializes in, or has proven expertise in creative design.

C) Large design library: our design library includes many fonts, clipart and backgrounds that are used on many of our projects. Again, this library

Allows us to work without the knowledge of many factors. Designers want to know about every detail and feature of their

Projects. The creative process is about removing the unknown, so information is minimized.

Cost of Buying a Mailing List

Use EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) if You’re on a Budget

How Do You Design a Real Estate Postcard?

Many new Real Estate Agents struggle to decide what postcard they should use to highlight their listings. The thing is, a lot of Agents use e-mail marketing a lot more to get clients.

When talking to new agents, I always recommend the following template Learn it. Use it. Love it.

Postcard mailboxes, especially at the top tiers of affordable starter homes, are commonly used by new agents to get their foot in the door with real estate marketing.

A postcard generally displays an agent’s contact information and a web address. Agents can offer all kinds of services to prospective home sellers.

A real estate postcard template is a great way for agents to provide their services at the same time as getting their contact information out there to more homes who might be interested.

Roosevelt Real Estate currently uses one of the best postcard templates available. This template is so great it was shared by multiple agents with the Designer.

The colors in this template pop out on the page and are 100% customizable. Not every house’s situation is the same, and one of the pros of having a realistic postcard template is your customers get to customize the template to their listing.

This template also works so well because it reminds them of a house sale phone call, which is exactly what they would like to feel.

Design for Consistency

Be consistent with your hand-drawn designs by laying them all out on one piece of 8.5 x 11 paper in pencil, ink, or paint. If it’s a set of color guidelines, put them in pencil. It will make things easier during the final phase of the project when you come back to your design boards for the final fixes or approved colors.

It’s a good idea to place these guides or pages close to the project area for ease of access. This way, you won’t have to trek all the way back to where they’re stored in the file cabinet.

By having everything laid out in front of you, these guidelines will help you decide which colors to use when you’re applying them to the final project.

You’ll also benefit from having a guide for creating consistent hatching. It will help you in drafting your pencil design and technique.

If your computer program comes with a Drawing Tool, you can create precise guidelines the same way you would create them on paper.

To help you get a better understanding of this process, Epic Actions has created some sample pages to demonstrate the different variations of hand-drawn guides.

Decide on Paper Type

Once you’ve finished sketching out ideas of what you want your Real Estate Postcard to look like, you may want to go on and make your own real estate postcard template for yourself. There are plenty of free template designs that you can choose from too.

However, if you look at professional postcard designs, you’ll see that they are generally printed on a glossy paper. This allows the ink to stay crisp and true for the life of the postcard.

It’s a good idea to follow the same basic rule as the designers and use a glossy paper when you want to create your own real estate postcard template.

Depending on the look and feel you are aiming for, you can decide on a specific paper type to use.

For instance, if you’re creating an elegant postcard design, you will probably choose glossy paper. File formats like PDF, JPG and PNG are better suited for glossy paper.

On the other hand, if you’re creating a vintage or retro postcard template, you can go with a.

Matte paper. Whichever is the type of paper you decide to use, make sure that you print your real estate postcard at a high resolution.

Decide on Paper Size

Typically, your card will require a standard postcard size (3.5 x 5 inches) although you can always choose a larger or smaller size if you prefer. But remember to adjust the shapes of the layout accordingly since postcard dimensions can vary depending on paper weight and thickness. That’s why you’ll need to determine which option is most suitable for your design.

For the most basic design, you may choose to use postcard paper. But if you’re working with colored cardstock, select a white paper weight for best results. Another option that’s particularly appealing is cardstock contact paper. This works well for designing easy to work with layouts which can be easily folded into a postcard size.

Alternatively, if you’re not sure whether you should use postcard paper for your design or cardstock, browse through some postcard templates. You’ll find that many designers use these to create postcard templates so you’ll have some examples to consider. This will not only give you a better idea of what postcard paper looks like but also get you comfortable working with it.

Which Paper Type is Best?

Postcards are typically printed on either postcard paper, cardstock, or contact paper but often need a special postal tube to take them down the post office.

How Often Should You Send Real Estate Postcards?

Real estate postcards are an excellent way to engage with your past clients, but they can also provide an excellent way to create new business for yourself. Here are a few reasons why you’ll want to consider sending real estate postcards:

Stay in Touch and Establish a Relationship

The key to any successful sales initiative is to stay in touch. That’s why real estate postcards are a great way to stay in touch with your past clients. In fact, a recent Wakefield Research survey found that 74% of real estate agents said that they never contacted past clients after they bought a house.

By using real estate postcards, you’ll establish yourself as a reliable source for your clients. Clients will trust you to keep in touch with them as a result.

Get Great Business

In fact, a Wakefield Research survey found that real estate agents who keep in touch with past clients have a nine times greater chance of selling their properties. This means that sending real estate postcards to your past clients can give you a competitive edge as you look to sell your own properties.

And it doesn’t stop there. The survey found that real estate agents who stay in touch with past clients are able to drive more business than those who don’t.

Measuring ROI of a Real Estate Postcard Campaign

Postcard mailings have been a staple of real estate investing for decades. Many investors still rely heavily on this approach to get their properties in front of prospective buyers.

Postcard mailers can be used across all real estate marketing applications to generate traffic, brand awareness, and conversions.

However, a postcard mailing campaign is ineffective when not properly executed.

To make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck, you’ll need to first measure your return on investment (ROI).

To do this, you’ll need to:

Establish a baseline of your current number of website visitors to your business Directly correlate traffic with sales Determine how much of an impact your postcard mailers are having on your web traffic and on your sales Determine how many website visitors are turning into new customers

Then, you can construct a marketing campaign that allows you to closely measure your ROI and your return.

Ask for the Source

When you are posting any kind of real estate sign or add, a 2×3 or 3×2 frame is a great starting point for the design. However, we have found that most people are using their 1×2 or 1×3 frames when they could be using the full 4×6 frame. This is when you ask the home owner for the source as to why they are using the 1×3 frame instead of the 4×6.

This is going to help you understand how to sketch or draw the layout properly or how to get another set of measurements for the design.

Plus, many times, the homeowner will be more than happy to provide additional info. We never charge commissions, so it will be quite easy to get the needed information.

Ask for the Card Back

I love it when I get a postcard from a client. Real estate postcards are becoming more popular as give-aways. They are a great way for you to get to know your prospect and understand their needs and perspective. You can use any of these designs as postcards. You can purchase inexpensive postcard stock at Office Depot and Staples.

Set Up a Landing Page

Once you’ve created your postcard size, centered your design, and finally printed your template, the next step is to make your real estate postcard look professional. This includes printing the postcard on your printer (preferably on a high quality printer), using a reliable perforation software tool to add to your template, and creating a landing page to enhance your postcard messages.

A landing page is exactly what it sounds like … it’s a page that you display when a user arrives at your website. In this way, it’s a great way for a real estate agent to display photos, testimonials, and other information about your real estate postcard. In addition, it’s an easy way to encourage tips and leads from prospects.

IMPORTANT … The best landing page you will ever make should line up with your interests and should cause you to want to visit it on a regular basis.

Check out this example of the Top 25 Real Estate Postcards by the Pros from Kent Thore, Brett Cannon, and others.

Use a QR Code

QR Codes (Quick Response Codes) are two-dimensional barcodes that allow users to access a website or contact information through smart phones. They can be used on business cards, email marketing, posters and magazines, among other things.

As of early 2018, there are nearly 35 million mobile phones that have the capability to scan QR Codes. This helps your business reach out to a wider audience.

Head to this site to check out that capabilities of your phone. For the purposes of this post, let’s assume your phone can scan QR Codes.

How can you use QR Codes on your business cards, flyers, flyers, business marketing materials, etc. to link to your website?

When you’re getting ready to send your business cards or flyers to your website, enter your information into the fields as if you were going to email it. Next, tap on the Create QR Code button.

Now you’ll be able to use your business card as a QR Code. It will be nice and big on the screen and easy for your audience to scan.

The Bottom Line

If you’re finding it hard to find the correct Real Estate Post Card, and will be paying for it, don’t settle for a cheap template.

What’s worse than to spend several hours creating a postcard design only to find out it’s not right for your audience? Spending a good chunk of money on a professional design service to create a beautiful postcard that won’t work.

Before you go and start checking your local shops for discount design packages, why not just invest a couple of bucks in downloading one of the templates below and getting all of the necessary information you need to create an effective and professional Real Estate Postcard?

Stop wasting time creating a bad design that will not end up getting the right results.

There are many different types of postcards available, ranging from a simple real estate postcard template to more complex designs. You can use them for multiple purposes.

If you are concerned about what the graphic will look like when printed, remember that textures mean far more than solid colors, and you can work with Photoshop brushes to achieve a more realistic look.

You can also add special effects like burn and scratch marks.

You can add download your graphics.