Real Estate Landing Pages 2021: The Ultimate Guide With Examples

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What Are Real Estate Landing Pages?

Real Estate Landing Pages are landing pages that only target real estate business owners and also their leads. These pages have been created to help boost real estate businesses' local advertising campaigns, as well as get more leads and more sales for their company.

Landing pages are valuable to real estate businesses as they help boost their local advertising campaigns, allowing them to collect more leads and sell more. Real estate businesses want to know that they will build a strong community around their business and that their users are engaged. By using Real Estate landing pages, they are able to find out how engaged their audience really is and if their leads are ready to buy. This helps them refine the messaging of their campaigns and if they really need a web design or web development firm or advertising agency.

Here you will find some Real Estate landing pages that are ready to be used right away with some examples of the within content.

Enjoy and remember to let us know which real estate landing page examples you liked best.

The 3 Types of Real Estate Landing Pages Every Agent Needs to Master

Home Search Landing Pages

The landing page is the first page a reader lands on when they come to your website. It’s really important that the first impression is a great one since that’s the only impression their going to get.

Landing page can make or break a conversion rate if it’s badly designed or put together, so perfecting it is critical. This article will take you through the best practices to make sure that your landing pages are effective. You’ll learn about design, call to actions, paths and flow charts, how to include real estate listings on your site and content optimization. This article is a must read for any aspiring real estate agent!

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the section:

Home Value Landing Pages

In the United States, many state rent agencies have introduced systems where you can pay your rent online. This makes managing your payments and payments history much simpler than traditional methods.

Many of the restrictions, requirements, and processes are standard across all states. But not all of them are, and each state differs in the requirements and restrictions that they place upon you.

If you have a property in one of the states where rent payments are made online, your real estate agent can use a landing page to accept your payments. These can be in the form of a real estate website if you have one, but they can also just be a webpage where you list your property details.

Here are some of the key requirements to use a state rental payment system:

Payments are taking via credit card.

A tenant’s name, address, and payment information must be provided.

You might be asked to provide their social security number, but this requirement is not widespread.

You and your tenant must both enter an Authorize credit card on the website.

In addition to these straightforward requirements, your real estate agent should check with the rent agency to make sure the information that the agency needs from you complies with their policies. For example, you may need to provide your tenant’s contact information, which is not required if you were getting cash payments.

Free Content Landing Pages

A landing page is an e-commerce page that encourages a visitor to click and spend some time there. What they do is try to convert your visitors into leads and customers. Until the late 1990s, they were called account pages. The first on-line real-estate business to use a landing page was a realty brokerage company in Chicago. From there on, the trend spread over the country and became one of the best tool to boost conversions.

Taxi services were the next to get in on the act, along with several long bus rides, car leases, and online dating sites.

Why do Visitors Click on a Landing Page?

There are several reasons why visitors might decide to click on a landing page:

The answer is really a combination of two things: the visitor knows what he wants and is interested in what the company is offering and he thinks that you will help him find it faster than elsewhere.

In fact, according to Forrester Research, about 80% of visitors click on a landing page, and the average time spent on the page is about 6 to 11 seconds.

The other 20% don’t click but do provide information (or are taken to another page) that could help you make better decisions about promotions or pricing.

How to Design Real Estate Landing Pages That Convert Visitors to Leads in 4 Steps

Landing pages are an important page within an existing website to entice lead intake, form, raffle or any kind of form. They are more like alternative pages with a unique purpose rather than a different website to showcase the property.

A well thought out landing page will help you:

Ensure that your real estate landing pages are getting your visitors to convert into leads and are not losing them.

Create sales letters that sell specific properties or products and are targeted to help sell to the right audience.

Why be hooked up for 30 days? You need to know that you do not have to integrate all the features to a CRM system on the first go if you make the landing page as a test of time.

There are a lot of effective real estate landing pages available but it becomes really difficult to design them.

With the help of our Xavigna CRM workflow, it becomes easy to set up a lead to one of your leads.

Create Engaging Copy

All in all, for the different search engine marketing tactics, of which there are over sixty, you’re looking at around seven hundred possible tactics for elevating the performance of your landing/landing page.

But with so many strategies to choose from, which ones should you go for?

The infographic below is the result of many hours of research and analysis of search engine optimization practicioners, SEO experts, copy writers and digital marketing consultants on all the major search engines. The landing page scale consists of 60 tactics across the 7 key areas …

1 – Real Estate & Real Estate Marketing The 20 tactics across the seven sectors are broken down into key segments:

  • Creating an attractive and compelling headline that makes sense and compels your visitor to read on
  • Developing engaging and informative content that answers the questions most likely to influence the conversion of your visitor into a leads
  • Placing effective text rich CTAs (Call-to-Action) that you know work to increase conversion
  • 2 – Titles & Graphics …
  • Adding keywords to the page title, including the number of times they appear
  • Using heading tags as an SEO best practice
  • 3 – 404 Page Pages …
  • Using the right formatting on your 404 page to ensure it returns a relevant and useful result for your visitors

Pay Attention to the Overall Design

Landing pages are webpages that serve as the doorway for prospective customers who are interested in buying your products. Keep this in mind and you will start seeing your conversion rate increase. See below for examples.

Awesome Captivating Original and Unexpected Interface

  • Landing Page with an Image Directing to a Call to Action
  • A Subtle Trend with Order Forms
  • Adding a Call to Action to your Airbnb Ads
  • Image with Contact Information
  • Red Tents
  • Squarespace’s Business Page
  • These Clean, Simple Landing Pages are Winning the B2B Race
  • This company is using a Call to Action to Make it Easier for Customers to Contact Them
  • Singing Up for Wi-Fi
  • Easy to Acknowledge Call to Action
  • Adventure Travel Company with a Call to Action
  • B2B Landing Pages: 3 Examples That Stray from the Norm
  • This Is an Honest BP
  • Clear Icons and Call to Actions
  • Call to Action This Way Only- Call Larger
  • Clear and Concise Landing Page
  • Clear These Different Landing Pages Are Becoming the Norm
  • This Article Will Help You Improve Your Listing Page
  • Clear and Concise Sign Up Form
  • This Article Will Help You Improve your Listing Page

Optimize Your Call to Action

When it comes to real estate landing pages, there’s no better way to build your brand than with a great landing page. Landing pages are designed to grab the attention of potential buyers and build trust with them in order to convert them into leads. According to data from The Content Trap, landing pages increase leads by up to 53%.

It’s a good idea to have a landing page template or landing page layout ready to go for your real estate ads. It just takes a bit of mockup work to get an ad looking great, and that work can be as adept as it wants to be.

To help you stand out to potential buyers, landing pages need to:

  • · Put your motives in front of your audience
  • · Be informative
  • · Have professional design
  • · Be engaging
  • · Provide additional resources like videos, Q&A, testimonials and case studies
  • · Provide a strong call to action

If you want your landing pages to stand out amongst the crowd and speak to your audience, then this landing pages guide is for you.

Manual vs. Automated Landing Page Retargeting Strategies

There are two ways to build your brand’s landing page: manual or automated.

Follow Up With a Lead Capture Form

To finish off your marketing funnel, it’s a smart idea to end on a note that includes a follow up with a lead capture form, which is a tool that communicates with landing page visitors to capture their contact information.

To do this, you will have to install a contact form, which is an application or plug in that allows visitors to download your content, such as a lead generation ebook, whitepaper, or a sales report. If you’re not sure what a lead capture form is or how to use it, you can check out your competitor’s business to see what they are doing.

In your landing page optimisation process, you will have selected contact details from the potential buyer/customer that you wish to publish at the foot of your landing page. These are what they will need to fill in when answering your lead capture form. At this stage you have all the parts assembled and ready to assemble. Simply plug the contact details into the lead capture form and it will send the email straight to your subscriber’s inbox.

Before leaving, you should also ensure you include content that speaks to your value proposition, which will help ensure you don’t lose the attention of your target audience. Such content may include additional information about your business, whitepapers, blogs, or other tools that could help your readers reach your objective.

The Best Real Estate Landing Page Builders 2021

14 Examples of Great Real Estate Landing Pages

Landing pages are the web pages realtors show to their most qualified buyers. If you find yourself caught up in the chaos of it all, it can be super stressful to pursue buying a home.

However, realtors are trained to do everything they can to find the perfect home to fit their buyer’s needs. The next best step, of course, would be to list the house at a fair price.

There’s no doubt that realtors are experts on the market. That’s one of the reasons they get paid to handle such complex situations.

In other cases, realtors can be incredibly helpful in helping buyers find a home to purchase in their dream neighborhood.

And luckily, there are a lot of helpful tools to help buyers narrow down their search.

One of the most useful is the REI or real estate offer … but not the kind that comes with a deadline. While those may be okay for some buyers, the vast majority want to be sure to find the exact home they’re looking for. So what will you do?

Real Geeks

There are more real estate websites launching on a weekly basis than black cats. Regardless of who is behind them, a lot of these websites have the same basic features: cars, listing photos, price range filters, and a search tool to help facilitate finding a home.

But the majority fail to offer any sort of value proposition. The copy is just too dry, the information is too watered down, and the design doesn’t inspire enough confidence.

So what features should a modern real estate landing page include? Real geeks use Real Estate landing pages as examples below. Make sure to check out our Real Estate website template reviews regularly.

I´ll help you out here by taking a look at some of the best Real Estate landing pages ever designed. I created these examples by researching real estate landing pages (every site in the featured list was originally created by their designers) and then building a new landing page using the latest web design trends. And of course, while researching, I looked for some of the best possible examples of each type of landing page.



Com Jobs landing page

Landing pages have been around for more than a decade, but their effectiveness isn’t a part of your high-school history textbook. That’s because the types of homebuyers, sellers, and real estate agents who visit landing pages each day are drastically different than the ones who crisscrossed the internet in the mid-90s.

One thing that hasn’t changed in the 22 years since landing pages first started popping up on the internet is the power of relevancy. In other words, landing pages are better at converting visitors into buyers because they’re customized to the needs of your website visitors.

If landing pages are so powerful, why don’t more real estate websites have them?

Two reasons. First, they’re usually challenging to build and implement. Second, large institutions like the major real estate companies don’t pay for them because their marketing teams know they can’t afford to divert their resources away from traditional advertising methods, like display ads.

But that’s changing. As we’ve spent these past few months poking around the real estate industry, one thing has become clear: more real estate websites will start offering landing pages in the coming year.

David Stone: Greater Good Realty (TigerLead)

Home and Garden Expert Marketplace Earth has thousands of experts. Here I've listed only 208 experts who have featured in the past.

You can browse their profiles and check who are the experts in your niche. They are the ones who know the best about their domain.

Bay City Group (TORCHx)

Lori Ballen (Custom WordPress & Listings to Leads Instant Home Valuation Tool)


Real Estate Handbook 2021: The Ultimate Guide

The Corcoran Handbook is the most comprehensive and user-friendly resource on real estate. It is carefully updated in real time and is well-known as the authority when it comes to real estate. It comes in the form of an online ebook and will give you all the insightful information you will require to work in the real estate industry.

This guide provides you with the critical statistics on the current state of the real estate industry in the United States. Here is a list of some of the key parts of this hand book:

  • The 2018 Real Estate Handbook by The Corcoran Group
  • What is In The Handbook
  • Analysis of the real estate market trends
  • The 2018 real estate market trends
  • The Corcoran University

This is an online school dedicated to real estate and housing that has its own syllabus complete with courses and certifications. The classes are designed to provide the students an online platform to obtain the skills required for his or her future.

Creating Your Career in Real Estate

If you are planning to create your career in the real estate field, this handbook will help you create your career.

Navigate Your Career Path (the New Job Game)

Setting the foundation for a career path in real estate is a bit difficult. If you are well versed with the market trends, it is easier for you to identify the suitable career field for yourself.

David Mueller Keller Williams Realty Ann Arbor (Zurple)

This is from our last 4 years of the company. I’m using my Facebook account because I’m not sure what my current account is. We do Facebook ads and I’ve had to change my email a few times.

Next is the ZURPLE campaign. ZURPLE is a landing page that we built for our Ann Arbor office. This list of properties is part of that same set because I deleted the previous set and recreated it.

The ad platform we’re running on this is Facebook. We run the US only and we’re a bit over the minimum spend, just because the majority of the properties on this list are North of 4,500 and the ad platform allows you to set a minimum spend.

The budget I’m putting in is KWU offer list. If you’re just going to advertise one list, this is the best offer list. It integrates all the different office socials into one, so you can share externally and you can see how well your ads are performing.

The next dropdown is a URL tracker dropdown. This is coming from the email address you’re using to create the ads on Facebook. This keeps track of how much traffic is coming in from those who are clicking your ads but not buying.

Yost Realty Group (Boomtown)

The Yost Realty Group provides high-quality San Diego real estate coverage across our entire vertical, including property management and brokerage. With over a decade in the business, we have acquired a wealth of experience when it comes to understanding where people’s attention lies when they are looking for a home. As a result, we have created a variety of landing-page designs powered by a number of different real estate platforms. Let’s have a look at three that are powerful, yet user-friendly.

When it comes to selling real estate, we know there’s a lot that goes into the buying process. With that in mind, we have focused on ease of use and efficient navigation that’ll help our potential buyers navigate the site in just a few seconds. While there are still plenty of real estate sites that don’t offer the highest degree of user friendliness, our goal is to make sure that the potential buyer doesn’t run into any roadblocks.

Market Leader

If you're looking for a powerful solution to creating beautiful, unique landing pages, then Leadpages is your solution. It's the most comprehensive landing page builder on the market, and it's the only one that gives you access to a team of professional marketers and developers to help you design your pages and grow your business.

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Wells Realty & Law Group Keller Williams

Realty – Real Estate Sales and Marketing Services in Keller, Texas.

The landingpage is one of the cornerstones of Real Estate marketing tactics. It is utilized by real estate agents to get leads from their website.The landingpage is one of the cornerstones of Real Estate marketing tactics. It is utilized by real estate agents to get leads from their website.Real estate selling becomes easier for agents if they can generate their leads from an email strategy. They then can target the real estate leads and arrange the appointment with the agents as per their schedule.

There are numerous benefits of making use of the landing page generator lead. A Real Estate investor can target the local leads and can dedicate their time to give them a fruitful interaction.

By using the landing page, the Real Estate investor can maintain a competitive edge over the other real estate investors in the market.Today, there are numerous companies that provide the Real Estate landingpages to their clients.

The Real Estate landing pages are the webpages that are designed to capture the leads from the residential and commercial properties that are for sale.The marketer gets a chance to make use of the landing page and can target the real estate leads.

Furthermore, the real estate landing pages are provided to the client at no cost whereas the premium packages are available to the customer for a reasonable amount of prices.

Pam & Mike Perez Group

If you’re a real estate agent, your ultimate goal is to get people to sign up for your list. There’s no better way to do that than with a real estate landing page. A landing page is a single webpage that directs you to a multiple-page webform.

A landing page is how you get people to enter their contact information and populate your list. It’s a sales pitch with focus. Each of your real estate landing pages will have the same structure, but will cover a variety of topics. For example, one landing page might be for selling a house, while another might be for finding a house to buy.

Here’s a visual example of what a landing page might look like. The image on the left is a real estate landing page, and the image on the right is the home page of a real estate site.

You can think of your landing page as the front door to your site and your site as the showroom. When someone lands on your landing page, your goal is to capture his attention and get him to enter the sale or directory information. Once they enter their contact information, you can then start selling.

Santa Fe Properties

Search for Santa Fe, NM real estate, view Santa Fe homes for sale, and schedule a property viewing.

Santa Fe is an art-filled town nestled in a wide valley surrounded by the spectacular Sangre De Cristo Mountains. The city itself is named after the nearby Pueblo of Santa Fe, but the town and valley were settled centuries before Santa Fe ever existed as a town. Many of the first buildings in the town were constructed of adobe, introduced by the Pueblo people who built it centuries ago. The earliest known European settlers, just like the Native Americans who lived here before them, were artists. They built magnificent buildings, many of which still stand today. If you come to Santa Fe and don’t spend some time enjoying the beautiful parks and trails, take a look at the properties for sale here.

The 8.5 miles (13.7 km) of beautiful hiking trails in Santa Fe National Forest offer breathtaking views of the city and the San Luis Valley below. The red rock mountains of Santa Fe, Inca City in New Mexico, and the Pueblo people who once lived in the Chaco Region conjure up images of the old west. But this distinctly New Mexican town is much more than just a piece of Hollywood history to go along with the quintessential southwest romance. Santa Fe is literally a town that was built by artists, for artists.

Country Club Properties

Travel agents typically earn commission through listing and booking the properties for properties around the world. For this reason, the best properties for Real Estate are those that are beautifully designed and preferably found on the edges of town. They sit in some of the best views of the city. You will require a considerable amount of capital to get started in this type of business.

Need building permits from various municipalities.

Have a dependable group of contractors involved.

Find a reliable lender to provide the funding.

Have enough capital to continue the business for a long time without taking any additional debt.

Require a lot of work to maintain the homes.

Have a reliable team of people involved to oversee everything.

Have an international team of employees at your disposal.

Have a dedicated online platform that provides a lot of actionable information about the properties.

Require improvements to the homes to suit the needs of the clients.

Have to ensure that all the homes are well maintained to attract the best buyers.

Involve reputation management in order to make sure that your customers are satisfied.

Have to accommodate the fleeting nature of the market. For this reason, it is better to sell the homes before the market becomes saturated.

Have to deal with the need to continuously hire new employees.

4 Reasons Real Estate Landing Pages Are So Important for Agents to Master in 2021

Any agent who is serious about growing their business should start by mastering landing pages.

Before I get into the benefits of landing pages and why your agents should be using them, let me explain why landing pages are so powerful from a marketing perspective.

Landing pages are the hero of your real estate business.

Since real estate is a hot-ticket item, it’s important to keep your marketing efforts focused on what’s going to move the needle most. That’s why the hero of your real estate marketing strategy should be your landing page. A well-designed and simple landing page will yield the best results.

In fact, real estate agent Alex Gray shares some intriguing insights into improving his marketing strategy and saw a 326% ROI by switching from agency-led digital marketing to his own landing pages. Many real estate agents have a difficult time scaling their businesses, and the market is increasingly saturated with great listings.

While this means there’s less room for growth, the ability to differentiate yourself is critical in helping you grow a significant part of your business.

Landing pages are proven winners.

Real Estate Landing Pages Work for Offline Ads Too

From a marketing perspective, the statistic that hurts the most is that the average online user only spends 3 minutes and 34 seconds on a site before leaving (source).

One reason for this is that we have more digital information than ever to keep up with. The attention span of humans is also diminishing, and the way they want information to be presented has evolved tremendously.

If you are too busy to attend live auctions, go to events or even consider flipping properties, then local real estate marketing is you best bet.

Real estate marketing has grown in popularity over the past 10 years, especially with a rise in technology that allows for ease of access to online listings and on-the-go transaction. But did you know that real estate landing pages can also work offline?

This is what makes a lot of real estate marketing effective.

If you neatly stack marketing on top of marketing on top of marketing, it will work. This is the beauty of homesharing and real estate marketing.

Some of the best real estate marketing and homesharing has come from following these simple, yet effective ideas: apps, newspaper ads, web ads, sales reps, parties, and a mix of traditional and online marketing.

Although the focus is usually on online real estate marketing, offline real estate marketing, although less publicized, is a good strategy for some markets. What other strategies can you incorporate into your real estate marketing?

Landing Pages Let You Make a Longer, More Targeted Pitch

An alternative to a traditional real estate website, a landing page is a short, concise page built specifically to funnel people interested in the property to a real estate agent for immediate contact.

Instead of your real estate website, where visitors could tiptoe around looking, for days or hours, landing pages make a more direct pitch. It gets potential buyers to the agent and seller to move quickly, and it does this without seeming like a hard sell, since you’re guiding users to choose the agent that best suits their needs.

They’re an easy solution to the problem that usually faces real estate agents – getting their names out to people who are looking for a home. They’re also one of the best ways to get potential buyers and sellers to feel like they’re getting personalized service.

That’s why a lot of real estate companies rely on it, and why you will see even more of them in the near future.

You Can A/B Test Your Landing Pages & Optimize Them Based on the Results

If you’ve spent any amount of time in the real estate industry, you’ve probably heard of Dynamic Pricing. What is Dynamic Pricing, you ask? Simply put, it’s the practice of charging different prices for the same listing based on which time of day or how long a customer has been on the listing website. Dynamic Pricing is a brilliant tool to keep a property continuously moving up the search rankings.

While Dynamic Pricing is primarily used for property listings, it can be easily applied to your landing page optimization. Dynamic Pricing enables you to create landing pages that perform better based on the results of individual tests. You can then optimize your landing pages based on those tests and maximize your conversions.

You Can Get Partial Leads With Landing Pages

One of the challenges for real estate agents is to get qualified leads into their hot property at the top of the funnel. A large part of that comes from the landing pages that your site will list on the SERPs.

Many agents can’t get the volume or the quality they desire using an exclusively organic + paid approach. The best agents can get some good leads that come in from PPC ad campaigns over time, but if you are looking for consistent success with PPC and organic, you have to change your mindset about what a lead is.

A lead is not someone who has purchased your house. It is someone who has entered into the sales funnel but has yet to convert into a sale. A well-structured landing page, which should include compelling product content, social proof and calls to action, effectively gets the leads into the funnel where you can do your sales job to convert those leads into qualified prospects.

That’s how you can get leads with content on your site that you cannot get from PPC. Your landing pages are your sales tool of choice to drive qualified leads while not alienating your PPC audience.

4 Tips for Creating Successful Landing Pages

The landing page is the first page the visitor sees when they come to my website. It’s critically important that landing pages tell the full story, capture the attention of the viewer and persuade them to take a desired action. Additionally, landing pages need to be simple and easy to understand, so as to encourage visitors to convert.

In the real estate industry, landing page success is achieved through the use of video. Videos can show specific property attributes, show virtual tours of the property or convey the benefits of working with a specific realtor. On the other hand, the use of QR codes and images is currently not as widely used as video. However, it’s important to include at least one of the elements, preferably text and/or an image in the left column.

The question is, how do you create the perfect landing page? Here are four tips that you should follow when you create your own real estate landing page.

Catch the Attention of Your Audience

One of the biggest challenges for sellers on the Real Estate market is that they often have to spend hours going through listings after listing in order to find any relevant information. Because of this, they also lack the time to really work on their listings and SEO. This means that they end up attracting few interested buyers and only leaving less and less options to the more experienced salespeople.

You Need to Cater to Your Audience

But now that we have a device that literally holds all of the world’s information we need, it’s time for sellers to take advantage of it and get the attention of their audience and the attention of the masses.

Your target market is more willing to pay a premium for an organized listing that caters to their needs. So, you need to use your limited time for your listing to be as effective as possible.

That’s why we designed such a beautiful real estate listing that highlights not only the home itself but also how each of the rooms in the house can change the overall ambiance of each room in the house.

It also makes use of a variety of features to let you showcase designer products that will enhance the overall experience of the buyer in your home.

If you’re in the business like real estate, home renovation, and car sales, you’ve come to the right place.

Use Hyper-local Terms

Hyper-local terms can be used anywhere in your ad text. These terms tend to relate to locations that are more relevant to your audience. Here are two examples of interesting hyper-local terms with a variety of ad copy options:

The place where your audience has the most interest ― that’s the goal in local digital marketing. If you’ve done your research and you know that your audience would be interested in your business if it were located in their area, then you could target your ads based on their location. The easiest way to determine this is if you already target the location directly, you could just cross reference keywords in that specific location.

The place where your audience lives or works ― Using such terms in your ad copy can be a good way to test the waters. Referencing the place where your audience lives or works gives you the opportunity to determine if that audience would be interested in your business if it were located nearby.

The place where your audience plans to visit ― You could also use this type of hyper-local target for campaigns that are relevant to the place where your audience is going or seeking. In these cases, you would use the place where your audience plans to visit or visit for future visits.

Make Sure Your Content Is Specific to Your Audience

Your content should speak directly to your target audience. You need to deliver a brand that is clear and recognizable. Otherwise, your page landing page will be very difficult to digest for your audience when they arrive on your website.

It does not need to include every piece of information on your website. You only need to include what is necessary to make a good landing page.

This content can contain images and videos, but most of all it should be written in a way that your website visitors will resonate with. The language needs to be clear and accessible to make your content memorable and engaging.

Make sure your content is specific to the audience you are targeting in order to build trust. This will not only make your landing pages easier for them to digest, but it can also completely change the way they perceive your brand.

For example, if you are targeting real estate agents to visit your page and building trust with them, your content should be closely aligned with how they like to interact with customers, specifically those who are looking to buy a home. In addition, your copy needs to be written in a way that your target audience understands and appreciates the benefits you can provide them.

Give Your Audience What They Want

A landing page is the page that people usually land on after clicking on a popular ad on Facebook or Google. This is where the conversion happens for them as they are now in the cold, hard real world of your website.

Thus, the landing pages that determine the success of your business are extremely important and have the potential to impact conversions.

Here at Froozeas, we have made this the theme of this blog and have been given advice from industry veterans. These are the best real estate landing pages for your business this year. Pick one of them to use as a successful model.

Bottom Line