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Where to Buy Real Estate Door Hangers

How can you use door hangers to promote your real estate sign and get more leads? Real estate agents who use door hangers to promote their business and generate additional leads are learning the benefit of the inexpensive door hangers. Leads generated from the use of door hangers were shown to increase by 20%. If you have a real estate sign or a sign on your front door, you can use door hangers to advertise your business and get more leads.

If you are a real estate agent selling your property, you are probably noticing that your business is becoming increasingly competitive. You really need to differentiate yourself from your competition if you are to draw a substantial amount of buyers. Door hangers can help you do that. They are free of cost, promote your real estate sign, and offer you various benefits as well. They help you advertise your services, generate leads, and attract more prospective buyers.

How to Distribute Real Estate Door Hangers

Real Estate Door Hangers are an inexpensive and effective technique for attracting more leads. I’ve been using them for years and absolutely love them. Today, I’ll be sharing proven tips and strategies for using door hangers effectively.

Every time I work with a new agent, I ask them to use a real estate door hanger for a couple of weeks. Most agents join their company with no job and no leads. Real Estate Door Hangers get them the leads they need to seize the business, build their business, establish their business, expand, and attract more business.

But I’ve noticed that some agents are not using them at a high enough percentage of their cold prospects. Or they’re using the same door hangers each week, so they don’t get as much action. But not using Real Estate Door Hangers is a little like doing no follow-up!

Here’s why:

Real Estate Door Hangers get you your very first lead. But agents have to follow-up to get their second phone call. All the way down to the tenth, twentieth, thirty-first, fortieth, and one-hundredth phone call, all of which likely came from your Real Estate door hanger.

DIY Distribution

Real Estate Door Hanger is a great marketing tool for both you’re selling or buying a home. A well-thought out and professionally printed Real Estate door hanger shows potential buyers that you care enough about your property to send them direct and high-quality marketing material. We use this technique in our prospective potential buyers via multiple versions. We feel strongly that door hangers are the best way to market your real estate. Ever since we started using them the results speak for themselves. Put more people in your targeted area then the competition.

How does Direct Mail Door Hanger and Delivery work?

For both buyers and sellers, there are two types of door hangers that we send…the first is the Direct Mail Copy Door Hanger and the second is the Sales Flyer Door Hanger. Either way, the idea is for you to place the real estate door hanger in prominent places in front of the door and send as many letters as possible. By displaying flyers, you are putting your property in front of every potential buyer who enters your mailbox. The promotion you receive from this depends on how often your name is displayed.

Distribution Services

National Distribution Services

Real estate agents are going door to door, door to door, to inform homeowners on the latest real estate market trends. Internet real estate leads are still valuable, but door to door distribution services are here!

Obviously, not every commercial property is a great candidate for real estate door hangers. However, the main advantage of door hangers is that they’re mobile openers. They can be delivered to any address, and they can be put up even in the tightest of spaces. Desirable homes get extra visibility.

Real estate door hangers are also more affordable than pay-per-click marketing services and cheaper than face-to-face meeting attendance costs. When used by an experienced team of agents, a complete, well-designed door hanger can deliver a better ROI.

Local Distribution Services

What should be considered when distributing to your local community?

One of the most missed opportunities when it comes to marketing for local businesses is the lack of local distribution. Surely, as you’ve heard before, the internet is the number one way to market a business today. But with all its advantages, one of the biggest disadvantages of internet distribution is that it completely cuts you off from your local area. How do you figure out if you’re luckiest local prospects are regularly visiting your business? Who are you reaching out to? How are you getting then to stop in every week?

Not only is internet distribution a missed opportunity from a marketing perspective, but unfortunately, it’s also a missed opportunity from a sales one. In order to run a profitable business, you need to get repeat custom from your local prospects.

Otherwise, you’ll have to spend inordinate amounts of time to support each one of these customers with all the individual marketing and sales that go along with each sale. How much time could be better spent generating new business?

That’s why your local business needs to be able to reach your local prospects. That’s why you need to get your business listed in the local phone books and the free local newspaper.


The first bad news for charities is that community interest is declining and people are getting less social and alive than ever before.

Focusing on –getting the word out” is an old style of management for charities. But it ’s making no difference and charities must change.

The second bad news is that no one interacts with their front door anymore because we are all inside our houses, communicating on the internet.

The third bad news is that charities have been avoiding all the new ways of interacting and being social, because they demand shifts in the way that charities are managed. It’s time for charities to bear the pain of change or die.

Community interest is not declining because of the poor quality of charity services. The state of community is declining because people want to be active in their communities, they are dying to do so, but they cannot.

Before charities embrace the bad news that they are not going to save the world, we need to accept the bad news that real estate door hangers are essential to save the world. Only then can charities get started:

  • be innovative;
  • be simple;
  • get the job done now and not tomorrow;

The 6 Most Effective Door Hangers & Examples from the Pros

These days, a house is only as good as the lead from the front door. At the very least, you know the agent is going to be knocking on that door.

Vicarious Living and Five Star Real Estate are few of the local companies i´ve been able to work with in the past.

In these past years i´ve gained some expertise, and had a successful track record with Vicarious Living.

I am also part owner of Realty One/Five Star Real Estate and also Realty One /Five Star Real Estate llc.

For the past years I have been making top notch deals with the best of the best agents at both of these companies.

It is through these companies that I have met some of the finest agents around. Agents like Victor Oliva, Jose Contreras, & Justin Lee.

I am a referral source to a lot of Agents on the La Jolla area.

My business card reads –Mentor of Desire to Sellers and Buyers.”

This is not the by-product of an hourly kitchen sink. I am a true Leader in Business. And a True Coach.

This is a feat I achieved through hard work, determination, and dedication.

Open House Invitation

You do it anyone you know.

There is a common misconception that everyone does an open house, so if you have noticed, you know how much work it is to prepare the house. It can be extremely difficult to allow others see what you have worked on. However, if they like the style, quality, and price you are asking, they can buy it for you.

But, it is not that simple. The magic is not really about the open house itself. It’s the real estate door hanger that works wonders.

If you have a great marketing strategy, then your open house can do wonders for your house and business. It can create the best of the best perception among visitors. You can curate your real estate door hanger to deliver exactly the message that you and your business want them to get. That’s why you should know about real estate door hanger. Here, it becomes easier to make house an offer on them.

A good house would always sell at a premium value as compared to a run down home. It gets the attention of people who think of premium residences as the only way to enter the property value and location. If you are struggling to sell your house, this could be a hint for him to make a property value.

Just Sold

Just Sold fliers is one of the most out of the box Front Door Marketing ideas that you will ever come across. It is a Front Door Marketing concept that differentiates itself from the rest of the competition. Just Sold is a unique marketing strategy that is perfect for newly-sold homes and the agents that promote it.

Have you ever noticed that on a lot of sales information, there’s the phrase, "sold within 90 days………." Well, this is just an unsubstantiated claim that the Realtor made to try and sell the house, but it is usually untrue.

We Say: Do What's True… Period!

Only true facts matter.

This simple concept is the most important aspect of our Front Door Marketing Service to provide to our Realtors. We apply this concept to all "For Sale" signs, linens, cards, etc., to make sure that people only see real homes and not pre-fabricated representations of them. All our marketing material has a "Just Sold" tag line.

Re-assure your clients that they are the first to "Just Sold!"

Just Sold fliers proves that they’re in fact the first! They also help separate you from the competition.

Just Listed

Just come out your front door and look a ways down the street for the sign on the grass.

And look a ways down the street for the sign on the grass.

Recognize the front doors to the house listed on the "Just Listed" sign?

CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) Offer

The world of Real Estate is a difficult one. A Real Estate Agent has many responsibilities. Where do you even start in the Real Estate Industry?

The recommended process for making successful real estate offers starts first with a lead from a valued source. The best sources are owners of homes for sale, those who are looking to sell or are selling your current home. While Real Estate Professionals know of these facts, what they may not realize is the fact that these people are in front of 20 or more homes PER DAY that they pass on their way to work or school.

Outside the home, they speak with other Realtors, local Chamber of Commerce members, associates of banks, Mortgage Companies, Title Companies, and other business professionals. They may even visit your neighborhood to get a better feel for the City.

These are the people that the Real Estate Professionals need to pursue. These people are more likely to make an offer.

Hot Sheet Marketing – Front Door Marketing

What we have are business professionals that are a large target market.

Offer them the best, and they will make an offer.

All righty then, how do we get our “whale” to view the ad?

We use the following strategy to get the CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) to view the ad.

General Advertisements for Your Services

After the first few months of working in Real Estate as a new Realtor, you’re going to have a different opinion as to what type of advertising will work best. To begin with you are going to have fliers posted around the office to introduce you to the market. Then you are going to have emails, and next you are going to have door hangers. This is the day that you relieve your ceiling of those fliers!


Real estate fliers are a great way to get your name and the services you offer out in front of your potential customers. The fliers can be customized to fit your listings and prices. The general rule of thumb is one flier per room per day.

Door hangers:

Ideally, I like to have my fliers on the doors throughout the week but let’s be honest, this is not always an option. When it comes to continually reaching the market, nothing hits your target market like a door hanger.

If you really want to engage with the potential buyers in your market, then you need to be patience. If you are not patient, then you may not have a following. Door hangers are designed to get your client’s attention and make them take notice.

Personal Messages & Holiday Door Hangers

Front door greetings and holiday letters are welcome greetings for prospective home buyers and sellers. Door greetings can show prospective home buyers that you have taken the time to prepare a professional-looking sign with a personalized message.

There are hundreds of types of greetings and letters you can use. Here are just a few to get you started.

Welcome Letter

The goal of a welcome letter is to wow a prospective home buyer with a personal message and get them to open and read the enclosed brochure. It should start off with a personalized greeting and ask the buyer to read the enclosed brochure. As with all printed marketing materials, it should be created in a professional style and format, which might vary depending on the different types of homes for sale.

Holiday Letter

In the winter, your welcome letter and holiday greeting should remind buyers that you’re still thinking about them and that it’s not too late to schedule an appointment to see your home for sale.

Holiday Greetings

With the holidays just a week or two away, there’s never a bad time to send a holiday greeting to a current or prospective home buyer. Use holiday greetings for the holidays of your choice so that the greetings don’t run together or look exactly the same.

Copy & Design Tips

As a Real Estate Agent, you rely on Door Hangers. Door Hangers were the first method of marketing that was invented as we entered the 20th Century. At first, Real Estate agents made their own door hangers, which not only gave the agents the satisfaction of wearing out a couple of pencils, but also contained some marketing insight from the agent themselves.

Today, door hangers are typically mass-produced and the thought of having a creative approach to marketing is no longer an extra. Now, most agents just add their name to the printed door hangers, and ask the printer to add a copy of their house flyer in the middle of the door hanger. But that’s really not a great idea.

Your Real Estate Agent Is Your Biggest Asset

In almost all real estate markets, your agent is your biggest asset. This makes sense, if you think about it. Your agent has the key to your house and controls whether you sell or not. If you have an agent who is absentee, unengaged, or just does not care about how your house is selling, your house will linger in an overpriced, competitive market. Your agent is your one chance to sell your house, without you trying to sell it yourself, so why send him or her away with an unfireable door hanger?

Real World Door Hanger Example: Patti & Chase Michels

The Michels’ Real Estate business in Chattanooga, TN is naturally very busy, and their Real Estate Online listings and virtual tours keep agents very busy too.

By the end of the day, Patti and Chase started tossing around the idea of making home buyers feel more welcome at showings. Patti is one of the most friendly Realtors in their office and she smiles and greets everyone like they were old friends! So Chase and Patti wanted to find a way to extend that warmth and encouragement to potential home buyers who come to the office for their office hours. One of the first ideas they had was to hand out follow up notes. Patti rummaged through a file cabinet and found real estate door hanger. She made copies of it with the Free Real Estate Marketing Tools logo and they started handing them out to potential home buyers who come to showings. When a prospect sees your logo, they know that you have some free marketing tools available to help them with their Real Estate search and they can feel more confident that you’re a valued partner and a resource for their Real Estate needs.

Here’s Patti’s Real Estate door hanger that she used that has led her to hundreds of new Real Estate clients over the years.

Extras to Include in Your Door Hangers to Increase Response Rates

When you are to create a marketing door hanger, always have an idea in your mind to what lead to the company you are creating a door hanger for.

Then you should always include an option to make a phone call.

This is an easy, classic marketing technique to include, but it will help your potential customers remember you more easily.

You can also include a website or street address.

This will help them review your company’s information easier.

You can include a phone number or e-mail.

This will then help you generate more phone calls in any competitive field.

Your door hanger will definitely grab the attention of your potential customers because of these very helpful and eye catching extras.

When you are to create a marketing door hanger, you should always put some sort of eye catching stickers or designs.

You can then add some type of pictures or images.

You can put your company’s name or logo.

You can put the name and/or logo of the company you are marketing.

You can even put some eye catching colors.

If you put these simple examples from real door hangers, your potential customers will see that you put a lot of effort into your marketing door hanger.


Front door marketing and outreach using door hangers can be applied to real estate specifically to hit your target customers. It can promote open houses and showings, and lead to more closings. One of the best ways to do your Front Door Marketing is to provide you with real estate door hangers.

A Real Estate Door Hanger is a short, informative piece of literature, from which a prospect or client can obtain more detailed information about a property. Front door marketing using a real estate door hanger can be used to promote an open house, priced property or a property you’re just showing to a prospect. It can help you reach out to a target audience, and use real estate front door marketing to promote your business.

They can be used to let a target audience know about the opportunity to see a property, or how to schedule a showing. If you’re in a real estate broker’s position, see them as a call to action…

it’s a call to action, that’s why you put your contact information on the door hanger. It doesn’t matter if your business is an individual broker or a national brokerage.


Start with coupons and referrals and then build it to grow your business. The core of this method is getting your family, friends, and neighbors to trust you first. Once they are the first to trust you, they will send business to you and tell their friends, neighbors and family about you. When they refer you and make a sale, they get a coupon for the referring business. Once you build a client base, you can add coupons and referrals to your sales pitch.

Buy out your competition by cutting off their source of referrals. You don’t have to be affiliated with another company to do this. If your competitor has a front door display, tell the customers that you’re right around the corner. Move in to where they sell. Don’t be overpriced. Be the best or cheaper. Work harder than your competitor. Get in their faces and let them know that you are there to serve them. The choice is theirs.

Get your name out there and start building your business. When a referral program or coupon is involved, the consumer’s wallet really gets opened up. And when you’re able to do it on a shoestring budget, it’s better than a big-budget ad campaign.


For your real estate advertising to be successful, you need to look for the best way to attract the attention of your prospects. Instead of using conventional methods, you should take advantage of those things that work best. Candy caramel leads will surely give you the boost that’s needed.

As a real estate agent, you have to do everything you can to boost your sale. This candy caramel leads provides you with a high quality real estate leads, and they are proven to increase your sales and help you to grow your business.

The Special Cuts of Real Estate Advertising Leads

To achieve your goal, you’re going to need the best leads. Your buyers might not come to your office to look at a home. Your website may be bothering the prospect, so he doesn’t want to visit. He might be a Facebook borrower and not interested in your new listing, especially if you have to pay for social media advertisements.

No matter the cause or reason, you could still get responses. For you to get success, use real estate advertising leads. By using this candy caramel leads, you are guaranteed to get results. While you need a good selling attitude, to have real estate marketing leads is a way of improving your sales.

Can’t Find Your Real Estate Advertising Leads?

If you are looking for real estate advertising leads, you have to choose the right supplier.

Business Cards

Business cards are for people to exchange information and help them maintain both a professional and personal relationship with each other. Business cards are also great marketing tools that allow the receiver to take the contact into their hand and permanently add it to their file. Business cards are an inexpensive form of advertising which can help you set you apart from the competition. As an entrepreneur, you can start out with a small investment and reach your target audience.

You wouldn’t send out a postcard just randomly. When you drop off a pack of business cards, you make a personal contact with the receiver. DROP OFF A PACK OF BUSINESS CARDS AT RESTAURANTS, FARMERS MARKETS AND BUSINESSES AROUND YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD, AND LOOK FOR A COMBINATION OF HUMAN INTEREST AND OWNER INTEREST IN A PERSON’S TRANQUILITY.

Make sure to contact the person of interest to talk to them about their needs, business and interests. Make sure to tailor your card to their preferences. TELL THEM ABOUT THE SERVICES YOU OFFER AND THE PLANNING/CUSTOMIZING OR REVAMPING YOU ARE THINKING OF DOING.

Provide your card and a serious voice: (Leave no doubt that you are not a fly by night business.)

How to Track Responses to Your Door Hangers

Find your percentage of how many contacts respond to you. Here are some tips to get you started.

Door Hangers – They Are Here to Stay

What If I Don't Want to Be a Market Maker?

Before these days, the only way to get in touch that you were interested in selling your home was to place a listing through an agent. And if there was no response from the initial lead, that agent would call the potential client about adding additional homes into the search (if the properties were similar).

Imagine going a several month period with no contact from a potential buyer. And then think about the call that would come in from that (potential) buyer saying they wanted to see it right away, and the seller saying they had just for sale.

Today, it's a more straightforward process; thanks to door hangers. Instead of waiting for a potential buyer to make an initial contact, that property owner can take the initiative and hand deliver these cards to interested viewers.

While the idea might seem scary, by partnering with a company that has the expertise of constructing brandable, effective, and efficient home door hangers, you gain the trust and confidence that your hand delivered leads are actually showing up at a potential buyer's work to view your home.

How Do I Get 20% of the Listing Prices?

What If Someone Doesn't Respond to My Door Hanger?

Landing Pages

Landing Pages – Do's and Don'ts of Setting Up Your Own.

A Landing Page, or Lead Capture Page is a page set up with an unique link, which is specifically aimed at acquiring new leads / visitors to your website.

A Landing Page converts your Visitors into Members.

Often, a landing page covers a specific and limited focus, however some of them might cover a particular product or service.

A landing page, on the other hand, is a page optimized and designed in such a way that it can.

Be fairly quickly understood by visitors, to explain the purpose of the website, or to engage the visitors and encourage them to take immediate action.

The focus of the landing page on lead generation is to capture the visitor’s information, such as their email address, to keep track of their interests and preferences, and to build their relationship with you.

Kindly note that, if you want to use your landing page as a lead generation tool, you should leave your focus on lead generation and ignore the other distractions to lure visitors into the website.

In the current context of the web, landing pages are designed for two main purposes, one of which is the landing page as a lead capturing page and the other is as a landing page as a sales page.


Of leads is an incredibly effective marketing tool. In the past, it was only available to big businesses with big budgets. Today, advertising companies can deliver retargeting for companies of various sizes. The biggest take away from this blog post is that prospective clients passing through the front door of a business do not realize the opportunity that’s being lost.

Are you targeting your inbound new clients with a great marketing strategy but find that they’re not converting? If so, it’s not just the fault of your current website. It’s time to consider the front door as a great advertising opportunity.

While prospecting leads from the phone book, online or through a billboard on the side of the road can lead to success, leads that walk right past your front door are just as valuable. However, people are walking right past them frequently, not realizing the opportunity they’re passing up.

Why would leads walk past the door? It could be because they’re not aware of your business or simply don’t have time to look for it. They arrive at the front door of a business with a purpose in mind and will bypass it if it does not fit that purpose. The likelihood of them walking past the door again is also small, meaning that you have a better chance of reaching them through other methods.

Don’t Give Up! Success Takes Time

Get In Front Of The Door!

One of the most successful door-to-door marketing thoughts is the real estate door hanger.

This marketing campaign tactic is designed to help potential home buyers and real estate agents to promote a property for sale.

The door hanger, also called a real estate flyer, contains a brief history of the property, sales history and other information the real estate agent would like to share with whoever or whomever is on the other side of the door..

Most realtors also include a contact number for the agent or seller so the contact can get in touch with the realtor if they have any additional questions.

The use of the real estate door hanger has been gaining in popularity over the past decade. This is an excellent way to use the property’s features to showcase it’s unique selling points. This type of real estate marketing ploy is an effective method to attract the attention of realtors, potential home buyers, people who are looking to move and other potential property buyers.

Advantages of Door Hangers vs Direct Mail

In my two business ventures, real estate and insurance, we use door hanger marketing as an avenue to acquire more potential business leads. As usual, I’ve produced a video to give you some of my opinions, tips and thoughts on the subject. I have never created a set of business marketing materials for my agents to use in the real estate industry, but I have developed a set of promotional materials for insurance agents.

You will see in the attached link that I’ve designed a set of door hanger marketing pieces to be used by real estate agents towards the end of the campaign. The example featured in my insurance video was produced by a personal property insurance representative. The idea behind this is not to gain additional business by the agent. Rather, it is an opportunity for the agent to develop their marketing repertoire.

By including video and photography to accompany each piece of written material, the agent is giving the viewer a multi-media experience. A limited edition canvas print of the campaign that the agent can personalize with their own information to give to potential clients is also included.

In my video, I show the compilation of direct mail pieces produced by my company to accompany the door hanger marketing pieces. In my example, I included snail mail flyers as well.


And Leads: Investing In Front Door Front Door Marketing

When it comes to real estate, the front door is the first face that potential buyers and clients will see. In fact, studies have found that within the first 72 hours after a home hits the market, 60 percent of the traffic will go through the front door.

Front door marketing can sometimes seem like hiring a valet to park and feed your car and then take you on a ride around town. This is one of the reasons why so many realtors rely on lead generating door hangers to drive clients to their office.

What Is A Front Door Hanger?

A front door hanger is a mini-billboard that is placed on your exterior front entrance. Typically, they are about the size of a pizza box and are made from solid materials like wood, plastic, metal, or even wicker. Some are even wall-mounted.

Just as a full-sized billboard is visible from the street, your front door hanger will be visible from the street, so you should always consider turning your front door hanger into a full-size sign.

It’s important to get your front door hanger professionally installed, so that it’s secured and won’t fall off during the wind and rain.


These door hangers are the perfect fit if you’re looking for something fun, fresh and unique for your real estate marketing.

The novelty door hangers are a great way to start selling real estate in your market. They make it easy to stand out from your competition and generate multiple phone calls in a few hours.

As a real estate open house host, a new affiliate marketer or a real estate agent at a new office, these door hangers make your real estate door-to-door marketing efforts more effective, while adding a fun and unique twist.

The novelty door hangers come in all shapes and colors, and are easy to customize. We have hundreds of different graphics and photos to choose from, so you’re sure to find something that’s right for your market. And with a huge variety of vinyl colors at our disposal, we can create custom look and colors to your liking.

Hand out the novelty real estate door hangers to your family, friends and colleagues to generate multiple phone calls in an hour or two. The custom door hangers are the perfect combination of paper and plastic to fit into all different sized doors, making it a smart choice for real estate marketing.


Sometimes, it impacts on the environment to distribute your real estate door hangers to a wider audience. It will cost you less money and you will be able to reach so many more potential buyers at a lower cost. You will be able to make use of real estate door hangers when you are promoting your business through front door marketing. You do not have to have a front door that has a massive open space for clients to see your door poster. You can actually use them when you are in a small place or you want to put your business ahead. If you are promoting your business to get real estate leads, you can reach out to the people who will be visiting your business office.

Also, when you are using your real estate door hangers effectively, it is important that you are able to get the best possible results. You will be able to get the best out of this technique if you use it in the right way. Your real estate door hangers will only be able to achieve your goals when you come up with the right content to put on them. You can make use of the real estate door hangers for lists of the latest properties available for sale or for listed properties that have finally been foreclosed. You will be able to market yourself effectively when you are using real estate marketing principles.


Opportunity, Location and Measurements.

The leads generated with the Real Estate Door hangers are much different than pop-up or full page prints. The real estate Door hangers go to homeowners, Agent’s, and some of the Real Estate Agent’s for leads.

Supplement Your Direct Mail Efforts

With 12,500 Real Estate Door Hangers – Keep Your Leads Coming In!

Are you in a rush to get your Direct Mail flyers or Yellow Page Ads printed, but you have no immediate time to call all your clients to personally invite them to join your promotion?

If so, consider adding some cheap but effective Real Estate Door Hangers to your marketing mix.

These Real Estate Door Hangers are designed to be inexpensive but highly effective. These are sold in packs of 1,000 or more, so you don’t have to worry about purchasing a dozen of them to send out.

These flyers are designed to direct your leads to your real estate website, which is what you really want.

These Real Estate Door Hangers are great for promoting a Real Estate Open House, an Early Sales Event, or another way to attract your potential buyers.

The good news is, these Door Hangers can be customized so you can promote whatever it is you’re selling – whether it’s your own real estate listing, an actual house, or something else – at no extra charge.

33 Touches?

Or 130!?

I’ve discussed 3 ways for real estate agents to get leads (or lots of leads) fast. They are a little bit, different. The strategies that worked best for me (and my clients) were: (1) the Front Door Marketing s