25 Real Estate Domain Name Ideas & Examples

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Be Playful With Your Domain Name: Nestseekers.com

Highlight Your Unique Company Position: AgentHeroRealty.com

A perfect domain to show off a real estate company that focuses on realtor assistants. The company is AgentHeroRealty and the website is extremely helpful and educational for their customers.

An agenthero is a real estate agent that has been through an intensive training program that makes them qualified to perform a whole host of tasks. It’s all spelled out on the site and the fact that agentshero has a nice ring to it just does it for me.

Use Alliteration: TheDuplexDoctors.com

We’ve all heard the term ‘duplex’ used in the real estate industry. ‘Duplex’ is short for the name of the property, which is usually written as ‘the duplex’. However, none the less, a ‘Duplex Doctors’ site name may not be immediately apparent. Potential customers may have no idea what kind of site they’re on just by reading the title. However, when they read the tagline below that states, ‘You need a doctor, you need a real estate agent!’, they should realize this is not your average site.

Use Local References: PeachtreeRealtyGroup.com

Neighborhoods are fairly easy to define. But what about neighborhoods that are located north and east of Atlanta. Peachtree Country. Peachtree City. Peachtree Hills. Peachtree in Atlanta authorizes all of these names. They would include the neighborhoods with high-profile homes including those with a sign of the Peachtree, a street lined with trees such as Peachtree Mews, and other subdivisions featuring lots of Peachtrees.

Play on Words: HausStPete.com

So you think you’re really, really clever and have a great batch of real estate domain ideas you think are going to knock your socks off? Well, before you start, you’re going to run into the problem of “orphan” domains.

What exactly is an orphan domain? It’s a domain name that’s not typed in a lot yet, so it’s still fresh. It’s not easy to find and purchase these domains, since they’re usually quite expensive, so I don’t recommend trying to purchase these. You’ll just be wasting your time.

Instead, what you should do is pick out a few “orphan” domain names you think will be good for your business, and then start working on a few marketing tactics that will make people type those domains into their browsers.

If you’re not sure where to start, here are a few ideas for you to examine.

Entertain Me

Use a Literal Description: BrickandMortar.com

Try an Adjective: DependableHomebuyers.com

Imagine people are already looking for reliable homebuyers, and they’ve found your site and are happy to get advice, ask questions, and find homes in homes in your area. This is a great example of how you could use a great keyword alongside a niche.

It’s also a good thing to think about people who would search for homebuyers who could be the most reliable.

If you can find a word that’s descriptive, super specific, and very targeted to the most interested people, you’re on to a winner.

This keyword is a good choice for a Series D of a company – a down round. There is no guarantee your desired homebuyers will find you in search, and you will probably get less traffic. But based on what you’ve learned from earlier keywords, this is a good idea.

Supremely specific niche keywords match the users’ desires and have great conversion rates – especially if you are above the results on the search engines.

Remember, you can make up to 30% more profit off of your AdWords Keywords than non-specific keywords.

To test the precision of this keyword, try it yourself. With a few small tweaks, you can be sure to have a successful keyword.

Include Common Search Terms: LuxurySoCalRealty.com

Use a combination of keywords, such as condition, location, and square footage. Also, use alliterations and let your title speak for itself.

You can also use SEO (search engine optimization) techniques on your company name that will drive more traffic to your main website, which you can list on an alliteration or a word that will also increase keyword searching for your company.

Evoke an Image of Hospitality: PorchLightGroup.com

Boardandpark is a clean, attractive and easy to remember domain name. It isn’t for a multifamily real estate company or for an online retailer of games, or anything like that. Boardandpark is not intimidating or complicated, but it is casual and used by people from all walks of life.

Imagine the point of being your own boss. You can be your own boss in everything you do, so why stop at your business?

And now imagine that your name is Boardandpark.

Your business, your domain, your street address, your reception card or your email correspondence would all clearly show that you are the owner of a business that specializes in lease sales and rentals of real estate space.

If you looked in the dictionary at the definition of a land lease business, both the main entry and the sub-entry would have the word "Boardandpark" somewhere in there. But it would be right before the definition of a balance sheet.

Consider Nontraditional Spellings: 4salemarco.com

Reference Luxury: PlatinumPropertiesNYC.com

PlatinumProperties NYC is a luxury real estate agency based in Manhattan and designed solely for the needs of high-net-worth New Yorkers and those looking for homes in the metropolitan area.

PlatinumProperties encompasses a variety of real estate services, including sales, leasing, mortgages, and rentals. It has luxury listings in concert with brokers such as Lior Burstein, Dara Katsnelson, and Eugene Moisa, who have years of experience in the industry. This generated a substantial amount of traffic to the domain for those looking at luxury homes in New York City.

"Referencing a luxury domain for the local New York City market is one of the benefits we provide to our clients. Our PlatinumProperties NYC account has been one of the most successful that we’ve had, and our team members are constantly looking for ways to drive traffic to it because it’s clearly a highly desirable property," said Patty Avery, PlatinumProperties director of digital media.

So a good mix of benefits to namechecking PlatinumProperties NYC makes this a great pro-level domain. More importantly, though, this markup perfectly expresses what the target audience is looking for. This makes PlatinumProperties NYC a great name for professionals marketing luxury properties.

Let Your Domain Name Guide Visitors: Compass.com

Put Your Value Proposition Front & Center: HawaiiLife.com

Before you even contemplate investing in real estate, you have to answer the question: ‘What are my real estate goals?’ Put them in words that can transcend the physical acts of buying, selling, renovating, and living. The goal is to make your home a reflection of your values. Are you looking to buy a retreat you can escape to or grow into a retirement home? How soon do you want to settle down? Are you in it long-term, or will you buy, renovate, and sell quickly by selling it to your offspring?

You want to find as close to your personal goals as possible, and above all, it should make you feel good. After all, once a house is bought and found to be a financial white elephant, you will want to be rid of it as quickly as possible. Make sure your goals have a specific time frame and that you know what kind of house you need. Otherwise, you might end up in any old house.

Let Your Name Be Your Brand: TheJills.com

One of the best parts of owning a property is having a property name. And that’s why it’s always good to have a memorable property name that can be the brand name for your property. If your property name is memorable and makes people want to look at your property, then you’re sure to get high traffic rate.

When you have a property name that has great meaning, then you are most likely to own the property for a longer period of time. And this is one of the main reasons people spend so much money in property name registration. If you can, come up with a catchy property name that can reflect your property’s value.

Brand Yourself as the Best: BestAgentsinTX.com

Every new brokerage is looking to send a message to potential clients that they are professional, reliable and that they stand out above the rest. For upstart realtors, this could mean choosing a domain name that leaves an impression on potential buyers. For charting a competitive path to success, you could name your brokerage after a specific city.

Likewise, if you’re in a more established market, an already popular local city name could spell the difference for the success of your real estate agency and why people choose it over the competition. Choosing a name that is recognized and easiest to remember is the best layout for your brand.

When you think about becoming a licensed realtor, your choice of real estate brokerage name is an important part of the overall setup and branding of your agency.

How to Make a Home More Sellable

Unwittingly, you may be making the home less homelike for potential buyers by customizing it and ignoring the suggestions in the home’s windows. Certain areas of your home do not need major adjustments, such as accessories and items that could affect your selling price, and others are small in comparison. It shouldn’t take long to do so, and you will have a better chance of making the home sellable if you make changes considerately.

Use Your Exact Business Name: HomesandVillasAbroad.com

Here is the best all-around option for a domain name: <your business name>.com.

Evoke an Emotion: BeHappyRenting.com

Lead With Your Niche: Equinehomes.com

Use an Action Word: GoSherlockHomes.com

Be Clear & Direct: VosburghandVosburgh.com

Domain names should be easy to remember and easy to spell. Even if people won’t realize the exact meaning of your domain name, they will recognize it. In other words, a domain name should be clear and direct, just like you.

Keep It Short With a Different Domain Extension: Zolo.ca

Zolo.ca is a real estate brokerage firm located in Montreal, Quebec. They carry out everything from real estate appraisals through the sales process: free market appraisals, home inspections, price estimates, real estate transactions, sales presentations, and more.

Though Zolo.ca is a Canadian brokerage, it has a fully functional real estate website for North America. And they’ve done a great job shaping their domain as a real estate brokerage site – not as a brand site or a branded site. The domain name matches the market and industry perfectly and is short enough to be clearly understood.

If you’re looking to establish your brand or establish it as a brand, there’s no better place to begin than with a domain extension (e.g., .com, .net, .ca, etc.) that matches your industry. But what if your industry isn’t listed and you want to register a domain extension anyway? Here’s a helpful rule: if you’re trying to create an industry-specific site, look for a domain extension that is different from (e.g., .i) the industry-specific one that you’re trying to establish.

Build on the Back of a Legend: Atlasrep.com

Many of the best ever domain names are taken but are still available for registration. One of them is Atlas Rep where Atlas is a legend itself and rep stands for residential property.

The concept of this domain name is to build on the back of the reputation of the Atlas Rep trusted real estate agent name. This is an excellent concept as it will provide a niche for the domain name that is very easy to convey.

This is why people are thinking about investing in Atlas Property and getting the profits from the registration revenue. But buying the name directly is going to be tough.

Building on the back of the Atlas Registered trademark property agent name, Atlas Rep, is an efficient way to go. All you have to do is to register the domain name and advertise via social media, your website and any websites or publications that you use to sell the real estate properties.

When people visit your sites and see the name Atlas Property, they will immediately think about the product or business that you provide and the value that it has for them.

While we are building on the Atlas Rep name and reputation, it will be very easy for you to replicate the marketing and advertising strategies that you will use for the Atlas Real Estate agency.

Explain What You Do: HeartlandBuysHouses.com

Heartland Buys Houses is a company that purchases houses in a particular location using the title companies and the listing brokers. We’re buying and fixing up houses to sell them. We’re also buying foreclosed properties with escrow. So what we’re doing is buying houses, then either fixing them up or listing them for sale.

Be Consistent: TheLeonardSteinbergTeam.com

The name on the real estate market… The Leonard Steinberg Team.

The Bottom Line: Choosing a Real Estate Domain Name

The availability of easy-to-remember, distinctive domain names is long gone. These days, your competitors are vying for the best domain name(s) to drive traffic to their websites and to outdo you. Why settle for a real estate domain name that might have multiple meanings when you can have the most memorable?

All real estate domain name ideas are first-rate. There are lots of clever real estate domain name ideas and examples to choose from. Some of them are commercially registered and for sale. Others are available under free domain name registrations. But the most attractive real estate domain names are for sale.