28 Real Estate Business Cards We Love

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Top 28 Real Estate Business Cards We Love

Here’s our list of the top 28 real estate business cards we love along with some brief descriptions of what makes them great.

The Bungalow Group

Colors: black and white

Layout: a bit busy with colors and this design features a little more information than most on this list. Among what data is listed, it’s the most information we’ve seen on a business card.

Serendipity Real Estate

Colors: black, white, red

Layout: Done in a single color, it’s got a lot of nice typography and while not too busy, it still feels right.

Catalyst Real Estate Solutions

Colors: yellow, white, blue, green

Layout: one of the better looking cards on this list, it’s clean and simple.

Feel Real Estate

Colors: blue, white, red, green

Layout: a bit busy with lots of typography, but it’s a nice design that features some of the best looking and best formatted photos you can find on a business card.

Crackshell Real Estate

Colors: yellow and orange with yellow accents.

Mercer Vine

If space allows, prioritize the space on your brochure being used by the logo. That said, don't use too much space to ensure that the logo isn't too obtrusive.

I use less room for branding than most designers, but I've found that it definitely makes a difference in aesthetics.

Unless you have access to a ColorMunki, you won't be able to get accurate colors for your logo, so do what you can to make the logo appealing.

Climb Real Estate


Bond St. Partners

Bond St. Partners is one of the best real estate signage companies. We love how clean and classy they are and how each sign communicates a lot of information to the potential buyer.

The company is based in Atlanta, Georgia. Their motto is ”because Atlanta is our home.” And we can tell.


Compass Real Estate is a boutique real estate agency that offers professional, experienced and patient real estate advice. Founded by owners Jason Karpa and Kyle Hooley, Compass has concentrated on developing and originating luxury residential and commercial properties in the Seattle neighborhood known as Fremont, a central Seattle area that is becoming one of the most affluent and stylish in all of the U.S. With a focus on Fremont’s premier cities, including the Fremont Bridge, Portland Avenue, and the Cedar River, Compass manages a team of local experts that are dedicated to maintaining the highest ranking for the best value in place selection and sales in the industry.

In 2009, Compass Real Estate took a bold step into the real estate field and developed a brand that conveys integrity, design, and quality. Their real estate cards are the embodiment of this ambitious step. They stayed true to the design and brand while using a smart textured background that acts as an illustration of the road off the bridge inked on at the bottom. The card is layered with a subtle pattern that brings elements of the photography back into the forefront to reveal a contrast of light and texture that is complimentary to the photographs elements.

Sereno Group Real Estate

Hilton & Hyland Christie’s

Hilton & Hyland’s luxury real estate advisors specialize in the Virginia and Washington, D.C. markets. Their real estate business cards are no exception. They are handcrafted paper business cards that showcase precisely what they do best … sell and purchase luxury property.

The information on the card is minimal but essential. Real estate agents often forget to put their name, email, and contact information on business cards as they are so busy talking to clients. This is a great reminder of what their business actually is all about and where they can be reached. The card does a great job of setting their expertise apart from just one in real estate.

Philly Living Team at Keller Williams

We love how they combine the convenience of online marketing with the personal touch that traditional, one-on-one marketing affords. Through Philly Living’s real estate marketing, business owners get both new leads and new customers.

This ain’t your old school real estate agent with business cards. This is an online-only marketing platform that draws people in by curating beautiful photo albums and events for users to browse. Once they’re there, they’re more likely to open their wallets and make a purchase.

Plus, there’s no retail real estate to pay, which means that the team is working this summer with the same energy and drive that they would if they were still actively selling in the office.

Plus, with Philly Living’s one-on-one real estate marketing, business owners are more likely to make the move. That’s because there’s no plan to stress about. Philly Living saves you from that. Their tools, online marketing, and lead generation make it simple to get a great listing and a contract.

Be a part of Philly Living’s team! Click here to get their contact information.

L’Atelier Miami Beach

Tirelli & Partners

Lee Mintz

| Principal, Compass Consulting.

He founded Lee Mintz. Compass Consulting, in 1998. Based in South Florida, Compass Consulting helps companies, large and small, access the connected market as well as new revenue streams. In addition, Compass Consulting helps companies create a high-performance culture.

He earned a B.A. in economics from Emory University and has completed post-graduate work in Organizational Behavior at Columbia Business School. He is an “effective leader,” “risk taker,” “a doer,” and is a “learning machine.” Lee has been named to the 2010 Texas BNI 30 (Business Networking International) under 30, has won two consecutive Bronze Business Achievement Awards from Advantage Business magazine, and has won two Bronze and two Silver Business Achievement Awards from the Florida-City Business Development Association (FCBDA). Lee has won three Grassroots Marketing Associations’ web-site awards and four Gold Web Awards from the Metro West Chamber. He has been named a Top Forty Under 40, a Top 100 Young Entrepreneur, and a Leader of Tomorrow from the Metro West Chamber and the Marietta Business Journal. He was named to the Top 40 under 40 for his work with his own company.

His expertise is advancing new business opportunities and the use of the Internet of Things (IoT) in the Industrial IoT (IIoT).

Katie Tyler Luxury Real Estate

Katie is a very talented designer and when she realized she was stuck in a job she didn’t like, she turned her passion for design into a real-life career.

Most people would not think this is sustainable. Katie is determined to prove them wrong. Her 28 different properties over time are the proof.

Katie has a portfolio of vintage homes without renovations dating back to 1880’s. This is right up my alley, and I love it when I’m not only taken back in time but I can also learn from the past.

Katie’s message is to not settle for something that you don’t love and will always regret. Creative course corrections will help you figure out the thing you were meant to do. If you consistently work towards the things you love, don’t be surprised when you achieve success of your own.

Katie is part of a group called "Dreamers Who Dare," which consists of "repreneurs who think differently and see opportunity where others do not. "

The secret ingredient that they’ve all got in common? Faith. They all believe. They believe that it is possible to achieve what they set their minds to, and they stay focused on building a better life for themselves and their families.

Asha McDowell

Jon Gilman

Owner of American Freethought Real Estate.

Jon Gilman is a Realtor specializing in marketing nontraditional, i.e., atheist, homes. Would a non-theist move into an atheist space? An important question for Americans because only 0.7% say they are non-religious (20% say they are "unaffiliated"). Jon seeks to make atheist homes available to potential buyers of all types.

Jon is a market-shooter in the tradition of the thirties real estate marketeer: "Make the deal. Sell the house. Move on to the next deal." While he doesn't proposition everyone, he does find places so offer his clients tie the buyer to a purchase and find buyers for atheist homes. He's found himself on the other side of the marketing. Along with his business partner, Jerry DeWitt, he's the creator of a video series called "Branded Heretics in Advertising Land" found on his blog, American Freethought Real Estate, as well as the host of a podcast called "Freethought Media Network".

See Jon's webpage.

Pacific Luxury Group

Pacific Luxury Group is a group of luxury real estate analysts serving clients throughout San Diego, Orange, Riverside, and Los Angeles Counties. We specialize in everything from new construction to rehabilitation, single-family homes to multi-family, new home construction to new home buyers’ marketing, and sale and profit real estate. We also specialize in investment and venture capital real estate in San Diego County and Los Angeles County.

We specialize in the luxury market because we have the ability and pricing for buyers looking to enjoy an unobstructed view, or for investors wanting the highest returns on their investment.

Whether it’s a single-family home, duplex, triplex, fourplex, or apartment home, we give you what you want. You want a view; we got you covered. You want an amenities or a pool; whatever you need, we can do.

We understand that every customer is different, and is looking for their needs to be met. Our team is made up of some of the best in the business … and we’re here to help make your dreams happen. Our goal is to make you a success.

In addition, we also offer a personal concierge service that partners with popular luxury upgrades throughout the region to make your home more attractive to potential buyers.

Daniel Sanchez

Lemarie offers this design:

Lounge/nightclub style. With the use of two contrasting colors, emphasized typography, and the almost –gigantic” size of the type, this business card stands apart. A nice callback to classic theater design.

The Fauver Group at Keller Williams

Sarah Marsal

I am a realtor in Madison, Florida, and my real estate business cards feature a picture