Top 36 Real Estate Brochure Templates to Impress Your Clients

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Real Estate Listing Bifold Brochure by ProspectsPLUS!

Real Estate Listing Trifold Property Pamphlet by ProspectsPLUS!

Brochures are a necessary but effective way to market your listing property. Brochures are an efficient way to showcase your listing property and to introduce it to buyers as they search for properties to buy in your location. Brochures are especially useful if you have a property that is a bit different from the norm, wanting to market it as a unique location for buyers to enjoy. In this case, you can create your own custom brochures to sell your unique land or home. Brochures are also a good method of differentiation to aid in the sale of substandard properties. In these cases, a separate brochure can highlight areas of the house that may not be up to expectations to sway would-be home buyers into a different direction.

Minimalist Real Estate Trifold Brochure by Canva

Canva does it again with their spin on the classic real estate trifold brochure. This is one of the best real estate trifold brochure templates they’ve created, and it’s no surprise why. We love the clean layout, with the images and callout boxes perfectly spaced for maximum legibility. The trifold brochure template also includes a second smaller version of it, with a tighter, more condensed layout.

If you’re making your real estate trifold brochure on Canva with the single-image layout, you’ll still be able to use this template for the home page. It’s an excellent fit for any real estate agency, including your own. If you want to use it for the home page, just add your business info on the first slide, and the other slides will automatically adjust to give you the necessary page length.

Trifold Mailer by Canva

If your office deals with marketing and advertisements, then you can certainly use a brochure in your marketing mix to advertise your real estate agency. It is actually one of the top marketing instruments used to promote real estate products, especially in some of the leading real estate markets. Coming up with a good brochure is always a challenge for real estate Brokers, however, with some well thought-out tips and some tools to help you design an effective brochure, you can certainly benefit from using a brochure to showcase your real estate business.

This article takes a closer look at a few case studies wherein a brochure was used to help steer the business of a real estate agency. Sales professionals can also benefit from the brochure designs showcased here.

Most of these real estate brochures showcase the exterior aspect of the real estate business to the potential client. However, it is important to note that when approaching a new business, employers can always opt to make a property tour a part of the formal advertisement of their business. To take care of a potential client’s housing needs, they can also agree to take the potential client on a tour of their possible housing options.

Tranquil Real Estate Trifold Brochure by Canva

Milford Real Estate Brochure by Canva

If there was ever an end to real estate brochure design, it has not been seen as a lot of effort is required to produce a quality, professional brochure. Here are 36 real estate brochure templates that will guide you in designing a real estate brochure that will reflect your site theme and look professional.

Vintage Real Estate Brochure

Are You Pre-Qualified?

Avenues Bifold Brochure by Lucidpress

Avenues Bifold Brochure is a great brochure template to design brochures or business cards for real estate companies. In this handy template, you can present your clients with great images of properties or features, as well as unique content. The cover is a made up of photos of the properties in your portfolio. When clients see the stunning images, they will be more interested in looking through your pages. To add more to the cover, you can also add text and company info such as the address, phone number and the website.

Although Avenues Bifold Brochure has a detailed structure, you can easily edit it to your needs. You can add or remove pages easily. However, if you do decide to remove one of the pages, do not remove the cover image or else the client who saw it at the entrance will not want to look into the brochure.

To make a good impression on your clients, use good images. It is expected that you have provided quality images in your brochure. However, as a guideline, you should try to use at least three clear, high resolution images per page.

Residential Real Estate Trifold by Lucidpress

This Lucidpress Real Estate Trifold comes with three different layouts (a cover, a front and a back) and one full page. The full page has 23mm bleed. The cover has a 6cm bleed. There is a black background in the cover. In the back cover you can include any information you would like to share on the cover that is relevant for the product.

Contempo Modern Trifold Brochure by Lucidpress

Contempo is professional real estate agent, open since 2009. Its designer, Waddel Curran, was looking for a modern, engaging mock-up to showcase the wealth of possibilities in this popular real estate niche.

To ensure the brochure was attention-grabbing, Curran evoked the look and feel of the high-end properties for sale by local realtors. The typeface and colors are soothing, and the photography is high-resolution and large to draw the eye directly to the gorgeous layouts.

The brochure’s mock-up is clean, sharp and modern. The photography complements the design well, and the color scheme is consistent with the modern aesthetic. The paper is sturdy and uses a double-slit grid for added elegance. …

The brochure’s design is simple and attractive. The colors are subdued yet inviting, and the typography and photos are of high quality and use plenty of contrast to draw attention to the content.

This real estate brochure template is a great example of how attention to real estate specifics can make a brochure really pop.

When you use a fully customizable template from Lucidpress, you can easily adjust the complex visual elements and typefaces so they match your client’s tastes.

Commercial Real Estate Trifold by Lucidpress

If you own or manage an office, retail, or residential property for the purpose of renting, you will most certainly be in the real estate business. Far too many real estate agents out there lack professionalism, and while some of them have good intentions, they aren’t even sure what a real estate business entails or what to do with their clients.

Lucidpress, the industry leader in creating visually stunning slideshows, has created this Commercial Real Estate Trifold to help your clients get a better understanding of your agency’s services.

Inside this product, you’ll find the following:

36 different real estate brochures. Each brochure is a combination of a trifold and a regular brochure, combining the convenience of the latter with the style of the former.

PROFESSIONAL LAYOUT: Each trifold has a professional layout, with a clear focus on the real estate business. The entire layout has been sorted to get to the content you always want to show first, right away.

FEATURES: Presenting the properties in a variety of ways will not only showcase your abilities, but will also make your clients feel impressed and impressed.

Trifold Brochure-Real Estate by SMMR

Real Estate is one of the most popular forms of investment available in the market today. There are also several real estate brochures templates available online but you have to design them yourself and make it happen.

Real estate brochures templates have the potential to increase your conversion rate and increase the sale of your property.

Real Estate Brochure by Demorfoza

Real estate brochures are a staple of selling real estate. Whether it’s the original stapled pad, the spiral-bound, reproducible Real Estate Sheet, or the standard color-printed, pre-made Real Estate Pads, real estate brochures are an important sales tool.

With the multitude of options out there, how can you pick the brochure that will fit your marketing efforts the best?

How do you know your audience best?

Are you setting up your own real estate company that you want to make a point of honing in on a particular type of buyer?

Are you just looking to target your real estate clients?

Are you trying to reach people who have online access?

Are you looking for something that is easy to print?

Over the years, many creative ideas have popped up to produce high-quality, professional brochures. In today’s post, we’ll cover some of the best real estate brochure examples out there, including different brochure dimensions and size options. Beyond the sample real estate brochures we will also share some of the best real estate brochure templates that you can download for free.

You can see our selection of real estate brochure examples here:

Real Estate Brochure Samples and Templates

Real Estate Services Bifold by OWPictures

Property Sale Trifold Brochure by Jany Sultana

This property sale brochure has a two-page layout that incorporates various real estate and property sale related elements to create an attractive and comprehensive business document.

This brochure template has a clean and elegant two-column layout, which is structured with two major sections – the first section is a property layout with three photos of the property, while the second section is a property sale section with the property’s sale details, a map sketch, and a total square footage price lists. Also, a contact information box sits in the bottom right corner of the page.

This template employs a stock photo image in the property layout. This image is free for use and has been resized to 108×72 pixels and is available to download as a full JPG file.

The brochure has two different styles of pricing lists. You can pick one of the two styles using the color box placed under the templates’ properties layout.

Aside from its simple and clean two-column layout, this template is also enhanced with various property and real estate related elements. You can find a property reference, a property map sketch, and three photos of the property as displayed in this brochure template.

A property reference is a blue text box placed below the property photo. This text box is easy to customize using a text tool, and it can be quickly formatted to fit within the designated space.

Living Real Estate Trifold by Kineticink

This real estate brochure template is a beautiful digital template that will impress your clients. This is a living document that changes with the seasons, and now you can have your brochure follow the seasons as well. Easily update your brochure to reflect the latest data and information in your market area. And thanks to this template’s upload template functionality, you can easily change your data with just a few clicks.

The template has all of the info you need to sell your properties through your website, and because it’s digital, you can easily create clean documents without spending a lot of time on printing and binding.

In the real estate industry, your brochures are your biggest tool to keep your clients well informed, and this template delivers all the information they need.

This template is easily customizable and, thanks to the Smart Media Library, it’s also easy to modify. Simply choose from a selection of ready-made layouts or start from scratch and create something unique.

The template features three letter formats that can be used for the address, last name and first name. Also, you can easily choose a font and color for your text.

This is a set of 36 real estate brochures. The images are included as Photoshop source files and EPS print ready files. Each brochure has a differently designed cover page and a different inside page.

Real Estate Trifold Brochure V2 by Kinzi21

Why you need Real Estate Trifold Brochure V2?

If you are doing real estate promotion, you need some great formats. It can be an advert or a brochure and highlight your home.[ ]

In this brochure, you will find Real Estate Trifold Brochure V2. It has a transparent cover page with and well organized content.

You may use it for multi purpose like Real Estate Brochure, Home Building brochure, Estimate, Real Estate Flyer, etc.

Just check some of the following features:

High Resolution printable versions.

Size – at least 8 6/10″ x 11″.

128 Margins with bleeds.

CMYK color mode and 300 dpi resolution.

Easy text editing.

Layered PSD format.

Free fonts.

Easy navigation.

Printble in US letter, A4, A5, A6.

Vector shapes.

Free download.

Free fonts.

PNG logo file.

Infinity space bars.

Grid system.

Flexible papers.

Table of content.

Fonts used in the designs are listed after download form under the ‘Fonts’ section.

Real Estate Trifold Brochure V2

Real Estate Brochure by Themexone

These Real Estate brochure templates are for Photoshop and InDesign users and allow you to convert them to any major brochure software.

You will have access to the cover, body, and back matter of the brochure and any elements specific to your project.

This deal is for a single user license and may not be used on a commercial or team level.

Those from Themexone are high-quality brochure layouts for professionals in the real estate industry.

These brochures are designed by industry expert and real estate broker, Mike Nelson.


The cover includes an optional logo, company title and contact information on the left side.

This is the most important part of your brochure because it is where your client will see your logo and contact information.

If this element is lacking, your client will just glance at the cover and walk away.

The cover has no bleed and is for printing only.


The brochure template body carries the evolution of the real estate industry with the ability to extend on multiple pages, it is user-friendly and easy to customize. The body of the brochure can be used for any commercial home brokerage office.


The footer contains additional information. Due to the use of print-ready templates it is not necessary for you to build this element.

Trifold Real Estate Brochure by Themexone

Real Estate Brochure by

Italian Real Estate Brochure by Themexone

Real Estate Brochure by TAg.graphic

Real Estate Agent Brochure Template by MyCreativeShop

The Real Estate Agency Business is the best one that every person who wants to have a career as an agent should intentionally choose. It is ideal for all those who want to have a career as a planer and developer of the property for an individual or a group of people. However, it takes a lot of effort and dedication, although the income is sure and high in return. But due to the work pressure and much responsibility, they always worried about their clients and they are not healthy enough to serve. T

Herefore, what can help them in this case?

The Real Estate Brochure gives them an idea about the work of the real estate agent so that your work may be easy; it also gives you professional in front of the people. Additionally, the brochure makes all people realize about the size of your real estate agency and tells them that the estate’s property is of high quality and value and the price is reasonable.

The B2B templates are designed for real estate agency in order to present the services of the company for their clients. It is the best look of the brochure which characterizes the best qualities of their pictures, colors and the site. When people see the brochure, they feel so attractive and they are willing to come for a view of their property and their business.

Thus, the real estate agency can effectively use the B2B templates for better presentation of their business.

Business Trifold Brochure by Mikinger

Real Estate Brochure by Miyaji75

This is a beautiful Real Estate Brochure created by Miyaji75. It features a nice color scheme and a layout that looks fantastic.

Real Estate Landscape Brochure by 3work

Art is a Landscape Brochure Template which easy to edit and made in SVG file format. Among other sizes, you can also take a look at Real Estate Portfolio Brochure, Home Brochure, Service Brochure, and Store Brochure for more choices.

This template has a nice and clean layout with a modern look. It follows a 16 pages of layout that is really convenient for your real estate copy. All the content is an easy to edit Smart Object. You can insert your image, video, text or other effects with one click and change the color of it easily. The background for this template is made of 12 different textures that are illustrated by photo realistic surrounding. The design is well organised to make your job easier. You can place your content perfectly while making the design looks organised. This template can be used with real estate agency, real estate agent, real estate agent, real estate broker, real estate trader, real estate professionals, real estate sale, real estate agent, real estate broker, real estate agent, real estate service, real estate lawyer, real estate services, real estate companies, real estate consultant, real estate company, real estate firms, real estate brand, real estate companies, real estate firms, real estate agency, real estate business, real estate agency, real estate firm, real estate partners, real estate developer, real estate brokerage, real estate website, etc.

Real Estate Square Trifold Brochure by ZAAS

Real estate brokers are always looking for new ways to promote themselves. So they can either make their own brochure or hire an online form designer to do the job for them. Usually, they prefer to make their own brochure.

However, some brokers consider getting the best brochure templates to be a tedious process since there’s a need to search for the right the template on the web.

Well, it’s time to put a stop to all your woes as we’ve compiled a list of the best Real Estate brochure templates available on the web. Have a look and you’ll be able to create the perfect brochure.

Origami Real Estate Catalog by Kahuna Design

Origami Real Estate Catalog Template 1 with 8 pages doesn’t necessarily look like an origami. But this template is great for real estate brokers who need a professional, though inspiring and inspiring, direct mail printing. The template may contain a beautiful photos of the houses, breathtaking landscapes, simple-yet-effective typography and a lot more. The whole template is made of various shapes that have been folded and then stacked.

How to use Origami Real Estate Template? The template is designing with A4 format. The template has 8 pages, 4 pages are dedicated for real estate description such as living, dining, storage, etc. The templates are using dark gray as a color that will match a dark dark color background.

The template is designed by simplicity. This template has no special effects, but the template is suitable for any real estate descriptions. The template is suitable for any type of real estate description. The template designed and made by using Photoshop.

Luxury Real Estate Brochure by R_evensen

Real estate is the most expensive business to start, run and manage. With it, however, you are looking at the safest investment. As such, a brochure of your property, as well as its location should be the introduction that you will use for when you begin selling your properties.

If you have any doubt that we are not mistaken about of the fact that you need those, you need a well-designed real estate brochure to sell properties.

A good brochure is something that is warm, effective, professional and should help you sell your homes at obscene prices. You know very well that there are many developers and marketing managers that have not understood the importance of a good brochure.

When it comes to real estate brochures, all those factors are very important. When you want to make a good impression on your potential buyer, a professional, memorable brochure will surely help you achieve that.

There are a lot of brochure examples but I will mention only a few of them.

The professional real estate brochure by Real Estate Marketing Group

The brochure provides a lot of information about the above mentioned topics regarding the real estate marketing. Among the other things, it contains a lot of useful information about the neighborhood, the building, schools, plans, etc. The rest of the material is full of great content and a well-made layout.

Architecture Brochure by Kreatype

Real estate agents always have one of the toughest jobs when it comes to doing business. With the high rents and the fierce competition, it’s important to get your message across to your target audience.

That’s why it’s a good idea to invest in professional brochure templates … the kind of templates that will make you stand out from the rest of your colleagues and make your business more productive. And that’s exactly what we have for you today. Check out the sample so you’ll know exactly what we mean.

Meet the Designer

Kreatype is a website that contains free design templates. It covers a wide range of industries including real estate, architects, hotels, restaurants, auto dealerships and more.

You can find the templates and other similar resources in Adobe Illustrator format and can use them to design a brochure for your real estate business. You can customize them as you see fit and use them in various marketing campaigns.

Real Estate Bundle Pack by Kaent

Discover how you can reach your local real estate market across the globe and find your dream home or lots of homes!

Here is a collection of 36 Realtor, Condo Brochures Templates that are ready to use!

Click Here to Download the Real Estate Bundle Pack by Kaenteal

This Realtor/Home Vendor/Realtor and Real Estate brochures pack includes:

  • 36 Realtor/Home Vendor/Realtor/Real Estate brochures in both Print and HTML
  • PSD/InDesign/Publisher templates

Here are the 36 sample brochures you’ll be able to download from this bundle pack:

The information included in this post was originally published on Kaenteal’s Blog. Kaenteal Creative is an on-demand graphic design and illustration company that also offers publishing services “ All Rights Reserved.

Interior Design Brochure Catalog by GiantDesign

Looking for a brochure template that beautifully presents your gorgeous residence? Look no further than our brochure templates. We have a catalog of unique brochure templates that are suitable for all types of real estate agents. You will be able to customize the stock photos of each property as well as the call-out titles for each property. You can even add unlimited images for each property as well.

Our brochure templates are designed to allow the realtor to showcase their gorgeous listings. You can enhance your sales by including a social media backdrop for each property. You can also integrate the homes website link so you can easily zero in on your leads.

To customize the photos of a specific property, simply drag and drop each property and choose the stock photos option. You can also add your own pictures for each property. You will be able to customize the call-out titles for each property as well. You can add major features of each property in the call-out titles for maximum impact.

To make brochure printing easier, your brochure templates come with PDF and JPEG files. Whether you are printing it from Adobe or you use a third-party software, you will be able to print it out easily.

We provide licensed and original commercial and personal use templates. All of these brochure templates can serve as a fantastic way to draw in new clients and also help reach current clients.

Interior Design Brochure Template by Tontuz

The interior design marketplace in Chiang Mai comes with an abundance of design services, which is beneficial for consumers. However, everyone is not aware of these services, which makes it hard for consumers to take benefit of them. Interiors and decorating design are two of the most interesting topics, which is why they have been categorized as designer services under the Residential & Integrated Storefronts and Commercial Shopping Centres.

This industry is much more complicated than it may seem through the visual front. But that’s where the designer comes to the rescue using their creativity and professional skill. The humble interior designer creates mind-blowing interiors by using the available tools and educating buyers on the various aspects of interior decors.

The interior designer brochure template listed below is another great template of interior design, which is exciting and informative. It is full of examples and details to help you deliver a better product. Brochure templates like these are easily updated, print ready and are a no-brainer for designers to use when they are in need of a creative and out of the box choice.

Don’t let design get in the way of you. Instead, use brochures like these to inform prospects about your unique design services. The most appropriate brochure follows a short, but informative approach, which is why we recommend you use the interior design brochure template below.

Commercial Property Brochure Template by Addaxx

The combination of realistic color palette combined with the use of contrasting colors will make this design great for businesses that are looking to dominate their particular niche. Investing in this template, you will be able to sell this kind of property types quite easily. This Real Estate Brochure Template is created in Photoshop. The design can be altered based on your own requirements: replacing images, colours, interaction, and navigation.

Modern Brochure by Mikinger

This brochure is a great choice if you have a contemporary or minimalist style home. No matter who the target audience is … while you’re looking to rent your house, publish a house for sale, or post your house for rent … this brochure template is perfect for you.

It has a catchy, unique design that will catch the attention of prospective buyers and rent/sale clients, as well. The minimalist style and an overall minimal layout of this brochure will appeal to those who love travel and adventure in any form.

The text is organized either on the left side or in the center. The latter might be a bit difficult to read if you have a lot of text. Also, the brochure has a modern style, but some of the backgrounds use rather outdated imagery that could interfere with the overall design.

But despite these concerns, this is a perfectly good brochure.

Real Estate Brochure: Aroura by MalotaStudio

A visitor to this website will get many brochures. While looking for brochure templates, it has to be simple and easy to use. Here is a free brochure template which highlights at its best features.

Also, it is completely and customizable. You can change the colour of its background, the background picture and even the text. For a freelancer, this template is of great help.

Just download it and make a proof-of-concept and then implement your idea.

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Real Estate Catalog by Template Queen

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Seller’s Guide Template by heriwibowo

This fun and unique looking Brochure is a must have for all Properties. It can be used by all kinds of Professions and holds all the essential information to be given to the Buyers.

Insert Note: This Brochure has two alternate versions available for use, you can choose whatever suits you better.

Real Estate and Property Brochure by Designsmill


Real Estate Sales Brochure Template
HTML 5 eps with jpeg files
Real Estate Refund Contract (Single)
Real Estate Refund Contract (Single)
Real Estate Contract Template
Resale Real Estate Contract
Real Estate Investor Marketing Brochure
HTML5 eps with jpeg files
Resale Real Estate Brochure Template
Resale Real Estate Brochure
Free Real Estate Brochure Design
Real Estate Sublease Agreement
Real Estate Disclosure Template
Real Estate Lease Agreement
Resale Real Estate Lease Agreement
Importantly, they have a variety of brochures that are of high quality. You can download them and they are available for instant download upon payment. These brochures are perfectly tailored for companies looking to advertise themselves in the real estate industry and for them to sell their property. This control your file on the web and to view them online. These brochures are designed to be custom brochures.

Elite Duo Flyer by snapflyers


You are generally looking at six square feet for each page. The lead is something people generally want to see, ideally with a good headline. You want to have a nice introduction to the real estate agent’s experience level and also your actual real estate background. This is one of the biggest differences between the English and American real estate brochures. The English are much more focused on the agent’s experience level, whereas the American ones are more focused on the individual listings.

Bonus: Real Estate Flyer Templates from Canva

Canva is a pretty awesome Graphic Design App and website that can help you create and edit visually appealing, high-quality images with a few clicks.

Real Estate, houses for sale or properties for rent are just a couple of them.

In this post, we’ve handpicked a few of the best one in each categories [no theme just for the best, you may need to try them all one by one in your own designs].

Download Them to Your Computer

To download the design as a print-ready PDF, just right double click the images and choose Download image to Computer.

Note: Click the last Arrow which I have circled. Don’t Just Right Double Click.

They are all Free to use. The only thing you need to do is to CREATE your own version of these brochures with your text and images.

[REACH OUT] Over 200 Real Estate Flyer Templates for 2016

All these are 100% Professional Real Estate Flyer Templates. They have professional designs and they are well organized. For example, you can see that Poster Templates for Real Estate Flyers are organized into Department.

How Much Do Real Estate Brochures Cost?

Some real estate companies and brokerage firms will offer a free brochure to show off, while others will charge you a fee. The cost will vary depending on the size of your company, how many pages you need, and how many images you need.

If you’re in the market to create a new brochure, let us break down the cost for you. We broke down the cost into two parts: preparation fees and printing fees.

How to Customize Real Estate Brochure Templates

If you sell Real Estate then you will know the importance of having a strong Real Estate brochure. The brochure of my own property has been printed on two different occasions now. The design of your brochure should emphasis the importance of the property and highlight its strengths in convincing your customers that it is the right property for them.

The brochure is mostly used for mass marketing. You don’t want to risk fooling a prospective buyer with a lacklustre brochure. There are a number of ways that you can customize your real estate brochure to ensure that it grabs your prospect’s attention. One of these ways is through the use of revenue templates.

Revenue templates are often used by real estate companies to show potential buyers a number of examples of their current properties, agent listing prices and how much they might sell at. You can also use these templates for your own real estates and simply change the amount that you’ve sold for.

You should always tailor the templates to suit your own company and to the demographics in your area. If you are operating in a middle class suburb in your state then you don’t want to be using high-end properties and high-selling prices as they might not fit in the market or they might not perform well.

Bottom Line: Real Estate Brochure Templates

Here we are at the end of the series: Real Estate Brochure Templates. It is a great choice that we announced it two months ago after lots of research. The first project of this series landed on ProjectFreeTuts website and to tell you the truth it’s already my second official project on my website. The one who requested the project – Dave Stanhope – are spreading it into the social media and my viewers are increasing with huge success. I am really happy because I can make lots of money easily. Dave Stanhope said that he really enjoyed the project and he felt that it was one of the best interactions with a student. That’s why I want to tell you that this series is going on smoothly.

Real estate brokers are increasingly finding that web-based business models such as online lead-generation, internet marketing, and off-line brokerage portal-service marketing are essential components of profitability.

We have the best real estate broking company's brochures in the internet. They’re looking for new sources to promote their services and these sources include Real Estate Brochures. We have a collection of sophisticated Real Estate Brochures for sale.