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Which QuickBooks Version Is Right for You?

QuickBooks is the ubiquitous accounting software available across small businesses across the world. The platform is available as both cloud based and on-premises versions and is used by over 70% of businesses around the globe.

While both the cloud and on-premises versions have their advantages and disadvantages, people are generally split into two segments. The cloud segment accounts for 70% of the market, while the on-premises users account for the remaining 30%.

There are 3 QuickBooks versions available: QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier, and QuickBooks Enterprise. The cloud version is QuickBooks Online, while the desktop version remains QuickBooks Pro.

QBO (as the cloud version is commonly called) is the youngest version of QuickBooks. It was released in 2009 and replaced the QuickBooks hosted service. As compared to the Pro version, QBO is an upgraded version for small businesses. It can be used by businesses with up to 250 users and 10,000 transactions per month.

QuickBooks Premier is the largest version of QuickBooks and can be used by businesses with up to 500 users and 70,000 transactions per month. It is also the most commonly used version worldwide.

QuickBooks Enterprise is the largest version of the business software available and can be used by businesses with up to 1,000 users and 500,000 transactions per month. It is also the most expensive version.

QuickBooks Pro is an accounting software that is both reliable and easy to use, and is the basic version of QuickBooks, and is often the most economical choice for small business accounting. QuickBooks Pro is a complete accounting solution designed so you can stay on top of your business and save money with just the basics.

QuickBooks Pro is available for both Windows and Mac users, and it can be used on individual desktop computers, on-the-go with cloud storage and multiple output devices, or be installed on a server for maximum flexibility.

For self-employed individuals, QuickBooks Pro is designed to ease your burden and help you keep your books organized. It has a built-in report feature that enables you to view your Accrual-based income, expenses, tax withholding, and payroll.

QuickBooks Pro is also made with small business owners in mind. It has a built-in feature to help you manage your cash flow, and comes with a Certified Intuit Pro for Small Business program, which offers business and tax advice in the form of webinars, training videos, online courses, and articles, and an individualized business consultant service.

QuickBooks Premier is the next level, and is really a cross between Accounting software and a Business/Financial Management software.

Question 1

Are you an independent accountant or bookkeeper offering your services to multiple clients in different locations?

You need a resource that can keep you up-to-date on information related to your service area, the financial statement software that you use to prepare your clients’ financial statements, and best practices from your industry peers in a convenient format.

The latest version of QuickBooks (Pro, Premier and Enterprise) will make the data in your QuickBooks financial statement software relevant to you while providing you with the information you need to serve your client’s financial needs. And because this software is so prevalent, it is relevant to many people who work with or want to work with accounting and bookkeeping.

The most popular edition of QuickBooks (Pro) is primarily used by small businesses and self-employed individuals, but it can also be used by accountants. QuickBooks Premier and Enterprise are designed to handle the accounting needs of medium and larger businesses, respectively. QuickBooks Accountant is more focused on the needs of accountants looking to prepare financial statements than QuickBooks is, even though some businesses may use QuickBooks Accountant to prepare financial statements for their businesses.

Please note that while the names of QuickBooks editions differ for businesses as well as accountants (Pro, Premier and Enterprise), QuickBooks Accountant is a different product as it is a different offering.

Additionally, what version do you need? QuickBooks Pro is the best choice if you:

Question 2

How many accountants will I need?

The inexpensive version of QuickBooks Pro is the QuickBooks Pro or Premier with upgrade options. You can upgrade your user’s level to data file access and set up service providers which you can add on to in the future.

Advanced users that need advanced features can opt for QuickBooks Pro or Premier with Advanced Features.

Another option is to stay in QuickBooks 2010 and get QuickBook Enterprise or Accountant 2022. The Enterprise versions of both QuickBooks software programs offer an extra level of user functions and transaction options for business owners.

A final option is to get your startup account with QuickBooks Cloud Accounting.

Help You and Your Business Keep an Eye on the Books

Reduce Capital Intensive transactions like printing checks, tracking employees….

Take Backroom Intensive Work off Your Shoulders

QuickBooks Cloud Accounting helps you keep an eye on the books, reduce capital intensive transactions like printing checks, record hours and payroll, keep track of receipts and track employees. QuickBooks Cloud Accounting enables you to take backroom intensive work off your shoulders. It allows you to track your financials on the go by allowing you to upload data directly from online banking to QuickBooks. It helps you track inventory, pay bills online and view prices at all your favorite online stores.

Does your business operate in one of the following industries?

Do you offer subscription-based products or services where you charge customers a one-time fee for access to the product, which they can access via the Internet?

Do you accept credit card transactions online?

Do you have large cash transactions that need to be reconciled?

Do you need to track what inventory you have and where it is located?

Do you collect large amounts of data or perform complex calculations for your business?

Do you have a business that is growing so fast that its operations can’t keep up with it?

Do you sell things online that can’t be returned for a refund?

Do you need to track items that are difficult to use, such as those that fly through the air or are not controllable by a person, such as flight simulators or medical instruments?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then pay special attention to what is being said in this post.

Question 3

QuickBooks Pro and QuickBooks Enterprise are both accounting programs on home computers. Accounting 2022‒s understanding of different accounting programs is a bit more nuanced.

QuickBooks Premier has the least function and the ability to track financials for a limited amount of customers.

QuickBooks Premier is able to track salaries for a limited amount of employees.

QuickBooks Premier is also able to track expenses and make simple financial reports.

QuickBooks Enterprise and QuickBooks accounting 2022 are able to do so much more!

QuickBooks Enterprise is able to track customer/vendor bills, business loans, payroll, and even handle taxes.

QuickBooks 2022 Keeps Track of All the Books and Records

Accounting 2022 is usually a firm that specializes in the creation, management and oversight of corporations, partnerships, and other business entities.

Quickbooks Notes:

Tracking expenses is all about

Do you require more than 3 users to have access at the same time?

The short answer is yes.

QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier, and QuickBooks Enterprise all support concurrent users. There are 2 main methods of counting up to 3 concurrent users.

{1}. Method 1 is based on the number of licenses you have purchased. You can add users to your QuickBooks setup. The number of concurrent users will be equal to the number of QuickBooks licenses you have purchased.
{2}. The second method is based on your QuickBooks company file size. When you use QuickBooks 2016 Standard, QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier, and Quickbooks Enterprise, you can have up to 3 concurrent users.

But what if your main user (the person who uses Quickbooks the most) has 2 other users who only log in once in a while? In this case, QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier, and QuickBooks Enterprise should be able to support multiple users since the two additional users are accessing a copy of the same company file. So, in this case, you should allow QuickBooks 2 extra concurrent users.

QuickBooks Pro vs Premier vs Enterprise vs Accountant

QuickBooks is one of the leading accounting software for small business used by millions of American businesses. QuickBooks all kinds of theme often confuse the users in deciding which one is the best for their business. Generally, if you are choosing QuickBooks online J2EE version, Premier plan will be better suited for you. QuickBooks online download edition can only be used for small businesses and it has limited features.

If you are a small business or will be soon running your own small business. You need to make sure the software you take is customized for your business. That means you will need features which you need. QuickBooks Premier version has all the features you need for your business.

Although the features are very good, these versions are totally based on “what you pay” basis. QuickBooks Premier edition is obviously pricier than QuickBooks Enterprise edition or QuickBooks Accountant 2022. But with all the features, it is definitely one of the best designed Accounting Software for small business.

QuickBooks Accountant 2022 not only gives you a great tool for running any Business, it also provides an end of the year audit section that has been developed to allow you to be audited by a third party like CPA firms. This provides you with all the support you need to make sure your taxes are in order. This now allows you to draw from much larger user bases to generate business.

When to Use QuickBooks Online

You have two options for managing your money: you can use QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier or QuickBooks Enterprise to manage your business, or you can manage your entire business with QuickBooks Online. Each option has its benefits and its drawbacks, and it’s a matter of personal preference. So lets take a look at the differences between the QuickBooks products and the pros and cons to make the right choice.

QuickBooks Pro can almost fit on a single floppy disk. And that’s not an exaggeration. QuickBooks provides the intense and robust functionality you need to attract and retain the right customers and grow your business. Although QuickBooks Pro meticulously tracks your business every day, it is not geared for mobile device management. Instead, it provides the tools you need to create invoices, track expenses and set up your expense reports.

QuickBooks Pro is perfect if quick setup is one of your priorities. Otherwise, QuickBooks Premier is streamlined to work with mobile devices. It does not involve a lot of time and energy to get started, and it boasts the quick setup we all want and need. To make this even easier, with QuickBooks Premier you can also use QuickBooks Online.

QuickBooks Desktop Comparison: Chart of Pricing and Features

QuickBooks Desktop Pricing

The software known to be most influential in the accounting world, QuickBooks desktop version is widely used for small businesses, freelance workers, and small enterprises. However, as a business owner, if you wish to switch from QuickBooks desktop to QuickBooks cloud, should you pay an upgrade fee? With so many options, how do you know which to choose?

Pricing is one of the most important factors to consider when making the switch to QuickBooks online. The price of QuickBooks online is a major factor in weighing the decision to go with QuickBooks online file and cloud or stick with desktop.

Although QuickBooks online is more expensive than desktop, make sure that you understand the service charges before you choose your alternative. If you are moving from desktop to QuickBooks online, be sure to research the features you need and double check the cost to provide your business with a reliable accounting, credit, and revenue management solution.

QuickBooks Online Accountant 2022 System

QuickBooks Online is a cloud-based accounting software primarily used to keep track of financial information. It’s available online and is accessible by multiple devices.

This option is usually recommended as it provides an accurate cost for business users. Indeed, QuickBooks Online is set to provide flexible analytics in order to apply to your business at your fingertips.

QuickBooks Pro vs Premier

If you own a small business, accounting software can easily consume most of your time and be a source of frustration. Learning how to use accounting software like QuickBooks is a huge investment of time and can feel like the next thing you need to learn in order to gain accounting skills.

The good news is that there is no reason why you have to spend hundreds of hours on training and internal accounting education. Once you learn to use all of QuickBooks’ features, you’ll be able to run a successful business accounting without hands-on accounting training with your manager.

So how exactly do you learn accounting without the training?

First of all, the best way to learn accounting software is to just dive right in and play around with it. In this case, we’re talking about QuickBooks Pro, Premier, and Enterprise. Each of these three versions has a learning curve of its own, so it’s important to understand the differences between all three. Read on to learn the difference in QuickBooks Pro, Premier, and Enterprise.

QuickBooks Pro vs Premier at a Glance

QuickBooks is a complete and capable accounting system that is the perfect alternative for small businesses. QuickBooks Pro is primarily designed for small businesses without employees, such as sole proprietorships. With the QuickBooks Pro accountant package, there are no activation fees, no software upgrades, or annual technology fees.

QuickBooks Premier is appropriate for those looking for more functionality and capabilities from their accounting software. With this package you have simple bookkeeping and barcode scanner capabilities as well as advanced features and functionality such as inventory and purchase order tracking, staff time tracking, invoicing, mileage reporting, expense tracking, and percentage-of-completion sales tracking.

QuickBooks Enterprise is the ultimate high-end accounting software for larger companies with more than nine workers. By buying this software, you’ll gain access to employee job costing, Microsoft Word integration, unlimited text labels, unparalleled custom reporting capability, and more.

> About QuickBooks

QuickBooks is the most widely used accounting program for small business owners because of its flexibility to manage all your transactions. This accounting software manages many different types of files and transactions including payments, sales, inventory, staff time, and more. QuickBooks comes with powerful tools and features to help you manage your books and reports.

QuickBooks Premier vs Enterprise

Quickbooks pro is the most popular version of Quickbooks line because it is free to some level. It just has no some feature which is premium and you can get in Quickbooks pro which makes it suitable for small-medium business especially if you are running your business between 5 and 10 employees.

On top of that, it supports multiple locations, this makes it suitable for a big company like Microsoft, Google, Visa, TATA, Emirates, AirBlue, Bank of America, UPS and many more.

It lets you do simple stuff but further upgrades to its features requires you to buy the commercial version of QuickBooks.

QuickBooks Premier vs Enterprise at a Glance

QuickBooks Premier vs Accountant

There are a lot of differences between QuickBooks Premier and QuickBooks Enterprise/Pro. It is important to be aware of the differences in order to choose an appropriate solution for your business.

QuickBooks Premier vs Accountant at a Glance

QuickBooks Pro vs Enterprise: The Differences, The Effect

There’s a lot of points to consider when choosing QuickBooks Pro vs Enterprise, so here’s a list to get you started. QuickBooks Pro Premier and Enterprise are fundamentally the same, the only difference being that Tier 2 software does not provide all the features that Enterprise has, for a lower price. Professionals and users looking for the added cost of extra features might have a case for Premier, but the standalone desktop version of QuickBooks 2015 has an essential feature that Premier does not have – the ability to serve as advanced bookkeeping software without the month-to-month service.

QuickBooks is designed to automate a significant portion of a business’s financial transactions. You’ll enter all your transactions through the built-in accounting program and also track your income and expenses.

QuickBooks also has a feature that tracks items you buy and need for your business, such as business supplies. It also tracks everyday purchases, like petrol, heading home, and so on. You’ll need to manually configure these if you want to use QuickBooks 2015 for these purposes, but the average user will not have to do anything and do not need to understand anything about financial transaction tracking.

QuickBooks Pro: Best for Businesses With Minimal Inventory

If you’re just starting out and don’t yet have a lot of inventory to worry about, QuickBooks Pro is likely right for you. For small businesses, QuickBooks’ basic individual and business accounts included with QuickBooks are best. You’ve got all the latest features in QuickBooks Pro, including inventory, sales tax and accounting reports and tools to keep tabs on your business and finances. In addition, QuickBooks also has a small business edition that’s ideal for simple businesses with very few transactions, so if you turn your hobby into a part-time business, then QuickBooks might be right for you.

QuickBooks Pro Pricing

QuickBooks Pro is as powerful and comprehensive as the next version up, but it doesn’t have a small business reporting feature that’s present in the higher end editions of QuickBooks like the Premier level and the Enterprise edition.

The Premier edition comes with even more accounting options; you can choose from over 20 different accounting features. These include the ability to create and edit forms, e-sign your receipts, and manage expenses.

You can even track mileage and keep a record of your expenses.

But the Enterprise level is by far the most all-encompassing accounting software you can use. It is packed with new reporting features and advanced e-commerce tools for running an online business.

The Enterprise edition of QuickBooks comes with over 60 accounting features. It offers online ledger entry, reporting, payment processing, inventory management, and even a function for tracking your business expenses.

It also allows you to manage vendors, inventory, contacts, companies, budgets, retirement saving plan, and pay forces.

You can also upgrade your QuickBooks to an Enterprise edition, but you’ll have to pay the extra price.

QuickBooks Pro Features

This list of QuickBooks Pro features provides a technical overview of the Individual, Business, Landlord and Large Business editions of QuickBooks, as well as Intuit’s Payroll and DemandForce Software products.

QuickBooks Premier: Best for Businesses in Niche Industries

Quickbooks premier is a great application for companies that deal with a large number of transactions in the range of hundreds of thousands to millions. And if you own a small scale business with a small number of transactions, you can use quickbooks. However, if you want a better, mulit-user support, quickbooks premier can’t be denied.

Quickbooks Enterprise is suitable for corporations. It possesses some additional features when it comes to reporting and analysis.

Quickbooks pro is mostly recommended for home businesses and small ventures that don’t require any advanced features. It can work perfectly well with single users.

For accountants, Quickbooks pro is used as their main accounting solution. While Quickbooks premier provides them with the ability to see all the transactions, Quickbooks Pro provides the flexibility to include only the selected transactions in their income statements.

For freelancers and consultants, Quickbooks is a great tool. Since Quickbooks pro is suitable for single users, it is cheaper compared to blueray and Quickbooks Adventure.

In the year 2022, your choice of accounting software will strongly depend on your industry vertical, and how many users you will be able to utilize it, and accounting software isn't really the best; it depends on the type of financial reporting that your business needs.

QuickBooks Premier Pricing

The number one mistake made when you determine how to price your accounting software is to go by the cost of QuickBooks Standard. It’s the entry level pricing with the lowest features and capabilities.

When you decide to upgrade from QuickBooks Standard to QuickBooks Premier, you’re already behind the eightball. Trying to price your QuickBooks Premier accounting software based on the Standard version will dramatically underestimate your costs, and subsequently, your customer’s costs.

You can get a total breakdown of the features available with QuickBooks Enterprise and Premier here, but let’s take a look at some of the key differences between the three versions of QuickBooks.

Tracker and Transactions

QuickBooks Enterprise accounts for general ledgers and fixed assets, while QuickBooks Premier accounts for general ledgers and stock inventory.

QuickBooks Premier doesn’t include inventory. However, QuickBooks Enterprise does include inventory for fixed assets. The QuickBooks Enterprise version is definitely a better fit if you’re selling a product and need to track inventory.

Inventory in QuickBooks Premier is limited by the software’s historical order entry.

QuickBooks Pro accounts for general ledgers, fixed assets, inventory and transaction. Inventory management

QuickBooks Premier Features

QuickBooks Premier offers additional business services for the user with additional cost.

QuickBooks Premier Accounts: QuickBooks Premier offers business account types which can be used to categorize

Customers and Products so that Inventory Can Be Categorized and Balancing and Value Can Be

Easily determined.

QuickBooks Premier Telephone: QuickBooks Premier accounts can be linked to a telephone number.

QuickBooks Premier Forms: QuickBooks Premier client software enables designing, creating, sending and

Receiving of documents.

QuickBooks Premier Mobile: QuickBooks Premier enables uploading and downloading of reports to or

From smartphones or tablets. QuickBooks Premier enables businesses to get reports even when

Away from the office.

QuickBooks Premier Premium: QuickBooks Premier provides additional features related to payroll such

That online banking features can be used.

QuickBooks Premier Level: Premier levels in QuickBooks are built on functionality. QuickBooks Premier

Includes All of the Features of QuickBooks pro with Additional Features that Are Designated As


QuickBooks Enterprise: Best for Businesses With Extensive Inventory Needs

If you need to track inventory and manage customers (the ability to create customers, view or process orders, and view or process invoices), then QuickBooks Enterprise is the right accounting software for your business. QuickBooks Enterprise also offers a suite of business management tools that make it easy for you to automate your business. For example, it enables you to receive and record customer payments and automatically generate invoices.

With QuickBooks Enterprise, you’re able to create your own custom reports that display detailed information. That’s not to say that QuickBooks Premier has stopped supporting the creative users. QuickBooks Premier also comes with the ability to create your own reports. However, QuickBooks Premier doesn’t offer the same level of depth as QuickBooks Enterprise. The Enterprise version includes features which are typically only available to larger businesses.

If you don’t need to track customers, you can use QuickBooks Basic. Although QuickBooks Basic is designed for small businesses that don’t manage inventory or issue invoices, it can still be used effectively.

QuickBooks Enterprise Pricing

One of the QuickBooks Enterprise features that can make a huge difference to your business is invoice prioritization.

While the basic QuickBooks premier edition has the ability to select and prioritize up to 24 customer invoices, the QuickBooks Enterprise edition allows you to select up to 99 customer invoices for prioritizing. This is a big deal if you have an accounting department or a small staff who take care of a lot of accounting tasks simultaneously.

Beyond inputting your customers’ names and choosing to prioritize an invoice, the other required actions for this feature are as follows:

Create an invoice for the customer whose invoice you wish to prioritise.

Select that invoice.

Set the billing method as Invoice/Sales.

Create your custom fields for your invoice.

Customize the receipts based on your company’s preference.

Set the billing date for the invoice to be prioritized – ideally, the date you’d be sending your invoices.

Set the status to Prioritized in Customer Center.

Then send the invoice.

QuickBooks Enterprise Features

  • Company File: For organizations and companies with multiple locations or branches, QuickBooks Enterprise can be set up as a company file. This gives users with the ability to see and manage data for multiple entities in one company file. This is not an individual account that might include business info from more than one company. …
  • Apps: QuickBooks includes many useful apps for the desktop such as QuickBooks for iPad, QuickBooks for Android, and QuickBooks for Mac. Although QuickBooks Desktop is not a requirement for these apps, both have to be upgraded to version 17 or higher to use them. This also includes QuickBooks for Windows, which is now discontinued.
  • Cloud Synchronization: QuickBooks Enterprise now offers cloud synchronization to several types of devices. QuickBooks for Mac does not support this feature.
  • Database Security: Visual Database Manager for Enterprise can be used to maintain and secure company file data with additional processor and on-hand database analysts for support.
  • Dozens of Add-Ons: QuickBooks uses add-on applications. These are applications that run on a separate desktop or device and have their own installation, but they usually work with QuickBooks Pro.

QuickBooks Accountant: Best for Professional Bookkeepers & Accountants

As an accounting software, QuickBooks – Quicken meets all your needs to:

Track cash flow, work with the banking system, create and save setup files for clientele, produce tax forms for your clients, generate reports, manage payrolls, track inventory and much more.

Quickbooks is my recommendation for those who need to track their bills and own a small business then this would be best for you.

If you don’t need to create expense reports and you are a sole business owner then you can easily do your accounting task with Quicken.

QuickBooks also provides a space to track your codes and create income and expense reports but not all the features available are available for both Quickbooks and Quicken.

If you are upgrading to Quickbooks with the help of an accountant then they can use QuickBooks to outsource your tasks and I know it’s a great relief to go for QuickBooks.

I suggest for you for those who are looking for a robust software with lot of features available go for Quickbooks Pro & Premier.

QuickBooks Accountant Pricing

Whether you’re a small business owner who needs a hassle-free way to track your business finances, or a busy professional who wants to take the guesswork out of your business ledger, QuickBooks has a solution for you. There are three business accounting programs to choose from – QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier, and QuickBooks Enterprise. Each fits a different needs and budget. Let’s take a closer look at each.

QuickBooks Accountant Features

QuickBooks Pro Accountant 2022 vs Premier Accountant is the most in-demand accounting software right now. Some of the top features found in QuickBooks Pro include:

  • Manage Your Transactions
  • Track every transaction that takes place on your books
  • Automatically categorize your expenses and keep a running tab of all expense categories
  • Using your set categorization, you can then project your expenses for up to 12 months for further planning and budgeting
  • Produce professional reports and financial statements
  • You can also grab the opportunity to easily track the expenses of large projects or long term goals and make small adjustments as needed
  • Manage Billing, Paying, and Invoicing
  • In QuickBooks Pro, you can easily stay on top of all your Invoicing, Bills, Payments, and up to 90 Days of past invoices and bills
  • You can maintain all your projects and employees with your Customer and Employee Files
  • Instead of using Excel to keep track of projects and report by hand, QuickBooks makes all this easy to do with automatic calculations and reporting from every tier
  • Easily track your sales pipeline, incoming payments, and hold payments using customizable file workflows
  • Integrated Invoicing and Online Time Tracking

Bottom Line

Any one of these three products:

The 2022 is good for anyone who owns a small to medium sized business, has a simple accounting system and need something with minimal issues. The 2022 is very easy to use compared with QuickBooks Pro, and easy to use compared with QuickBooks Premier. This is the ideal accounting software if you are just starting out with accounting or if you need to track your cash flow. It’s also the ideal accounting software if you need to do simple bookkeeping.

The QuickBooks Pro package is for the people that have any more complicated requirements. You might need reporting for tax purposes or to keep everything in check. Also, the QuickBooks Pro has mobile apps so that you can manage your business on the go. And it has a large number of integrated business apps that can make your accounting job much easier. But there is a higher price tag for this accounting software.

QuickBooks Premier offers the most extensive range of features. It has the most extensive list of integrated business apps, and it has the most extensive list of professional apps. It has a very detailed formulary and tax reporting. It can help small businesses grow, giving you the push that you need to expand your business. The Premier account is not for new businesses if you are on a tight budget, or a simple accounting system.