QuickBooks Checks: Where to Buy, Pricing, & How To Print

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Where To Buy Business Checks


Like all retailers, Quickbooks’s business check prices are always changing. Sometimes they may be in a different range, and other times, the same price will not have been available for a while (or will be available again).

If you believe you can get better business check prices in person, try visiting an office supply or office supply store such as Staples or OfficeMax. If you have the check ready to print, you may also try printing a sample. OfficeMax will print them out for free.

As you compare the price of business checks online, keep in mind that you may be able to save money by buying in bulk.

The best way to find out the costs for your business checks is to check the pricing at multiple locations online and in stores. Compare prices to see what costs are most competitive in your area.

Also, remember to keep volumes in mind when determining the best prices for your business checks online. Prices will vary by quantity so look for the quantity discounts available.

QuickBooks is a popular software program for doing business accounting for small businesses, freelancers, and professionals. As the name implies, QuickBooks is a very quick means to track and record all the financial and business operations of your business. It’s also one of the most popular businesses – you can use it to manage it all.

How Much QuickBooks Checks Cost

Average Cost of Purchasing QuickBooks Checks

Before you order your QuickBooks checks, understand that there are several factors that can impact the price. There’s the average price for standard or blank checks, the average price for customizable checks, the average price for pre-printed checks, and the average price for personalized checks.

If you’re looking for the lowest cost on QuickBooks checks, online ordering is your best bet. But that doesn’t mean you’ll necessarily get the best price.

QuickBooks checks prices fluctuate based on discount levels, size, print quality, customer requirements, and your print settings.

On the other hand, there is the cost of printing checks. Some businesses print checks from their computer, while others purchase specialized checks designed for printing. These pre-printed checks often cost more than others, but it comes with added benefits. You can also buy pre-printed checks in bulk, which can be beneficial for small to medium sized businesses.

Finally, there’s the cost of ordering your own checks. If you use QuickBooks with a QuickBooks to Mail merchant service provider (you’ll find many options on our site), you have the flexibility of printing your own checks.

Kinds Of Checks You Can Print With QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online comes with a wide variety of checks covers to fit most office payroll needs. It also comes with the ability to print several kinds of specialized checks:

The company logo is necessary as required by Sarbanes-Oxley law. But if you will start using your QuickBooks Online to manage your business, you may omit this logo at your first use.

A logo checking field is also necessary in some situations. It is needed if the company is processing personal checks from employees, customers and suppliers. These checks must have a different company logo from their corporate checks.

A checklist or a numbered payment option is useful if you are sending payments to a contractor or to some agencies and they require you to deliver something as a proof of payment.

A checkbox is recommended if you will be issuing checks from subscription payments. It is a way to identify the checks you have sold for an individual purchase and mark the card(s) as sold.

By default, QuickBooks Online will let you print four different types of checks: the default Regular Check, the Credit Check, the Gift Check and the Statement Check. You can print a credit and a gift check by adding a check box. And you can add either a statement check or a checklist to the Credit Check.

Customizing Your Checks

QuickBooks is a popular business accounting program, and because of this, its check printing feature is very popular. If you’re printing checks for the business, but are looking to personalize the look of the checks, you’ll need to customize them.

Customizing your checks isn’t as easy as it’s made to seem, and there are a few things you should keep in mind first. First, you’ll need to take into account the type of check paper you’re printing on. You’ll want to get a combination of check stock (paper) and check card (ink), depending on what paper you’re printing on. If your printer doesn’t support card stock paper, you’ll need to print on blank paper instead. For more specific information on printing checks, see our print QuickBooks checks article.

Next, you’ll want to customize your billing address, bill to address, and remit to address. QuickBooks checks offer the ability to customize your address information, but if you’re printing checks on a desktop printer, you’ll need to use the address printing feature included with the software.

When To Use QuickBooks To Print Checks

Most small businesses use QuickBooks for their accounting needs. The QuickBooks checks feature allows you to print checks right from the QuickBooks software. This gives you the advantage of duplicating all the fields that you would otherwise have to input manually in order to produce a standard-looking check.

Print checks via QuickBooks will offer all of the formatting and fields that are standard for checks. The ability to customize this functionality makes QuickBooks a valuable tool for almost any small business that needs checks for payroll purposes.

QuickBooks checks are an alternative to third-party sites like Paychex and Intuit offers its own QuickBooks Payroll direct checking service.

There are plenty of other benefits to using QuickBooks for your check printing needs. For starters, because you can print checks directly from QuickBooks, you won’t have to wait for checks to be produced somewhere in the printing process. This means that you will be able to issue your checks faster than most other programs.

Another benefit to using QuickBooks for check printing is the ease of customization when it comes to formatting. You can customize the fields that appear on your checks, the font that you use on the checks and everything in between.

These are some of the most valuable features that you get when you choose to print checks from QuickBooks. There are also several other benefits that you can take advantage of when you choose to either create or adopt QuickBooks checks.

Pay an expense that is due immediately

With a QuickBooks Checks.

QuickBooks Checks are an easy and convenient way to make payments in your QuickBooks accounting software.

By using QuickBooks Checks, your customers can make payments without a credit card. This means you are not exposed to online identity theft and chance of fraudulent payments.

Different customers will have different needs. Some may need to make deposits only, while others will need to make payments.

In QuickBooks, QuickBooks Checks can be used for:

  • Customer payments, including deposits and invoices
  • Paying employee paychecks and W-2s
  • Payroll taxes, including FICA, Medicare, and state
  • Taxes and other bills

QuickBooks also has a digital publishing tool called QuickBooks Checks & Connectors.

QuickBooks is one of the most popular and most used accounting software packages out there. One reason why so many people choose to use QuickBooks is because it is easy and convenient to make payments without the need for a credit card.

QuickBooks Checks are QuickBooks’s answer to those who want to make payments to clients and vendors.

QuickBooks Checks can be used for purchases, including:

  • Payments to suppliers, including electronic invoices
  • Paying bills, including electronic bill payments
  • Large purchases, including rental payments and purchases of property, equipment, and automobiles

Pay a bill that was previously entered into QuickBooks and has now become due

With the QuickBooks checks feature.

Write the check and enter the check number in the memo field. QuickBooks will automatically reserve funds for this check.

Roll up the check and place it in a used envelope.

If the check contains a memo field, enter the details of your check on the payment request. QuickBooks will pass on the details and you’ll receive a copy of the receipt in your email.

Print multiple check forms or pay multiple items at once by creating an invoice.

Add the information of the destination account and the amount to the payment request.

Click "Submit Payment Request".

Select the unendorsed check that you want to pay.

How To Print Checks From QuickBooks Online

If you’ve ever needed to print new checks for your small business (or for a household!), then you’ve probably wondered how to print QuickBooks check stubs and also how to print checks from QuickBooks Online. This post gives you valuable information on how to purchase QuickBooks checks, pricing, and how you purchase and print those checks.

How To Reconcile Checks Once They Have Been Cashed

QuickBooks checks are electronic and allow you to record paper checks. If you run a business, you’ll want to know how to reconcile your checks and how to track the profit on your business.

When you run a business, you’ll make a lot of business checks. You may have physical checks that you need to keep, or you may need to use PayPal to send a customer their money.

Now, if you’re running a business, you’ll want to keep track of your bank and personal accounts so you can keep them separate. If you mix business and personal funds, you could run into problems like overdrawing your personal accounts. For example, a contractor might make a profit on a job, but he doesn’t have an accurate record of how much he made, and then he takes money out of his personal account that he had no right to. There are also penalties for overdrawing your account, which is why it’s best to keep them separate.

QuickBooks checks are electronic and allow you to save your business receipts and pay your employees.

Bottom Line: QuickBooks Checks

Any creative business owner will appreciate QuickBooks' checks. QuickBooks checks are easy to track,easy to pay, and easy to print.

QuickBooks Payments are simple to print and come in a variety of sizes, which makes them great to do business with! CEO made with your logo on them. They come in different sizes including:

  • Executive Check
  • Cashiers Check
  • Cash Register
  • Registrars check
  • Corporate Check

The versatility of QuickBooks checks is terrific for retailers because you can use your own logos and design them as needed. Even better, store owners can upload their own logo to the QuickBooks website and have the logo printed in-house.