Property Management Software: Here’s What’s Best in 2022

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Avail: Overall Best Property Management Software

Avail offers the widest range of features to help you manage your properties. You’ll be able to handle issues quickly and efficiently, maximize rental rates, and easily grow your property management business.

Avail provides 24/7 support along with the flexibility and quick maintenance that is easy for property management companies to handle. Avail allows you to track tenant payments, you have the tools you need to build trust and a good relationship with your tenants.

With Avail, you have the ability to manage your properties from anywhere in the world. Plus they have a mobile app and reliable email integration for things like electronic rental agreements.

Avail comes with a generous free plan that offers basic features. While Avail has a lot of different levels of plans available, the company is free to try before you buy.

Premium Features

The Avail free plan has some limitations but it’s enough to help you work out if you’re going to like it.

You can create a list of profiles, track a list of expenses, and track tenant payments. But that’s it.

The business version of Avail provides all the same features plus the ability to set up agents and assign properties. Avail only charges per property managed.

Avail Pricing

Property management software companies are constantly working to make software more user-friendly, and individual modules of the software are becoming more programmable and integrations with other software tools are constant.

The functionality and ease of payment processing continues to improve in a bid to better meet the needs of real estate agents and property owners.

Here’s a look at some of the more popular resources that may or may not be available in 2021.

Software: more personable

Property management software tends to improve in terms of its look and feel. In 2016, the most recent figures show that the average sales agent in the United States uses a dated program with outdated look, plus at least one application process to complete an action.

In this year, 2019, real property management software customizations may be an integral part of the vendor’s product line, which would allow properties to be customized without the need for developers to use additional software.

Would you like to improve your business… but don’t want to spend a fortune?

Well you’ve come to the right place!

Business Centres

There are a number of different business centres that can help you get your business off the ground and out the door.

Avail Features

Gantt Chart Property Management Software is a great property management software allows you to track, manage and check the status of your property. It is helpful for office managers / owners as its website design allows you to easily manage property information online.

Our home and office management software is a resourceful tool for property managers, apartment managers, and landlords who are responsible for tenants and managing property, maintenance and customer services.

Our online software is helpful for property owners who rent property or are looking for property to rent. You can open a property management page in your website and draw your ads accordingly .

Gantt Chart Property Management Software offers you properties and room booking online. It allows you to manage your room booking by showing available rooms, showing a list of groups that have reserved rooms and showing a list of registered guests. You can also view reservations by group, company, etc.

You can also integrate your Gantt Chart Property Management Software with other property management software. It can be easily integrated with WooCommerce, Squarespace, VirtueMart and PrestaShop.

With this set of property management software, you’re able to create a site with an online booking form. You can easily set up a database and download it to your computer. You can use it as an online database and highlight your property statistics.

When to Choose Avail

Property management is an overarching term for a broad set of services designed to keep a property maintained, under control, and operating optimally. In order to accomplish this, one needs to have a comprehensive management software, including property management software.

Property management software helps property management companies operate and organize their business. It helps small property management companies run efficiently, differentiate themselves from the competition, and meet their clients’ needs. Property management software can help save time for the company members as well.

Property management software allows a property management company to have a clear and complete overview of the operation of its property. It helps the company run smoothly, operates effectively, and prevent illegal or irresponsible actions from happening. Property management software can help small property management companies meet the complex needs of its property.

Your commercial or residential property is a solid investment, and you need to get the best property management software available to aid you. Property management software is available for a wide range of property types, with different features and functions. Once you have decided on the property type, you can narrow down your search for the best property management software. If you are a property owner or a property management company looking for a property management software, here are some factors to consider:

Do you want a budget-friendly property management software that is easy to use?

TurboTenant: Best Property Management Software for Free Listings

Turbo Tenant is a free property management software. It’s great for someone who doesn’t need a customized rental term.

You can go full-on listing when you sign up with TurboTenant. Just upload your property’s photos, description, and rental amounts. Once you hit that big green Publish button, you’re done. If you need to make changes later, it’s as easy as editing the original post again.

Turbo Tenant also has a lot of other features for you to use to help manage your property, like advertising your rental on social media sites and creating a calendar to track rental dates. It’s a simple software for your simple needs.

It’s free to use, but you do need to upgrade if you want to use lists of available properties, make changes to the property description, and save a payment receipt for each tenant.

TurboTenant has plans based on what’s best for your business. The Free Basic Plan is great if you just want to list properties and start managing them free. Go Premium if you want to change the rental terms or list on new software. Although TurboTenant is free, they have an affiliate program that can help you earn some extra money.

TurboTenant Pricing

Using the right TurboTenant pricing tool will depend specifically on your use case. There are three pricing plans and depending on your level of use, you’ll likely have spotty success with the free version, and find yourself working more in the paid versions.

TurboTenant Pro : The best choice if you want to manage large services or need to have tenants manage their property directly. Otherwise, you’ll find this version works perfectly for property management.

TurboTenant Free : This is the best choice if you want to do some basic property management tasks. However, it may be too limited for more complex scenarios.

TurboTenant Lite : The free version will get you started, but if you want to automate even more processes, this is where you’ll want to be. You can use this if you are a property manager or landlord managing less than 25 properties.

TurboTenant Features

  • All of the five most popular property management systems in the adult industry (TurboTenant, CoreWeb, Enterprise Software, Habscene, and Commercial Property Manager)
  • All of the most popular commercial property management systems (TurboTenant, CoreWeb, Enterprise Software, Habscene, and Commercial Property Manager)
  • All of the most popular hotel management systems (TurboTenant, CoreWeb, Enterprise Software, Habscene, and Commercial Property Manager)
  • All of the most popular health club management systems (TurboTenant, CoreWeb, Enterprise Software, Habscene, and Commercial Property Manager)
  • All of the most popular shops and rental properties (TurboTenant, CoreWeb, Enterprise Software, Habscene, and Commercial Property Manager)
  • All of the most popular theatre management systems (TurboTenant, CoreWeb, Enterprise Software, Habscene, and Commercial Property Manager)
  • All of the most popular holiday rental properties (TurboTenant, CoreWeb, Enterprise Software, Habscene, and Commercial Property Manager)
  • All of the most popular condominium, villa, and apartment management systems (TurboTenant, CoreWeb, Enterprise Software, Habscene, and Commercial Property Manager)

When to Choose TurboTenant

If you’re looking for the perfect piece of property management software to try your hand at property management, in all probability you’re trying to limit as many initial financial investments as possible. There are a slew of property management software solutions available ” plenty of good ones, too ” and many of them come at a relatively generous price. What’s the downside of too many resources, you ask? For some property management initiatives, the sheer number of options can actually slow your time to productivity.

I find that with less than a handful of property to manage, the number of features that go into a property management solution can really be overkill. That’s why I’ve selected TurboTenant for this list. The purpose of this software comparison is not to champion TurboTenant, but to outline the most obvious advantages, along with the areas where the software could improve. For your convenience, I’ve added the software’s compatibility with Google Apps Cloud services for shared work-flow; it also supports 1-click application installation onto popular platforms such as MacOS, Windows, iOS and Android.

TenantCloud: Best Free Property Management Software Up to 75 Units

TenantCloud has been around since 2014 but has been growing fast. This software offers five different types of room plans, a mobile app for tenants, and also allows you to manage your properties online. Renters can communicate with you, see their rent history, and pay you online.

There is a zero-cost trial for new tenants, and TenantCloud provides strong functionality for both landlords and tenants. You will do everything you need to do in TenantCloud right from your mobile device. You can also get access to their online tenant portal to see what your tenants are doing online.

TenantCloud doesn’t require full-time attention, which makes it perfect for busy people who also want to be able to take a vacation every now and then.

Their customer service team is very responsive and helpful and can be reached via phone calls, email, and in-app chat. While they don’t offer the option for self-hosting, they do offer the ability to host your property on their cloud platform.

If you are looking for a great property management software but don’t have a lot of properties, TenantCloud is one to consider.

TenantCloud Pricing

One of the most popular property management software available today, Rainforest TenantCloud, was originally made for use by real estate agents looking to streamline management of their own client listing. However, only a year and a half after its release, tenants began to adopt the software for use by landlords.


Currently, the software is available to users at no charge. While this may change in the future, tenants currently have access to the same features as real estate agents. Because of this, renters can manage office staff, book calendars, send out bills and accept payments for their leasing office.

In addition, the availability of the software to both tenants and agents removes the worry that a landlord’s tenant will be able to successfully create a lease agreement that will meet the qualifications of their current commercial lease.

All the tenants in a commercial office can also share and manage their office documents. Making changes to documents is a simple process since the software contains templates and wizards that guide users through the process of creating lease agreements that meet all of their governing document requirements.

TenantCloud Features

Thinking about switching to TenantCloud? Here’s a quick feature comparison between their other offerings.

TenantCloud Case Management

TenantCloud’s Case Management provides a comprehensive list of tasks and tasks that are assigned to tenants. How many tasks do your tenants have now? How quickly can they perform them? TenantCloud makes it easy to stay on top of cases, and with the Mobile App, you can access your cases on the go to ensure your tenants are getting the timely attention they deserve.

TenantCloud Maintenance Requests

TenantCloud provides a comprehensive list of maintenance requests that your tenants need to perform. From simple repairs to more elaborate renovations, TenantCloud provides how your tenants are maintaining your property and the frequency of requests.

TenantCloud Tenant App

With the Mobile App, tenants can manage their own account wherever they are and access their account on their smartphone. TenantCloud’s Mobile App has all the functionality of the TenantCloud platform and provides tenants with a comprehensive list of tasks that are assigned to them.

TenantCloud Notifications

TenantCloud sends notifications to both landlords and tenants that are relevant to your property. TenantCloud does both email and text notifications, and also provides you with a list of all tenants with their current notification options.

When to Choose TenantCloud

Tenant Cloud or Zoho? It’s a question many property managers are asking today as they scramble to find a solution to the pains of managing their rental properties. They see the competition is only getting tougher and they can’t afford to fall behind. Fortunately, both Tenant Cloud and Zoho provide powerful property management systems.

Comparing the two is no easy task either, so we decided to compare each platform on metrics that matter the most to property managers.

Note: For ease of reading, some of the features we compare are not broken out into specific areas as in other sections.

Now that you have seen what each platform has to offer and what we consider the most important metrics, let…s look at the details. Continue reading to determine which software is right for you.

TenantCloud and Zoho’s Feature Set

As of today, both Tenant Cloud and Zoho have a wide range of features that property managers can take advantage of as they manage their rentals. Both platforms offer basic functionality like tenant lease management, rental application management, etc.

But as specialized as property management can get, some features are simply more important than others. One such feature is pricing, which is located in the main dashboard and not accessible through a dashboard tab.

Property Manager Cloud: Best Property Management Software for Diverse Property Types

Property managers are increasingly using property management software to streamline their business processes. Property management software reduces the stress on property managers by automating their business. This is especially important for property managers handling multiple property types.

A property manager attending conferences or networking events has a unique opportunity to network with other property managers, recent graduates and vendors. But finding the right people and organizations can be difficult. This is where joining social groups, attending conferences and volunteering to help serve on a committee can benefit you personally and professionally.

Voices2Action is a leading social network of ethical and state-of-the-art solutions for non-government organisations (NGOs) and social enterprises. Voices2Action provides a broad scope of services, from the launch and management of campaigns to the hosting of signature events.

Voices2Action welcomes the international NGO community, social enterprises and student groups to its network. Social enterprises can join to discuss how they can help the local community, gain business credibility and connect with potential investors.

NCS helps property managers preserve the integrity of the rental market and the value of their investment portfolios. All property managers typically face challenges when working with a finite pool of tenants. NCS property management software, cloud computing solutions, and flexible installation options are available with 24/7 support and training.

Property Manager Cloud Pricing

Property management cloud software will be available in a blended pricing model. Properties will have a flat fee and a per item added price.

For every new property added to the system (including the sharing of information from previous tenants), the cloud will add a flat fee for each item. This worldwide flat fee will include the IP address, monthly site visits reporting, monthly mouseover name data, tenant payment history, and so on.

Each unique property management item will be charged for when a tenant is added. For example, if a tenant needs a tax service item, it would be added to a tenant record with a flat fee, but would need to be extracted and for the next tenant (if they were using the same tax service).

In the property management cloud, tenants will have a rolling monthly site visit. This visit will include a screen shot of their internet browser (to verify the tenant is using the cloud software) and a download of their login ID and password so I can get in and clean out the tenant’s history.

Tenants will also use the internet site for their properties, making it more secure and streamlined.

The cloud will also allow tenants to add extra items to their checking and saving accounts as they see fit, saving them both time and reducing readjustments with their tenants.

Property Manager Cloud Features

Who’s Doing What

Property management software has changed a lot in the past few years. Today’s property management software includes technology to connect property managers to their clients more seamlessly. These features are improving the property management industry that has traditionally been fragmented.

With the property management industry growing and more property managers gaining access to the cloud, we’re offered valuable insights into the new property management software features that will be essential to property managers in 2022.

When to Choose Property Manager Cloud

Property management software is somewhat like a god given tool that can save you a whole lot of money and time. It is not just a tool but also a partner in growing your business. But your success depends on choosing right. There are plenty of property management systems in the market but it’s not easy to choose one that will meet your needs and make your business grow.

The property management software must not just be based on what it does but also on what it does not. It must not only have training and support but also be easy for you to manage. One of the things to keep in mind is the property management software must be able to work with you. It should not take you two to three days to understand. It must be easily available for you to understand.

It must be also easy to implement and use for your clients as well. It is the one product that has to work for you and for your client. The software should be mobile-friendly and easy to upload. It should work in with multiple devices for maximum efficiency.

It should be also easy to handle. It should not take you so much effort to operate and manage. There should be no hidden fees or expenses. It must be easy to access. You need to be able to get access to help anytime and anywhere. The updates should be as easy as a click. Should not take you hours to do.

Buildium: Best Property Management Software for Property Management Firms

These days, it has become increasingly difficult to manage and market commercial properties efficiently and effectively. Most companies are looking towards the newer technologies to grab a competitive edge in their businesses. These technologies also help them enhance their overall efficiency and productivity to a whole new level.

With the surge in the popularity of smartphones and internet browsing, the demand for efficient and easy-to-use property management software has also been on a rise. Buildium Property Management Software, a powerful property management software, is proving to be a game changer in this arena.

With Buildium Property Management Software, all you need to do is log in to your property portal, which pulls data from all the different software platforms, to get a detailed view of the company’s properties. Here’s what this software can do for you:

Inventory Features

Property management software helps in categorizing all the properties, irrespective of the size, location, and other requirements according to their various types. With this feature, you can easily and quickly scan all your properties and work towards finding loopholes and gaps that can make your company money.

All the management and planning requirements, such as budgets and targets, are available on the Buildium portal, making it easy for you to view it.

Buildium Pricing

As a buyer or seller, you should be able to place a bid within minutes. When a buyer or seller engages with a realtor or property manager on Buildium, they can easily submit a bid on the first screen.

With Buildium, there are no additional forms to fill out, no back and forth emails, and no follow-up phone calls. All you need to do is enter a property’s sale price and your desired bid.

This process is very efficient. With Buildium, the seller and buyer participate in a conversation where they can decide on the price. During the conversation, the buyer may suggest a price they are prepared to pay. If they pass on what the seller is asking, they’re still able to bid on the property.

This is unlike the traditional letter of intent method, where the buyer and seller enter numbers on a form in order to have the conversation. If the seller and buyer are not interested in living with each other, good luck making the numbers converge by the end of the conversation.

Buildium Features

Our property management software is designed to be simple to use and compatible with any type of property management software. What’s more, we’ve checked our features against your needs to find those that fit in best with what you want to do, saving you both time and money.

For instance, you can now track your property owners’ rental payments, hold and distribute of their security deposits, and even set up insurance. We’ve even gone a step further, allowing you to manage all your property management tasks from one place.

So you can access all your records from one app and tasks across your properties without having to search for apps and files. You can also track maintenance, troubleshoot issues, and get instant notifications whenever a rental payment is due. Moreover, to save you time, our product also offers custom reports and workflow rules.

Someone from our support team will also be with you every step of the way, no matter the question you have or concern you may have. We keep the product continually updated and also offer a 30-day money back guarantee to make it easier for you to try out the product.

When to Choose Buildium

At Buildium, we understand that there are many big property management software applications on the market. But we know that your property management business is unique to your organization.

So when it comes to choosing property management software, we’re committed to helping you choose the right solution for you. We incorporate your unique needs, challenges, and requirements into our software solution. In the process, we help you focus on managing the properties that need to be managed.

With our Property Management, Leasing, and Title solutions, we help you deliver exceptional results and quality service to your home buyers, tenants, and lenders. We provide you with the tools to manage property and processes related to property. So getting things done is easy.

We’ve been doing property management software since 1999. Our market leading Property Management System (PMS), Leasing System, and Title System are available as software-as-a-service (SaaS). With the flexibility and scalability of the cloud, you’ll get the same property management solutions with the same flexibility no matter where we are.

AppFolio: Best Alternative to Buildium

AppFolio Pricing

While no products are perfect, that is not true for Property Management Software AppFolio. They seem to be the one product that has come the closest to perfection. AppFolio looks, feels, and performs like a product that could never be improved upon. At least, that is how well it works for me and for what I am trying to accomplish. The AppFolio software has proven very helpful for managing the rental properties that I am responsible for. I use it to keep track of all tenants and the property details. I also use it to run reports quickly that detail where I can make improvements and details of those improvements. A great feature of the AppFolio software that I enjoy using is its ability to list and rate rental properties. This is something that I would not do well manually.

AppFolio Features

AppFolio offers software that’s built on three distinct features so you can easily manage your entire property file. The following are highlights.


Although property management software is a valuable time and money saver, most of the software’s value comes from the property management features. AppFolio’s software is simple to use and offers additional options to reduce your workload.

The core property management features offer a wide range of tools to help you with your property file.

AppFolio allows you to manage multiple, custom property files which is perfect for smaller firms and landlords who manage more than one property. And as your business grows, you can simply add more property files with a few simple clicks.

From a property data tracking perspective, the software is very complete. You can track the following:

  • Identification card info
  • License number
  • Pets and apartments
  • Insurance
  • Internet/wifi
  • Tenant questions and answers
  • Rent

When to Choose AppFolio

AppFolio works best if you currently run a property management business and have an existing client base of tenants. If you already have a website that you use to manage the business, most likely you will already have a Salesforce account and already have the tracking tools you need in the cloud. AppFolio is a great add-on to your existing software and will simplify the accounting and reporting processes and will help clear up any parts that may be redundant or unnecessary. AppFolio also works best if you’re looking to bring on more tenants or an additional line of business. AppFolio is a seamless use … you can easily manage tenants and employees from one centralized location, regardless of where they are actually located. With AppFolio, you can easily purchase tools needed for property management from the AppFolio marketplace without having to perform multiple accounts or have multiple apps for your general ledger. But if you don’t have an existing tenant base, AppFolio may be better for you to start with in the beginning until your rent rolls start coming in.

How We Evaluated the Best Property Management Software

We researched all the property management software products available on the market today. We looked at the balance of features and ease of use of each product and awarded points in this evaluation accordingly.

We focused on two main areas in our evaluation:

  • Affordability
  • Efficiency

We believe in giving credit where credit is due, and so instead of simply picking the one that was the best, we selected all our favorites rated the best in most categories.

Without further ado, here are the starting line-up for our list of the top 5 property management software products of 2021.

Bottom Line

Property Management Software… The Best Tools for Your Business

The rise of daily income opportunities has brought a need for real estate managers to manage a growing property portfolio. For many business owners, keeping an eye on the bottom line is not only important, but essential; and especially in today’s economy…

A big part of running a highly successful property management business is keeping track of its figures and doing so accurately. Allocated resources such as time and money must be leveraged to provide the best possible value to their customer base.

Property management software can help property managers track the details of their business and improve efficiency. With a variety of features and management tools, a property management software package can greatly improve a business’s ability to manage its property portfolios and improve the overall customer experience.

Not sure which property management software is the best for your property management business? Here’s a quick look at some of the top options available today.