Top 25 Professional Makeup Artist Business Card Ideas

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Use Frames to Highlight Your Message

Borders can be applied to many objects, including images, shapes and text. They can increase the overall visual effect and make your visual message stand out among the busy crowd. One way to draw attention to your card is to use frames.

With frames, you can add clear protective plastic to your retail box, helping to protect your business card. Then write your message in such a way that it highlights the key points of your business and the message you want to communicate to your customers.

If you want to take coloring to the next level, design your business card with a color scheme in mind. If you’re using your art to make a statement, study your message to see if you can find the right colors to make your message come alive and on display.

Try a Square Business Card

Just to See How it Works!

If your profession is related to makeup, decorating, designing or any other creative profession, having a square business card is a good option.

A square business card has its advantages over other types of business cards. Squares are portable, easy to store, and they don't take up too much space. They are also perfect for a variety of professions, especially those that need a business card to slide inside a simple wallet.

Try a square business card just to see how it works. You may find that it's the perfect size for your DIY wedding invitations, a business card for your gardening business or an updated card for your personal assistant business.

If you find that the square shape doesn't quite work for your business, don't worry! There are still several different types of business cards that you can choose.

Thin cards boost your physical presence and are ideal for quick contacts. Bold cards get you immediate attention. You can also try a plastic business card to make sure that your business card is durable and can last a lot longer than other cards.

Add a 3D Element to Your Design

Make sure you’re always displaying your contact information in a professional manner. Studios are often very similar in color and structure, but not all cards are created equal. Gray or one-color designs look unprofessional and don’t have enough visual impact to set apart your business. Even a black border on a business card doesn’t do enough to draw the eye and it doesn’t even match the rest of the card.

Create a Design Using Keywords

Create a design based on a combination of the different keywords that you identified. Consider the top keywords first, and then add the rest of the keywords based on their importance, priority, and relevance.

You could use your keywords to create a slogan or a call to action for your business. Write down your ideas. Keep them handy for the next step.

Now take your business card and make sure that your design is as exact as possible.

Now that you have a design, it’s time to go back to the Web tool that you are using for creating your business cards and start testing your keywords. Your goal here is to find out which keywords will be the most effective.

Using the data that you got from the Web tool, you can create an image with the keywords. You can use the same design as you did for the business card. The only difference will be that this time you will be incorporating the keywords in the design. The image will be made transparent in order to draw your focus to the design.

Test your keywords using two tests that you are probably already aware of.

Add a Personal Feel with Sketches

We rarely need to print our business cards, but when we do, it’s probably for a big event or when trying to meet an important client. So you’ve put the effort into creating a good design that’s eye-catching. Then some cheapskate at the print shop goes and prints it for you in such a way that the print head obscures your curves and fades the details.

So the next time you do print your business cards, make sure you’re putting a personal touch by including sketches in your design.

Sketches add a personal touch and can also be a great way to communicate your personality.

Work with a Color Theme

Makeup artistry offers you a chance to fully express your creativity. You can use the color palette of your choice to enhance your work with stunning results. Whether your theme is a general color palette or a specific brand of makeup products, your business card can be the visual representation of your business.

The business card of a makeup artist is an opportunity to showcase the breadth of techniques available in your makeup artistry arsenal. You can take a standardly black and white business card and transform it with the boldest or muted colors to communicate your message to potential new clients and colleagues. Or you can use rich, full color photos on a business card to show your target audience the dramatic results that you can achieve with your business.

Using muted colors will keep your card simple and low key – yet still make your business appear bold. Putting vibrant colors on your business card can make it a strong visual element in your portfolio and an attention grabber at trade shows. It can also appeal to a broader market who are likely to be looking to experiment with new colors.

Use Your Name to Design Your Business Card

Usually, Good make up artist business cards do not look at their profession as business cards … The business cards, the cards with which they arrive in the world,” because it is the name is on its face, which shows them as artists, is a key part of self-marketing.

Even if you do not have your name as your name (for example, Chris Darden, I recommend using the name as a basis for your business card, which will give your name. If you have an alias that does not affect your personal scene, you can for it and save you a buck. Emily Anhalt, for example, has created her profile and used the name of his pseudonym as his business card.

The card here are some ideas for you to start and if you have an idea, we would love to hear it! If want to keep a clean look to your business card, we like these ideas of white business cards.

{1}. Online Service
{2}. Makeup Artist, Beauty Advisor, Salon Specialist
{3}. Graphic Artist / Commercial Makeup Artist / Beauty Advisor (I like this one!)
{4}. Esthetician / Makeup Artist
{5}. Retail Store – … available for hair, makeup, and salon design
{6}. Makeup Artist / Beauty Advisor

Include Images from Your Portfolio

Create a Themed Look

If you are looking to have a professional look, you can create a themed look by playing up one of the beauty aspects of your face. You can achieve this by experimenting with the colors and textures you incorporate into your makeup routine. You can either use a fixed palette or a uniform look.

Choose an eyeshadow color palette. For example, you can use a pink toned eyeshadow for nude eyes. You can also choose neutral colors if you want your upper and lower lids to be one color. Most beauty makeup applications include four colors: neutrals, a highlight, two shades, and a contour color. For the contour color, you can use a bar with a creamy consistency.

For cheeks, you can choose a peach-beige color for an olive skin tone. For medium skin, you can choose a golden brown tone or a bronzed blush. For dark skin tones, you can use a golden red-orange color for cheeks. If you have fair to light skin plus darker under eye eyelids, you can pull it down and use a darker area of your cheek.

Be Tasteful When Adding Foil Elements to Your Design

Foil elements are one of the most versatile and fun elements in your makeup bag. From glitter to glitter, from tiny stars to intricate patterns, adding foil elements to your makeup or costume designs gives them an extra touch of magical realism. Not only are they fun to work with, but they come in a variety of colors to match any design.

With a little bit of practice and a steady hand, you can create your own metallic foil elements … here are some ideas for inspiration:

Cover a leather clipboard or binder with foil stars.

Add foil glitter and stars to your bookmarks or small stickers.

Make your own party invitations and add foil cutouts.

Add cool foil shapes to your Christmas or Halloween decorations.

Dress up cookies or cupcakes.

Play with Oversized Fonts

Oversized fonts and colors are great ways to stand out from the crowd and grab your audience’s attention. I’m a big fan of using big, chunky type and bright colors. These ideas are surprisingly easy to implement and will give you that added pop you’re looking for. To start, use oversized headers in your business cards & stationery designs. This was an idea I found on a website.

Add a Purpose

Whether you’re applying last-minute touch-ups to a client in her car, completing touch-ups before work, or primping for an important meeting, everyone needs touch-ups at some point.

Taking a few moments to apply it yourself or to save a few bucks on a professional touch-up can help you propel your business even further.

Making these small cosmetic enhancements can also make your client feel more comfortable and relaxed.

Creating a shoe box of makeup can also help people feel empowered by taking care of themselves, and can lead to more self-confidence.

People can look forward to the idea of self-care and can build a stronger connection with you if they can do this themselves.

Experiment with Unique Shapes

Unlike typical business cards, these cards are in a box shape; making them unique and fun to collect. Translation: you can fill them with all sorts of fun and unique designs, such as colorful flowers, images of your logo, scrolling text, and more.

The catch? You’ll have to include images of your products or business card pieces. That’s not such a big deal, though… since your website should be your sales tool, don’t you think these business cards can be too?

Taking a look at some of the creative pieces shown above, you’ll see that they’re easily adaptable to many different people and businesses.

If you’re a blogger, you can probably place your logo on the front of the box and simply have your name on the back. If you’re a fashion designer, you can try your hand at some space or shape cutouts and a large central image that serves as the card’s background.

Use a Black Background to Make Colors Stand Out

The easiest way to make colors stand out is to set them apart from the background. That’s exactly why card designs with a black background are so popular among businesses selling makeup. Black makes most colors appear brighter, richer, and more vibrant.

The reason most of our card designs use a black background is to make the colors hold up under a strong lighting source. Us photographers have this problem constantly where we need to choose which color to shoot. Which color would make everything stand out better? That’s where a black background comes into play.

Conceptualize the Business Card

Before you start designing your business cards, you need to decide on the general concept of the cards. For example, if you’re selling cosmetics, you might want to do a more natural look with natural colors on your card. Or, if you’re promoting a gift basket company, you might want to use a more colorful logo.

Similarly, you can use the same color palette throughout the different components of your business like the logo, website, brochures, etc. But as we all know, establishing a company color can be difficult. But it’s a good idea to have a single color running through your brand to represent your company.

Feature a Color Palette

Many of the best-known names (and the best-known faces) in the makeup industry keep a makeup palette in their cards. In this case, the design is both an efficient use of space and a way to convey the colorful, confident personality of the artist inside.

When: This is one scenario where the backdrop is as important as the person. If you show the palette on a bright orange background, the design becomes more about the color and less about the artist. If you make the backdrop a neutral color, all the focus can stay on the product.

If the female artist has colorful hair, this option might not be right.

Location: If you’re shopping for a store or a warehouse space, choose a backdrop where the variations in color will make it possible to see the artist—s makeup palette. If your audience is in a retail location, using it in the actual store or during a mini-tour is great.

If you’re targeting a wholesale audience, choosing a neutral color backdrop is more appropriate.

The second because the backdrop is as important as the person, and the space should reflect the personality of the makeup artist.

Use Contrasty Colors: You can use bright, hyper-saturated colors or try combining multiple shades of one color. Whatever you choose, the palette can, and should, still be legible.

Opt for an Elegant & Classy Look

While business cards are often considered to be nothing more than a formality, you can definitely go overboard with the business card design. Why not have fun with it and make it one of your best promotional tools? After all, it’s the one single business card that will get you closest to someone in your business life, so why not make it look as good as possible?

Photo cards rule the promotional world for a reason. They are unique, creative, and eye catching. And when professionally designed, they can help your company stand out.

Create an Interactive Design

In the beauty industry, if you want to stand out, there’s no better way than to simply be different and original. And one of the easiest ways to do that is to use a business card that truly reflects your style and personality.

The business cards of top makeup artists are a great place to start! And with a little creativity, you can put your own spin to your business cards.

For example, here’s the business card for The Makeup Lady’s own….

Top 25 Professional Makeup Artist Business Card Ideas

If you want to add personal flair to your business card, try one of these dazzling ideas:

{1}. Imprint your persona on your business card. For example, with The Makeup Lady, you’d see her career in the title card to showcase her work, but then, the rest of the card showcases the individual makeup varieties she sells.
{2}. Use your first name as the title… which speaks volumes!

Work with Geometric Shapes

If you’re a makeup artist, it’s likely that several of your customers will have square, rectangular, or triangular faces. If you think about it, that’s not a lot of variety in comparison to faces with curved sides and circles! But there are more geometric shapes to choose from when it comes to makeup design.

Multiline, or linear, shapes are an important element to consider when working with geometric shapes. These shapes are highly idealized, so they can seem difficult to work with. But by using the right colors, you can establish a design that is eye-catching and modern.

If you’re creating a more formal look, you can create a modern geometric look. When using a linear shape to make a geometric makeup design, you can create a regular geometric design that is highly dimensional and trendy. You can also use these shapes to create a geometric makeup design that is highly abstract.

Short Sides and Sharp Corners

You can use any combination of geometric shapes (circle, triangle, square, and rectangle) to create geometric designs … but you can also use only circles and triangles. The designs created by different combinations of geometric shapes are very different from one another once they are combined.

Make a Statement

With Professional Makeup Artist Business Cards:

The business cards that you give out to clients will rarely get the same attention as the work you showcase on your website, in your portfolio or on social media, which is why some make it the first place people see.

If you’re going to get your business card noticed, standing out from the crowd is a great way to accomplish this. In essence, you’ll be making a statement.

Add Some Drama to Your Design

The Artists are having fun, but they are passionate about their job and they know how to work. Considering the profession which they serve- the designing, the designing of the business card is so important. The Professional Makeup Artist knows the makeup needs of people and they knows the makeup which is apt in any occasion.

If you are planning to work as a professional makeup artist or you want to learn this field, then you need to develop professional skills. The skills and techniques that a professional Makeup Artist must have have been adulated. the beauty professionals are a different breed. The talented artists of the makeup industry understand how to transform their clients into more beautiful people.

It is not just the makeup which should impress people, but also the business cards of the Professional Makeup Artist. They know how to make them more impressive. Makeup Artists considering the design of the business cards. The Modern makeup Artists follow the latest trends of the business cards. But still, the traditional approach is always remembered and applied in the creative designs.

Use Color Only as Accent

Not as a Means of Drawing Attention.

Watching and studying professional makeup artists has really given me a lot of inspiration for my own career. One thing I have noticed is that the majority of the makeup looks they create are basic and simple. The makeup, regardless of trend, is not intended to draw a specific attention to one part of the industry. Instead, it is meant to accentuate the looks of the models.

The amazing makeup looks on offer at the big names all tend to follow the same basic formula. A foundation base is selected to work with the complexion of the models. Moisturizers are applied to the skin to keep it supple. Thereafter, a powder is applied, usually above the foundation to set the makeup. There are then light contouring and highlighting of areas where definition is needed. Finally, a slick of lipstick is applied to finish off the makeup look.

Makeup is used to create a polished and professional look. In one way or another this is expressed by almost all makeup artists. If you are a professional makeup artist and you want customers to encounter your brand as a professional one, use color only to complete the look and don’t try to draw attention.

Use Texture in Your Design

Using textures in your design is also a way to give your design a professional polish. You can use torn, scraped or even worn edges to set the mood and feel of your business card.

At the same time, using textures offers a great opportunity to add a great personal touch to your design. With minimal digitizing tools you can always recreate the textures of an old playing card for your own cards. You can even create new distressed textures and lend them your own personal touch.

When you apply textures to your cards, make sure to make them readable. Using only one type of texture can make the fine lines too hard to read.

At times it can be difficult to obtain textures, especially for the small embellishments. These, however, are available as digital elements or in the form of .png transparency files.

Create a Mirror Image Design on Both Sides

Card Versions: Front (with photo of individual) and Back

A very large check box with a long-handled object is a very useful marketing tool, but its image must be mirrored on both sides.

However, this version would be too busy for business cards. It would look good though in marketing posters, especially on a looping or revolving design.

You can put a small rectangle of a different color or pattern under the image as a border.

Insert a mirror image of your photo or graphic into a cut out square.

You can obtain the desired effect by taking a close up of the photo or graphic with an editing program to convert it into a mirror image and then import that into your business card design.

Send a Clear Message with Typography

Typography is a powerful tool in any designer’s arsenal when it comes to communicating with their customers. As a beauty professional, you are in a unique position to create a similar impact with your business card.

Don’t just settle for the standard – call me.”

Find that perfect balance between professional and personable that will be remembered.

Make a statement with typography.

Use a well-known font or create your own that sends a powerful message.

Opt to use a black on cream or color on white typeface to enhance the cut of your business card without being too distracting.

Always keep your type large. The smaller it is, the less impact it will have.

Be mindful of the space available on your card to keep it simple.

Over to You