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Keep It Professional

The concept of business cards has been around for quite some time now. It has come a long way from the days when there were strip of paper which your client would fill in information on. Nowadays, you can change and customize your business card in an instant on your smartphone.

However, an important aspect that remains the same is the design of your business card. It is crucial that your design and printed business card accurately reflect your company’s professionalism.

Have a professional looking business card in hand will make a client more inclined to work with you.

Try a Modern Minimalist Look

When preparing your business cards, it’s important to ensure they’re appealing to a variety of audiences. As such, you might want to consider including an image as the main feature of your business card. As an example, if you have a unique personality, consider including a picture of yourself. If you’ve studied a specific subject or topic, you might want to consider displaying a picture that represents your expertise.

However, if you’re not so comfortable with displaying your face on these traditional pieces of paper, consider including a different image. Some people opt for a photo, some choose a cartoon, and others like to include a logo instead.

As an example, if you’re a photographer, you might want to consider including a photo of your work instead. If you’re a lawyer, you might like to display a photo of your office, or even an image of you in a judgements robe!

Alternate images are a great way of avoiding clashing with the purpose or nature of your business cards.

Work with Matching Dark and Light Colors

The sky is the limit, and there is room for a very classy and professional looking business card.

Here's how to attract attention in a fast and impactful way.

  • Keeping a clean and classy look without losing impact, use a dark background and contrasting colors preferred to mostly one color.
  • The best combination for this style of business card is a dark (almost black) color with a metallic silver ink/color.
  • Examples show a plain white background with a black businessman.
  • Using one of the following combinations:
  • Metallic silver – White
  • Metallic Silver – Light Grey
  • Metallic Silver – Black
  • Metallic Silver – Camouflage
  • Metallic Silver – Dark Grey
  • Metallic Silver – Purple
  • Metallic Silver – Red
  • Metallic Silver – Black & Red
  • Metallic Silver – Black & Orange
  • Feel free to mix the background colors with your business card message for a more professional and appealing look.
  • The following are some of the samples used in this article. However, feel free to combine them with or change them to your own preference.
  • The above are samples of business cards of successful businessmen. The Camouflage business card is an altered sample of the first one on the list.

Do Away with the Traditional Symbols

Lawyers often have a hard time coming up with their business cards. There are a lot of standard representations out there, and some of them have been around for so long that they ultimately become part of the profession itself. You can even find law school business cards in such a position. It’s time for a change.

Give your law firm an injection of uniqueness and enthusiasm. You don’t need to represent your peers and your field all too well. You need to make a solid and professional effect, but you can always stray away from them and opt for a whole new look.

Change your business cards to help your firm stand out. For example, you could have your law firm logo encased in a glass or a diamond shape. If you want to keep the basic look, but still add something a little different, you could redesign your logo with the inclusion of a semi-precious stone. You could also go the route of a plain black card with silver text.

Create your business cards to display your business cards to reflect your firm’s unique services. An effective business card design gets your business name, address and contact information across to your prospects and clients. You might want to incorporate a functional design into your business cards, such as a resizable for easy reading on a mobile device.

Use a Visually Appealing Background

Professional business cards are a great way for lawyers to establish a reputation. They promote a professional image and contribute to the long term success of the practice. The practice’s logo and slogan are the most valuable part of its business card. When a potential client sees the business card, it’s the last thing he/she sees before committing to the lawyer. It’s extremely important to use a quality logo and place it in an inviting and visually appealing background. If the logo is placed over a dark background, it can appear too faint. A light background can cause the logo to appear washed out.

The prospective client will be more likely to think about a lawyer’s quality if the logo looks vibrant and clear. Professionals like lawyers and doctors have a large impressionable group of clients – people with resources and power. Therefore they should use their business cards as a means to establish the quality of their services.

Create a Look That Speaks to Your Target Clients

The law is an oftentimes a source of stress and disappointment in our lives. People turn over attorneys and law firms at a frightening rate, so it is important to connect with your target clients and clients to keep them coming back.

At the same time, you are unlikely to outreach a client or any potential clients who you are not compatible with. It takes a lot of time to develop a professional relationship with clients, so you must be mindful of the impression you are making on them.

When drafting your business cards, it's important to carefully select your clients' target demographic. A card that is masculine, or could be construed as masculine, in nature, will not be as professional as a more feminine design. Similarly, a card that is set up in a way that leads a target client to believe that you are feminized or catty will never work.

Consider these tips to design engaging useable business cards:

Go Gender Neutral

Be sure to have your business card look like something a man or a woman would want to use. Throw out those cheesy bar code customs that don't fit into your style and stick with simple fonts and a neutral palette.

Include a Little Bit of Personality

Focus on things that make you you. You are not trying to come off as "the normal another lawyer" but you need to make an impression.

Choose a Simple Monogram Design

A monogram presents a great opportunity for your business card. On a professional business card, it can make for a nice, minimalistic, and classic design. We would suggest going for a simple monogram, using the same font and color for each letter, rather than a fancy script or other fancy fonts and designs that sometimes can create a cluttered and confusing look.

Choose a Monogram Font

While there are numerous typefaces out there with all kinds of fancy fonts and even colors to spice up your business card, we recommend sticking with a classic or simple font.

Here are a few great fonts to dig into:

  • Garamond
  • Myriad Pro
  • Swash Caps
  • Lettra
  • Inktomi
  • Roboto
  • Meister Script
  • Arial Rounded MT Condensed

We generally like one of the sans-serif fonts above because of their simplicity and legibility; however, we highly recommend testing all of them out yourself to determine which one goes best with your design and even your voice.

Choose a Simple Monogram

To go along with a simple font, a monogram that is simple but effective and not too busy will work best. Avoid going for complex but busy designs that make it difficult to read the type of work you do. Aside from that, being consistent during the types of letters you use will also make a design less cluttered and easier to read.

Play with Oversized Typography…

Incorporate some oversized typography in your law firm business card design. It’s easy to use the same size font for the name of your law firm, your stationery and your business card. Then, use either oversized typography or a fully integrated text element for your company slogan.

…Or an Oversized Logo

One of the first decisions you’ll need to make is whether or not to put a logo on the back of your cards. You don’t have to put a logo on the back of your business cards immediately. I’ve seen some lawyers with a full-size logo on the back of their cards. I’ll admit it does look professional. But the question is … is it necessary?

Before you decide to use a large logo, think first. You could be making a major impact or perhaps adding unnecessary strain on your wallet.

White Attorney Business Card Template

If you want to make a sophisticated impression online amongst professionals in law, it's important that your business cards are crisp and easy to read. The white business card template gets the color-coding right, and has a sophistication to it to distinguish you as a professional. The white models were not overdone–instead, the cards came out with a professional balance that sets you apart from the rest of the pack.

Red Lawyer Business Card Template

<strong>Lawyers are only human and quite often forget the basics, just like anyone else. They make mistakes and many lawyers have great work – but generally don’t think that personal graphic design is a necessity.

According to Kramer Marketing, the following graphic design mistakes are common among lawyers.

{1}. Non-Conforming Flairs. Lawyers typically don’t know which fonts are used in a business setting. They enter their website URL or place of business typeface into an online clic. If it does not automatically match up with their logo, then they’ll have to enter the font in manually.
{2}. Horrific Pictures. After entering text into a clic, you then have to make the picture or logo match the text. The picture will never match the text, and most people will go to the trouble of one of the following options: uploading an horrendous picture when the law firm actually has a decent picture; taking a picture of an individual facing forward, so his/her face is clearly shown but the background is unknown; or not taking a picture of the actual document that the individual is carrying.

Black Lawyer Business Card Template

Many law firms use some form of black and white business cards for lawyers as their law firm business card template for lawyers. While most traditional law firms use the color of black, other color variations are used on occasion. Even though you want to try and use your business card along with other business cards, business cards should always be the best marketing tool for your law firm.

Die-Cut Business Card Template

Here is a diecut business card design program you can use in the computer to get yourself started. First, it's a very detailed program that will generate a 3D business card. If you want to hand chop your business cards, you should simply use the 3D graphic. Then you can edit it to your need, such as resize, rotate, color correction, etc. You don't need this program to make a nice looking business card template, but it is useful for the die-cut business card. And if your goal is to make a nice business card by yourself, you can stop reading here.

There are many professional card making software out there. I'm using Photoshop CS4. The disadvantage of this software is you can't use your name 'in the air'. You need to type it. And it's not very easy to make it look good. For those who need help on how to make a die cut business card, I recommend you visit this site.

But I believe there possible with Photoshop, but you have to do the extra work. Just a note: it's not the software's fault. The computer has problems. It takes a lot of time to design a very fine and elegant die-cut business card. You must give it some time to become good.

However, if you don't want to go through the extra work to use your name in the air, you can buy a template from a card maker company.

Corporate Law Firm Business Card Template

A corporate lawyer business card for a large law firm like Perkins Coie is a great way to set yourself apart from your peers and attract new business.

Use this template if you work as a corporate lawyer for a professional services firm like Perkins Coie LLP, or another law firm. This is an overview of what your business card might look like as a corporate lawyer.

If you have access to Photoshop CS5, you can download this template for free.

Personal Lawyer Business Card Template

Business cards are an absolute necessity if you are going into the field of law, or even if you are simply working as a paralegal. Law firms need to let their clients know that they have some of the best lawyers in the area.

But don’t think that you have to use a really flashy and complex business card template. Just because you work for a lawyer doesn’t mean that you have to have a fancy and high maintenance business card.

Business Card Design Tips

When it comes to business cards, you have to make sure that the information is easily readable and also that the information is consistent throughout the card.

It’s important that you provide a quick description of the types of work you do. The business card should be able to serve as a marketing tool that helps you get new clients. Ideally, the business card should be concise and speak for itself.

Business Cards are Perfect For Clients
In terms of the design elements, you will want to keep the design a little more conservative. After all, this is a business card, not a personal business card. Naturally, you can add a personal touch, but the business card should make a statement of what your business is about.

Stick with a Clean Layout

Once you’ve settled on a specific layout, make sure the information on the card makes sense. For example, if you’re a general lawyer and you have no specialization, you don’t need a specialty area listed. But if a prospective employer wants to call you in for an interview, you want to be sure he knows what you do best (which is not being a general lawyer). In general, if you don’t have a clear specialty, spend some time working on your business card. A great layout will impress potential clients, and if they can’t easily determine what you do, they may be less likely to hire you.

Add Quality by Using Special Card Stock

Some printers use thin, flimsy stock that comes in every color. But you don’t have to settle for this. It’s easy to get a better quality card by using a little bit of extra cash. Instead of getting cheap, thin stock, try a better stock like Greeting card stock. Greeting card stock is a thicker stock, often printed on a thick stock and is of higher quality. Use it to show off your card. Remember that your cards will be on display when you use a high quality stock. Also, special finishes may sound fancy but can make your cards look great. Gold foil, foil, embossed, and etched on paper can add real impact to a simple card.

Another way to make your card look better is by having a high quality photo. Photo quality is one of the hardest things for a photographer to get right, but you, as a photographer, have this ability. Take time and spend time to get a good photo. But don’t spend a ton of money on it either; just get a decent camera for your most important photos. Check out some tips and tricks for taking better photographs. The better the photograph, the better your card will look.

Add a Unique Element to Promote Your Brand

Lawyers typically create small business cards in the same way as any other small business owner. But Law firms have another level of branding: they need to stand out from the sea of other lawyers, as well as drive more clients to their firm.

Lawyer business cards can and should be created as a way to amplify your thought leadership and build your brand. There are a few ways to do this for your business card:

  • Make one small yet meaningful change that will drive your brand;
  • Add a unique element to your business cards that will be an easy way to identify clients;
  • Make a bold statement to call attention to yourself; or
  • Find inspiration from other lawyers and design a truly great lawyer business card.

Choose a Monochrome Theme

This business card set features a black and white theme. The Designer chose to go with a monochrome as it allows the Reader to focus more on the business card rather than on a busy design. A monochrome design can be more sophisticated and sophisticated. It has a sense of mystery and playfulness that may attract more of a higher-end clientele.

Use Bold Graphic Design for Texture and Layered Design

Next, the Designer brings texture and layered design to the monochrome theme with a bold graphic design. The overlapping geometric shapes add texture to the business card to make it feel more substantial and interesting. The colors also serve as a subtle instruction for the Reader. The Reader, who may be more of an action type, can easily grab (and hold on to) the card since he or she will be attracted to the texture. The graphic and layered design also adds a sense of uniqueness, individuality, and a sense of welcome.

Choose a Simple and Clean Design

The simple and clean design makes the monochrome theme more sophisticated. The colors used in the graphic and layered design are simple yet eye-catching without being over-the-top or gaudy. The design itself gives a professional look to the card that is ideal for a Business Professional.

Use Your Brand Colors

Lawyers spend a great deal of time working on their business cards. Your lawyer business cards are a great way to let your clients, prospects or network, know who you are, what you do and where you can be found!

In today's world, everyone has a cell phone, and almost every person carries a picture of themselves with them at all times. With your lawyer business cards, you can make sure everyone knows who you are.

Make Use of Copper Foil for a Unique Accent

Who doesn’t really like a little bit of copper foil on their business cards? Using a little bit of copper foil will really make your card stand out among the rest. You can find it at your local office supply store. The foil is shiny, so it’s safe to use and works great as an accent on cards.

As you can see in the picture above, the copper foil is shiny and metallic in color, but you can also color it any way you want. The best part is that you only need to use a small piece of it on your business card, so it won’t cost you a fortune.


As a bonus: you can also use a vinyl decal to decorate the back of your card. Just make sure that your decal is flat, otherwise it might be impossible for the printer to lay it flat.

You can also use removable decals to make them more durable. These decals can be replaced time after time as you change your business card printing. Again, though, make sure that these are flat because otherwise they don’t work too well in printing.

Make Sure Your Fonts Are Readable Against Dark Backgrounds

Your business card is something you’ll be carrying proudly and proudly presenting to others. However, you still have to make sure that your font is readable against dark backgrounds.

When you are checking your font with dark backgrounds – make sure that you choose a font that has an equal kerning and word spacing. This is especially important when you are hiring a freelancer to design your card to ensure that the font is not too small or too spaced.

There are times when some people use different font sizes and lines. This can make it difficult for you to identify the name, title or address of the person. When you are checking your font, make sure that you compare it against a white background.

If you have different colors in a single text box, make sure to compare the colors against a white background. This is because colors have different effects on the reading process and you need to ensure that the color of the text box is readable against the background color.

Make sure that your colors are as readable as possible against a dark background.

Use a Brighter Color Theme

Keep it simple and don’t get carried away with the professional theme. Your business card is simple, concise, and should be easy for potential customers to read.” ‡ Chris Wejr – CEO and founder, Lawyer Card.

The use of professional colors – black, blue, red, and green … don’t compete for attention as the theme of your business card, and that’s why they’re recommended as a safer option. You can use these colors to create a ‑professional‒ appearance for your business card.

However, you can use other bolder colors that you feel comfortable with. Just be sure to use the colors sparingly and keep the color theme of your card simple.

ĸYou can also create a professional team-oriented theme – for example, use a vertical array of your team members using a single color choice, such as your company’s or your client’s color scheme, so there’s only one or two pairs of eyes in the frame.

Add a Full Frame Image for Your Background

In order to improve the legibility of your business cards, you can add a full-frame image to your background.

Full frame means that the background contains the full envelope, including the back. This will serve 2 purposes … it will make your letterhead appear more professional and it will also allow for a better fit in the standard business card size.

Furthermore, it will also allow your business card to be fully readable, because instead of being placed on a diverse background, it will be on a uniform background. Here’s the legibility improvement when using a full-frame background.

Exactly what you want to achieve when designing your business card.

If you want to read more about how to incorporate background images in your business cards, check out this article. Most software applications, if not every single one, can help you add a full-frame background image to your business cards. For the most reliable and accurate results, you should get help from the software application’s master experts.

Add an Embossed Detail for a Unique Texture

If your thoughts have simply shifted to honing your creative sense, here is an ultimate idea for your business cards that is both classy and fashionable.

Embossed Titles.

Marketing professionals agree that an embossed title should be used in lieu of their company’s logo or slogan. Although a simple title and the company name on a business card is a good way to go, adding an embossed detail is an added advantage.

Opt for a classic look for your business card by simply printing the title onto white paper. Here’s a suggestion … try going either with silver or gold embossed titles.

Bigger is Better.

Just because you’re printing a small title, doesn’t mean you should print it as it is on your business card. In fact, you may want to go bigger so it stands out. Many professionals recommend choosing a font that’s not too small as a means of adding an impression of elegance.

To help provide a strong, high-impact feel, start off by creating a template displaying the font size, line spacing and margins. Then, use these measurements while printing out test business cards.

Placing the Title Just Outside the Corner.

Over to You

Lawyer Business Cards

Following are the best lawyer cards that you will like. We hope this list will provide you the type of professional cards that can be customized.

Orange County Medical Association

● Advantages

Orange County Medical Association (OCMA) is one of the most reputable medical association. It is an affiliate of the California Medical Association (CMA), providing an excellent opportunity for targeting people in Orange County, CA.

● Disadvantages

For people that are not from Orange County, it will not reach them. This card will stand out if you will use the upper-half of the card to show its brand name and the first line of text is the "Orange County Medical Association."

● How to Use This Design

This card can be used even for people who are not from the area that is represented in the card's design. However, it is important to use the top half of the design and show the CMA logo.

Orange County Bar Association

The Orange County Bar is a local and international Bar Association. A bar that the customer can use it in the US or abroad.

● Disadvantage

The logo of the bar was not well focused in the card. So, it needed to remove the background from the logo.