15 Professional Email Signature Examples (& Why They Work)

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BeaseFox Animated Signature

Master Ink Signature

Sir Edward Elgar (9 September 1862 – 21 September 1934) was a prolific English composer, organist, pianist, and conductor. He is considered one of the greatest composers of the late Victorian era, with two notable works: the Enigma Variations and the Violin Concerto.

Medium Banner Signature

Not every email is going to be perfect. You’re not going to have the perfect email clients, the perfect signature, nor are you going to be functioning in the perfect hardware environment. You’re going to have typos, you’re going to have download errors, you’re going to have issues with the internet.

But when you have a professional email signature, you’re going to look like a professional email sender. You’ll look like you have a little bit more logistical experience, you’ll look like you have a little bit more operational experience, you’ll look like you have a little bit more operational knowledge. It’s even going to make the little hiccups in the email mean less which adds up to a better experience for you and your recipients.

You can add these to your header. Simply add this line to your before/ftheader; line:

<!– 15 Professional Email Signature Examples (& Why They Work) –>

<!– Name: (Your email address here)–>

<!– Signature: (Your signature here)–>

<!– Date: (Your date here)–>

<!– Verified: (Your verifiable email here) –>

Stay Healthy Signature

While you’re validating your email address, you should also take the opportunity to validate your signature, since it will help your brand. Nobody wants to see signs that they've subscribed to you; they want to see the contact details they gave you.

Doctors, Nurse Practitioners, Dental Hygienists, and many other healthcare professionals often use something similar to this email signature:

  • Dr. Jill Jacobson, DMD
  • MJ Dental Clinic
  • 102 Western Ave.
  • Chicago, IL 60622

The golden rule of developing your professional signature is to include your name, contact info, and ANY one of the following:

the practice name or hospital name …the practice/hospital affiliations, such as P.H.A, H.S.O., D.O.O.…the professional designation you use on your business cards, such as D.O., DDS, M.D., N.P., M.H.A., Dental Hygienist, Nurse Practitioner

By including these three elements in your signature, you’ll always make sure you’re leaving a good impression on others.

WiseStamp Photography Signature

YouTube Email Signature

Here’s a YouTube relevant email signature that an individual named Laura customized.

Black & White Signature Example

While the above example features a standard white background, you can also use a black background. Although a black background may not be as appealing to read, it’s a good way to add instant credibility and adds a sense of urgency.

The below example from Jessica Miller shows that you don’t have to go exotic with your signature…just keeping it simple works.

You can also use a basic signature on a website, especially if you don’t necessarily have a downloadable version of your email address.

Email Signature with CTAs

Email Signature With a Signature Example

An email signature can be the most useful tool you have to attract high converting customers. Let's look at 15 professional email signatures with a signature example.

Some business owners often send their email signature in the body of the email. While I think this looks snazzier, it can also be a bit confusing.

Some people switch between their email signature and the email body so often they don't know which one they're using. That's why I recommend using your signature in the HTML tag.

This way, you'll always know exactly where to find your signature and you'll be able to tweak it according to your design and logo.

It's also more convenient to have just one location for your email signature. You can write in your signature wherever your website address is displayed.

There are a few different ways to get your signature. You can use Gmail's signature feature or you can write your signature in HTML code.

The basic principle of a signature is as follows: You start with your email address, give visitors an idea of your company's look and feel, and then provide a call to action.

Let's take a look at some of the best email signatures around:

Blog CTA & Banner Signature Example

You, as the blog creator, have the final say in how your bio is displayed in the email. A blog CTA in the signature of the email signature provides the necessary reinforcement.

Usually, a blog CTA doesn’t require any copywriting. Just a basic call to action (CTA) that’s easy to remember and click upon such as “Keep reading” …

As a blogger, you can also include a custom photo or graphic of your blog banner in the email signature to reinforce your brand and website in any email.

Associations Signature Example

Free Consultation Signature Example

Bright Background Signature Example

This cold email template uses a background gradient from black to bright yellow. The background is positioned as a layer on top of the content. The size of the signature is adjusted by setting the layer to 100% height and position as well as by scaling the image with the Free Transform tool (Ctrl+T). When using Adobe Photoshop, you can hold Shift and Alt while clicking the Free Transform tool to access the handles for repositioning and scaling. The gradient has a slight taper to soften it.

The text has received a slight horizontal offset from the bottom edge of the signature to maintain a more centered balance on the page. The text can also be left in its default alignment depending on your typeface, size and color. By making text a bit smaller, the signature looks more succinct and professional. When combined with a light background, this signature format emphasizes both the length and content of the email.

Privacy Statement Signature Example

Andrew Rudesch – UX Designer, writer, mentor @xby UXdesignBerlin.

Michael Liebhart – Founder, HeroTech, Berili iOS apps in Berlin.

Lauren Schafer – UX Designer, Mentor @xby UXdesignBerlin.

D. A. Sassoon – UX Consultant, Udacity Student, Mentor @xby UXdesignBerlin

Florian Zewisch – UX Designer @Marinaboerlein

Lara Kessel – Coder, Web, UX Designer @princeofutilities.

Ben Allen – Front-End Dveloper @Marinaboerlein

As Internet users these days surely we all are aware of the enormous amount of data – email addresses, passwords, mobile numbers and texts, personal interests, shopping habits, addresses and much more – that is collected and stored about us.

Simple Email Signature by Canva

The standard size for a standard email signature is between 100-250 characters. This keeps it short and to the point, ensuring that your email is well received.

For beginners, the CTA (call to action) is the most important section. You definitely want to focus on the first line and the last line of the signature. This is where you state your main selling points and let your reader know what they can expect from you.

Canva is a simple and easy way to keep it clean. I like how Canva allows you to insert images, charts (if you’re a business owner) and text. The most important part of the email signature is defining who you are and your branding.

In this example, I included a picture of my face. It’s a great way to show who you are quickly and also make it easier for your reader to understand who you are right from the get go. As you can see, I used a simple white background that uses transparency features for the lightest element to show through. This helps with the clarity of my branding.

You may also want to include your company logo or the name of the company you work for. The color red is great to increase recognition, which is why it’s used often in marketing campaigns.

As you can see, sometimes, not including a picture of yourself can look a bit weird.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. There are 15 email signature examples. Why do you offer so many?

A. I’ve tried to include a range of email signatures in this article. This way, you can pick the best one that works for you.

Q. Why do so many of the email signatures start with a greeting?

A. As explained in the previous FAQ, many of the email signatures start with a greeting. This is because greeting is one of the three elements common to every signature.

How do you create a professional email signature?

A professional email signature is a great way to let your clients and customers know who you are. This can be especially helpful if someone is a first-time client of yours, if your name is unfamiliar to them, or if they have already dealt with you and just want to confirm that they have the right person on the line.

So here are the top 15 email signatures that have worked for me in the past. These are email signatures designed by professionals for professionals. So when you use these, you will be in the same league as your peers.

Ella Magazine

The Ella Magazine email signature has some great tips for the person filling out their form. The tips are in the second half of the page under the form where all the text is. The signature has a nice clean font and color. The font size is also pretty large so that it can easily be seen. The most important thing to do is make sure the design looks good on mobile devices as well.

Founder Institute

The Founder Institute email signature is much bigger than the Ella Magazine one. The form fields are visible at the top portion. The signature has a more professional look to it. It’s obviously a lot more expansive and takes up a lot more room.

Jason Steele

The Jason Steele email signature has a very professional look to it. There’s a custom-made border placed around the entire form.

What are the best email apps for business?

Most of you reading this article will be doing your emails from your personal lists. Therefore, I’ll exclude businesses from the main focus of this post.

For these purposes, I’ll take a look at a good email client that you can use on your computer, desktop or laptop: “Thunderbird”. I’m relying on this program because it has by far the best support for signatures – it’s the most versatile and the most customisable: you can create whatever signature you’d like out of various panels and you can adapt it to fit your needs. This also means that there is no need to directly depend on a 3rd party provider for technical support (unless you also decide to pay for their service).

I’m going to demonstrate here that you can send professional emails without the need for any external email signature tools, templates or Outlook add-on if you take care of your emails – this is what separates real professionals from others who think the way to impress clients is by sending fancy emails.

Let’s start with a very simple email template:

Subject: A simple email without any signature

Is Gmail good for business email?

Gmail was launched in 2004 and since then it has taken over the Internet. Through a third party email application, Gmail allows a user to send and receive emails directly from their computer, tablet, or mobile device.

Today, every website must have a contact form to allow people to reach them in the most effective manner. The better you do it, the more people will leave their information.

Gmail is not really good for business applications anymore, and there are better options available online. This is why you might be seeing a lot of people looking for professional email signature examples.

But why do we need email signature examples? How can they help us?

Well, email signatures are used to build trust and respect between them and the person they are emailing. They also allow the email receiver to be reminded of a person’s contact details.

Here are some of the reasons why professional email signature examples work:

They give a good indication of a person’s authority and credibility. Make sure that your email signature provides a direct link to your website.

They convey your professionalism and ensure that you are taken seriously. They also serve as a reminder of a person’s contact details.

They make other people want to reply to you and actually do so.

They send a positive message about your business to potential customers.

Which is better: Gmail or Outlook?

This is a perfect question for any email professional, and trust me, I’ve been there and I still have my own. It’s not as easy as it looks. But then again, Email Pros do not have an easy job… We deal with risky deadlines and stressful work situations. All of that comes with an added level of stress. So in trying to manage the craze of over 300 emails a day, I’ve assembled this guide to help you sort out the two most requested Email Signature Templates that you can also download.

Let’s start with the most asked question:

Why Gmail and not Outlook?

I’ve switched email servers from Outlook to Gmail around two years ago. For an email professional, this is the time to make a switch or not. If you’re like me and need to deal with colossal amount of emails and emails on a daily basis, getting a month ahead of your email workflow, avoiding email outsourcing and save your time and effort, Gmail is for you.

Just by making this small switch, I’ve managed to get email out of my inbox and mail box. Along with getting an overall boost in my concentration and productivity. Your IT administrators will not be able to run a server faster or with greater efficiency.

Bottom Line: Email Signature Examples

Email signatures are the first thing that a potential customer sees before your message. Do not underestimate the importance of the first impression when it comes to building leads.

Everything in fine print is not necessarily important.

Personalized email signatures have become an important part of the traditional email marketing strategy. A personalized email signature will allow you to showcase your personality and show your professionalism.

There are various benefits of having a personalized email signature, including the following:

  • Listing your company’s name and logo (brings more credibility when the person is buying from you)
  • This also includes a short introduction on what your business does,
  • Wording your company name letter by letter (texts that looks really cool)
  • Signing it off with a smiley face instead of plain text
  • Adding some visual elements like a picture of you and/or your company logo

There are many online services that will allow you create personalized email signatures. But the only way to ensure your specific email signature stands out from the rest is by coming up with original ideas for it.

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