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Google: Organize the World’s Information

Google is a highly competent and smart group of employees committed to their powerful Mission Statement that is (at least for them) better known as the great purpose statement and a good statement of purpose. The mission statement of Google is an important business element that is used by Google to provide a better view of the company’s goals and help to accomplish them.

Here is the outline of Google’s Mission Statement for their customers, users, and business partners:

  • Organize the world’s information to make it universally accessible and useful
  • Exploit the power of information technology to make the world’s information universally accessible and useful
  • Harness the advance of information technology to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful

Google’s mission statement is more specific and focused on the organisation and transformation of the whole information world. The great purpose statement should state the organization’s reason for being. The Google Mission Statement does exactly that by clarifying the company’s great purpose.

The mission statement of Goggle is devised to develop a better view of their goals and help them achieve them. In short, Google’s mission statement for their customers, users, and business partners:

Starbucks: Inspire & Nurture the Human Spirit

Nike: To Bring Inspiration & Innovation to Every Athlete

One of the companies I admire the most is Nike. Their mission statement is simple: To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world. They make it clear that their motivation is to help athletes. They’re not motivated by profit or a business strategy. Their founder, Phil Knight, is called the ‘barefoot runner’ and from the very beginning, his company has been about the athletes.

Nike, Inc. is a multinational corporation that was founded by former University of Oregon runner Phil Knight and his former coach, Bill Bowerman. Today, they focus on supporting and enabling athletes, both in their personal lives and on the sporting field. Their continued success has been built upon a clear set of core principles: Inspire, Innovate, and Discover.

Nike’s core values are authentic, creative, plucky, and elegant. They embrace the fundamentals of human performance: breath, body, motion, and story. These values are embodied in the brands they offer as well as in the people they interact with.

Puma: To Be the Fastest Sports Brand in the World

Puma was founded in 1948 by Rudolf Dassler and his brother-in-law, who went on to form the Adidas brand. While Adidas is more known for its sports shoes and apparel, Puma’s initial focus was on sports bags, footwear, and clothing.

The company’s first design was a canvas bag, a holdover from the days when the sport was carried out on foot and players had to carry their equipment. Through the 1950s and 1960s, Puma’s sport goods were primarily focused on soccer.

Although soccer is the most popular sport in Europe, basketball has been gaining speed in popularity in recent decades and began to showcase itself in the early 2000s. With that in mind, the focus of Puma’s brand shifted from soccer to basketball in 2006.

Just two years later, Puma became the official international sports wear sponsor of the NBA. As the NBA’s official sponsor, Puma began to uncover its athletic wear for men’s and women’s basketball. From there, Puma’s T-shirts, sweatpants, jerseys, shorts, socks, and training shoes were launched.

Sony: To Be a Company That Inspires & Fulfills Your Curiosity

Sony is a recognizable name in electronics and household appliances and their products have been used to improve people’s lives for decades. In fact, Sony has been granted a number of international patents for their innovative and useful products like: airplane emergency lighting systems, headrests for car seats, optical fibers, and many, many more.

The Sony mission statement can be found at the bottom of every page on the Sony website. Categorized into 3 parts, the Sony mission statement highlights the products and services that Sony is known for, the inspiration that Sony’s products and services bring, and the commitment to fulfilling each customer’s unique curiosity.

No matter what your company is, the Sony mission statement perfectly embodies its core values, style, and philosophy, as well as the overall idea behind its brand. In fact, it’s not too hard to imagine this mission statement appearing in big bold letters at the bottom of every page on every Sony website across the globe.

Facebook: Give People the Power to Build Community

In 2006 Mark Zuckerberg set out to change how people communicate with friends. He wanted to create something different than what was out there. Most social networks at the time only served as a collection of friends and family.

Facebook began a bit differently and initially started off as a simple website that you could join with your email address. But this social network took off in 2007 when Americans joined in droves. As Neilsen explains, Facebook really caught the attention of market researchers once it was created.

In one year, it grew by 30 million members. At the time, the number of people online in the US barely reached 10 million. Facebook made people feel like they were a part of something bigger. It gave web surfers of the time a sense of community.

Today, Facebook has grown to include more than a billion users and is the social network of choice for most people around the world. And by giving people access to the world’s information, means giving them the power to share it.

This is the genius behind Facebook. It’s a tool that empowers people to communicate with one another.

That’s how it got its start. And with more than two billion monthly users, it’s a powerful tool, indeed.

Water.org: To Bring Safe Water & Sanitation to the World

Verizon: We Deliver the Promise of the Digital World to Our Customers

The World.

You also just created your company mission statement for Verizon Wireless. You haven’t had the chance to ask many people what they think about it yet so before you do, consider your own perception of the mission statement and whether you’re 100% happy with it.

Remember the misconception about your mission statement not mattering to anyone but your co-workers? Let us help change that perception. A mission statement is always an important document that will act as a reminder for every employee of your company’s ideals and intentions and, it is also an amazing tool for when you do need to communicate with partners or customers.

Your mission statement has a tendency to change over a few years, so it’s best if you make it simple enough that it can remain consistent. It also makes sense to be conscious of what your company will become and what types of messages you want your employees to interpret from the mission statement.

A mission statement is important for a company because it documents all the morals and ethics of the company and, it is meant to reflect the ethos of the company and projected values. It is critical for your company to have a mission statement that represents it well.

Southwest Airlines: Dedication to Highest Quality Customer Service

Southwest Airlines (NYSE: LUV) is dedicated to providing its customers with the highest quality, low fare, friendly customer service each and every day. The airline serves nearly 100 million customers a year, across more than 5,000 flights, with nearly 700 airports and 13,000 daily departures and arrivals.

Southwest Airlines

Qantas: Community and Partnership

From near global domination to a 22% share (flights) to the rise back to near global domination, Qantas’ remarkable story is one of both humble beginnings and stunning growth.

Qantas’ story is one of community and partnership – between the generations. From the Queensland coastal hamlet of Longreach in 1930, where the young Qantas first flew, Qantas has flown continuously since. Today, it is the only national airline of all the world’s major economies.

Today, Qantas serves the world with a strong fleet of 93 aircraft and maintains important links with 80 domestic and 15 international destinations.


Southwest Airlines: Customer Service

Customer service is the lifeblood of Southwest Airlines. Every day we provide exceptional service as we make the promise to Always Get You There on Time.

IKEA: Offer a Wide Range of Well-designed, Functional Home Furnishings

And Accessories
IKEA is a company that doesn’t offer a single item to customers. Yet, despite the fact that all the products are unique to different people, the collective impact of our buying decisions and preferences shape the world around us. And each and every individual customer has a small, yet powerful impact on the world around them. IKEA believes that they have a responsibility to help people live a better life by offering a wide range of well-designed, functional home furnishings and accessories. This way of thinking about customers isn’t uncommon in a business as competitive as IKEA—but the way they put it into practice is truly unique. While some companies target customers by creating super-specific items to meet their exact wants and needs, IKEA intentionally aims for the more general yet potent approach of building a home furnishing industry by selling a home furnishings industry. They do this through maintaining a set of company values around creativity, design, and sustainability. But what if, instead of being all about IKEA, this mission statement was something that you could adapt for your business? Here are some reasons you should consider embracing the –Buyer’s Industry” approach.

You’re just as selective about who you serve as you are about who you buy from.

Patagonia: Build the Best Product

Cause No Harm.

A mission statement is a group of words expressing the intentions of a company. This mission statement was written by Yvon Chouinard, the CEO of Patagonia. Listed below is an extended version of the mission statement written by Yvon:

We pursue industries that have lasting impact.

We pursue them with pioneering spirit and competitive heart.

We pursue them with unwavering passion and dedication.

We pursue them to inspire, innovate, build and proactively advocate for our world.

We will not compromise our beliefs because it is the right thing to do, or because it is the easy thing to do.

How do we know this company is unlike any other?

We believe that if it can be produced with integrity, then it will.

We are trying to make every product better for everyone.

We take a long-term view and operate with a strong bias toward sustainability.

We are the best in the world at making the best products and using our profits to protect our planet.

In comparison, here is a mission statement from a company that we rely on every day.

· We are committed to being the best in our field.

· We seek constant improvement, high quality and cost-efficiency.

Fit Small Business: To Deliver the Best Answers to People’s Questions

First of all, for a small business to be successful it needs to acquire people’s needs. It needs to know what the customers need and provide a solution. YES -> YOU CAN’t be a small business without meeting customer’s needs.

Here's 10 powerful mission statement examples to help you to extend your small business goals.

{1}. Mission Statement: To become the best credit card processing company in the country.
{2}. Mission Statement: To become a trusted name among UK consumers.
{3}. Mission Statement: To provide the Internet its best music and entertainment at an extremely low price.
{4}. Mission Statement: To provide the UK with the highest quality educational system.
{5}. Mission Statement: To become a leading provider of healthcare information in the UK.
{6}. Mission Statement: To provide the best travel experience to the world.
{7}. Mission Statement: To provide effective public safety solutions to the City of Milwaukee.
{8}. MissionStatement: To become one of the largest and leading organization of its kind in North America.
{9}. Mission Statement: To provide the best in personal services and customized healthcare.
{10}. Mission Statement: To provide the highest level of customer service in the travel industry.

Mary Kay: Enriching the Lives of Women & Their Families Around the World

Mary Kay’s mission statement goes a step further, clarifying that the company’s purpose includes educating and informing women as to the value and importance of achieving financial independence.

The mission statement of Mary Kay’s recent merger has made it clear that the two businesses – Mary Kay Cosmetics and Mary Kay (aka Direct Selling) – are harmonized under one purpose, which is defined as providing economic opportunity for women.

Coca-Cola: To Taste Good. To Make Life Better.

A more recent example is that of Coca-Cola, which describes its mission as follows:

To help people every day to pause, think,

Smile and then go on with their life.

This mission statement is a concise definition of the mission of Coca-Cola, which, as one of the most popular and effective brands in the world, aims to create positive change in each of the people it is communicating with.

Other mission statements are more in the form of declarations and thus do not include any clearly defined actionable objectives. For some, like those of Apple or Microsoft, this is not an issue. The power of the mission statement lies more in the brand name itself as well as the concept and reputation the company has worked to build around it.

Tesla: Accelerate the World’s Transition to Sustainable Energy

Tesla Motors is an American automaker and energy technology company. It was established by the century’s great engineer, inventor and entrepreneur, Elon Musk. Tesla Motors has developed the world’s first electric sports utility vehicle (SUV), the Tesla Model S, the first mass production all-electric car.

Tesla is also developing a battery for home energy storage to help enable an affordable solar power system.

In both business and in life, you want your mission to be inspiring and ambitious. Here are 21 examples of amazing mission statements that work.

Here is the Mission Statement of Elon Musk’s Tesla Motors:

Accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy

The world’s efficient baseload power generation is derived from fossil fuels, which, for economic, political and environmental reasons, must replaced over time with renewable energy sources like solar, wind and geothermal. Reaching this goal will require an exponentially increasing volume of output from clean energy generation technologies, especially solar. By far the best way to achieve this level of output is through widespread use of electricity.

Harley-Davidson: We Fulfill Dreams Through the Experiences of Motorcycling

"At Harley-Davidson, our heritage is as much a part of our success as anything else in the company. A 140-year tradition of making the world's best motorcycles started here with its founders. It's the foundation on which our future leadership has built the most complete and responsive customer experience in the industry.

The tradition of making great motorcycles is a guide to what we are doing today. We challenge our people to continually improve our customer experience and strive to develop new products that excite our customers. We want to build Harley-Davidson as a brand that inspires families, cultures and traditions worldwide.

It is a brand that is defined by the experiences of motorcycling. The freedom of the open road. The rumble of the engine. The feeling of freedom in the wind in your face and in the throttle."

"At Canon, allegiance to the customer is a shared responsibility. Staff every level of the organization is committed to the best in effective and responsive customer service. Our customers' needs are always our first priority."

"At Coca-Cola, the power of our brand depends on the promise of a great tasting, refreshing, refreshing soft drink. We are committed to providing our consumers with great-tasting soft drinks that allow people to feel good about themselves."

Philips: We Strive to Make the World Healthier & More Sustainable Through Innovation

McDonald’s: To Be Our Customers’ Favorite Place

Every business gets started with a clear set of tasks they need to achieve or goals they need to meet, and then articulates their mission statement to help them get there. The mission statement for McDonald’s is one of the world’s most successful, and very well known.

Michale’s mission statement is as follows:

Motivating the world’s people to be their best selves, every day, every way.

From the first time you step into a McDonald’s to the time that you order a lava cake, McDonald’s mission statement stays with you. Regardless of the menu item, the quality of service or the outcome, it’s the same statement.

Michale’s uses their mission statement for everything they do … from how they market their menu items to how they treat their employees. It’s part of the reason it’s so popular and why it’s so widely known.

Chobani: To Bring High-quality Yogurt to More People

It wasn’t easy to start a yogurt company. For the first five or six months, every time we’d open a market or anywhere else that would sell our yogurt, we’d be on pins and needles, wondering if they’d like the yogurt.

We’d go in, do the presentation and hand them 32-ounce samples. We were all peaking at them, hoping that they’d like the yogurt. We made enough to sell at our first six markets, but after a month, we were still two markets short of what we wanted.

The idea was that we could start selling in New York, but we wanted to start there, see how it went, and then expand. But then our distributor came to us and told us about a grocery store in Ithaca, New York, that wanted to sell our yogurt. There were two problems we could see with that.

TED: Spread Ideas

Change the World…Make a Difference with Your Powerful Mission Statement.

A mission statement is a short, well-written description of your company’s purpose. It is usually drafted by a team of employees or an outside consultant, and it sets your company apart from its competitors by clearly communicating your values and vision. A well-written mission statement is a way for you to take a stand for your company and help you attract the right people and resources to do your mission.

A properly written mission statement is an essential element in your overall strategic planning and your day-to-day business. A good mission statement helps your company focus its marketing on what makes it different and better, and thus helps it to attract the right sort of employees …and customers. It also serves as a valuable tool for helping you articulate and explain why you do what you do. In short, it can get you ahead of your competition.

But you have to be realistic with your mission statement. It must be reasonable and achievable; otherwise it will be a hindrance rather than help you achieve your business goals. A company that sets itself up to be obsolete in less than a decade after its founding is setting itself up for failure.

Automattic: To Democratize Publishing & Development

This is a brief excerpt from the mission statement of Automattic, the parent company of WordPress. It is an amazing mission statement, and it summarizes the overall philosophy and vision of Automattic in a very concise and elegant way. For a detailed list of the company’s product offerings, you can refer to the Automattic product catalog.

eBay: Be the World’s Favorite Destination for Discovering Great Value

Visitors come to eBay because they know they can be certain that they’re buying from the best seller in the world, decide which seller to buy from based on the best price, and take comfort in knowing that eBay offers the safe and secure shopping environment they want.

In its bid to become the world’s favorite destination for discovering great value, eBay uses its dominant position to offer high-quality products and services at the lowest prices. eBay uses its extensive experience to offer excellent customer service and incredible customer value.

The following are a few examples of eBay’s 21 Mission Statements:

EBay : To succeed at customer-centric and seller-centric goals…and to provide its employees with opportunities to reach these goals.

To succeed at customer-centric and seller-centric goals…and to provide its employees with opportunities to reach these goals. eBay : To provide an exceptional customer experience and above-average levels of buyer satisfaction.

To provide an exceptional customer experience and above-average levels of buyer satisfaction. eBay : To ensure that it provides the best platform for buyers and sellers worldwide.

To ensure that it provides the best platform for buyers and sellers worldwide. eBay : To provide a marketplace where buyers and sellers can conduct business at the lowest cost possible and provide an experience that is simply superior to traditional shopping methods.

Bottom Line

Narrative marketing forms the bridge between your customer and your product or service. It tells a story about you, your business, and your customer, while also giving your customer a mental picture of what your business is all about.

So, let’s get started.

Remember, the goal of your mission statement is to get people excited about you! So go crazy and really amp up the energy in this statement.

And, these are just 21 examples — there are no rules for how you compile or write this. The key is to include statements that are powerful and enthusiastic. What’s more, this statement does little good if it just sits on your website collecting dust. So, make sure you really live it and use it as a tool for your customer’s benefit.