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How to Process Bank Reconciliations in QuickBooks

If you are a small business owner or sole proprietor, chances are you’ve had to run a bank reconciliation. If you have used QuickBooks, you are probably familiar with its bank reconciliation feature. But, …

Rehab Loans for Investors: FHA 203(k) Loans, Hard Money & More

Equities can be a great way to make your money work harder. But they can also work against you. A large percentage of people who invest in stocks lose money. Sometimes widely! Those who succeed are often the ones who don’t trade frequently (or at all), use leverage, and are able to avoid emotional trading. The hard truth is that even the most sophisticated investors can lose money. But if you’re willing to learn a few tricks, you can reduce the frequency and severity of losses. That’s where Rehab Loans for Investors can help.

Sales Reports: The Ultimate Guide (+ Free Template)

Every time we publish a new sales report, we get our team together and take actionable steps towards our growth goals. But with so many daily trends happening, how can you stay on top of it all? Leave the guessing game behind and save your time and effort with our Ultimate Sales Reports Guide.

VoIP vs Landline: Which Is Better for Small Business?

VoIP is the technology that enables you to place phone calls without using your landline phone. It is growing in popularity since it makes it as easy to make calls as to do e-mail. Which is better: VoIP or landline? Check out this article to find out which one best suits you.

Facebook Sponsored Posts: What They Are & How They Work

Table of Contents Facebook Ads Facebook Sponsored Post Costs How to Create a Facebook Sponsored Post in 7 Steps Navigate to Your Facebook Business Page & Create a Post (or select a post to boost) Click ‘Boost Post’ Select Your Goal Choose Your Audience Input Your Budget and Duration Turn on Conversion Tracking Input Payment … Read more

Clover vs Square: Price, Features & What’s Best

As an MLM company, each of the products in Clover and Square are priced similarly but their features differ. To help you select the one that makes the most sense for you out of the two, take a look at the list of features and tips we’ve compiled.