Our Easy-to-Use 12-Step Real Estate Listing Marketing Plan

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Take Professionally Staged Photos

The first step in selling your home quickly is taking great professional photographs. Professional photographers offer their clients the benefit of a high quality appointment setting experience. The first step in a professional appointment setting experience is taking yourself seriously.

To make your home more appealing in photographs, you first need to feel comfortable in it. To help you feel comfortable, take your home’s position on the market into consideration when establishing the setting. Will it help or hinder your photos to shoot from a high-up location, or from the ground?

You can find more information on setting the right mood for your photos in –Setting the Mood for Your Photos”. When taking your photos, be sure to:

Take high resolution photographs at the recommended exposure for your camera/technology.

Take photographs from different angles.

Pay attention to detail to make each shot feel more polished and professional.

Make sure to do the following:

Make sure your home is clean.

Make sure your home is staged to make it appear larger.

Make sure it is staged specifically for showings.

Decorate or remove furniture for each showing.

Take photographs from multiple angles to give each room more depth and a more three-dimensional look.

The photographs you take are essential to presenting your home to buyers and to making your home more appealing to the sellers.

Create a Video Tour

Simply take a video camera and go through every room of your house showing them off to best advantage.

But, it is not just about being proud of your home it's also about showing that you have put up the most of you can to make it look great. Video's are great for presence, show-and-tell, and really showing the walk-through potential of your home.

What will make you be memorable and increase the likelihood that you will get the attention of the client is location relevance and personal spin. This can make you truly memorable as it helps give your property words such as home, vacation, lifestyle, nature, space, small town, townhome, etc. This will help you stand out as the distinctive home you want to own.

To make YouTube videos easier for you to edit and share, we created an easy to use video creation software. With our software you can upload and edit your images and videos without touching a single line of code. This allows you to create beautiful videos on your own to show your property to the best of your ability.

Since most real estate agents do not have the funds or time to devote to creating their own video, they need an easy way to create professional looking videos.

List the Home on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS)

Every real estate agent’s dream is to sell the first property they work on to the most desirable buyer: a motivated seller who is prepared to pay top dollar for some beautiful real estate. Since many people are familiar with the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), this makes it the perfect online tool for anyone looking to market a home on the MLS.

The MLS is a listing of properties for sale throughout the country. While it is the best way to promote a home on the Multiple Listing Service, it is not the only way. Some agents are big fans of participating in the MLS and using this as their marketing platform.

But others prefer to build their own marketing strategy based on the home’s needs and adapt to different marketing opportunities. They want complete control and freedom to decide their destiny.

This strategy calls for marketing via the MLS, search and landing pages, direct mail marketing, and more. And whichever marketing strategy you choose, if you give your home a great head start by signing up for the MLS then you’re well on your way to selling. If you’re on the fence, here’s why you should list your home on the MLS.

All MLS Listings are Search Engine Optimized

Your home’s listing date is important because searches begin on the first day of listing.

Install a For Sale Sign With Flyer Box

Buyers love real estate listings with signs. Does that sound strange?

Or maybe it seems obvious, after decades of successful real estate marketing, including signs in real estate listings. But what if you think signs are all flash and nonsense?

Perhaps you’ve never considered a flyer with a sign?

Think about it. The first thing a listing agent does (or should do) when a property is under contract is to place a green For Sale sign in the front yard. Then the listing agent usually places Green Tree Shire Transit signs in front of the house as well as near all the windows on the front and back of the house.

The listing agent won’t place the For Sale signs out front until there’s a buyer in sight. But hey, that shines a lot of light on the property and gives the listing agent a heads up.

Now imagine having a bright orange flyer in a flyer box on the front lawn. When the green For Sale sign is replaced, the new orange flyer in the flyer box takes its place.

This strategy is less about getting buyers to feast their eyes on the property… rather, it’s about getting a buyer to come inside and take some time to think about the property.

Create Brochures & Additional Flyers

Also, be sure to have all of your flyers, brochures, and other marketing materials in an easily-accessible folder. You can create a folder with this information by printing out the pages you’ve created and then gathering them all together. Make sure that you print up something new with updated information when you’re ready to market your property, and include it in the folder.

Also, your information should be in a specific order. Your list of flyers should be numbered in order of how often you plan to send them.

Remember, your flyers should be easily accessible and easy to view for potential renters. So don’t forget to include a folder that’s on a table that’s clearly accessible and within the range of most potential renters’ vision.

Post Listings on Your Personal & Company Website

For most real estate professionals, an effective marketing strategy involves using both personal as well as company websites. This is especially true for new or small real estate companies. For example, if you are just starting out in real estate or you’re a young digital lifestyle agent, the addition of your own personal and company websites raises the bar for your marketing efforts and increases your marketability.

Having a professional personal and company website is a great marketing investment for your company and your business. If you have limited time and resources, however, don’t go overboard with your personal website design and content.

In today’s digital landscape, a website’s first impression needs to be high-impact and informative. It should include the important information real estate agents and buyers expect. Thus, professional websites, regardless of the company’s size, should include a full home page with property description, pictures, and a direct chat link to your agent. Full marketing campaigns should be implemented on both the personal and company websites.

Online marketing is a dynamic process that should include a number of different online marketing tools and digital marketing service providers. It is a marketing function best handled by an experienced full-time marketing professional. Each small and individual step of the marketing process is important, and without professional help, mistakes and miscommunication could occur.

Share Listings on Social Media Platforms

Reaching the largest amount of people has become a significant challenge with the advent of the internet.

We all know that people use different sites to access social media. It is important to use a platform which different audience from from your target.

Creating a unique style of message in front of the targeted audience can make a difference and can get your home on looking for listings more online which may result in higher visibility.

So please take some time to go through different platforms and learn their popularity, to which audience they best to Send.

Host Open Houses

One of the best ways to gather leads is to host open houses and arrange for a "host" to show the home. The host has a financial incentive, such as a finder's fee, to introduce the prospective buyer or seller to the brokerage.

Sponsoring a lead refers to the broker's role as an intermediary between the buyer or seller and a broker to bring the parties together.

The host pays the broker a fee (typically 5 to 15 percent, or up to 1 percent of the sale price if the property sells) in exchange for introducing the buyer or seller to the brokerage.

This is a lot of money, so bring more than one host. As a matter of etiquette, the broker should always book the first appointment that a host requests. The broker takes the lead and gets paid!

Hosts are described in a detailed listing report that the broker provides at the open house and in a sales proposal. Both describes the host's anticipated performance and expressly states the host's compensation. The broker informs the host that the sales agreement is a condition of the broker’s agreement with the seller.

If the host asks too many questions about the property or any arrangements with any other party other than the broker, it's obvious that not enough trust exists and the broker will choose another host.

Send Just Listed Postcards

(More Profitable than Postcards)

Send your real estate buyer clients to the page with your list of sold properties, using a postcard or online email.

Step 1: Fill out your address book and titling fields on the home page.

Step 2: Navigate to the sold home listing page by clicking the Sales tab in the left navigation panel.

Step 3: Copy and paste your postcard message. It turns out most of the same info is on each sold home listing as it is on your home page of your website.

Step 4: Change title and address fields if necessary.

Step 5: Preview the postcard and make sure it looks acceptable to you. With the features real estate buyer clients find most important, its wise to strive for excellence.

Step 6: Click the Send button to complete the postcard! It may take a week for the postcard to arrive in your client’s hands as U.S. Postal Service provides a 100-day delivery guarantee.

Click here to see our easy-to-use plan:

Leverage Your Network

Start by identifying those valuable relationships you already have. Call your friends, contacts, family, and any other professional connections you have in your network to help you identify properties for you to buy. This doesn’t mean that they have to be real estate agents, it can be anyone with a proven history of success.

Now that you’ve done the preliminary legwork of identifying all your network’s relationships, you need to stay informed about all the properties that come available that you know of.

This is the absolute key to success because it gives you a decisive advantage over all the new people who are trying to get into the game.

Top tip: Make a Facebook, Twitter or Google+ group public and ask the members to subscribe. Then as soon as you hear of a property either through a direct contact or through an already subscribed group member, post your offer on the group and upload screenshots of the property.

Top tip: Make a Facebook, Twitter or Google+ group public and ask the members to subscribe. Then as soon as you hear of a property either through a direct contact or through an already subscribed group member, post your offer on the group and upload screenshots of the property.

Follow Up

With These 12 Steps to a Better Bottom Line!

Step 1. As the Listing Agent, Set a Goal to Generate Leads

Step 2. Maximize the Cost per Lead

Step 3. Validate Your Intentions

Step 4. Create Your Listing Website

Step 5. Create Your Online Listing Images

Step 6. Create a Membership Website

Step 7. Create a Content Website

Step 8. Create a Press Release Website

Step 10. Create a Social Media Plan

Step 11. Create an Email Marketing System

Step 12. Start Marketing Your Listing

Following on from our previous post on real estate listings marketing, we’ve pulled together a step-by-step guide to identifying and implementing a marketing campaign that will help you become more successful and earn more money.

Just a quick recap, it’s easy to get excited about the visuals, colors and your favorite product or service. But as a real estate agent, it’s easy to get distracted once you start stepping into the –shiny object” trap.

Promote Your Results

Real estate is a business, which deserves professional attention for clients to attract and increase their sales.

A well-marketed realty can help you sell more properties, beat your competitors, increase your revenue and most of all make your clients satisfied.

At your company, one of our experienced marketers can work with you on a two-pronged approach: firstly in helping you prepare a marketing plan, and secondly in implementing the marketing strategy.

The fact that your business is not known in the target market of buyers and sellers can hurt your sales, even if you have the best real estate services. Your approach is a chance to boost your business that may only be a few weeks or several weeks depending on the type of property.

But you can begin right now, by taking a few minutes to contact us and we can draw a Marketing Plan for you!

1: Determine the Goals of the Marketing Plan

Defining your goals for your marketing plan is crucial. The plan should be driven by the direct impact of your marketing efforts. Before you start making the plan, you should consider what you hope to achieve and measure. Once you have determined the key results of your plan, you can then determine the media you should use.

Why do you need to measure your marketing results?

This step will help you validate your marketing plan. It will also provide you with answers to questions like:

Bottom Line

All real estate sales professionals, whether you work for a real estate company or are your own broker, need a simple and effective marketing plan. The real estate listing marketing plan can be easily modified to fit your needs.

Our easy to use 12-step real estate listing marketing plan has been proven to be successful for a variety of clients. It’s one-of-a-kind because it’s simple, professional, and effective. Once you have your own real estate marketing plan all set up for your listings, all you have to do is start marketing.

But your real estate marketing plan is never really complete because we can always do more. So as your listing’s value increases, all you have to do is hire more marketing services.

Get Started Now!

We provide professional marketing services for a variety of clients and use our own successful real estate marketing system. We offer strategies to make your listings more visible to home buyers and ensure your listings are bought and sold.