Our 36 Favorite Real Estate Yard Signs & Tips for New Agents

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Everyone knows that Real Estate agents like to talk about themselves A LOT. And they rarely do it in a good way … unless they are in the commercials.

So if you’re planning to sell your home from a yard sign, here…s a few tips for creating the best real estate yard sign of 2015:

Develop a stream of consciousness that is both snarky and witty … and also takes the edge off of the giant red sign that says “Please come in and inspect the inside of my home!”

In other words: And lo, the yard sign that said today’s post went up at 11:30 am.

It’s imperative that the first sentence has the word “I” or “me” in it. In most cases, it’s not about YOU, it’s about THEM.

Remember, YOU are the seller, the ones who are selling their own house.

All Things Real Estate

Yard Signs!

When it comes to growing your business, one of the most effective ways to attract new customers is with yard signs. Many clients view real estate signs as a sign of credibility and look to you to lead them in the right direction.

In fact, they would probably be more willing to work with you if they knew you were committed to providing the best service possible to help them.

You can position your real estate yard signs in a number of ways, but here are some of the top ways to choose and work with your property signs.

Choose the Size and Shape of Your Sign

This sign comes in a number of sizes, and it is important to consider your space in terms of the visibility you want. If you have a big yard, it is probably best to choose a large sign that will be seen from a bit of distance.

However, if you don’t have the space for a relatively large sign, you could consider a smaller one that will allow for a larger lettering and pique the interest of the passing crowd.

Diane Saatchi, Saunders & Associates

Rolan Sereny, Brick & Mortar

This has been a killer sign for us because it got us more business during slower business hours compared to the other signs that we used.

We had all different kinds of signs and this one was a huge hit…

⤦We Buy Houses⤦

This was a sign that we purchased and we had different houses than this one on it. It was a one-size-fits-all sign and we handled it in a number of different ways. We used the tradeshow sign, by having a sign person bring it to your house to clean it up and set it up on a trailer, and also by taking it to trade shows.

We have this in the yard and it works for us…

⤦It’s a Great Day to Be a Real Estate Professional⤦

It is near our office and on a consistent rotation.

This is one of our recent additions…

Citi Habitats

For many buyers, the first visual impression of a home is set by its tasteful, professionally decorated yard. In fact, approximately 70 percent of those who find a home they want to buy start searching in the neighborhood, not by house type. The best way to attract attention to your top-selling homes is to decorate your residential real estate yard signs with the following tips.

Pictures and an Identity

Begin your residential real estate yard signs with a photo or image of your home. Of course, it’s important that the picture is a good representation of what your property offers. But what makes it even more effective is presenting yourself. A professional real estate yard sign is an opportunity to look like a professional. So, make sure you’re wearing a pressed shirt and slacks, or a professional suit.

Your Logo

Above all, a professional real estate yard sign announces that you are a serious real estate agent ready to help. The best way to do this is to print your professional logo on your residential real estate yard sign. This will make your property more attractive to buyers browsing for homes for sale in your neighborhood.

Jeff R. Kerr, Kerr Michaels


You Are a New Real Estate Agent Selling Your First Home –

It is the first home you are selling and the first house you have been lucky enough to buy. You have put everything you can, into marketing your home for sale, but now all you need to do is get the name of the list to the right people, for the right amount of time, to make your first sale happen.

Jennifer Cahill, John Aarroe group

We Welcome Your Business!

There are two ways you can say ‘welcome to my neighborhood’ on a sign. That’s how different this sign has been from others within the category. We looked at signs from the neighborhood offers as the ‑home’ set and wanted to create a sign that was about the neighborhood itself rather than an offer.

When setting the sign, we held a focus group of homeowners just to get their input on what the sign should look like. You will always want to test your sign and make sure it’s the right fit for your neighborhood.

Give a little space around the sign to walk through. The proximity of your sign placement to the home should be answering a question rather than guiding or stopping people.

Carrie Allen, Engels & Volkers

Susan Zazzetti, Urban Nest Realty

During my 6 year search for my first home, I discovered an incredible new way to market my rentals. Yard signs!

When I was selling, my complex was not large, if it existed at all. Being on a country road, I rarely ever saw a car. So I created a quick and easy solution: a yard sign, Halloween style. This sign was composed of a large pumpkin cut in half, you could read the lettering from way down my little country road. The pumpkin would have a little black number on it: the home’s address. The sign was propped up by the lintel above the front door; and actually sat on the front lawn. So this sign really stood out!

My new real estate colleagues were aghast! How would potential customers find me? I went ahead and bought a big yellow flag from the dollar store. I had two of these flags so I propped only one up; and changed the placement, to the front of my house, to be seen from the road.

The response was astounding! The flag caught the eye of many potential clients. Out of the cars slowed down by my sign, four ended up tracking back to me to inquire about seeing the home.

Tanaz Akhlaghi, Partners Trust

Real Estate Team Signage 101.

Tanaz Akhlaghi, Buyer’s agent.

Tanaz, thanks so much for sharing your yard signs and how you used them in your signs. Yard signs say a lot about a real estate agent. We all know that yard signs are a huge part of real estate and they do speak volumes about professionalism and credibility as a real estate agent. Real estate signs are such an important part of a buying or selling process. As Tanaz said, "If you want to go the extra mile to find the home you want, a real estate agent is truly your best resource". In our experience, this is very true, and as stereotypes go, it is often the sign that helps make that final sale. Tanaz makes it clear that "we are not shouting:"but we are speaking with our signs.

I wanted to change that image of signs that are just for sale by owners" or signs for only HOA consultants" so I thought it would be great to share pictures of real estate signs we use on a daily basis. These are not "yard signs" they are "marketing tools" with credibility that help us sell homes.

NextHome Fredricksen Real Estate

The Fredricksen family did not have time to come home to their house and welcome new neighbors. They needed a way to communicate with their new neighbors in the backyard in a way that would be seen by more than one set of eyes. They installed these four LED yard signs to help get the message across in both directions.

The Fredricksen sign uses two contrasting colors, great for inclusion and reaffirmation.

The messages on the signs are a little bit vague: "Fredricksen" and then "Real estate". I added a question mark at the bottom in case the message was not clearly understood from a distance, and there was a question about the Fredricksens. The question was designed to communicate the importance of the sign – a great place for new real estate agents to call if they wanted more information on the property or to talk to the Fredricksens directly."

It takes only a couple of minutes to remove the sign when you are finished.

Below the sign are some suggestions for including new neighbors and inviting them to stop by. It is great how the Fredricksens did not just have their house numbers on their signs – they included the street name on theirs. This is a good idea because it reminds you of the alley placement of the houses and serves as a reminder to the neighbors as well.

Ken Rossi, Coastal Property Group International

When we wrote 16 Simple Ways to Stand Out From the Crowd, we mentioned that you need to inventory the many methods real estate agents use to stand out from the crowd and think about which will fit your personal style. Here are some recommendations for ways to stand out from the crowd that you may want to include in your own marketing strategy.

Signage should be posted at busy locations so as to attract the largest audience. Here are a few suggestions for creative and colorful ways to draw attention to your website and business.

Deb Smith, Premier Sotheby’s

Current Affiliations: President, Premier Sotheby’s International Realty

City of Office: Dallas, TX

City of origin: Glendale, AZ

Why Real Estate Signs Matter

Deb’s first commission was to create the sign for her family’s real estate business, Premier Sotheby’s International Realty. She hopes her passion for real estate will get passed on to all the generations of Smith’s ancestors. …… [I wanted] to create a unique and memorable sign for my clients.

Endre Barath Jr, Berkshire Hathaway Home Services

Ray White, Hervey Bay Australia

Yard signs are not business cards or a replacement for posting your phone number on your property. You should not do this, unless you are a real estate agent. If you don’t understand why, then read this article.

Have you ever noticed that real estate agents leave their real estate agent card in the holder? They do this to remind themselves of who they are, and what they offer. They are showing the world their business card so that the call will stop at them.

Yard signs are very similar. A real estate agent placing a real estate agent sign in their yard is a way for a real estate agent to show the world, what they offer and give a reminder of who they are to them.


Wellington Equestrian Realty

Agency yard sign.

Ebby Halliday

As a retail real estate agent, I have been in the market for a quality real estate yard sign for a couple years. When it comes to marketing during the high season, having a highly visible, effective yard sign is essential.

Many real estate companies offer their own signs, but those signs will not get the attention to detail, nor will they be as visible as a custom yard sign from Ebby Halliday.

I highly recommend using a custom Ebby Halliday yard sign during the high season to help promote your real estate practice and your top-notch listings.

Here’s why:

Quality Real Estate Yard Signs

Most of the Ebby Halliday yard signs come in two variations: metal sign and vinyl sign. Metal signs are the most durable and visible of the two sign types. They’re also the most expensive, but they’re the most durable.

Vinyl signs are the cheapest of the two, but they’re still very durable. They come in a variety of colors and most have an adhesive back so they can be attached directly to the ground, staked, or placed inside a plastic tube holder.

Selliken Group

Nancy Fong, McDonald Realty Westmar

Here's my 36 favorite real estate yard signs and tips for new agents. These signs are for a 6' x 8' yard sign with vinyl lettering and flat-topped decals.

Homeowner Sign from Tracy Dong

For new agents, sign to buy a house? I use these yard signs from Tracy Dong. They have large print and colorful icons.

A Few Sign Ideas for New Agents from Real Estate Brokers

When a buyer is getting ready to choose a real estate agent, a seller will sometimes put a sign in the yard to point out a top real estate agent. These are the signs I'll use for new agents.

Honeymoon Hill Sign from Jeff and Brenda Muellner

This is a better sign than some of the sign ideas I have. The sign is black with white lettering.

Receive the Alert! Sign from Michael Sener

This is a quality sign with nice big print.

Real Estate Brokers Sign from Erica Anderson

This is a sign for both Buyers and Sellers.

Receive the Alert – Shout! Sign from Michael Sener

The sign is white with black letters for both Buyers and Sellers. The writing says, ACTIVELY SELL YOUR HOME! The sign from Michael Sener is the most eye-catching for me.

Heather Peterson, Sotheby’s Summit

A real estate agent’s job is never done. They need to be constantly marketing their services to potential homebuyers with yard signs and flyer distributions. Other than directing potential homebuyers towards your sign, it also helps your property stand out in the local neighborhood. Here is a list of our favorite real estate signs and tips for new agents to help them get the most out of this process.

Paul Sobania, RE/MAX Masters

My favorite sign:

This sign is a little bit older than the others on the list, but it’s the one that I have hung out in front of the most recently. It’s huge and is eye catching anywhere you drive. I’ve had several compliments on this sign. Sure, you don’t need a sign about your listing size or price range, but if you’re in a real estate office where you compete for a customer’s attention with your neighbors, this sign pushes you up on the “what’s the difference?” scale.

Tips for new agents:

You don’t need to have fake boobs and a short skirt to get our attention. Real estate requires a well-rounded agent who can multi-task, is professional, and is able to make the sale. Your sign should pull this off with minimal effort.

Karen Nichols, Perry & Co.

If ever there was a resource that new agents need to be reading on the weekends to keep them sharp, it is this new in-depth blog post from First Team Realtors, explaining top real estate "yard signs". That is the subject matter of my article "Our 36 Favorite Real Estate Yard Signs & Tips for New Agents" that I am excited to feature as the community blog post for tomorrow, June 9th. Keep reading for my thoughts as well as Karen Nichols' professional take on "What are some "must have" real estate yard signs and what should they look like if you don't happen to have a lot of space?" Let's get started…

What are some "must have" real estate yard signs and what should they look like if you don't happen to have a lot of space?

When it comes to real estate yard signs, most agents admit that they must have a basic message about themselves or their expertise on the sign. But how complete or impactful that message needs to be is open to interpretation. I have seen some creative and clever ways that agents have managed to get their message out via different mediums and creative materials. Besides being easy to read, there are a few other things that a real estate yard sign must have:

It must be visible from the street.

Bloodhound Realty

You need to show up in a marketing campaign.

Marketing of your business is a fool’s game if you don’t send some business for website and advertising. DON’T GET FOOLED BY A BROKER with the oversized signs in the front of their buildings. You need to do your own marketing of your business.

These tips are for people who are looking to get started with house hunting in a way that doesnt ignore the advertising of the business they are going out to buy.

It’s true business exposure is a key ingredient to building a successful real estate investing company. All the top real estate investor do commercials, billboards, radio, etc. — they are about as far from hiding their business as one could be.

So when you see a business marketing sign, look at it this way — you can either say to yourself, "I get a laugh out of this pile of silly shit," or you can say, "This idiot is spending X percent of his or her net return on a sign. That means that they are willing to lose Y percent of their deal by being too late."

These are some fun examples of decal signs that are designed for business marketing. The first one is for Honest Gas Stations.

Image 1:

Suzanne Butcofski, Verani Realty

Virginia Beach, VA Every'Year, Verani Realty hosts a Redo Your Yard Sale .{A yard sale} reminds buyers of the current real estate market. It also gets rid of stuff that has accumulated in the yard left behind from last season.. I’ve found advertising signs for real estate yard sales are worthwhile.

The highest traffic times for yard sales are in the fall and spring. If you’re looking for additional exposure for your yard sales, purchasing them through Yahoo Gesture can help.

Yahoo Gesture’s advertising network allows you to purchase various types of advertising for your home or business. Advertising messages include banners, buttons, featured photos, text links, and newsletters. Yahoo Gesture’s advertising network’s reporting system provides you with the ability to track results, monitor your budget, and much more.

Ranch and Resort Real Estate Group

Are you a ranch and resort Realtor? Great! Do you want to know who’s out there scouting for property? Here’s a good way to let them know you exist. Put up these signs directing people to your website and, if necessary, direct them to learn more about specific property options. It’s a great way to introduce yourself and show you’ve been doing your homework about them.

This sign combines two visual elements that are as important to the ranch and resort real estate professional as they are to house hunting. The words — ranch and resort real estate” are an informative summary of both the type of property you specialize in as well as the type of investment opportunity this may provide. It’s short, to-the-point, and conveys that you’re organized and well informed.

It’s important to remember that prospective clients that come across these signs are getting a taste of what you’re offering. You don’t want them to be disappointed in what’s coming. A sign that encourages them to learn about you and what you can do for them may put you at the top of their list.

Alex Wong, Blu Realty

State of the art paper, vivid colors, amazing graphics … Agents spend a ton of money to gain attention of potential buyers. Real estate promotional yard signs are the perfect way to reach potential buyers in your neighborhood.

These can be very expensive depending on the size, color and print quality you want. But if your primary goal is to sell your listing, investing in a well crafted sign that captures the attention of your potential buyers could pay off big.

So, why do I love yard signs so much?

They are inexpensive, and easy to place in a vacant lot, close to your listing. Most of all, they are portable.

Yard signs are the perfect tool if you want to market yourself in a few short, easy steps.

I’ll walk you through my top 10 yard sign tips for new agents:

Invest in a quality, durable sign that will attract your buyer’s attention. You’re going to want it to last.

Michael Basinski, Icon Realty Group

Every time I walk into my lobby and see that the mailman has just left with a stack of certified mail envelopes, I know that my buyers are just about to get the paperwork they need for their closing.

Closing on a house is usually the biggest event in the life of a buyer because it signifies that their hard work has paid off. It means that after they’ve hit the gym 6 times a week and have taken a class at the local community college to learn more about their new home, they can finally sign their life away and say “I do.” All along the way during their search for a home, one of their biggest goals has been to become a homeowner. But why stop there? After a while, they’re going to start to think about selling, so what do you do when you’re working with a buyer?

John Nguyen, Keller Williams

Marketplace Sotheby’s

Sotheby’s American Dream is the most photographed home in America, with a scope and size that has outstripped that of famous…famous…celebrities such as the White House…Louis XIV…the Palace of Versailles…and the Empire State Building, among others.

Can it be mortgaged?

Quality Architectural

Plan Vs. High-rise/High-density Plans

A quality architectural plan will be of a high quality. The reason for this is a high-rise building will have several floors of your office on the top floor in a condo and a hotel. This will help you in receiving that instant response that is necessary in any real estate transaction. For example, in a suburban neighborhood, there is a high wall surrounding them while in a downtown neighborhood there is a curb around the property. A quality architectural plan will guide you and your client to the best choices.

Wilkins & Associates

A few of our favorite real estate yard signs:

A lot of work goes into putting together an effective real estate yard sign. When you’re on the fence about how many to buy and how many of your clients will actually see them, it might help to have a little insight. Let’s take a closer look at some sayings and visuals that are currently getting a lot of attention:

Our suggested wording:

  • FREE Your Own Home Repair Plan
  • Superb Service
  • FREE Estimates
  • Nationwide Licensing
  • Minor Repair Projects
  • Unbeatable Prices
  • Awesome Results
  • No Risk Guarantee
  • FREE Inspection
  • Nationwide Licensing
  • No Job Too Small
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Accepting Cash, Debit, and Credit
  • Our Favorite Images

We try to be consistent with our use of images, but there are a few constants. Our favorite the of image is our own company logo. When it comes to real estate, we understand the need for defining what it is you do. If you can’t describe what you do, you can’t get paid for what you do. For this reason, we deliberately keep our logo simple so it’s immediately recognizable without a long explanation.

Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s

International Realty’s Top 36 Yard Signs! Briggs Freeman has over 250 listings across San Francisco, Sausalito, Marin, and Sonoma, including neighborhoods on the waterfront, downtown San Francisco, city neighborhoods, and more.

The Top 36 Signs –

Above-grade, below-grade, common areas, backyard, carports, decks – we've got a sign for every property we have for sale!

Some Simple Tips for Creating Your Own Best Real Estate Yard Signs –

  • Steer clear of using clip art. It's out of date and tells the future buyer what they might be looking at.
  • Choose your sign wisely. It can make or break your listing.
  • Go for a clean, uncluttered look.
  • Don't be coy. Get real and just say it! Don't be afraid to highlight your unique qualities.

Brooke Granville, Perry & Co.

Laura Koneval, Greentree Properties

More than one million real estate agents and brokers are busy in your market. And, of course, many of them are working hard to get their names out there so they can sell houses. A sign can be a helpful marketing tool to increase your visibility and attract new business or even to get some qualified inquiries on the phone. Print yard signs and make sure they're eye-catching and have enough room to print enough professional contact information. You can make signs at home or even have signs designed for you. If you have an eye for design, the type of sign you make will depend on what's most effective in your local market. Here are some of our favorite real estate sign tips and examples of signs that sell.

Take the Better of both Worlds

You don't have to choose between having a sign that's both eye-catching and professional. You can have both with a double headed sign. Double headed signs include a header that covers the left side and the phone number or your contact information in the middle, and a bottom section that usually includes the address or the agency name and logo. This has been a popular choice for real estate agents for a long time.

Build Your Own

If you’re the DIY type, why not build your own sign? We like the RoundHouse brand for combining a sharp design with the right kind of weather-resistant material. These are the perfect size for 26 adult gallons of milk.

Kimmie Rauman, Denver Realtor

How to Design Custom Real Estate Signs to Get More Leads

Real estate signs get a lot of attention on the open houses. The real estate agent is usually out on the front lawn handing out flyers and holding banners everywhere. For some reason, the front porch is a prime place for signs.

It’s also a prime place for real estate agents to attract more leads during the open house. Even worse, most agents use a generic sign that just reads –FOR LEASE.” The generic sign looks the same on all front lawns and during all open houses.

Don’t be left behind when it comes to real estate signs. There’s always room for improvement, and there’s a lot you can do to make the signs stand out. Create custom signs that are unique to your agency and use the space to talk about the features and benefits of your property!

Here are six ways you can take your real estate sign design to the next level.

Have a Clear Message

While all your signs should say the same thing, they don’t all need to look the same. And while having a cute photo or a clever pun on your sign can catch the eye of passing prospects and lead to a more pleasant interaction, it’s not a necessity. In fact, you should really focus on what you need them to do … Get prequalified!

Narrowing your focus on a specific task and then focusing on that task exclusively will help you avoid –dead ends” and help you close more deals.

Use the Right Sign for the Job

Whether you decide to display a sign in your yard or on a pole (like the examples in this post), remember that your sign’s effectiveness depends on the use to which it’s being put and the type of property you’re advertising.

At Black Creek Realty, we use paper yard signs for all of our properties. Paper yard signs are a great way to advertise all properties for sale, but they’re very effective when advertising a property for sale within your own neighbourhood.

We’ve found that placing our paper yard signs on the front lawns of houses nearby….encourages the neighbours to think of their homes as a purchase they would consider selling.

For example, if your neighbours are introducing themselves to each other in the summer, they’re likely to mention their prices. Finding out the neighbourhood’s price range at this time helps you focus on properties in that range.

An additional benefit of paper yard signs is that they’re still an effective way to advertise your own property….long after the sale is made and for any other showings that take place.

The Weather…

We can’t control the weather. And while this may seem obvious, it’s a big part of why yard signs are a great way to market real estate.

For example, you have this great house you’re trying to sell and the only problem is it’s not visible because there’s a huge lake in front of the property. Couldn’t you just tell the buyer about this feature? Well, probably, yes. But just because you could tell the buyer about it, doesn’t mean that you have to.

Instead of telling the buyer about the lake, a more successful strategy would be to show them the pictures of the corner of the property that is directly across from the lake.

How much time will it take to get to the lake from the property you’re showing? Take a look at the property’s square footage and find out how much room you’re actually saving the buyer on this lovely home. Look at the lake from the water…not from the real estate agent’s office.

Where to Buy Real Estate Yard Signs & How Much They Cost

When you think about real estate marketing, you probably picture a billboard or a real estate sign on the side of a building. But you’ll want more than just a standard sign to communicate your real estate property listings. Our survey of real estate agents showed that 36% of agents have used a yard sign to market houses for sale. If you’ve been thinking of adding a yard sign to your real estate marketing strategies, we’ve got some tips on how to find easy-to-follow guidelines on how to place signs in your yard and a list of the best sites we found to buy yard signs online.

Want to get your creative juices flowing and design your own sign? Start here and learn how to use a free online easy-to-use sign maker.

Bottom Line

We are delighted to have found some real estate yard signs that we can not only afford but that we really like. These real estate yard signs are bold, colorful, and have about as much impact as a real estate agent can ever hope to have.

These real estate yard signs are so in-your-face that people will see your yard signs, be intrigued and want to stop and ask questions.

Example: Check out this Twitter post of a real estate yard sign. It includes a photo and the you tube video. This is a real estate agent that knows she wants your attention with a good marketing approach. She does not give any other information other than the real estate office can be found at this web address. Make the click and see it for yourself.

This makes you think that there is something in that house!

This is one of those signs that will cause you to wonder, –Who the heck is this guy and why would anyone hire him?”

To answer your question, it is because the average homeowner is not well informed when it comes to real estate.

When you are looking to sell your home, you must be fully aware of the market. Are home prices rising or falling? What are buyers looking for? Is there a hot neighborhood that you are in?