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7 Top Open House Sign Providers

The list of open house sign providers continues to grow week after week. Citi Campus provides its list of Top Open House Sign Providers. The experts at eRelevancy help out here with our Open House Sign Providers. Finding a top open house sign provider is the most important thing you need to do when choosing one. Pricing is a big part of this as well. Come here for pricing comparisons and more.

Citi Campus also qualified their Top 7 with several subcategories; including interior designs, exterior designs, and graphic designers. Based on their experience, they only choose three providers every week. It’s not a bad position to be. Read this blog to learn more about these Top 7 Open House Sign Providers.

How We Evaluated Open House Sign Providers

Open House Signs: We started our investigation by scouring the Internet and reading reviews of several open house sign companies. We also reached out to real estate agents who offer the open house signs and asked them for their recommendations. We found so many providers of open house signs — we narrowed our list down to eleven. Here’s what we did next:

We evaluated each company based on the following:

  • Their open house sign pricing and examples
  • Their open house sign typography
  • How long it takes to create a custom order for custom open house signs
  • How detailed the draft sample was
  • Providers with shorter lead times (3-day versus 5-day)
  • Reviewer and agent recommendations

And finally… we spoke to each company’s customer service rep.


Offer Open House During your Open House event, you may not know who you will be inviting. You may be running an online contest or advertising an open house event for a local home sales event, rental property and apartment listings.

If you don’t want to stress out the moment your party is set to arrive because you don’t have space or any signage like a banner, there are plenty of companies that will help you spread the word for you.

The first step when planning an Open House is to pick a date or dates when you will have your Open House. Then you need to do your research on what type of sign you would like to place at your Open House.

When it comes to selecting the type of sign, it is recommended to choose an Open House board or an Open Sign that will be placed outside your business to visually invite the visitors to your Open House.

This piece of art will bring more attention and interest to you. It will also alter the way your area looks and have your guests perceive to be more inviting.

You have many options to invite your visitors to your Open House event. The two of the most effective and common ones are Open House signs and open house banners.


Provides the best open house signs and open board signs in the US.

We do that by treating all of our signs like personal gifts. We have a top level of sign layout design and computerized production to optimize the process and make your sign look and feel awesome.

Since we treat a sign like a gift we can guarantee a sign quality that is consistent and great every shop time.

Now before we go any further let me explain what I mean by 'great'. A great sign is one that captures the imagination and holds it long enough to get sign up business from those who see it.

So how do you guarantee that your sign is great?

There is a number of variables that impact what makes a sign great. A great sign is one that retains your viewers attention for at least 3 seconds. That means when they first glance at your sign they take in the logo, the message and the color. Give them 3 seconds and your sign should retain and maintain their attention.

Another characteristic of a great sign is that it does something to engage its viewers. Open house signs are specifically designed to encourage people to become involved with your business by asking them to come in or even by following them to a location. A great sign emotionally engages its viewer and gets them interested enough to take action.

Another factor that is important is the quality of the sign. A great sign is one that is of the highest quality possible without sacrificing the functionality.

Signs on the Cheap

There are a lot of flexible sign options when it comes to open house signs. You’ve got your carpets and vinyl and you can paint or wrap most of them. These are normally considered the best and more expensive choices for open house signs.

You can also buy sticky back plastic sheets and print on those before mounting, and those also work very well. They’re the workhorses of the group but are also the least elegant. And for a lot of people, bare plastic isn’t the most inviting sight either.

When you’re on a budget, sometimes you’ve just got to go for the cheaper route. One of my favorite things about signs is that they are generally very easy to customize. You can print colors, fonts, and graphics and stick them on just about anything.

The next group of signs are PVC borders. These are individual panels that can be placed on top of pretty much anything as long as you’re trying to cover the edges. Unlike vinyl or paint, they don’t use adhesive, so you can easily reposition them if you’re using them indoors.

Dee Sign

Dee Sign Pros offers commercial and residential open house sign boards at competitive prices, with a three-day rush delivery guarantee.

Open house signs can be laminated, with decal designs or on a 1-inch acrylic. The signs are produced in a matter of days and the company provides cost estimates for all jobs that are quoted in the form. You can also order open house signs with exclusive designs for your home. The company offers a wedding card, table number, banner and open house sign board at the same price as two Open House Signs.

Delivery is free and the company uses recycled and non-polluted products. The company offers 10 percent discounted Open House Signs to veterans and active military personnel, as well as for homeowners affected by natural disasters such as floods and hurricanes.

Dee Sign Pros Reviews … an Open house sign company that does excellent work!

I first heard about Dee Sign Pros through a friend and called them when I was looking for open house signs for my parents’ lake house. The Open House Sign company has a beautiful website that demonstrates their products well … it’s easy to identify what you’d like. You can choose from a separate Open House Sign, Open House Banner, Open House Table Number and Open House Sign for your names and your wedding card.

Au Product Search Results

Search Providers

Below you’ll find a list of our top selected providers.

  • Open House Open
  • 24 hours
  • Standard
  • Single


UPrinting provides high-quality, custom signs, products and services at a low price. Their services include post-print finishing, as well as production planning, proofs and proofsing. These are some of the services they offer: • Custom Made & Screen Printed Signs & Graphic Designs: Sign and graphic designers are available ready to help you with all your sign needs. Whether you need a custom vinyl banner, window cling or sign, or a sign for your business, you’ll not have any problems getting professional help with all your needs.

  • Vinyl Products Printing: They have a large printing facility located in the United States that has a wide variety of stock products. If it’s a one time printing or if you require a regular or semi-regular supply, they can work with you to get you exactly what you need.
  • Sign Printing Services: Their signs are printed on a 1,200+ Letterpress Machine. The quality and durability of their signs are excellent and at a low price.
  • Printing Services: They offer a wide variety of printing services for large and small orders. Whether you want a banner, a direct mail piece, a custom document, a postcard, etc. they can get you what you need.

Realty Sign Express

Check out this video review by Gadget Review to see what Open House Signs can do for you!

Thankfully, Real Estate Sign Express let me test out their service and sign, and I am happy to announce that they do kick ass!

I didn’t feel too much pressure or hassle to abandon their service.

Their sign quality was unbeatable.

And I liked being able to use their device to easily and accurately design my sign.

Realty Sign Express is a good choice for anyone looking for an affordable, readable open house sign design service.

Costs of Real Estate Open House Signs

The best way to find the best providers is to go through a fee comparison website. You can try our quick comparison table below to learn more about costs and features of real estate sign providers.

If you sell your home and decide to use a real estate sign provider, you may also want to consider whether to outsource the printing of the sign in house or have a sign provider handle the printing of the sign.

If you’re selling a rental property or if your real estate sign provider is one of the best providers, they can then be in a position to provide you with the best service at a reasonable price.

7 Types of Open House Signs

· Address: These are the traditional signs that list the address of your property. They point out exactly where the open house is located.

· Directions: These signs give directions to a specific address. They can be used to promote a more convenient location than the address since it will be hard to find a street address that is accessible.

· Phone Number: These signs usually run along the curb and will have a phone number. They can be used as a standalone piece or paired with a directional sign.

· Map: These are the big signs that display a map with directions to the property. They are a great way to promote a more complex property for a large number of people at the same time. Most maps will allow your potential buyer to map the location of your home on another online service such as Google Maps.

· Event: These signs will only include information about their upcoming event. They can be used as a supplement to the other signs listed above to highlight a particular property.

· Directions to a Website: These signs will include the website address and a phone number to allow a person to contact the host directly.

· Posters: It’s not uncommon for these to be tack-boarded to the trees or boards placed on the street in front of the property.

6 Examples of Attention-grabbing Open House Signs

With your finger on the emergency button, it’s hard not to notice signs like this one! These signs are so eye catching, people line up to work for your open house. After reading this article, perhaps you’ll understand why!

Open House “Live, Work, and Play Here”

Open house signs are the easiest, most visible and effective way to alert people about your open house. There are two different sizes that the sign can be displayed in:

  • Open House “Live, Work, and Play Here”
  • Date
  • When to Start Bidding
  • Where to Register
  • Date

If you have a lot of construction going on and you have a small property, an open house schedule is crucial. Otherwise, each time you post the open house signs, it will come off as a “new property” sign.

Open House “Come to Canvass”

Although the concept is pretty straightforward, you can prepare the most fantastic open house signs when you target every nook and cranny of your property and include specific items in your cards.

Stand Out With Shapes & Colors

Shapes and colors can give your open house signs a modern look. Consider different shapes and colors. Don’t forget that you can go bold with a pop of color in your displays. And whether your open house is a vacancy or not, you can still get a lot of attention with creative signage.

Choose Shapes that Stand Out

Shapes with a 3-D or more prominent look to them, especially circles and ovals, can draw a great deal of attention. These shapes stand out and are more eye-catching than simple rectangles or squares. Take the time to study the shapes of your competitors’ signs. Find ways to create shapes that will draw a crowd and stand out on the street from the rest of the crowd.

If you are hosting an open house, the simple shapes and colors of your signage should reflect the most basic preferences of your audience. The handwriting of the occupants and the objective should be the same as for any other billboard sign.

Make Sure to Keep It Professional

As part of your sign, you should identify the open house by month and year and provide the address of the property for upon which you reside. Your neighbors and prospective residents should not know where you live at, and you should make it a point to keep your address hidden. Otherwise, this is not a professional face to display your signage.

Use Bright Color Alternatives

Let’s start with making it easy to see and find your open house sign. Put up bright colored open house signs or bright neon signs to neatly highlight your home’s open house calendars. With bright colors, you can easily write out the complete calendar on the sign. If you can’t do the writing, using neon sign color alternatives will suffice to highlight the open house details.

Having a sign is one thing. But if you don’t want to let prospective buyers just walk by without noticing the sign, you can personalize the sign with a monogram. Adding a proper name would give your home a more personal touch. You can try different monograms to find the one that suits your home better. You can also add and use your visitors’ names to make it easier to identify who’s at your front door.

Now that you have your sign, you can start advertising your open house using social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter. The best part is, you can do all this on thego! If you’re busy, you can set up direct notifications on your phone to receive updates on upcoming open houses and send out reminders.

Add Your Headshot to Your Signs

This is a good piece of advice for all marketing in general: add a face to your signs.

For an open house sign, the most important part is the presence of a person behind the table. The image of the person provides essential information about the open house for future visitors.

The good news is you have a lot of options regarding choosing your picture. There is a wide range of background colors that you can choose from to best fit your idea and the environment. A white background ensures the best visibility in the middle of a busy sign.

For a professional looking open house sign, make sure you use the right poses and follow all the rules of what you can and cannot do.

Create Interest With Everyday Objects

Open Houses are the most common method to create interest. A number of signs are easy to create and place everywhere.

The words used by real estate agents are:

Open, Sale, Visible, and Available.

Below are some of the practical applications of these cards:

  • Place them on telephone poles, mailboxes, and newspaper stands.

  • Road signs: Make an attention grabbing road sign by using your woordings.

  • Store windows: You can place small signs in your store’s window. The best way products can be displayed.

  • Newspaper stands: Newspaper stands and bridges are the most effective places to place your cards.

  • Hotels: If you are in a hotel, place your card on the table of the reception.

  • Hotels: If you do not have a hotel, no problem. Place the sign on your hostel’s door.

  • Post offices: You can place small signs in red post boxes.

  • Hospitals: Place card near the elevator. Make your card stand out for the people walking by.

  • Hospitals: Hospital entrances and end corners also make good places to place your cards.

  • Your backyard: If you have a balcony, place your sign in the glass windows to add interest to passersby.

Create Movement in Open House Signs

This is one of the most significant and important elements of your open house sign. It should grab a person’s attention immediately and give a positive suggestion about what they can expect from your open house.

The type of graphic depends on what you are intending to discuss with the target audience. If you are focused on attracting consumers, a professional looking cartoon graphic will be more effective than if you are selling to prospective owners. JPEG vs PNG

You can achieve professional looking graphics by either including or opting out of the backgrounds.

Opting out of the backgrounds allows you to add images to the other areas of the sign, which is effective for attracting interest. Including the backgrounds draws more attention to the spaces on the sign, which can help you stand out from similar open house signs.

Text can be kept either in the original colour or it can be dressed up in complementary colours for a striking result. Either way, consideration must be given to creating contrast between the sign and the background. This will prevent the sign from being minimized or overpowered by the background.

You can use a wide range of colours and fonts to extend your options. While bright colours may grab attention, the combination of colours should be limited to avoid overwhelming the sign.

Avoid ink splattiness on the signs. Thanks to the revolutionary advancements in printing and coating, splatter printing on a board will not leave you with ink splattered all over the sign.

Adhere to POA & HOA Regulations

Before affixing a house for a sale, and before the open house phase, always make sure that you are adhering to the rules and regulations of both your local POA and your HOA, depending on whether the property is a condominium or a single-family home.

The standard rule about open house signs, both in open houses and during auctions as well as for listing on MLS, is that you can’t put the showings pre-approved for a particular property on the showings board during an open house or even during an auction. You can only place pre-approved showings on the …board once your house has been listed for sale through MLS or during an open house.

In addition, you mustn’t put your open house on display on any public website or website of general public interest for real estate. You can still post advertisements on websites that are only for your own real estate agents and property management company.

Also, you need to make sure that you don’t reveal any details specific about your house, including mailing and physical addresses and home information, on any open house sign.

3 Must-dos for Placing Open House Signs

Open house signs have been used for almost a 100 years. Starting from engraved phone directories to NOW, they are a powerful tool for letting everyone know when your home’s for sale. Our experience shows that if done right, they can optimally reach tens of your prospective buyers in one fell swoop.

The main purpose of an open house sign is to let the masses know that your home is currently on the market. Using the right type of sign can make the difference between making your home available for a few days only, or having an ongoing open house every day of the week.

Broadly speaking, there are both open house signs that direct people to your home (often with directions), and open house signs that tell people what’s happening at your home… a final soiree to the house.

Below we’ll cover the benefits and best practices for placing open house signs in both formats.

Place Your Sign in a Highly Visible Location

When you advertise through house signs, it’s essential that people see your sign. While many people can still read signs even if they’re far away, the farther away your sign is and the more people surrounding it, the less likely people will be able to read it. If you’re looking to get the most out of your sign, keep it in a highly visible location – it will make a big difference!

Indoors, you can put your sign on the front door, on the front window, above the door or above the front window. You can also buy a window sign – these are easy to see from the outside, so that’s an especially good place for it.

Outdoors, your options include hanging your sign on the front door, or, if you’ve purchased a quality front door sign, you can put a sign on it. Another nice option is to hang a sign over the front door of your home, and you can also craft a sign.

Make Text Simple & Big for Legibility

You’ve found your dream home. You’ve made your decision, but you’re just not sure how much to discount the open house sign to get a deal.

Before you decide whether to host a private open house, you need to consider how many potential buyers will be visiting at one time. If the house is large enough, and you feel you have enough people to attract, consider holding a public open house.

Public open houses are a great idea if you’re thinking of selling your home with the intention of taking advantage of the notorious real estate market. Public open houses create a bit of a frenzy with realtors and potential buyers, and they can generate some interest.

The public open house approach is ideal if you want to maximize your exposure to the public. However, it’s still a good idea to have some type of private open house. If the property has private driveways, a private open house can end up with you having more traffic than a public open house.

There are many benefits to hosting a private open house. For example, you’ll be able to show that home to a smaller group and may be able to attract a buyer more quickly.

Consider Branding

Branding is the use of a well-known or recognizable figure, logo, symbol, name, sound, or combination of these in an attempt to help identify your business and products.

There are a lot of ways to brand your property and convey the right image to potential customers. One of them is to utilize Open House signs.

While these signs can provide you with a practical, high-end look that you can put anywhere; there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing the right sign to convey the right message.

One of them is branding.

Branding is the process of creating and delivering a distinct image to the public. Since Open House signs are used to already know what’s going on at a property, you can easily create and deliver a distinct image to the public.

But for you to be able to do that, it’s essential to consider what’s being sold and to whom.

Thus, any Open House signs that you choose need to be able to relay the message that will do that.

One of the best ways you can do that is by using brand.

One way you can brand your property is to get Open House signs with your company logo and brand.

10 Pro Tips for Designing Successful Open House Signs

Open house signs are an important part of your home’s marketing strategy. These signs provide everyone who drives or walks by your home with a quick and easy way of learning about your home’s availability and special features. These open house signs can quickly and inexpensively advertise your property’s availability before you list it. And, if you wish, they can promote the special features of your home to possible buyers.

If you’re going to invest in the time and money to print open house materials, you’re going to want to make sure your print materials measure up to a minimum level of quality. Your print materials should be designed with several key points in mind for your open house signs:

  • Keep the material easy to read
  • Target the key demographics (no young people or kids)
  • Make sure your presence is unique (no redundant message or overlapping words)
  • Conserve paper resources
  • Avoid duplicate images of promotional material (but don’t forget about that great home video)
  • Keep the design seasonal (for winter, spring, summer…)
  • Never lose sight of what you’re trying to accomplish
  • 10 Pro Tips for Designing Successful Open House Signs

Clear Everything With the Sign Police

There are two types of sign companies that advertise on Craigslist: the ones who make the signs and the ones who put them up. You’ll find many listings for signs that are offered by sign companies, but that doesn’t mean you can count on them keeping their word. If someone’s offering you a steal on a sign, there’s a good chance that it’s a bust.

Paying a flipper to put up a cheap sign they made themselves might seem like a good deal at first, but usually it’s an unnecessary expense down the road. If you have less money to spend but still want a sign that’s clean, you can call a company that specializes in signs and banners. I’ve found that in my experience, these companies are better at advertising their services than the flippers at Craigslist.

If you are looking for a price comparison between the companies, be sure to include:

  • Customization
  • Sign frame
  • Stand
  • Delivery
  • Handling

Brand Your Signs

Signage made for open house events can be described as ‘top of the line’ signs, and gathering a crowd by name is what it’s all about. Because of the high cost of printing, it’s a good idea to brand your signs.

You’ll never know how many people are going to see your open house signs. However, you’ll definitely know you’ve made a good choice with branded signs, as most people can’t resist brand awareness. A sign that’s plastered with your name or logo has all the power to draw a crowd.

Also, since brand awareness increases the trust of the prospect, it’s crucial that you invest into a good sign that will acknowledge the event. Although you might be tempted to save money and choose something you’ve seen on the internet, a clever re-brand will bring your open house to the next level. If you don’t want to spend on signs, you can even make your own. Just make sure they’re professionally printed, and try to use original content.

Place Signs Everywhere

Believe it or not, you can really incorporate these signs into almost everything. Even mundane, everyday occurrences can be made exciting with these signs.

Post them on the back of doors, over pantries, on exit doors, beside doors and even hang them on the back of shopping bags.

One of the coolest things about these signs is that they’re pretty much everywhere.

As part of your open house presentation, you can place them on your vehicle or hand them out to your guests as they leave.

Simply put them on the desk in the hallway.

Generate interest in your own home by placing them in the rooms of your home or even just on your door.

Place these signs on the backs of doors inside and outside your home and hold a sign with your will and your guests’ name on it.

Imagine that you have a big open house or shindig.

You could also start your open house presentation by handing out these signs to the guests to place for a photo opportunity and to preface the fun of to be had throughout the open house.

After the guests leave, you could take their pictures and place them in an album.

Try Non-traditional Fonts & Designs

Again, to get more leads for your open houses, use Non-traditional fonts and designs that you can use on your open house signs.

Here are some examples of non-traditional font designs that you like and your home listing pictures:

Shifted fonts

Did you know that Google research discovered that "shifted" fonts have increased traffic to web pages over traditional fonts by 87%? So, use them in your Signage and any other marketing materials.

Or try different font styles such as Stencil or Punk-style fonts such as:

Avant-garde fonts

Or use a different style such as Mirrored or Cursive fonts.

Use different font size, colors and use letter effects such as stickers or embossed letters.

Add animations or moving letters to your Signage for an eye-pleasing effect.

Include a video or an image behind the Signage. The more engaging it is, the more likely changing the font will drive your visitors to the website.

Project 3 minutes of your target audience's favorite movie into Signage.

Use body typeface for your Signage.

Make the Signage short, to keep the 'browsing' flow going and add a picture or a video to really get people engaged.

Use pictures rather than text (It works better with people who don't read English that well and is more engaging).

Test Sizes, Colors & Placement

Open house signs are essential for informing the public about your open house. An open house is an event involving your home. It can be a yard sale, spring cleaning, freebies, house for sale, etc. When you host an event, you need house signs to acquire visitors to your open house. Your house signs will help to attract the attention of the public in your neighborhood.

After announcing your open house event, you need to use signs to notify the guests about details of the event, attendance, and further details. These house signs will be essential for telling the people about further details of the event.

House signs are essential for giving easy directions to your open house and make sure that your visitors find the right place. There are various types of house signs in the market. If you do not like to spend more money, then you can buy color house signs or make your own house signs at home.

A Color House Sign helps you to identify your open house from a faraway distance. These house signs are better than the regular house signs. One of the best features of these house signs is that they do not need any painting. And if you want a custom house sign, keep in mind that it will take you time to make your own house sign.

Use Balloons to Draw Attention

Use balloons and ribbons to draw attention to your open house sign. Balloons are especially easy to buy, inexpensive and great for drawing attention to your signs.

There are a few different techniques you can try if you want to draw attention to your signs.

You can blow out balloons and attach them to the top of your open house sign. If you plan on having more than one open house sign or you’re not going to open your homes for a while, add balloons to the back or side of your sign.

Make Signs Legible From a Distance

Open House signs convey the message that the home is available to be shown. However, for these signs to be effective at attracting an audience, you need a sign that is easy to read from a distance. Signs are created in a number of ways, including fabric, light-weight plastic, rigid plastic, or aluminum. A popular option is to use fabric. Fabric can be a great option if you want open house signs that are cost effective, portable, and light weight. Fabric also protects displays for rainy, snow, or cold weather and will hold up well in temperatures ranging from low 60s to 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

In the photographs provided, you’ll notice that all the open house signs are on table tops and look great! Two of these display panels are designed to be portable, and they are a great choice if you are planning to have the signs outdoors.

Point to Your Location

The fast-paced growth of the real estate market has inspired a new wave of signs that are effective and eye catching. With the advent of an Open House sign, you can easily promote your home at an attractive price to a wide audience of potential home buyers.

How to Use Your Open House Sign

So exactly how do these signs work? These signs are designed to draw attention to your sign, whether it’s perched in a showcase window or mounted on the home you are marketing. They show recently marketed homes near your place. Also, they make it easy for prospective home buyers to decide whether to continue investigating your neighborhood.

Open House signs can be used as marketing tools and as a way of getting out the word on your home’s availability without having to make a telephone call. When you see an Open House sign in another neighborhood, you just know that everyone is looking for a home’s like yours!

Open House signs come in a number of varieties, and they can be displayed in different ways to make it effective. The three most common variants are:

  • Traditional Open House signs
  • Open House yard signs
  • Open House chain signs

Open House Signs: Traditional Open House Signs

Use Bright Colors for Visibility

They said it is what it is, your sign is there to make a good first impression that is what you can expect from signs. Soon enough, we can expect a lot more things from signs like we can actually read it. Signs will also be outfitted with sensors that stop them from continuing to flash in our vision and turning off right after we look at it.

Signs are supposed to communicate a purpose, so why not use bright colors that are sure to catch the eyes of the passersby. We are not advertising a Burger King, but our services and we expect that we will get the eyeballs.

We are also expecting our viewers to read the information that we want to get across. So the smaller the font, the lesser the chances that we can get the message across.

If we look at the prototype of the touchscreen technology in cars, it is designed that way so the driver can read the signs and the navigation at the same time. However, in reality, it is very difficult to do so.

So the standard font sizes will have to be adjusted as the technology improves.

Make Sure Your Sign Has a Clear Message

It’s important to make sure that the information on your Open House sign is clearly communicated to potential home buyers.

The design should also convey its purpose, which is to inform home buyers of your open house and to encourage them to stop by and see your home.

When you’re deciding on the design for your Open House sign, you have several options. You can either pick a traditional sign or you can try a more impactful sign, perhaps with lots of color and motion.

You can also integrate a photo or a video of your home for buyers to see as they walk by and try to entice them to take a second look. You may even choose a sign that speaks to a specific demographic, such as a retired couple, a couple with an infant, and so on.

According to Angie’s List, Open House signs that feature photos from flickr, stock photography websites, or Google Images can be a great way to reach the audience that is most likely to visit your Open House.

You can make your Open House sign more effective by communicating a clear message to home buyers. For example, you may want to write, ‬Live Like It’s a Vacation‬, since the home buyers who are most likely to drop by your Open House are probably looking for a vacation home.

Bottom Line: Real Estate Open House Signs