Top 25 Open House Invitation Templates from the Pros

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Show Both Interior and Exterior Images

Not all your marketing friends or designs need to be online, hopefully they have a website, but for those who don’t, a Google Docs Event Sheet is a lifesaver.

It’s the same type of template that real estate agents across America use when showing a home, and I have used this format for years for all of my real estate listing and open house invites (but I use several different templates, like the 3.5 x 2.5 sign on the house template).

With Google Docs, you can easily create a document to share with your friends, family, or other people you know who would like to mingle with the town folks.

It’s ideal for open houses, Christmas parties, real estate open houses, and more. The images are formatted so you can either print or view them online. Templates include:

  • Poolside Open House Invitation
  • Fan Flash Open House Invitation
  • Book Open House Invitation
  • Book Open House Invitation (Print Ready)
  • Block Party Book Open House Invitation
  • Book Open House Invitation (Faculty)
  • Book Open House Invitation (Plan to Move In)
  • Open House Invitation
  • Open House Invitation (Print Ready)
  • Open House Remote Thank You Letter

Present the Home as a Tranquil Retreat

With the increasing popularity of house/condo rentals in the past couple of years, homeowners are becoming more and more conscious of how welcome warm and friendly they can be to guests. And no one wants to come home to a cold and distant home. A warm and welcoming home is the cornerstone of a successful open house.

To make your open house welcoming – not only to your guests but to those who have to experience it in-person – consider these tips for presenting an open house that is inviting and comfortable.

Add a personal touch Add personal touches to the home for all those guests who drop by – from personalized place card envelopes to a tray of warm snacks.

Make it comfortable Adding a few comfortable chairs or couches in the home so visitors can visit while they look around can make a world of difference in how welcoming your open house is perceived.

Explain what you're selling Make sure your open house explains how you are selling your home so that people understand why you are in the home.

Keep on top of maintenance Keep your home in good shape so that it can welcome potential buyers or tenants with a warm and inviting space.

Sell a Lifestyle, Not Just a Home

If you want to sell your home fast, inexpensive, and show a home for sale then you have to draw prospective buyers in. Your home will be filled with decorations that show off your personality. Your home will look attractive.

When people come to your home for sale, they will be greeted at the door or through the mail box. Your escrow agent will make smooth contact and you can be on your way closing the sale within hours or days.

However, if you want your home to sell for the highest price, take the time to decorate it like you would want to live in it. During training, you were taught to move between high-rise buildings by using the fire escape. But it is also a good idea to show your client the use of the escape or stairs. Make sure the stair well is clear when you show it to them. If the stairwell is too dark, then no one will want to move down the stairs.

Make sure that you have enough lighting and all of the electrical outlets work as you plan to ensure that the buyer can see anything that they might need.

Communicate a Clear Message

There are ways to make your open house invitation clear and direct while still maintaining an element of fun. Build your invitation by incorporating the following open house invitation templates.

Use Color to Stand Out from the Crowd

Open houses are a great way to spread the word about your home for sale, but you’re not going to have much luck if your open house invitation looks just like everyone else’s. So the next time you’re creating a home open house invitation, remember that color goes a long way! Sure, you’ll be drawing people to your open house, but you also want them to remember why they attended in the first place. This means you don’t want to be your neighbor’s twin!

So when creating your opening hours or details, include a few fun details to help set your home apart and entice people to attend. You can have a bit of fun with colors, too. For example, you could go bold and add a pop of bright pink – or even color coordinate your invitations with your home. But don’t get carried away, you don’t want to make it look too formal.

Display Welcoming Images That Invite Buyers In

Many people want to see a floor plan of a home prior to placing an offer. Show them what your home has to offer. The photos you show are also important to work out from a real estate agent's point of view.

Home is looking even better than it does in the photos, right? Offer buyers a product that looks as good as it can. There are many different layouts and arrangements that you can put a home. Talk about how you should not forget about the corners of your home and put a few images on ensuring the corners are well decorated and decorated clutter free to avoid creating an impression of a shrinking home.

Buyers are always going to want to see the home interior to get a sense of the potential of the home after they buy it. They are going to see more photos that showcase the interior, like this one by Nova One Designs.

Home is looking better than the photos on the Open House Invitation template that conveys very beautiful feel that will make buyers happy.

If you do not want to use professional templates, you can always make your own. Brochures are great and can provide very useful information to buyers and consumers.

Focus on the Home’s Best Features

If you’re new to hosting open houses, choosing the right type of invitation can be daunting. Do you go with a quirky invitation with witty wording or a somewhat formal one? Of course, these are the questions all hosts face while contemplating the type of invitation they’ll send out to the masses. The right one can depend on the type of house you’re selling or your marketing strategy. As for the actual invitation itself, the following templates are designed specifically for selling homes. Both are user-friendly, and they’ll draw prospects to your open house.

The Open House Summary On Screen

The first open house invitation template is designed for roofing companies, but this is a template that you’ll want to use if your home is located in a high-end area. When you use it, potential buyers will be seeing more than a simple invitation, though. Suggested features of the home, such as the backyard pool and the fireplace, will pop up on their screens, and this will appeal to the most motivated buyers. If your home has a finished basement, this is a great opportunity to feature it. This isn’t the only way to incorporate videos and technology into your open house invitation, though.

The Open House Invitation with Videos

Show Off the Block

Invitations are a time-consuming but worthwhile process. Everything is set up for a reason, and your time spent "planning" is time well spent. So when someone needs help, don't try to put it off. There are many pros available to you, ready to help you host an open house that will knock the socks off your guests. Just choose which type appeals to you most and get in touch!

"My Open House Invitation" "My Open House" is a contemporary and clean-looking invitation that includes an image of a couple enjoying the outdoors and a clean typography. A subtle rainbow is used not only for visual interest, but to draw attention to the heart of the invitation. This wedding invitation is perfect for a contemporary couple looking for a simple send-off.

"My Choice" is full of gorgeous images and will give your invitation a vintage flair. If your venue has natural detail, work it into your invitation. Otherwise, drop it from the sky for visual interest. Add splashes of color to bring your invitation to life, and you may have a golden invitation on your hands for your wedding.

Give them Important Information Up Front

You can start many of these templates the same way – by giving them the date of your open house. Or use one of the templates below to customize the wording to something special to your event.

Remember to click the image to see a larger version of it.

The next thing you will need to customize is the date, time, location, and/or address. At least a few of them have templates (see: Closed Door Invitation Templates ),but you can easily customize almost any of them to suit your situation.

As far as the information you need to place on the invitation (which you can customize to reflect your needs), you can include:

  • A description of the event
  • A contact name and contact information
  • The time, date, and location of the event
  • The purpose of the event
  • Any additional notes

For an event outdoors, remember to provide the meeting/meeting point address, road signs, or locations/synonyms for directions.

The most important piece of information to include with your invitations is the RSVP date. If you don’t have an RSVP date, you will be left wondering – Are they coming or not?” At least give them enough time to respond!

Canvas the Neighborhood

If you have ever wondered how to invite your friends over for a game of shuffleboard, then you’re not alone. Shuffleboard is a game that is played with two teams – one person per team – and involves keeping the puck in the center of the table while throwing bat-shaped pieces that match the target in play (for example, the three squares) into an opposing team’s scoring area – much like a game of horseshoes. It is a fun way to blow off steam and is typically played on outdoor surfaces. However, if you don’t have the space or weather to play outdoors, you can always play the game inside and invite your friends over for a game of shuffleboard. In fact, the game itself is so simple that it doesn’t really require formal invitations. But you can still create a social atmosphere by sending out invitations to your friends and family. In this post, we’ll take a look at the best shuffleboard invitation templates so that you can design your own invitations online.

Flaunt the Intangibles


Is it ok to include the dates on the ENDS ON line for your open house invitations? YES!! If you are the type that likes to see the use of a little bit of type each and every time there is an occasion to use it, allow your invites to roll out in a bit more organized manners (on the off chance you have the space for it, they can be stacked!)

Feel free to incorporate the events dates into the invite design. It may be included on the top right of the invite (as you see below). If it’s too much, then you can simply present them with all of the information right on the invitation. This way the would-be guests can stack your invitations when they are done looking at them. (You’d get a double bang for your buck in attention span, if you know what I mean).

If print just isn’t your thing or not practical for your invite design (point of reference: this is my internet wordsmith and not a PRINT ICON), then you can always incorporate this piece of information through the actual website link on your invite.

Convey a Sense of Urgency

One thing you want to make sure you do is convey a sense of urgency so that your customers know that the property must be called to immediately. Personalize your invitation so that they feel like the property is yours and you are personally inviting them personally for a look see. And if you need to, add in a drawing of a gull screaming in fright. See? You can even personalize with an hysterically stressed out gull. You can even add in a pop up message that says –We’re sorry, there’s no room for you prior to the open house. Please check back another time.” And then underneath that message you can sneak a little –call now” or –call today” message.

The inviting design is sleek and professional looking. It offers the home owner the opportunity to create an invitation that is as clean and inviting as the interior of the home. This elegant design provides the perfect blend of clean and contemporary appeal all while showing off the very best of the home’s interior design. It is a practical design with a sensible layout and look that goes beyond the surface of the invitations.

Speak to Your Target Demographic

A strong and clear invitation is key to ensuring a successful open house. Your target demographic usually has a set pattern and schedule to what they do. To effectively reach them, not only should you send out the invitations at the right time, but also fit the demographics. Whether it be in your neighborhood, at a school, church, or organization, your goal is to have it look inviting and inviting, not congested, or too busy.

If you are holding an open house to raise awareness for a neighborhood issue then your invitation will need to include a message that interests the target demographic. It should also include a brief background about the issue and how it affects the community.

To reach out to businesses on the other hand, an invitation can assume the role of a business card and highlight the benefit for them. For instance, if you are holding an open house for a real estate company to market their latest developments or homes, keep the invitation to very simple, keep it professional and functional and showcase the benefits of the open house.

Make sure to keep the invitation concise. Your goal here is not to oversell yourself, but rather to highlight your unique offering to prospective clients. The person will be much more likely to attend if you give them the information they need rather than a plethora of information. This includes the dates, times , and locations .

Underscore Interesting Architecture

Pull Out Interesting Features

Open house appointment scheduling is really an art. Either you pull out the best features of the invitation so that the visitors are excited and really looking forward to visit your home, or may be you pull out the negative features, so they are not attracted and refuse to visit your place.

While there are many online websites to make the invitation, personally I think, to make a great open house invitation, you have to understand the psychology of the visitors and pull out the mystery elements of the house to entertain people and make them curious to visit.

This section lists out 25 open house invitation templates that are well designed and has the best of features. The templates are of the most common variety to design open house invitation.

Many of the layouts can be customized or turned into personal invitations for your home. You can add your own details and make the template hold your message.

Let’s understand the key features of 25 open house invitation invitation templates.

{1}. Home Open House Invitation Template
{2}. Red Open House Invitation Template
{3}. Portrait Open House Invitation Template
{4}. Yellow Open House Invitation Template
{5}. French Open House Invitation Template
{6}. Trending Open House Invitation Template

Show the Possibilities of the Home

Planning and preparing an open house is maybe the most exciting and rewarding step when you want to sell your house. You've chosen the time and date, you've cleaned like a maniac, and you have all the best sales strategies you know and love. All you need now is the right type of invitation. As a real estate professional, knowing how to create an adorably inviting open house invitation is a must. Here are some tips from the pros you can use to stretch the boundaries of your open house invitation design and keep your clients guessing.

Get Creative Choosing the right invitation size for a large home may take some time. So start by coming up with a few different sizes. The bigger your home, the more inviting your open house will look. You can also use these sizes to develop scale to show the size of the home in the landscape. Like a good ad, if it's not believable, it won't have the intended effect. So create a need to know this home is in the community. This becomes a lot harder if you're asking your customers to attend an open house without knowing who else is selling or what other houses are on the market. The invitation must capture the style and personality of the home you are selling. This appeals to the readers’ desire and will lead to a better response. Think about the distinctiveness of your home, the features, and the space to create a unique experience for your clients.

Set the Mood in Your Copy and Colors

Invitations range from basic black and white to more festive templates with color and graphics, but when you sit down to start writing your formal invitation, you face the same basic decision: headline or message?

We’ve heard many reasons for going with the message, like “The message is shorter and all one piece.” But here’s the deal …in the eyes of a potential reader, every word matters.

Most of the time, this is obvious, but when you’re trying to pull off a really fancy invitation, if your headline or message isn’t exactly the way you want, you can sometimes get away with plain English. On the other hand, if you’re meeting a guest for the first time or an acquaintance, and this is not a dinner party or family reunion, plain English can be something of a faux pas and … well, that just won’t do.

So, with that in mind, let’s run through some awesome examples of how to rock a message-style invitation.

Make the Dream Attainable

Customize Everything

The text and pictures featured in these invitation templates are just example ideas and can be changed to fit your needs.

While open house invitations can be tricky to create, following the easy guidelines found in this post is a great way to get the job done. And once you’ve customized the layout, photo templates, and text, you can save the templates as your own for future projects.

The great thing about open house invitations is how customizable they are. You can add your own personal touches by changing the layout of the invite to fit the size of the paper, or you can use a template that’s already customizable. And the best part is that you don’t have to stick to just one of these themes. Instead, you can add your own spin to any of them to create a unique invitation that matches your home’s style.

Whatever theme you decide to choose, the following templates will give you great starting points. As you can see, the layout, text, color, and images can all be changed to fit your home’s decor.

So whether you want to update your brown and cream theme in a fresh new way or design an invitation that screams fun in an unconventional space, opening your home to guests is an inviting idea.

Invest in Photography for the Best Images Possible

Nothing can match the emotion and awe that comes through the eyes of someone who has been present at that one unique event. Not only is it the event itself but how much the photos contribute in capturing that moment and the whole experience.

Therefore I strongly feel that you need to buy a professional photographer if you want to capture the photos. Unlike hiring a photographer, I don’t think investing in photography is expensive at all. Not if you have the best photographers in your city or within your country.

The most extra ordinary thing about arranging a venue for your upcoming wedding is the pleasure of seeing your pictures. For instance, you will be able to print your album in a few days and won’t have to wait for long.

One can save a lot of money by spending a small amount of cash on a rental photographer for your family reunion.

In fact, for a family gathering, they are less expensive than hiring a professional photographer. You can even invest in a professional photographer for your company’s picnic.

Professional photographers can produce high-quality photos which are not available in ordinary cameras. These professional photographers are available in different sectors like fashion, corporate, photography career, wedding photography, documentary photography and so on.

Apart from being professional photographers, they are also more experienced. Then why not hire a professional photographer who will help you produce the best photos ever.

Highlight Rooms of Interest

Your open house theme should highlight rooms of interest, such as the kitchen, family room, dining room and living room to encourage guests to visit that part of your home. In addition, it’s not a bad idea to include the front door or picture windows on the invitation. Participants can then just cut out the front of the house layout to show the rooms they’re interested in.

If you are planning a large open house, it might be worthwhile to include the address of the open house on the invitation. You can post directions on your social media sites, but keeping them in writing will be helpful in case someone forgets. Also, it will be convenient if you send directions and/or directions to parking to guests.

Keep your invitation wording simple and clear. There’s no need to use overly complicated words or use fancy paper for invitations when you have the layout on which to write. In fact, you might even include the inside wording of the invitation.

Since you know your guests are only coming to see specific rooms, it’s a waste of space to include the entire house layout on the invitation. By directing them to a specific space, you avoid writing unnecessary information and clutter.

Keep It Simple

While many homeowners find the call to action for their open house circular to consist of information on their open house, some homeowners write what they plan on showing…and plan on showing almost everything. What these homeowners often forget to do, is clearly denote what is for sale.

Open House invites can be a very useful means to easily attract potential buyers to your property, as well as very useful for owners to get a feel for what real estate is doing in your area.

In most cases, an open house is a real estate agent’s time. But it’s also the homeowner’s opportunity to sell a home. Therefore, homeowners that want to include lots of real estate information, as they typically do in an open house circular, are not going to make much of an impact. And if you want to ensure that potential buyers can easily find what you’re looking to sell, it may be best to keep it simple and keep the message focused on the sale.

Display Perfection (or as close as you can get)

We all love to show off our home all packaged up and ready for the public to see. It’s our chance to show off our hard work, humble and proud of our accomplishments. It’s also important to make sure that the outside of your home is represented truthfully, is appealing to the eye and just generally doesn’t look like hell. It’s your chance to have an open house and show off.

As you know, I have a lot of experience planning open houses and guess what? I’ve done thousands of them. I’ve seen all kinds of different ad campaigns whether it be through print or electronic. It’s a wide range of different themes and prices too.

I’ve taken all of what I’ve learned. I’ve put my finger on what works and what doesn’t. I want to help you blow your competition out of the water by showing them how open house invitations should be done.

I’m going to start with my top 25 open house invitation templates. All of these invitations are free to download, and they are all designed to look great over the internet.

Show the Setting

Recently, we at Soulwave Edits had the opportunity to produce the invitations for Emerald Creek Conference in the South Bay. The theme of the Conference was "Environments". The invitations were packed with beautiful images of the environment.

We designed a template layout which incorporates amazing images from the environment and also has ample space for the necessary details. We are now sharing this beautiful invitation template with you, free of cost.

When in Doubt, Go Traditional

We all want to throw the most amazing open house party ever. But if you’re planning a complicated event, leave some time for the planning, don’t rush the decor. Most open house parties, whether seasonal or annual, need to be planned well in advance, so free space and time are hard to come by.

Airbnb hosts have come up with a clever way around some of these problems. Calm down. Don’t get all stressed out. You’re an Airbnb host. You are in control. And with the right approach, hosting an event is no different from hosting a party you invite people to your home. Some hosts even do it more often than their friends.

You’ve probably heard of Airbnb hosts contacting their guests immediately after their guests book the house. That’s a smart and convenient way to follow up. When I asked my guests what they liked best about their experience, they told me they appreciated the quick response. And when I contacted them, I quickly found out what worked well.

The Bottom Line

You have finally got it…. Your name in lights.. Your corporate branding on display for all the world to see… Your address on home display! After using flowers to flaunt your presence at social gatherings, wedding receptions, lavish family occasions and milestone anniversaries, it is always time for something more personal. Whether you are planning a surprise birthday party for your daughter, something special to welcome your guests on a special occasion, or a regular family gathering, it is time for something that will provide a sense of style, sophistication, and class. Your own custom invitation is the best way to do all of this and show that you are the type of company that attracts all sorts of visitors. The fact is that instead of using paper certificates to acknowledge your guests’ accomplishments, and provide a handout, it is your custom invitation that will make them part of something special.

Finding the best custom invitation templates is as simple as knowing where to look. Thus, we have collected more than 25 of the best custom invitation templates from the industry leaders. Hopefully, once you view the templates below, along with the tips given, you will benefit from being able to use them in your future designs. You will be proud of having custom custom invitations for your important guests, and there will be the heightened sense of anticipation about when you can hold your special event.