Top 10 Most Popular Customer Service Job Titles

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Teller is the name given to the customer service representatives at most banks. The job description for a teller is that they greet the customers and customers’ families, answer questions, provide general information, accept and verify bank deposits.


Order-takers are the people who answer telephone calls, take orders, and fill orders without having to wait for their supervisors’ approval. This quick decision-making ability makes order-takers valuable because they are able to work on tasks the moment they become available.

Personal Banker

Personal bankers are customer service representatives who work closely one-on-one with their customer to assist them with budgeting, savings accounts, loans, insurance, overseas transactions, retirement, and other financial matters.

Customer Service Representative

Customer service representatives (CSRs) serve as the voice of the phone for both telephone and in-person calls. CSRs conduct interviews and provide consultations, answer questions, take order, fill orders, process payments, and maintain consumer accounts.

Customer Service Representative (Consultant)

Customer service representatives who are also customer consultants help customers select investment vehicles through a live web site or telephone. These representatives make recommendations to either a specific customer or a group of customers based on their own knowledge and the mutual sharing of knowledge with the client.

Customer Service Representative (CSR)

In IT, a CSR usually takes care of remote desktop connections for users, configuration and rollout of software and packages.

Also known as a technical specialist, they need to have great troubleshooting, communication and time-sealing skills.

It’s a great job for students interested in learning about software, hardware maintenance and company vision.

Front Desk Agent

This position has a lot of responsibility. Usually it is on calls and handles the different incoming calls. It has to deal with all the walk-ins and then delegates them to the appropriate staff.

After being hired, a front desk agent is required to take on various tasks, such as providing directions, handling the guest records, and making appointments. The job entails good communication skills and the ability to work under pressure.

Most Front Desk agents have excellent phone and customer relations skills, and a lot of them are trained in handling computers. They need to be quick on their feet as they need to get on the phone and call out the guest to a particular desk, handle the meeting request, or relay a message to the staff.


Manager is an executive who oversees the operations of an agency. The manager ensures that the staff is trained and new hires are properly handled. They also work to provide the front desk agents with the various training tools and new ideas that will make their tasks easier.

A manager carries a lot of authority in the company and must be a good communicator as well as a good listener. The manager works hard to ensure that all employees are happy and comfortable with their work.


Worker is the average level of the seniority. They follow the procedures given to them by the senior employees while also carrying out their own work.

This position is responsible for the guest care and other tasks.

Call Center Representative

Customer Service Representative, Customer Care Representative and Customer Engagement Representative.

The job title of Customer Relations representative can refer to a wide variety of positions, ranging from a long-term career to even a temporary one-time job.

Before diving into the job titles that people tend to associate with customer service, it’s useful to first summarize the job responsibilities at play in a customer-facing job such as a customer service representative.

Customers and prospects contact representative companies in order to do one of the following things: place an order for a product or service, place a repair or service order, inquire about products or services, or ask for advice or information. When customers and prospects contact customer service representatives, they expect to leave their encounter with a satisfied customer.

What do customer service representatives typically do in order to achieve this goal? Some customer service representatives take calls from customers and prospects in person, while others rely on call-center technology to handle incoming calls. However they do so, it’s common for customer service reps to do any of the following during calls:

  • Explain how a product or service works
  • Assist customers and prospects
  • Provide general information
  • Answer technical questions
  • Collect payments from customers or prospects

Guest Service Agent

Each team member has a defined role (even though they may overlap in some areas), and each guest service associate's role is clearly outlined. Rescues and returns of property to guests finding themselves in need, track guest stay, resolve guest disputes, rental issues, guest arrangements and amendments, tips, service charges, privacy and confidentiality are some of the duties performed by this position.

Guest experience is our number one priority and our guest service associates are equipped with state of the art technology to ensure that each guest’s stay is the best possible.

A serving industry associate must first be trained in all of the details of the business, of the employees and the environment they are representing and must follow typical business handbooks in working with the guest.

Guest service agents provide a great variety of things including one of the most important, turning a guest into a repeat one.

Support Specialist

With online shopping becoming more and more common each day, customers are more and more likely to place orders through the internet without making a human contact. This could be the case for both tangible products and even services such as support. Due to the nature of customer’s interaction, these people maintain a lot of responsibility and must be able to work within a sometimes stressful environment.

Support specialists are expected to handle customer’s emails within a specific support system (such as their inbox) and communicate with them regarding their issue. They must also be able to document and keep track of the issue itself. They will generally be the point people for email problems, and their duties often border on providing customer support for Amazon shoppers.

Since support specialists are office based, they will generally be required to have good interpersonal skills within they working environment. In order to provide best-in-class customer service, you should have strong interpersonal skills, as this will help customers feel at ease contacting you. You should also show empathy towards them in order to ensure best customer service.

If you want to provide and overview of customer service in your own must be able to operate a computer. In addition, you should also be familiar with the layout of your office or company.

Customer Service Manager

A Customer Service Manager oversees the customer service department at a business. Oftentimes, customer service departments are responsible for answering the phones and providing employees with necessary information and handling their concerns. A Customer Service Manager will also oversee employees in the department and make sure that they are performing the work right. A Customer Service Manager needs to make sure that they are providing a great customer service experience and that the department is running efficiently.

Member Services Representative

This is the name of the entry level job in this occupation. This is my favorite job title. It is very generic and can be used for all the roles in the field of customer services. There is no need to be specific on the job title because a great member services representative can perform a wide variety of duties.

All the jobs in this field require good communication skills because a good member services representative should be able to solve the problems of the members. Well, that is not very challenging; however, I believe that a member services representative should have the ability to talk with customers with their own style.

You might think that this job will offer more challenges and richer experiences when it involves working face to face with people or handling professional working tools. However, most of the member services provide the member with the information and some of them work the basic jobs such as typing, reading emails, etc.

I think that there many other ways to perform other tasks such as transcribing, researching, writing reports, etc. Well, I believe that the title member services representative is okay.

Customer Support Representative

In the world of customer support, no job title reigns supreme as much as that of the customer service representative. Often referred to as a customer service rep, often with a lowercase r, this is the term not only for the people who answer the phone at a call center, but anyone who supports the customer through the entire customer service process. From assisting with the sales process through to resolving a complaint and working within a call center to resolve customer issues over the phone, customer service reps can almost be found in most call centers.

But just because the position is ubiquitous doesn't mean every job is going to be a breeze. Customer service reps can be the last point of contact for a customer. Working closely with them, these reps may find themselves in the middle of an argument or a difficult situation. A good customer service rep for a large call center will be able to handle each stage of the customer service process effectively and softly, helping to ensure that the customer is being taken care of.

A Customer Care Representative is a customer representative whose call center is a place of employment. Within this role, customer care representatives will often be asked to handle customer calls or calls from customers, including some who have taken the time to leave voicemails or send emails and memos to the company’s customer service department. These representatives will often be asked to handle customer requests when the situation isn’t an emergency or can be handled immediately.

Parking Attendant

Desktop Support Technician

Desktop support technicians are the support triangle. They have the in-depth knowledge to guide users through processes, they have the systems and hardware knowledge to solve the most difficult problems with projects, and they have the interpersonal skills to resolve the most complex customer issues.

Desktop support personnel are in essence computer repair technicians. They have access to the desktop, user account and hard drive information of every computer on which they work. They have to be familiar with all the hardware and software for every type of around the world computer hardware and software. They must have the know-how to solve the hard problems and be concerned with the easiest ways to use software to find solutions.

The first rule of good customer support is to be able to solve the customer’s problem or concerns in the shortest amount of time and with the less amount of paper work and documentation will be required. If you are going to encounter issues with a particular process the support technician must have the expertise to reverse engineer the process and find the bug.

Although desktop support technicians must provide the best possible customer service, the most important concern is the customers’ overall satisfaction with the service provided and the computer hardware that is being used. A customer will be much more likely to stay with a new service provider when the service technician is able to fix issues promptly and without problems.

Work in an office environment that may be noisy and crowded.

Companies have chosen their Customer Service Representatives and Agents to work in different job title to accomplish sales goal.

These title include:

  • Customer Service Representative
  • Customer Service Agent
  • Customer Service Manager
  • Customer Service Specialist
  • Customer Service Associate
  • Customer Service Center Lead
  • Customer Service Assistant
  • Customer Service Supervisor
  • Customer Service Executive
  • Customer Service Lead

Celebrating this Jubilee Year with our customer’s give these titles priority setup. Start preparing your resume to go the extra mile and make an impact on tomorrow’s customer service career.

Customer Service Representative

A Customer Service Representative is a staff member of a company who specializes in assisting customers, face to face and by phone, in the purchase process and often in solving product-related problems.

Customer Service Agent

Customer Service Agent is an individual who protects the interest of customers in the face of complaints. He or she takes orders, makes reservations, selects, and delivers merchandise, and answers questions about products.

Customer Service Manager

A Customer Service Manager is an executive who is responsible for administering customer service concerns within a company.

Customer Service Specialist