Top 26 Mortgage Lead Generation Ideas from the Pros

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Give Actionable Advice with Content Marketing

Nowadays, we have unlimited off-the-shelf content marketing materials. Such are the amount of news releases and case studies that any potential client can pick a few relevant ones, threw it together with a few catchy CTA buttons and call it a complete website.

However, the first attempt of a newbie in the business of selling mortgage products will not do the job. Nobody wants to purchase a marketing automation infomercial that leads to a sales call every month. They want an accurate guide that will guide them through application process and provide them with sound advice.

Banks have been publishing amazing content for years. However, we don’t see a Bank Rate, they provide. There’s no National Mortgage News though there are countless forums and online communities full of advice on your field of things.

It’s time to dig up the real dirt on both sides of the fence at once.

Publish to Your Blog Regularly and Often

The Formula that we use to calculate our recommended Mortgage Lead Generation Ideas is based on our experience with this industry. We track whether and how often the mortgage lenders they send leads and prospects to update them with the progress of their loan processing moves.

We count this as a positive lead-feedback, when they receive a response from the mortgage lifecycle manager that he/she was following-up on their feedback.

It is obvious that keeping the attention of your prospects all the time assigned to their mortgage process is the key for these mortgage sellers to stay consistent and not to risk loosing out on leads and prospect.

Be sure to publish regular blog articles about the mortgage industry and the important mortgage leads that can be used by mortgage brokers to sell their mortgage loan products.

Play the Long Game with a CRM

According to the Staffing Industry Analysts Quarterly 2018 State of the Staffing Industry Report, an estimated 69 percent of hiring companies use a CRM system to manage their recruiting functions. That’s a pretty high percentage. Why is that? CRM systems address and solve a number of problems, including the ability to use data to improve your recruiting efforts and real-time access to information, like interviews, to evaluate potential hires.

Evidently, there are a lot of recruiting pros in the staffing industry who already use a CRM system, and there may be a lot more that’s interested in using one. But before all your talent acquisition pros rush to buy a CRM system, think about this: Do you need one? Your existing recruitment software may already have a CRM capability built in, or you can start small and implement a CRM function as an add-on. Furthermore, if you’re just getting started in the recruiting business, you might be able to use an existing system until you have enough data to justify the upgrade to a CRM system.

Use Google Ads Remarketing Features

Mortgage lead generation is one of the most important marketing efforts you can undertake. It will help you grow your business because you are offering something of value to your customers; it is a centralized way for them to contact you and communicate any concerns they may have; and it is an early stage of the relationship with a warm lead.

The most effective mortgage lead generation comes from word-of-mouth communication. When you develop a strong relationship with your clients, they will talk about you and you will have tens of thousands of potential customers telling hundreds of thousands of friends about you. With this strategy, if you have a policy that covers more than six months of work, you can enroll people immediately and begin contacting them for leads.

One way to generate mortgage leads is from a company called InsideSales. Besides leveraging their "social network" of 250,000 inside sales professionals, you can use Google Ads Remarketing. Remarketing allows you to take your old online marketing audiences and feed the data to a new audience. Remarketing is an ideal way to maximize existing traffic and generate new mortgage leads.

Search Real Estate Hashtags

A while ago I was looking to refinance my mortgage and ran across a post about Hashtag Mortgage Lead Generation. What the post basically spoke about were the power of words and finding out that people search real estate hashtags and real estate generated search phrases.

Within a few days of reading the post I had found a home loan broker who was willing to refinance my mortgage with significantly lower rates and the whole thing didn’t cost me anything except a little time.

It took me next to no effort to do it and suddenly I had a new mortgage broker. They looked me up and found a few properties for me to look at in my area. One of which I ended up buying.

So it’s so important to do some quick research and search the relevant real estate hashtags on Instagram and, or Twitter.

That’s what I did when I was looking to sell my home and buy a new one.

The reason why I started searching real estate hashtags on Twitter was because it was a whole lot quicker; I am a busy guy with plenty on my plate.

Once you’ve found a broker to help you in the refinance of your home loan you will have a mortgage lead. They will have your contact details so you need to follow up with them immediately.

Build Trust with Social Proof

The majority of mortgage leads come from friends and family. Whenever someone is thinking about purchasing a home, they will feel a certain level of FOMO when it comes to sharing with their friends. As a result, when they are looking to talk with or work with someone that is a mortgage professional, it is now a question of finding a trusted brand that they can trust without any BS.

In order to build trust with social proof, the next best place to come from is a former client. The testimonials of former clients are legitimate ways to show social proof because these are real people who have used your services.

Utilize Social Media

Sites like Facebook and Twitter are great places to build your social proof. Creating infographics, using videos, and community building all help build trust. Utilize influencers like your realtors and ask them to share and promote your page. Because especially amongst Gen X and millennials, a lot of them are already using social media platforms for their job, if they can see that you’re forthcoming and honest, that builds a level of trust.

If it’s not broken, don’t fix it

Connect with Divorce Attorneys

Promote Your Unique Value Proposition

There are literally tens of thousands of mortgage leads available to any mortgage company, and the competition is fierce for each and every one of these leads.

The problem is that most mortgage companies spend their marketing dollars trying to appeal to all, rather than creating unique, targeted strategies that will attract the right prospects.

A better approach is to select a small group of prospects and develop a very targeted marketing effort to educate them about what you can do for them. When you start your prospecting efforts this way, your company becomes a specialist in a vertical medical or real estate niche.

The mortgage industry is wide open, and your business will grow with the thousands of mortgage companies in this space, but it can be quite competitive. So in order to stand out, you need to create something that’s truly special for the prospects you select.

Since mortgage prospects outnumber access to the real estate and mortgage marketplace, this is an opportunity for your business to help the real estate agents and mortgage brokers out there by providing them an easy solution to outsource their mortgage lead generation efforts.

Use Podium to Control Your Online Reputation

In the current economy, more and more business professionals are becoming the target of online scams. Podium is a great tool for business owners who want to maintain their online reputation in the midst of online scams.

Online scammers purchase various types of email accounts to get a person's email address and spam out spam in hopes of tricking a person into signing up for their email list.

Another method is to try and trick a person into clicking on a link. The page will load just fine, but Google or another search engine will penalize it for spam. Then the online scammer will buy Google to get it removed from the search engine.

Besides Podium, there are other ways to self-manage one's online reputation, but many of the common methods require the business owner to be monitoring and responding to emails frequently. While this works for some, this can only be accomplished for a very small amount of businesses.

In the past, after a business was banned from Google or another search engine, it was next to impossible to get that business removed from the search engines, but Podium is an automated tool that beats the odds for business owners. Now when people search for the business owner's name, they are able to find the business owner's website. This allows for the business owner to have a positive influence on the business’s search results.

Publish on LinkedIn

Offer Incentives for Large Employers

Individual lenders have to make enough money to prove they are successful. But larger lenders are more interested in operating profitably.

Big lenders will pay a slightly higher interest rate, but in return, they want a guarantee of loans from that employer.

Therefore, a lender will find other ways to get a financial commitment from that employer before they will accept an application from a potential borrower.

This is where some of the best mortgage lead generation companies step in. For the largest employers in your area, find out if they are willing or able to enhance your job security. Request an interview with an HR representative so an application can go forward.

Also, discuss a discount on the upfront fees if you are able to obtain a guaranteed loan.

Establish Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Relationships

CPA firms generally manage the back-office operations of other companies. This is their way of surviving in after-market financial services. In today’s business environment, CPA firms are also increasingly becoming more integrated with other market players like banks, mortgage companies, investment firms, etc. This not only allows CPA firms to create synergies, but also helps them stay relevant with brokers.

CPA firms can reach out to mortgage officers using the knowledge they have about the financial and business performance of the companies they work for.

The bottom line is that the more pre-qualified leads mortgage brokers can access from their CPA firms, the better their numbers are.

Leverage Social Media

Events, and Celebrity Endorsement.

Word-of-mouth advertising is the foundation of marketing, and can decrease a company’s cost to market a product or service by 50 percent.

Advertising can spread ideas and secure the loyalty of your customers like never before in history.

You can brand yourself as a leader in your market and increase brand awareness for your company through a variety of forms.

The key is to know your audience and figure out how to leverage their social networks, events, and celebrity endorsements to reach and build long-term relationships with them.

As a lender or broker, you don’t always have the benefit of maintaining an official Fan Page or page where you can drive traffic regularly and interact with your customers.

Instead, you can leverage all the tools at your disposal to create an awareness of your brand and encourage customers to follow and engage with you.

To build your following, use the following tips:

Right at the end of your blog post, include a call to action, directing your audience to follow you on your preferred social network.

Feed them content based on their interests and those related to your niche.

Ask a relevant influencer to share your blog post on their feed with a call to action directed to your audience.

Advertise on Zillow for Mortgage Leads

Zillow, the first real estate website to offer an online and mobile search capability, has some of the best routing analytics of any real estate company in the world. Unlike other real estate agents who stay in their niches, Zillow will advertise a lot of their properties in their mortgage leads newsletters.

You can easily setup your own campaign on the Zillow website by visiting:

Zillow does have pretty long form opt-in forms for many of their mortgage leads generate modes, but each of the fields have a distinct place or function. <strong>You should implement each of the items below one at a time to test to see which ones generate the best results for your business. Eventually, you will probably want to implement all of these at the same time, but for now let’s just work up to that.</strong>

Order your campaign here.

Optimize Your Website to Capture Leads

And Make the Most of It!

If you are running a mortgage brokerage business, or are one of the many mortgage brokers who are looking for mortgage leads, I have compiled a comprehensive list of ideas and tips for you to capture leads and make a huge impact on your mortgage broker business.

Recently, I was looking through some mortgage lead websites and other marketing strategies that mortgage brokers have been using to attract leads. And what I came across was pretty astonishing. One website had a huge picture of the sun blinding the eye of a beautiful woman with the caption "we sell volume". Furious, I sent an email to the owner of that website, and they responded that they did something similar for another seller, who used their website to generate a lot of leads. Heck, I can sell a lot of volume too and still have the picture of the sun targeting my eyeballs!

The main objective of this post is to help mortgage brokers and agents to attract more business. So before I start sharing the ideas and techniques, let me tell you the biggest mistake that mortgage brokers are making today.

It is not the names that we want to put on the internet – it is the images.

Use Social Media for the Widest Reach at the Lowest Cost

Social media is as old as the internet and offers many benefits over other means of lead generation … but that doesn’t mean the cost is right. The cost of social media marketing outstrips the benefit.

When lead generation is your number one objective, social media has to be a choice. The pain of multiple social media channels costs too much when compared to the benefit of one channel where your brand and message is repeated.

As in any business, when possible, it’s better to use that one channel that you love and work to get the best results. All other channels must be measured and the results compared. There are some situations when using multiple channels really is the better option. When social media was born in the early days, it was a one-way conversation. Once started, it was difficult to after stop unless a person received the best result. Now the conversation is two-way and very reliable.

When you have a positive experience and that positive experience builds more positive associations with your brand, it’s a clear case for expanding your reach through multiple social media channels.

Get Involved in Your Community

There are a variety of different ways you can get involved in your community, and real estate is one of them. By creating a community calendar of events, hosting a public meeting, or even just knowing the goings-on in your neighborhood, you’re more likely to get referrals, new buyers and sellers, and will be more familiar with the areas.

There are also a few ways to get yourself in front of people in the real estate industry. You can join your local association, attend the monthly P&I meetings, or sign up for an open house through a real estate agent. If you’re a member of your local association, putting up a board of education or board of health position can also help you get in front of people.

Visiting homes can also be a great way to get started. Going along to open houses and apartment complexes can help you come up with new ideas on how to get involved in your community. Also, just by going around and seeing what’s available will show you what’s new in your neighborhood; or if you’re looking at apartments, you can learn about new developments.

Capture with Visuals

Visual and email capture is golden when it comes to mortgage leads. So when you’re thinking about a loan specialist to come onsite, use the benefit of technology with Microsoft PowerPoint or Prezi.

Image Via

So when you properly structure your presentations so the first slide has your phone number, website, and/or company name in a consistent place, mortgage agents will capture your company’s information immediately and without thinking.

Then, when they do make that call, be sure to thank them for the business or lead they just provided you because it’s already been proactively captured and isn’t their fault that they made the call.

Plan out your email marketing copy and emails to follow. But don’t try to be clever with the subject lines and avoid using –catchy” phrases in your subject lines.

Because I know you’re tempted, but it’s a rookie move. In most cases, it doesn’t work and it can turn off people who might take the email as spam. Get straight to the point in your email by directly speaking to them and not to the masses.

Offer a Seminar

This is an easy way to promote your book, and you have so many different options (Workshop on the book topic; Seminar or Workshop on self-publishing; Seminar or Workshop on book marketing).

You could contact your local community college and ask if they would like to host a workshop or apprentice program in your topic.

You could contact your local government and ask if they would sponsor a seminar in your topic. To find places to get your foot in the door before the seminar, contact the local library, community college, Chamber of Commerce and other local organizations and see if they would like to host the seminar.

If you are a writer, you could offer a new author seminar in your local area. Not only will this keep your name out there, but you could also garner a bunch of new reviews and foot in the door with new people interested in your topic. Offer the seminar at local libraries and bookstores.

Join Your Local Realtor Organizations

And Use Them as Your Business Network.

It’s a common mistake for real estate investors to spend too much time in search for top marketing leads. Most of the time it is very easy to get top mortgage leads, but this is very important.

Your market leads are likely to come from your active real estate investors in your area. Plus, by joining Internet real estate investing forums, you’ll be able to go direct to your local real estate investors and find a simple upsell item to market your real estate investment business.

When you join realtor organizations, you are likely to get real estate investors to give you the extra time and list this organization as their choice in supplier.

Also, get in touch with your local real estate office professionals and ask them to assist you in networking with local real estate investors via your local realtor organization.

From this list of your local realtor organizations give them your contact information and ask them to give you their leads. This is a great deal to your success in marketing against this hot market .

Assist FSBO Sellers, and Yourself

With the Top 26 Mortgage Lead Generation Ideas.

Most property owners looking to sell their home realize that it’s a complex process, and lead generation plays a big role in the process. To boost your property’s chances of getting the attention you need, it helps to generate a lot of leads as early as possible. One of the ways to do this is to utilize a mortgage lead generation service. The following article is a summary from a recent article on Chase.

What are Mortgage Lead Generation Companies?

Mortgage lead generation companies are companies that acquire leads and pass them off to your company. Often, the lead comes from cold calling, but in some cases, it is through social sites such as Facebook or Twitter. They generally target landlowners just going through the process of selling their home so that they have less difficulty finding a new home.

What Makes a Mortgage Lead Generation Company Good?

If you’re looking to work with a mortgage lead generation company, you first need to determine what makes them good. According to the blog post from Chase, the main reasons for working with a mortgage lead creation company are:

  • Prospects are often pre-qualified, compared to ones coming from other sources.
  • Prospects aren’t put through difficulty, rather they are directed to the next stage.

Outsource Mortgage Lead Generation

The biggest thing you need to know is, "You can't sell or buy leads without getting the first step done."

In other words, you can't expect someone to click on a website, call your company, or give you their information, when they can't even find it. You've got to build an amazing lead generation website that gets the site to the top of Google's and Bing's lists.

We have four easy tactics in our guide that will help you get that number one listing. Not only that, but we also show you how to get ranked in Google so that people see your number one spot in Google's search engine when they type in a zip code. Because when it comes to lead generation, nothing is rocket science, just the smartest people.

> What are the five simple tactics that will improve your chances of ranking big in Google's top search results? Download it for free: Top 5 Mortgage Lead Generation Tactics.

When it comes to getting your name out on the internet, one of the most effective, yet completely overlooked methods of promotion in today's market is pre-selling your product or service.

The reason is simple: Once a pre-sale is made, trust is established between your business and your loyal customer. This minimizes relationship-building that should happen in a personal setting, while increasing the chances of a sale.

Buy Mortgage Leads Directly

Nowadays, affordability is becoming a problem in the real estate market and buyers need to be very careful when buying through a broker. Mortgage leads are a great way to overcome this challenge and will definitely give you references to the best mortgage brokers to work with. Mortgage leads are mortgage refinance leads and they are a unique form of advertising that buyers respond to instantly. These leads have gained some popularity in the last four years because of the cost savings of advertising.

In addition to having a variety of mortgage lead generation options available to you, the mortgage lead generation websites are able to provide you with a short time period of receiving your mortgage leads. These leads make it easy for the mortgage creditor to prepare a loan application and commit to a big loan, making it a lot easier for you to find the mortgage you want for a usually much smaller mortgage than from a lender.

Mortgage lead sites allow you to get leads from a number of top mortgage leads websites. Some of the sites that are available are:

Mortgage Leads Direct – This service offers leads for all types of mortgages and the mortgage leads are provided to the buyers through their website and email.

Home Mortgage Leads – This service offers a wide range of mortgage leads and allows any business to purchase mortgage leads in a short period of time.

Use YouTube to Connect

YouTube is a great resource if you want to market just about anything to the people who will listen to you. Now that you’ve learned about the ease of using YouTube videos to attract people to your landing page, here are a few ideas for growing your list with video content…

{1}. Cut your leads directly from your video.
{2}. Give helpful and easy to digest resources.
{3}. Add a no-purchase but opt-in form on your video for more adds.

Participate in Social Media Groups

Who hasn’t heard of the social media craze? If you don’t have an established presence on a few different social networks, now’s the time to get started. Most social media leads are generated via members of the online community you’re trying to target.

The Bottom Line

I’ve been scouring the Internet for free lead generation ideas for over 18 months, and although it’s difficult to find any genuinely free lead generation resources, there are some pieces of information that you can find if you look long and hard enough.

If you would like to generate leads with a mortgage company, you are looking for a number of the following. Here are the most important:

  • How to generate leads
  • Free lead generation sources
  • Types of leads (i.e. single and multi-family homeowners)
  • Free lead generation forms
  • Ways to track results
  • Where to get mortgage leads
  • Other types of leads that might be useful

On our list of the Top 26 Mortgage Lead Generation Ideas from the Pros, you will find various ways to generate mortgage leads.

Mortgage lead generation is a highly competitive and difficult space to make a profit in since customers have a lot of information at their disposal, including many resources online that can provide the information they need without paying for it. That being the case, it is important for mortgage brokers and mortgage loan originators to do all they can to help people find the best information and save them money and time. That’s why I’ve searched the Web for leads for over a year to bring you these top 26 mortgage lead generation ideas.