Maryland Real Estate License Renewal in 5 Steps

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Review Renewal Coursework Requirements

Within 60 days after your real estate license expires, you must:

Take the State of Maryland Real Estate Continuing Education Examination in the top three areas:

A. Survey of Real Estate (CPR)

B. Principles and Practices of Residential Construction (CPR)

C. Principles and Practices of Commercial and Industrial Construction (CPR)

After all three areas, you must take a comprehensive examination in all three of the following areas:

A. Contracts

B. Contracts and Transactions

C. Ethics

D. Sales and Marketing

E. Advanced Sales and Marketing

F. Advanced Contracts

{1}. Obtain at least 18 credits of continuing education (or 16 credits for renewal applicants) — as determined by your record of acceptable pre-approved college-level courses, residential construction courses and internships, and during your internship or employment.
{2}. Pay the Real Estate Licensing Office the appropriate deposit fee.
{3}. Submit to the Real Estate Licensing Office the application and supporting documents.

After you have completed the requirements above, you can then request the expungement of lapsed licenses.

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Salesperson and Associate Broker Renewal Coursework Requirements

Before you renew your real estate license, you have to complete real estate renewal coursework that consists of 20 hours of coursework and passing a written exam.

Real Estate Renewal Coursework

To renew your Maryland real estate license, you must complete the following coursework:

  • 5 hours of Pre-Licensing Practice with a Broker or Salesperson
  • 4 hours of Ethics
  • 3 hours of Mortgage Loan Processing
  • 3 hours of Real Estate Sales
  • 2 hours of Negotiation
  • 2 hours of Federal Real Estate Laws
  • 2 hours of Contracting Practices and Procedures
  • 2 hours of Insurance: Title Insurance Practice
  • 2 hours of Edge Testing
  • 2 hours of Commission Management Practices and Procedures
  • 1 hour of Closings
  • 1 hour of Instructor Training
  • 1 hour of Continuing Education

After completing this coursework, you have to take a written real estate licensing exam.

Written exam:

The exam covers the Maryland Real Estate Salesperson and Associate Broker Laws (MRESL).

The MRESL test covers the following concepts:

Designated Broker/Team Leader Renewal Coursework Requirements

In 2013, the Maryland Real Estate Commission (MREC) adopted the brokerage renewal requirements specified in the Team Leader and the Unlicensed Act, Step Course by Step: An Optional Package for Real Estate License Renewal.

In order to update the MREC checklist and remain competitive in today’s real estate market, the Maryland Real Estate Commission (MREC) updated the Designated Broker Renewal Coursework Requirements.

This will be effective for Designated Brokers and Team Leaders on July 1, 2015.

The following is a brief overview of these changes:

The Pre-Licensed Course requirement has been expanded to include Six Hours of Continuing Education (CE) in the area of Principles of Real Estate.

The Designated Broker CE requirements have been completely revised with an emphasis on real estate and the business of real estate.

Added Two-and-one-half (2.5 Hours of) Designated Broker CE in the course of residential or commercial property management is required.

The Ethics Course requirement has been completely revised with an emphasis on real estate and the business of real estate. Thus, omitting the Ethics Course currently required.

Finally, the Unlicensed Act course length has been eliminated.

Pick a Real Estate School for Renewal

Choosing the right real estate school can be tough, I know. I currently have a license in the state of Maryland and went through the renewal process of getting my license renewed in Maryland but I can tell you that it was not easy.

License renewal requires you to take a closing course, separate from your law school course, at a real estate school approved by the Maryland Department of Real Estate.

The courses are offered from multiple online real estate schools, with varying prices. It was confusing for me coming from New York and since none of the online schools are physically based in New York, I was prepared for a little bit of a hassle in choosing the right school.

Any good real estate school will offer a program that is based on the continuing education requirements for real estate licensing, but it helps to know what the requirements are before you start looking for a school to attend.

I think the most helpful thing you can do would be to choose a real estate school that is in state and that has a good reputation for graduating and licensing people.

The role of the state real estate licensure board is to support and license the real estate course provider approved by the state, to educate and encourage all students to become licensed in the state and to encourage good and ethical business practices for the benefit of buyers and sellers of real property.

Consider Course Formats

There are several different course formats available for those seeking to earn a real estate license exam. The courses vary in length (some are 15-20 hours long whereas others can be as long as 50 hours long) and the intent of the courses is also different.

In Arizona, most schools offer hands-on, real-estate courses for real estate schools. The courses are typically priced by the hour and are designed to provide real estate students with a concise overview of real estate marketing principles.

In California, the courses focus on a set of core real estate courses which can total a semester of required course work. For those seeking to take the exam at the end of the course to earn a license, those courses are offered at a significantly discounted rate of allowing students to get started in their real estate license exam prep as early as possible.

Course bookmarks; Most real estate courses will have a shortened title that often only includes the words core, integrated, Zoning or something similar. The coursebookmarks can then be found in the real estate course search feature.

Choose a Real Estate School

Take & Pass License Renewal Courses


The Real Estate Commission of Maryland (RECOM) has some great educational online seminars to help those wishing to become REALTORS. Renewal classes have been available online for a long time, but not for renewal of a resident’s license until recently. The significant advantage of online renewal course over classes held in person or through a traditional correspondence program is that correspondence courses take longer to complete since they are completed entirely online.

When one has completed the course, a new Real Estate License will be mailed to the applicant. As a reminder, some jurisdictions accept online courses for licensure, while others do not.

Complete Seat Time Requirement

Most states impose a minimum amount of time spent in real estate practice before someone is given a real estate license. In Maryland, the minimum number of hours spent in real estate practice is 1,000 hours.

A real estate commission applicant must complete a Real Estate Training Fundamentals course in order to satisfy the 1,000 hour requirement. In addition, applicants must pass two other types of exams, the Multiple Member Office Skills Test and the Mortgage Techniques Examination.

Step 1: Seek an education that meets the 1,000 hour requirement. College curricula offer real estate courses in a variety of subjects. Concentrating your studies in real property may help you pass the first exam and earn the license.

Step 2: Job shadow. The Multiple Member Office Skills Test consists of over 30 multiple choice questions that will test your general knowledge in real estate. The exam also includes a 10 question section on the requirements that the Maryland Board of real estate requires in an office of multiple members.

Step 3: Study real estate information, law and practice and take the Mortgage Techniques Examination. The exam measures your knowledge of residential and commercial mortgage loans with sample questions taken from a real property exam.

Pass Course Tests

If you have a Maryland real estate license and you need to renew it, you need to pass the licensing course tests, which are administered by the Maryland Real Estate Commission.

Step 1. Study the Real Estate Course Tests You Can Study the texts for the Maryland real estate licensing course tests either at the Commission’s Real Estate Licensing Course Tests web page or by ordering the texts from the Real Estate Course Tests Index page. You must study for and pass the course tests in order to renew your license.

Step 2. Schedule and Take the Test Schedule your face-to-face license renewal test appointment, which consists of a closed book written test and an open book real estate license renewal exam. You must schedule your test appointment online.

Step 3. Take the Test: Written Test This is the written component of the renewal test that consists of 100 multiple choice questions and five essay questions.

Step 4. Take the Test: One on One Mock Interview The one on one mock interview consists of eight mock interviews. People take this component at all times of the year. You have to participate in at least three Mock Interviews (or Mock Examinations) prior to sitting for the real exam.

Step 5: Pass the License Renewal Exam Pass the real estate licensing exam in order to renew your real estate license.

Complete Renewal Application & Pay Fees

To complete the Maryland real estate license renewal application, you’ll need to submit the following documents:

You must submit an application form that has been signed and dated by the real estate licensee in the space provided on the form. You must complete a Maryland registration application, which you can download from the Maryland Department of Labor and Industry’s website, and with the license renewal application. You must provide a photocopy of your driver’s license.

To pay the license renewal fee, you must submit a check, money order, or a certified bank cashier’s check drawn on a US bank.

You must submit these documents to:

Maryland Department of Labor and Industry

Attn : License Renewal Unit

100 N. Eutaw Street, 9th Floor

Baltimore, MD 21201.

If you need more information about Maryland real estate license renewal, you can check out Real Estate Renewal in Maryland for additional assistance.

Track Renewal Dates

The renewal deadline for Maryland Real Estate Agents depends on which State or County you live in. There are 7 different tracks (they are called tracks, not boards), meaning that you can choose which track you want to be an agent in. The track you want to renew your real estate license in is Maryland, Baltimore City, Anne Arundel, Carroll, Charles, Frederick, Garrett, Harford and Howard.

In order to renew your real estate license, you have to first calculate when your renewal date is by going to the Real Estate Commission’s website. There, you can find the dates for the first renewal of your real estate license by clicking on your track. For example, my track is Maryland, Baltimore City, Anne Arundel, Carroll, Charles, Frederick, Garrett, Harford and Howard, and the first renewal for that track is in November 2015. Once you know your track, you can then calculate the actual date your license is going to expire.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Maryland Real Estate Commission (MREC) provides you with a few steps to make the renewal process as smoothly as possible. In fact, if you pay attention to the details, the renewal process can take as little as five minutes.

Here are the steps you’ll need to follow:

{1}. Create a myMDRExpedite account.
{2}. Apply for your license renewal.
{3}. Pay the renewal fee.
{4}. Receive your new license.
{5}. Destroy the old license.

Furthermore, the MREC offers you an opportunity to track your application status. You can check the status of your application at any time using your myMDRExpedite account. If you’re having a problem with the application process, you can log in to the myMDRExpedite website to generate your tracking number.

Here’s a step-by-step explanation of how to renew your Maryland real estate license in five simple steps.

1· Create a myMDRExpedite account.

Do I get another chance if I fail the exam?

Once you’ve paid the fees and the examination fee, there isn’t any method of having a second chance at your test. All you can do is take a refresher course or find a tutor to help you study and prepare in advance for the next exam.

If you fail the real estate license exam in Maryland, you can choose to:

What fees should I expect to pay?

As we saw in the previous section, the Maryland Real Estate Commission requires the following fees to be paid when you renew your Real Estate License in Maryland: Stage 1-Administrative License Renewal Fee; Stage 2-Transaction Responsibility Fee; Stage 3-Education Fee; Stage 1-Administrative License Renewal Fee; Stage 3-Bond Fee; and Real Estate Continuing Education Course Fee.

The Stages of the Real Estate Licensing Process

New licensees in Maryland’s Real Estate Licensing Process must complete the following four stages, also known as stages of licensure. Stages 1 and 2 are required for all licensees. They are also the only stages that are required to be completed before you can start real estate transactions.

Stages 3 and 4 must be completed before you can sign contracts or bid on a real estate transaction. The other stages are imposed by the Real Estate Commission as requirements for being licensed in the state of Maryland.

The Real Estate Commission provides a helpful list of the required fees associated with each stage. You must pay all of your fees prior to receiving your license. If you fail to pay the required fees on time, your license applications will be suspended until payment is received.

Can I renew my Maryland real estate license if it is expired?

The answer is YES.

If your license is expired in Maryland, you can renew it by following these simple steps:

Step 1: Contact the MREA office to find out if you can renew.

Step 2: Read the material on this page to understand the process. The MREA is pretty good about telling you what you need to do and when you need to do it.

Step 3: Take a few practice tests. The practice tests from the MREA and Pearson VUE are usually pretty easy.

Step 4: Take the tests that the MREA gives you and send the scores to them. They will process them the same day they receive them and mail the new license to you.

Step 5: Go to your contract to sign your renovation and add on contracts or to sell your home or condo.

Step 6: Let your clients know that you are licensed and show off your new license.

Step 7: Review the material on this page again so you know what to expect and how it will apply to you if you decide to work for a Broker.

If you have any questions, the MREA is an excellent resource. They will keep you informed all the way through the process, and they will answer any questions that you have. All you need to do is do the following:

Bottom Line – Maryland Real Estate License Renewal

While the renewal process is not too demanding, the great potential for money damage is there. Many individuals have failed to keep up so due to the amount of paper work Maryland RE License Renewal must know everything before hand.

To ensure your license is renewed the right way, follow these steps in order. Only then, you will get your Real Estate License renewed happily.

Choose the right type of license.

There are three types of real estate licenses in the state of Maryland.

Type 1: Real Estate Brokers;

Type 2: Real Estate Salespersons;

Type 3: Limited.

Depending on the business you are planning to pursue you must choose which license type you want.

Choose the right category or classification.

There are three categories under which your practice of real estate can be categorized.

Category B – Agency;

Category C – Sales Associate.

Once you are done with the above, you can choose the right category for your business.

Apply for the license online.