Top 10 Management Job Titles: What Makes a Good Candidate?

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The following top 10 job titles with their corresponding number of job listings are the most popular after filtering over 3.25 million unique job titles. This article will focus on the job titles and try to make some thought provoking statements. Some of them are self-explanatory while you need to scratch the surface to totally understand many of them. So come, read and work smarter!

Top 10 Job Titles with Most Job Listings :

  • Developer/programmer (22,648)
  • Interpreter/translation (4,750)
  • Chemist (4,359)
  • Analyst (4,300)
  • Marketing/business Development (3,841)
  • Sales/account management (2,273)
  • Operations Manager (2,200)
  • Business Analyst (2,100)
  • Biologist (2,056)
  • Product Manager (2,007)

Manager (1.99 million monthly clicks)

Top candidate: High level marketing professional (1.59 million monthly clicks)

Top candidate: Process oriented project manager (1.46 million monthly clicks)

Top candidate: Team leader or manager (1.28 million monthly clicks)

Top candidate: Engagement coordinator (0.84 million monthly clicks)

Top candidate: Marketing manager (0.57 million monthly clicks)

Top candidate: Marketing specialist (0.39 million monthly clicks)

Top candidate: General manager (0.29 million monthly clicks)

Top candidate: Engagement specialist (0.27 million monthly clicks)

Top candidate: Engagement coordinator (0.15 million monthly clicks)

General Manager (1.46 million monthly clicks)

As the title implies, a general manager (GM) is responsible for managing the store that he/she is in charge of. The GM is responsible for managing inventory, staff, product, and finances.

Unless the GM reports to the owner (which is uncommon), the owner/manager is the individual who ultimately decide the GM’s performance. The GM will have to be well versed in all aspects of retail management.

In retail management, key responsibilities such as strategic planning, employee relations, profit and loss, and marketing are commonplace. When it comes to marketing, the GM or F/M must make sure that their employees aren’t spending all their time in front of the computer or on the phone talking to customers. The GM must be able to effectively promote an in-store experience that makes customers want to come back for more.

Director/Executive Director (1.37 million monthly clicks)

The executive director title makes you the chief operating officer of the department. This job title is for individuals who are typically in charge of budgeting, strategic planning, human resources management, and employee communications.

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Controller/Chief Financial Officer (670,000 monthly clicks).

The chief financial officer is a high-level management position responsible for overseeing all aspects of financial planning, budgeting, and accounting.

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Vice President (515,000 monthly clicks).

A vice president title is for managers who are the highest level of front line leadership, which typically means overseeing a group of people or a department.

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Assistant/Executive Assistant (472,000 monthly clicks).

The assistant/executive assistant title means that you are the top administrative assistant within your organization.

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Sales Representative (438,000 monthly clicks).

A sales representative is a management position that encompasses a variety of tasks, depending on the type of company you are with.

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Operations Manager (1.35 million monthly clicks)

A manager seeks to create a balance between management and productivity. Operations managers supervise and coordinate the various activities in a company. Since these managers can be found in almost every line of work, this is probably the best title in this list to use when applying to jobs in management.

Sales and Operations Manager (2.59 million monthly clicks)
A regional sales manager listens to the needs of customers, decides what products to sell, and negotiates contracts with buyers. When it comes to production, the sales and operations manager often oversees the interaction between buyers and suppliers.

Manufacturing and Operations Manager (1.48 million monthly clicks)
Manufacturing and operations managers oversee the production of a company’s products to ensure these goods are of the highest quality. They oversee the activities that take place before the merchandise is shipped, from the initial design to the packaging of the final product.

Production Manager (1.13 million monthly clicks)
Production managers oversee the manufacturing process to ensure that production is running smoothly. This involves hiring the right resources and managing the employees.

Technical Manager (752,000 monthly clicks)
Technical professionals oversee the daily operations and tasks of technical teams. These tasks include overseeing quality testing, monitoring deadlines and availability, and ensuring everything is meeting agreements.

Supervisor/Operation Supervisor (1.33 million monthly clicks)

The most widely searched entry-level job title on Indeed. It has been the number 1 occupation since 2011; likely due to the annual increase in the number of new employees and the larger positions that are available. However employers want someone with experience and this top position title is extremely competitive and difficult to fill.

Administrative Assistant/Secretarial/Office Assistant (898,000 monthly clicks).

This job is the second most popular for job seekers, and it is also a category that has seen the largest increase in jobs since 2011. This job title requires a great deal of administrative and clerical work, assisting the manager, and also having the ability to work with some paper duties.

Assistant Manager (1.31 million monthly clicks)

An assistant manager is a team leader at a very early stage in their career. For this reason an assistant manager should have a solid track record of meeting or exceeding established targets and other factors.

Although assistant managers usually have little to no management responsibility, they are often promoted to middle management and are usually able to make a career move.

They also have a high turnover rate and are often shunned in favour of managers and supervisors due to giving the impression they aren’t hungry enough to advance their career.

Because assistant manager pin badges are available on eBay and in online stores, assistant manager title is an ideal choice for secondary job titles.

First Assistant Manager (2.02 million monthly clicks)
The first assistant manager is a minor step up from assistant manager, with less responsibility.

First assistants managers are usually situated in an area where there is no manager, but still have to supervise the day to day running of activities.

Although not highly sought after, it is still possible to advance to middle management or supervisor.

On the downside, advancement to higher management positions requires some experience, and for this reason there is a high turnover rate.

The title of first assistant manager is available too, but is less popular than the main title of assistant manager.

Trainee Manager/Management Trainee (946,074 monthly clicks)

The job title of manager is one of the most popular amongst online job seekers. But despite the popularity, the term manager is vague. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) says a manager’s job is to –prepare for and present work in such a way that individuals or groups achieve their goals.” That sounds straightforward enough, but when you break down the hierarchy of a company, you quickly realize that there is a lot of work involved. The BLS found that most managers were in positions that had no more than a five-grade increase in responsibility from entry level jobs. That’s not saying that managers are simply entry level positions, however, as the Bureau points out that the line between manager and supervisor is blurry.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that management occupations made up just 12.2 percent of all jobs in the U.S. in 2011. Because of this low number, the employment rate of management positions was about 5.6 percent compared to the employment rate of all occupations of 82.4 percent. Despite the low numbers, the bureau estimates that there will be 1.35 million new management positions created in the next decade alone. A career in management could be an excellent decision for anyone looking to advance quickly in the workforce.

Team Leader (836,986 monthly clicks)

Team Leader is one of the fewer specialist positions you can apply for, meaning that if you don’t understand something, you shouldn’t apply until you do. This is assuming they are looking for specialists, though.

Leaders manage a team of people not to specification, but to a WBS. a WBS and a risk log. They manage the project and allocate tasks to teams. They are central to overall team success, so once these teams are successful they are rewarded.

These leaders work with plans, schedules, risk, and documentation. How much you are rewarded with depends on the company.

Quality Management (867,596 monthly clicks).

The role of quality management is fairly simple. It’s developing new processes to ensure that the work is done at the right time, of the right standard and QA’d at the end. This role requires very little technical knowledge and can provide the foundations of a project, giving scope for other roles to be considered.

Considering developers didn’t exist at the time of the role, they are ideal.

Quality Assurance (10,514 monthly clicks).

Quality Assurance is a role rather than a single position. You can most often find it at larger companies with multiple teams. Quality assurance is the link between the functional and non-functional testing.

Business Development Manager (796,629 monthly clicks)

Business Development Manager (BDM) is a popular job title that comes with a wide range of responsibilities. Besides advisory and presentation work, you also have to manage and develop the company’s sales pipeline. This is achieved by defining and selling tailored online solutions to your clients. Many BDM’s focus on consulting with decision makers of their target company. Generally, this role also involves reaching out to potential clients or potential referral sources.

Management Consulting (115,123 clicks).

Management Consulting is one market in which many BDM’s can be found. Consulting with companies on strategy, organizational change, and management enhancement is a main part of the job. Analyzing and developing data can also be a part of the job. Some of the main skills required here are communication and presentation skills. Knowledge of the management industry is also a must.

Marketing Research (148,125 clicks).

A recent specialist market growing by leaps and bounds is that of Marketing Research. In this market, BDM’s primarily focus on specific projects within a large organization such as market research, targeted marketing, and market analysis. Many BDM’s in this market work for large companies, consulting on the best way for the company to reach its targeted communities.

Advertising/Digital/Graphic Design (158,416 clicks).

Director of Operations (634,922 monthly clicks)

Every organization looks for dedicated and talented people to fill management positions. Good managers are expected to have the right traits. Therefore, the importance of hiring good managers is more than evident. However, in practice this is not always easy.

The right candidate is expected to fill the role of a manager in an organization or business.

Know how to get the job completed, and make sure all the rules and procedures are being followed.

Know How to Motivate and Get the Best out of Staff Members

How can you find the right person … pick the right job title?

A lot of business leaders are a bit confused by job titles. There seems to be no easy reference for finding the perfect job role.

A good range of job titles are required to perform the management role, from ….

President, Project Director to.

Vice President and Director. Many job titles are retired over the years and newer and more modern job titles arise.

It’s true that job titles can sometimes be quite deceptive. Technically speaking, a job title should have no meaning. The title should be a descriptor of the job itself.