Luxury Real Estate Marketing: What It Is & How to Do It

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Position Your Luxury Real Estate Brand

In today’s crowded buying climate, luxury real estate renters are looking for something more than simply a property. They want a brand that represents quality, value, sophistication, and exclusivity. Now is the time for a luxury real estate marketing plan to set your brand apart and position you as an easy choice among your competitors.

By starting the marketing planning process in the proper mindset, you’ll see exceptional results. After all, marketing a home is a job, not a game. You must have recognized that status quo marketing is no longer enough and that you need to claim your brand within the field. Take a look at your competition and analyze who sells the homes they selected to market.

Most do some form of social media marketing, but most think of it as a potential audience builder and not as a real estate marketing plan to get their home sold. You need to position your brand to the top of Google’s results, because that’s where the future of real estate sales are. Your presence on these search engines is the bait that brings real estate buyers looking for your property, which in the end, is what leads them into a conversation about your home.

Acquire Professional Certifications & Get Training

Such real estate marketing tactics boost your credibility not just to your clients but also to professionals in the field. Using such expertise and certifications can almost guarantee the success of your business.

Some of the credentials to be regarded and respected as professionals in the field include:

  • Real Estate Broker
  • Real Estate Salesperson
  • Real Estate Agent
  • Real Estate Developer
  • Real Estate Appraiser
  • Real Estate Attorney
  • Insurance Agent
  • Commercial Appraiser
  • Real Estate Consultant

As a certified real estate professional, you will be able to use such expertise in convincing your clients for a sale. You can use statistics to prove your point, you can use industry associations to prove that you have mastered a certain skill or have worked on a large project.

Such credentials will give you a huge edge over your competitors in bringing your business to the top. Professional certifications will also help you market yourself more effectively.

Get to Your Office and Get Training

Start your real estate marketing journey by getting certified in your core subject. You can get formal training from a university or college, you can enroll in one of the numerous online real estate training courses available in the market.

Identify Your Audience

The most important thing in marketing real estate is to identify your audience, which is exactly what luxury real estate marketing is all about. Since it will depend on the type of luxury real estate you’re selling, the specifics may vary. However, the fundamentals will mostly be the same.

Your luxury audience needs to be an educated and sophisticated crowd. They will know what they want and how to go about getting it. In other words, they have a lot of free time to spare.

Even though luxury real estate marketing is a lot of fun, this audience is not made of the same people who a photographer might capture on wedding day. They won’t be drunken on the beach, cavorting at a loud club, or dancing on tables at a rave.

They’re a lot more gentle, refined and collected ‿ which gives this type of marketing a timeless appeal.

However, your luxury audience is not necessarily well-to-do ‿ although the majority will be. In fact, the people who are most actively in the market for well-appointed properties and houses are usually the ones who are already successful.

Review the Competition in the High-End Market

Selling a house can be a difficult process, but the right real estate marketing tools can help it be even more beneficial. Since the housing market is constantly changing, you should invest in quality real estate marketing tools that are up to date and serve to help improve your abilities to sell.

With this in mind, let’s start out with some of the techniques and tools that are most popular in the high-end real estate marketing market today.

Create an Online Brochure for Your Property

Developing a well-crafted online brochure for your home is a great idea if you’re selling a property that is high-end or in a highly sought after location. With an online brochure, you’re able to confidently reach your target audience without having to pay for reprinting or mailing physical postcards or flyers. Plus, you’ll add a few more points to your current eBay listing.

Plan for Leads

The best kind of leads you can get for your luxury real estate business are those who make an appointment to see your property to come and have a look through it. These are leads that we would go to great lengths to get. These are the leads that make your life worth living.

A lot of the luxury real estate marketers will offer you the services of lead generation. They will sell leads to you at lower prices than if you would do it yourself. They will generally use different strategies to build their leads, but there is a simple strategy that can be used. You can use the same strategy as well.

There are many proven ways of finding your leads. You can adopt an organic or a paid approach. Organic lead generation has the advantage of being easy and cost-effective. Paid leads are simple to get, but will require a budget set for the same. Either of these methods would work, but it is better to use it when you are selling your properties.

The most important part is to get leads before listing the property. So, the best thing you can do is to find the best Genuine Estate Agents Perth for what you are trying to achieve. Make sure that you are choosing an agent who will help you get the best out of your listing.

Things to Do in a Lead Generation Strategy

Provide your leads with an offer that they will easily want to take up. The offer can be related to your luxury properties.

Establish Your Marketing Channels

People’s lives are busy, and so are their homes. Thus, it can be extremely difficult to market your property well to potential buyers. Your marketing efforts need to be effectively planned so that you can increase your chances of getting a buyer.

A small change in the marketing means can have a tremendous impact to the way people see and perceive your property. It is important to know that marketing is not a once off strategy; it involves constant updates and constant improvement.

Identify Your Marketing Channels

Luxury real estate buyers have their own preferences when it comes to choosing a property. The marketing channels you use for your property are a reflection of your preferences and your aims.

There are a lot of telemarketing options and they are effective in reaching out to prospective buyers. With the advancement in technology, sales channel have been improved upon and there have been huge reductions in marketing cost.

Don’t spend too much on marketing when your property is still relatively cheap. Invest in the marketing when your property starts reaching significantly higher prices.

Eventually, you will be able to concentrate on the pricing of your property fully and then, marketing can be used to drive the sales.

The marketing channels you choose for your property include the following:

  • Unique gifts
  • Personal recommendations
  • Reviews
  • Social media
  • Newsletters
  • Brochures

Create Your Real Estate Landing Pages

Your Website is definitely an important source of information that helps you get your property off to a good start. However, it is only the first step towards the profitable real estate market. Coming up with a well-defined brand image and impressive pre and post sales information is extremely important. Your Website is just one source of information that should be supported by a range of marketing tools such as brochures, print advertisements, billboards, tv promos and industrial displays (amongst others). In this blog, we’re going to talk about the techniques and innovative marketing tools that form part of the Luxury Real Estate Marketing strategy. This strategy can be used in a variety of business verticals, and is especially suitable for:

  • High-end homes in desirable neighborhoods
  • Foreign markets
  • Small, luxury developments
  • Large developments in upscale communities

Keep in mind that when developing your branding image, you’re doing so in a highly competitive market of competitors, as the world’s Billionaires, Middle Class, and Lower Class all need to buy a home of their own. So, in order to stand out from the crowd with your marketing strategy and marketing toolset, it’s important to focus on the target audience’s requirements and priorities.

Launch Your Social Media Outlets

When we think about social media marketing, it’s easy to think of Facebook and Twitter, but there’s actually a large world of social media beyond these blogging-centric sites.

Real estate agents need to consider expanding their marketing to other social networks where their personal brand can truly shine. Adding social networks to your social media marketing arsenal can help you reach prospective customers and even broaden your real estate audience.

Are you ready to shell out the bucks for custom-made graphics and video marketing?

Does social media marketing sound like your cup of tea?

Be ready to invest some money, but your investment will pay off.

Design & Distribute Printed Marketing Pieces

We understand that many sellers out there market their homes exclusively online. When you sell your home you have a specific type of client or buyer you want to reach out to. You want your homes to stand out from the rest.

There are many people selling real estate, but there are a few who have an advantage over all the others becuase of the great experience they’ve had and how they’re able to market your home over and over again.

There is no shortage of people selling their homes, but there is a shortage of those who do it well and are able to reach out to their clients over and over again.

Client Retention Marketing for Current & past Buyers

We know that you’re not trying to do it for a living, but we can help you with the setup of your Marketing Systems. We love what we do, but we love our clients even more.

Don’t assume that simply because someone is paying you for services that they actually care about you or your listing. Listing agents typically try to market to buyers after the Buyers have made a decision on buying, that’s why most buyers don’t even consider going to their agents about finding a home.

Launch Your Luxury Real Estate Advertising

Campaign With the Right Strategies.

One of the most successful ways to build a successful real estate business is through the use of top quality paid media advertising. It’s also an effective way to market luxury Real Estate properties.

But there are a lot of misconceptions and misunderstandings regarding how to do this properly. That’s why it is important to take a step-by-step approach and learn exactly what to do.

So what exactly is luxury advertising? In it’s basic form, it is any form of direct / media advertising that targets people with extremely high income levels or people with a lot of disposable income. These could be any number of media outlets including print, radio, and television. The target audience is generally individuals or businesses that are willing and able to pay high amounts for products and services.

(If you’re not sure who comprises this segment of the market, it’s probably people in the top 2%-3% of income earners, upper management professionals, the wealthy and top executives in the major corporations.)

So, how does a person put together a luxury Real Estate marketing campaign? There are various types of luxury Real Estate mass media advertisements.

This is a form of media advertising that targets a large number of people within a specific geographic region. It utilizes local media to reach a local interest market.

Plan Print Advertising

By setting up your real estate property with luxury real estate marketing and printing ads, you are looking to attract as many potential buyers as possible. To do this successfully, you will need to opt into print advertising as well as targeted digital advertising.

Luxury real estate marketing is all about creating a visual impact and attracting attention. Not only is advertising one of the pillars of luxury real estate marketing, but it is also one of the most popular and effective ways to advertise luxury properties.

Placed in the right focus, print is a key pillar of a successful luxury real estate marketing strategy. A local newspaper is a great place to start advertising on potential buyers within the neighborhood, but you shouldn’t stop there. You can reach out to your entire city with a prime advertisement placement within the newspaper.

Another place to consider is print advertising alongside digital advertising. One of the best ways to get your luxury home listed on top search engines is by renting an ad in the area.

Advertise Your Luxury Home Online

Luxury home advertising is all about getting the word out. Make sure you don’t keep your luxury home to yourself. A tried and true method that we’ve found to be successful is the use of online media.

Online advertising can be a relatively inexpensive, effective way to get your luxury home in front of the most people. On the up side, it’s not as expensive as it could be if you wanted to research magazine and newspaper advertisements, for example. On top of that, online advertising allows you to reach people around the world.

Social Media Marketing

While many brands are utilizing social media marketing, target your online advertising to the appropriate social sites. If you’re targeting your luxury home to an affluent audience, then the choices to choose from are infinitely varied.

Make sure social media marketing is the right fit for your luxury home. If you can’t keep track of your events on Facebook and share pictures on Pinterest, then you probably don’t have the expertise for social media. People aren’t going to like you if they can’t find what they’re looking for and if they can’t interact with you.

Respond to PR Requests on HARO

(Media Monitoring)

PR Requests: These are Media Monitoring requests that are sent out to publicists, journalists, writers, and bloggers who are interested in learning about features in advertising, trends, consumers, and lifestyle.

Most PR requests are sent to journalists, writers, and bloggers who have a demonstrated interest in the subject of the request.

HARO requests are a curated list of PR requests sent directly to you. Reporters, PR firms, researchers, and others in the media industry subscribe to HARO to automatically receive PR requests based on their location and their media exposure.

When you sign up for HARO, an email is sent out with an automated list of media questions from reporters and PR people who are looking for fresh information. In short, HARO is a way to respond and get featured in today’s media with –one click”!

Writing a Response to a HARO Request

When you receive a HARO request, you are instantly shown a list of journalist emails. These journalist emails are curated based on industry, keywords, location, and search data. You are shown three options for writing a response.

Press release – this is the most common option and works great for blogging and news.

Blog post – this is for that blogger who enjoys writing on their blog.

Involve Yourself in the Community

Whether you’re selling real estate or just moving to a new neighborhood, you should always make an effort to get to know the local businesses and individuals. This is a great way to not only make friends with the neighbors but also find out about the local business owners and individuals.

If you find out that everyone in your new area goes to a certain gas station and you work at one too, talk to the owner and see if you can give discounts to customers that may be interested you.

If you’re selling real estate, ask what businesses the prospective buyers go to. Then send them purchase order cards for those professionals if they don’t already have a business account with you.

This approach will give you the opportunity to build a solid reputation and brand name amongst your prospective buyers, which can really pay dividends later on.

Why Involve Yourself?

Primarily, this is a great way to get the word out about your business. It’s always ideal if your business has friendly, well liked and involved real estate agents and staff. The same principle applies when you’re looking for a new home – you want to either have a favorite real estate agent whose name you already know or someone whom you can trust to help you find the perfect place for your family.

Surround Yourself With Pros & Resources

If you’re serious about your real estate business and have a decent amount of experience under your belt, then you should consider enlisting the help of an agent or broker.

Even if you’re just starting out, the advice, resources and team behind a real estate agent will give you the bulk of your audience.

You can decide to work with a full-service agent or with a broker, who can help lead you to good deals and represent you in the sales process. It’s a bit of a gamble on your part and you don’t know for sure what kind of business relationship you’ll create. But working with a broker is usually the better idea at the beginning because they will have a network of connections to help you get your feet off the ground.

Keep up to Date with the Latest Trends & Tech

Be sure to check out your local newspaper, magazines, websites and blogs to stay up to date with the latest in real estate marketing. Even if you’re a veteran in the business, it’s important to remember that the industry is always changing and adapting to the latest technologies and trends.

Measure the Results

Measuring the results of your marketing effort is important in determining the effectiveness of your campaigns. If you have no idea what marketing tactics work best, then you can rest assured that you are among the majority.

Real estate marketing companies use a variety of marketing tactics to drive clients to their real estate websites. The problem is, most of these companies don’t measure the results of their campaigns. So they are simply throwing money at the problem without any idea of whether it’s working or, more importantly, whether it’s worth the money.

If you are like most real estate agents and don’t really know what marketing tools to use or how to measure their effectiveness, here are some suggestions. I have an investment-grade marketing certification program that can get you started on demonstrating the marketing tools in action.

Get a copy of Social Media ROI when you sign up for my ezine AND you’ll also get a bonus 10 part mini-course on how to use social media to your advantage when selling real estate.

{1}. Your Google Analytics account (or a similar analytics tool) will point you to some interesting conclusions that’ll help you make decisions about your marketing programs.
{2}. Google Adwords provides a mechanism for determining the value of your Adwords spend.

Evaluate What Worked

The launch of your real estate website took place months ago, but awareness is low. It’s not as easy as you thought… is there a problem with your real estate marketing? How can you ensure that the pace and quality of your real estate marketing doesn’t grind to a halt?

As with many online business endeavors, before you can make changes, you need to evaluate the results of your real estate marketing. Now is the time to make adjustments. You can’t change what’s already done, but if something wasn’t working, now is the perfect time to make adjustments. A real estate marketing overhaul is worth it if you’re aiming for long-term growth.

Adjustments rely on facts, and the facts usually do not lie. That’s why you need to be as thorough as possible during your real estate marketing audit and then make all the appropriate adjustments based on your findings.

Revisit Marketing & Advertising

Marketing and business are two terms that are not expected to be in the same sentence when it comes to real estate. Real estate is all about location, location location. However, as the real estate market has become more competitive and marketing efforts have increased, there is a growing segment of real estate agents who are now capitalizing on their own marketing and advertising efforts simply because it can be a very cutthroat business. Central to any marketing effort is the concept of proof. Once the value of the concept is proven, the final step to take is to tailor the message to the market. To truly sell luxury real estate, you must highlight it’s top qualities. Marketing in luxury real estate is a catch 22 in that you must emphasize the most important quality of your product, but must give it a unique spin so as to stand out from the crowd.

How Luxury Real Estate Marketing Works

As an agent representing some of the most prestigious properties in Toronto, I work with the best clients. They have the resources and buying power to do whatever they want with their properties, and they choose Boudreau Properties because we are the only real estate firm that does not blindly pursue what we are told.

This quest for success makes us a very lucrative and innovative force in the real estate industry. We offer buyers and sellers the chance to take advantage of a broad range of marketing campaigns that have been proven to increase conversion rates and listing exposure. In fact, it’s one of the primary differences between the Boudreau’s brand and our competition.

Who Luxury Real Estate Marketing Is Right For

Any business that wants to get a leg up on the competition will want to find a reputable real estate marketing strategy that is both affordable and effective. The great news is that there are plenty of luxury real estate marketing options out there that can help you stand out from the competition. Here’s what you need to know.

If you own a restaurant or other entertainment establishment and you are looking to drive great results with your marketing, Luxury Real Estate Marketing (LRE) can be found in several different forms. Graphical and text-based banner ads, website overlays, cell phone apps, and more can all help you connect with a wider range of potential visitors. A good real estate marketing strategy will give you the edge you need to help your business thrive.

Whether you are planning an expansion or searching for a location to open your next location, Luxury Real Estate Marketing can help. Many luxury real estate marketing companies specialize in real estate marketing and have staff who specialize in developing strategies that work in a variety of environments. These companies can help you find your target audience so that you are communicating effectively with prospective buyers.

But just how do you determine what kind of real estate marketing strategy is right for you? Check out some of these questions to help you determine what type of real estate marketing strategy will work best for you. …

Nine Pro Tips for High-end Real Estate Marketing

The world of real estate has seen its fair share of buzzwords and trend booms come and go. However, there are a few words and phrases in the industry that have remained constant (other than real estate), and one is the concept of high-end real estate.

High-end real estate marketing is all about marketing properties that have been homes to the very elite, whose list of requirements for a home is a lot more stringent than that of the masses … they want their homes designed and built by the best, and they don’t mind spending big to get those ideas realized.

In a way, high-end real estate marketing is like luxury car marketing … while the target audience is the same, the marketing strategy is different. If you’re looking to brand your real estate investment as a high-end property, the first thing on your to-do list should be to understand the demographics of your target market … who are the higher-end buyers and how do they want to be approached? In the world of real estate marketing, there are a lot of things that go into designing your marketing strategy. But if you follow these nine tips, you’ll be ahead of the game.

Develop A Sales Strategy

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Social Media or Print Luxury Real Estate Advertising Best?

Social Media Marketing is best for Luxury Real Estate Ads. Real Estate pros are allocating more and more of their budget to social media in order to get more exposure.

While the internet has meant marketing is not limited by geographical location, printed real estate ads are still an essential part of luxury real estate marketing. However, with the rise of social media, print real estate ads are no longer needed to capture the attention of buyers.

While both have their own draw for buyers, there are a few things to consider when determining which is right for you.

Social Media Marketing for luxury real estate is gaining traction because it allows real estate professionals to reach their buyers on the go.

With the rapid migration to smart phones, it makes sense for companies to realize the power of social media.

Social Media marketing allows real estate professionals to have a much stronger presence on social media platforms. It also allows them to target a specific audience in greater detail according to their social media profile.

Social media is great, but it’s important to ensure your ads are actually converting and leading to better business. This is possible with today’s social media tools.

Do Videos Increase Sales in High-end Real Estate Marketing?

Who doesn’t love a good video? You want to see high-end real estate marketing and marketing materials that engage your audience by showing off your lifestyle, your home, and your property – from viewings to staging to closing.

To ensure your videos are a great experience for your audience, and to provide the best possible video experience for your prospects, the following tips can help you make your videos a success.

Dutch marketers are behind some of the real-time marketing revolution and they’ve mastered professional high-end video marketing. Writing and recording your videos in Dutch with the native language of your audience will give you a competitive advantage and the Dutch marketers on YouTube are gaining more and more followers again and again by making high quality Dutch videos for real estate marketing.

Both Dutch and English speaking youtubers are making great use of this option.

You Tube Videos many also work in real estate marketing. You Tube is one of many options in Real Estate marketing. In this blog, we look at some real estate marketing you Tube videos.

Professional Real Estate Marketing Getting More Videos to Work for Digital Marketing We Will Examine

Tutorials on how to market your property.

Blog Articles with tips for your digital marketing in Real Estate.

Podcasts, with Podcasts you can syndicate wonderful content on your.

Is There a Difference Between Traditional and Luxury Real Estate Marketing?

In the long term, yes. As the real estate industry evolves to keep up to market demands, it’s important to distinguish between traditional and luxury real estate marketing methods.

Simply put, traditional real estate marketing is about product. Selling the condition of a house to prospective buyers. This type of marketing can be very effective in attracting prospective clients, and houses are often sold with little or no advertising. You need to know your property tricks that will truly make you stand out. However, for a high-end commercial property, this is not enough.

Traditional marketing may work for a normal house, but if you are marketing a high-end, luxury property, how it is marketed can make the biggest difference.

In the luxury real estate marketing, there are many touches that make a large difference in marketing a luxury property. In the first most obvious difference, trust foremost comes to mind. The marketing requires a higher level of trust and comfort in the buyer. The way the marketing informs prospects of the quality of the property is through sophisticated, professional, and valuable marketing tools. The way that the marketing considers emotions is important in making the audience feel they have not only purchased a property, but that they have become part of the property and that they are a part of the process. The marketing makes people wait in an annoying way to make them think it is a better investment than other properties.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to selling a house, luxury real estate marketing can be an effective tool. But like any other marketing channel, it’s important to know exactly what it is, what it does and how it does it. So that’s what we’re going to dig into in this post.

The first word you need to know when it comes to luxury real estate marketing is –distinct.” That’s because it’s designed to stand out. Simply put, Luxury Real Estate Marketing is designed for high end properties. Those in exclusive neighborhoods, neighborhoods with lots of money and social status, and those with a unique property feature like a view, basement, pool and multiple levels.

It’s directed and meant to leave the majority of people cold, so that it leaves an impression with the right people, the people who actually care about luxury real estate. The right buyers.

Luxury marketing is used by top real estate agents, many of whom work for a top real estate firm or one of the top real estate brokerage firms in the country.

This marketing method is comprised of various marketing tools that communicate the unique features of a property, while making the property stand out among the others in its market.