LionDesk: Pricing, Features & How to Use It to Close More Deals

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How LionDesk CRM Works

LionDesk is a CRM (customer relationship management) tool that combines all the essential features that are found in basic and advanced CRM tools. It was developed by Norman Vasil, a marketer and small business strategist who helped companies around the world to grow their revenues by clear and direct marketing backed by great business strategies.

The strength of LionDesk is its simplicity. It can scale and it's not intimidating, it's easy to use and understand. At the same time, it's powerful and you will be able to track customer interactions and interactions with your competitors. It applies to Facebook and Mailing, hosted on LionDesk.

What's more, you can use emails, calendar, and phone calls in a powerful way. And, of course, the most important part: it's very simple to start using it and take advantage of its features.

Its learning curve it very simple. In integration, create customer profiles with both basic as well as advanced fields. Record customer data and track all activities. You can customize each field to meet your sales and marketing needs and integrate it with the tools you already use.

LionDesk enables you to reply and email your customers, keep track of phone calls, meetings and appointments. Manage your campaigns, contacts, leads, sales tracking and team. Use emails to organize and track your emails, contacts and pipeline and measure campaigns and marketing efforts.

Who LionDesk Is Right For

LionDesk is an affordable cloud-based CRM for sales teams. It’s perfect for small businesses or entrepreneurs not ready to commit to other options that cost a lot more and offer a lot less flexibility.

I know a lot of students in college use LionDesk to track down leads and figure out how to close more sales. It’s a perfect fit for new grads that don’t have the luxury of investing in software that will become obsolete as soon as they make their first sale. And it’s a less expensive alternative for small businesses that would like to be able to see their team's data spread across the web, which can be helpful for collaborating and sharing information.

On top of that, LionDesk is a great option for freelancers, developers and consultants that have more than one client they're working with. LionDesk would allow you to keep full control over your clients' data in one place without having to rely on spreadsheets or inferior mobile apps to manage it.

Winner: not only do professionals use it as an alternative for more expensive products but also students and individuals looking to get started selling and grow their business.

Which Real Estate CRM Is Right For You?

Question 1

What is LionDesk?

LionDesk is an email marketing system for business that sends out targeted and personalized emails.

How large is your team?

Where you team fits into the company’s structure depends on how large your team is. If you have a team that is seemingly growing in size and sales, you probably work on an enterprise sales team. Alternatively, if you have a few people in your sales team, you might find yourself on a team dedicated to corporate sales.

Whatever your team size, you always have a dedicated sales executive reporting to you to deal with the transaction with the client. Your team can also include other members as well. Poor performing sales reps, administrative staff and project managers can also be added to your team as your company expands.

Question 2

Should I use LionDesk?

Answer: LionDesk is for you if you want to close more deals. Siloed and overly busy professionals thrive from using this tool to identify and work on their biggest selling and business strengths.

Do you need built-in IDX website support?

Question 3

How do you use LionDesk to get more leads and close more deals?

Mike, LionDesk’s founder, has used a variety of products over the years that he found to be a healthy but too-busy way to produce leads and close more deals.

Next he spent time emailing co-workers who worked in different departments at the same company as his target companies. He discovered which employees were willing to step outside of their department to help him research the product or services needed, and then set up a time to meet. He started by calling these individuals and asking for the names of 10 people who worked within the field that he was investigating.

One of the best ways to close more deals is to find the right fit among the companies that you are targeting. Using LionDesk, you can review the different vendors for the industries and then prioritize them. You can quickly access current investor profiles and go back to previous reports on a company as they potentially may start or have started working with a vendor that may be able to help you close more deals.

As you evaluate vendors in your targeted industries, you can find out which ones will better suit your target companies. For example, you could see which vendors have worked with certain companies in the past. You can also go to the company, do some research, and see which ones have worked well in the past.

Do you need automated email marketing or text marketing functionality?

Email Marketing:

Email marketing is one of the most inexpensive and most effective ways to reach your customers, and all thanks to technology, we are coming to the age of the automated email marketing.

Simply put, self-service email marketing software allows businesses to use a user-friendly interface to design and send individualized messages at the click of a button and without the help of a technical person.

If you are trying to find a cloud based email marketing platform, you are at the right place. We’ll help you find out about this market leader focused on both small and medium sized businesses.

LionDesk is an all-in-one customer relationships management ( CRM ) system which helps your business manage everything from social media to phone calls to email marketing to time management and much more.

The system includes various cloud based apps for your use. This includes social media publishing, customer service support, automated responses, tracking and more. LionDesk is the only CRM platform that has the integration of all other for any business, no matter how big or small its size.

LionDesk Pricing

LionDesk is a great tool for salespeople to use when you need to manage your accounts and prospects. It’s a cloud based tool that allows you to track your deals at a quick and easy way.

You have several features with LionDesk that make the marketing process much easier for you:

Manage Contacts

Create and manage a full contact record including your sales team and your customers. Create your custom fields to replace the defaults and get the details from your contacts automatically when you enter their information.


LionDesk has a full CRM feature that allows you to send emails, update contact information, manage notes, follow-ups, campaigns, export contacts as a CSV and much more.

Create Custom Fields

You can create custom fields for your contacts so you can get the right information from your contacts. The default fields that are available are VERY useful, but sometimes you need more customization to get the information you need.

Respond to Leads

With LionDesk you can send emails to your leads, send push notification to your leads, you can also use LionDesk to start or close the call with your leads so you can close the deal faster.


LionDesk allows you to collaborate so you can make decisions on the go, make changes and be very efficient.

LionDesk CRM Tiered Features

LionDesk Includes all the features you need to manage your business:

  • List/record your leads, capture notes on the page, submit documents, automatically add contacts to Salesforce, and email for faster decision making
  • Email communications, up to 5 emails per day
  • Schedule follow up, store data in Salesforce, and manage follow-ups
  • Manually search through your leads for information
  • Add contacts to multiple groups
  • Send mass emails
  • Add quotes
  • Create screen-shots and upload documents
  • Notifications, events and reminders
  • Sync data between the cloud and your desktop
  • Desktop

The Desktop version allows you access all features from your computer instead of your smartphone or tablet. It is free with a monthly subscription.

LionDesk Desktop syncs as much as 50 MB of data across devices. Data usually includes contacts, mail, emails, and communications.

The User Dashboard is the central part of LionDesk that includes information on the inventory of your data, your lead sources, and lists of your contacts.

What is LionDesk CRM Really?

LionDesk CRM is a lead management and CRM platform that focuses on three areas: sales, marketing, and customer management. It works on desktops and mobile devices to connect them better with one another and streamline their communications.


I believe that more than just a business, LionDesk is a solution which comes with a vision to help one take control of the day to day operations and processes, and also evolve into a client’s future long term solution. It has come a long way to help grow the business and enhance performance.The Pro Offer letter with LionDesk's Package provides an easy solution for anyone to present their case to your client by using this powerfull tool.

It’s a comprehensive business proposal template that is also created to help in getting more work. Make sure that you are fully familiar with the details contained in this letter before making the final decision.LionDesk has created this pro offer letter for your convenience and ease so that you can concentrate on sales rather than spending time on creating a report.

Pro Plus

Have a full brainstorming conference to figure out how to sell a single deal, multiple deals, or an entire business.

How long does it take for your customers to respond?

How much work did you do for this customer?

How close is your relationship with this customer?

How can you improve your relationship with this customer?

Who is in the way of you closing this deal?

What is the best way to close this deal?

How well do you know the customer?

Who is this customer's peer?

Who is this customer's mentor?

How often do you do this type of work for this customer?

Do you have a relationship with this customer?

Do you have a relationship with this prospect?

Are you from this customer's country?

Tell this customer how your products or services will help them.

Tell this customer what a difference your products or services will make.


LionDesk offers both an Enterprise and a Small Business version. The Enterprise version is available to business or government customers that meet certain requirements. As a cloud-based software, it can be used by businesses of any size using remote users that are not located on the same network. The software is available in both a Standard and Enterprise version. The Small Business version is intended for use by companies with 5 to 100 employees.

In both cases, LionDesk is designed to be affordable. You can either choose one of our package pricing options or you can develop your own custom solution using our ready to use examples.

Additional Features

LionDesk Reaches for Its Wider User Base:

Making its way in an affinity that values simplicity, LionDesk is an online application that has added additional customizations to its core features that differentiate it from its competitors. The additional features it has won it many collaborative deals and also made it a reputable tool in the professional world, as a platform that prominent enterprises, like the Detroit Pistons, depend on.

The following are LionDesk’s additional features:

Live Chat – An additional feature that LionDesk implemented in 2012 was the addition of a live chat system that lets users respond to each other through service inquiries. It also sets a direct contact with the author of an invitation.

Social Media Integration – These features help not only make communication easier but also aid in collaboration among users. Moreover, they create a platform that is highly social.

Appointment Support – Users can securely meet on-time via a link that is sent to both the customer and the service provider. facilitates online communication and security.

File Sharing – The new feature allows users to share files of various formats and sizes in both directions, thus expanding the capacity to deal with multidimensional files.

LionDesk Features & How to Use Them

LionDesk is one of the most advanced and powerful mobile data collection application that you will find on the Apple App Store. The app allows someone like you to easily create, manage, customize and control the data of your sales force and customers.

You can leverage LionDesk to improve your relationships with your sales team, save money on printing bills, enable your customers to monitor their bills and pay on time, and much more. You can also use LionDesk to learn where your sales team spends the most time and what your customers are doing online. That way, you can make sure that your sales team is engaged out in the field while your customers are only spending a small amount of time on the app.

If you’ll run a well equipped company with atleast one salesperson, signing up for LionDesk is a must. This is simply because it will help you get accurate data that you just can’t get with a paper invoice. LionDesk also comes with tons of tools that you can use to close business like nags, product push, in-app coupons, feed ads and more.

In this post we’re going to review the LionDesk features and how to use them to increase your sales.

Maximize Lead Generation & Management

Are you finding it difficult to keep your prospects at the ready? More often than not, this is because you just don’t have the time to nurture the relationships you have cultivated and keep your pipeline front and center.

Can’t afford hiring a dedicated Pardot account manager or the time cold calling?

With LionDesk, you can have the best of both worlds – the benefits of having a dedicated account manager and the power of Pardot at your fingertips … without breaking the bank.

As the go-to sales automation platform for sales and marketing teams, LionDesk is used by major companies and organizations across the globe.

It makes it easy to automate routine tasks, including whole lot of lead, opportunity, quote, and contact-management functions from within managing your whole deal pipeline.

You can use LionDesk to manage prospects, more leads, and even new prospects that are additionally sourced within your Pardot pipeline as you discover them.

Not only do you have access to more of your prospects, you also have more of your leads managed in one place.

Carefully manage prospect and lead activities for every single account with our powerful workflow tools.

When it comes to managing prospects and new opportunities, the workflow tools make all the difference.

Keep Your Agents & Leads Engaged

The LionDesk Affiliate Program

LionDesk is a full service marketing software for real estate agents and brokers. The LionDesk affiliate program is a piece of the marketing puzzle in the LionDesk software set. The affiliate program partners with top real estate marketing websites around the world, helping agents & brokers get more leads & make more money by integrating a number of LionDesk tools, including LionDesk Hot Lead Forms, LionDesk IDX, and LionDesk Lead Forms.

When it comes to landing high-paying, high-quality leads, it is no secret that real estate marketing is a huge part of the game. Affiliate partners and LionDesk's integration tools like LionDesk lead forms enable affiliates to leverage their websites to increase leads and close more deals, in turn increasing the agents' and brokers' ROI.

With LionDesk At Your Service: The Real Estate Affiliate Program

Affiliates from all over the globe partner with LionDesk to sell the comprehensive suite of marketing tools from LionDesk's online platform. Coupled with the company's affiliate tools and nearly ten years of experience in the real estate industry, LionDesk leads receive the best of both worlds. The combination of marketing tools and the entire suite of marketing solutions can help agents and brokers target prospective clients while helping them earn more money and build a lead pipeline.

Use Video to Connect with Leads

We get a fair amount of client leads through social networks and a video is one of the most effective ways to engage with these leads.

There are thousands of free and paid video creation software…from online services like Bigstock or Video Blocks, to desktop video editing software such as iMovie or Premiere Pro.

LionDesk is a cloud-based video platform that allows you to create a professional looking video on the web or upload a video straight from your laptop.

Once you have edited and published your video on LionDesk you can embed it on your website, blog, or send to prospects through email or social media platforms like Twitter. You can also download a PDF copy of your LionDesk video so you can distribute it offline.

Automate Your Lead Nurturing Campaigns

Lead Nurturing is a key part of any landing page. But when you’re doing it manually, it’s a time-consuming and error prone process. With LionDesk, you can set up several optimized lead nurturing campaigns without any technical know-how.

Closing deals is a vital part of running a business, but one that’s often overlooked in favor of marketing funnels. Promoting landing pages and promoting email campaigns is as vital to sales, but it’s the most tedious and time-consuming portion of sales.

With LionDesk, Facebook Lead ads and landing page retargeting ads are also automated and optimized.

Use LionDesk to close more deals easily.

Make the Most of Power Dialer

The PowerDialer helps CRM & EMM professionals to connect first one with the concerned Sales executive or Service Rep from other company by saving time.Introducing LionDesk client manager for sales and marketing professionals enables to send Dialer Messages to their Customers, multiple other Companies, Partners and even other third parties with just a click, simply select the recipient of the dialer Message, enter the Message and start dialing.

LionDesk supports dialer with message and call bill, Automated Dialer Messages and Call Billing Automation. lionDesk takes care of all TCO's, Staffs and MOQ's, Redundancy, Interruption of data flow, the best Dialer and also best Billing Automation Tools.

Provision of Dialer Message, Interval Dialer, Auto Dialer, Real Time Dialer, Dialer Message Monitoring and Reporting, Automated Dialer Messages, Call Billing Automation, Dialer Message Delivery Automation, Single or Multiple Leads.

Provision of Dialer Messages to Business Users with Free Dialer Message Pagers. Free dialer Pagers for your customers, partners, suppliers and other marketing partners.

Dialer Message Delivery Automation, Billing Automation for your messaging service provider, Automated Dialer Messaging, Real Time Dialer, Lock Outs and Dialer Pagering.

Dialer Message Delivery Automation, Geo Targeting to deliver Dialer Messages.

Track Transactions Through Closing

How did you approach users before LionDesk?

Before LionDesk, we would track these metrics with spreadsheets and reports. The tracking and reporting were simple, but LionDesk has added features which have made our tracking even easier. The ability to track everything in one place has definitely helped our team become more efficient.

Take Advantage of LionDesk Support

LionDesk Reviews

Pricing & Features.

LionDesk is an awesome sales tool for any sales professional or entrepreneur to use. If you’re struggling to meet quotas or growing your business, your Lead Generation Campaign and up-selling opportunities are important to your success. LionDesk does this by helping you close more sales and engage your customer on a deeper level.

Here’s why you should consider signing up for the LionDesk trial plan:

Save Time With LionDesk Your LionDesk campaign follows you everywhere you go; so there’s no need to be scared of losing prospects.

Let LionDesk Handle Your Calling Your campaign is personalized, specific, and offers new ways to call and handle your call-to-action.

Full Conversational Control Even though people answer your calls automatically and follow your script, you still get the full control when it comes to closing deals.

Increase your Close Rate Chances of closing a deal is always higher when you are using LionDesk.

How to Draw Profitable Leads You will be able to get more leads.

You can scale up fast and effortlessly LionDesk’s software is scalable and that makes it a powerful tool to grow your company.

Alternatives to LionDesk

Is LionDesk worth the price?

LionDesk is a unique tool that for years has been closing more deals with more salespeople at a faster pace than many of its competitors. Now it’s an even bigger market leader with over 11,000 salespeople using it and more sales coming in from LionDesk than any other marketing tool in its category.

At first glance, LionDesk doesn’t look like much of a bargain, but using it consistently every day will quickly pay for itself. Let’s dig a little deeper.

Worth the Price?

It’s expensive, especially for salespeople who have little or no sales experience. It’s designed for experienced salespeople who already have success closing deals. Virtually anyone who wants to increase their sales will get more results from LionDesk than from any other tool in its category.

It’s a great investment for any salesperson who has some sales experience and wants to significantly increase their daily sales.

Worth Paying for?

Freshworks CRM

Freshworks has been providing online CRM software solutions to small and medium sized companies for over five years. Existing as a standalone system, Freshworks offers its business owners easy integration of other third party add-ons. In the past, Freshworks assisted its customers in building their own online sales and marketing office with its Launchpad offering. Yet, the company designed another software module specifically for nearshore sales which it announced in 2014. Known as LionDesk, this is a separate piece of software that allows for business owners to provide sales support for a limited number of customers and also provides more stringent sales processes.

LionDesk works as a web-based CRM software system and is available in four modules: Database, Front Office, Back Office, and Marketing. All of these modules help business owners monitor their sales activities and help them to close more deals. They consist of pre-set work queues, ticketing capabilities, and other function tools.

Here’s a brief break-down of LionDesk:


The Database module provides business owners the ability to create and manage both contacts and data. Contacts can contain sales leads, appointments, customer, and prospect information which creates an easy to navigate window into your business contacts.

Front Office:



S LionDesk … What’s the Difference?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is LionDesk?

The purpose of Portland tech entrepreneur Tim Ermilio’s LionDesk application is to automate the process of getting a potential business partner to sign up for the free (or discounted) trial version of your application.

When you think about it, it’s really easy for someone to sign up for your product – You simply email them and say, –Hey, sign up for our sales page and you’ll get some free stuff.” But until now, getting people to actually sign up for it had been a manually intensive process.

And here’s the problem: more and more companies today are starting to migrate their product demos, social community pages and sales funnels to the cloud. The cloud is great because it allows you to scale up your business without having to recruit extra people. After all, it’s not uncommon for the SaaS industry to keep growing at rates of 20% to 50% for the next several years.

So if you’re a software marketing company looking for ways you can become more scalable – or if you’re simply looking for the best way to get people to sign up for your free trial – then LionDesk is for you.

What Does CRM Mean in Real Estate?

Real Estate CRM (realtime marketing) is a database of RS patients and prospects of a Real Estate Company, Strategic Real Estate Alliance, Branch Office or Franchisee of a Real Estate Company, Real Estate Broker of a real estate brokerage, Client of a Financial advisor, or a Real Estate Agent who works for a real estate broker with whom they want to have or develop a client relationship with.

The CRM of a Real Estate Agent is called their Rolodex and it is their first introduction. Each Real Estate Agent has a Rolodex of their prospects and clients.

CRM System including Marketing, Channel Development and Sales Enablement services can be customized, used by a Real Estate Company, Strategic Alliance, Branch Office or Franchisee of a Real Estate Company, Real Estate Broker of a real estate brokerage, Financial Advisor, and a Real Estate Agent.

For example, if you are a Real Estate Company, Strategic Alliance, Branch Office or Franchisee it is cost effective to have your real estate agents, sales reps and staff log in and access the CRM.

The CRM of a Real Estate Agent is like a virtual rolodex.

They will have all of their names, phone numbers, email addresses and the names, phone numbers, email addresses, and contact information for the real estate buyers they currently showing or selling real estate to.

What Is LionDesk?

Is There a LionDesk App?

Yes! The LionDesk app pushes a user-friendly interface for managing your client accounts, sales and campaigns. It also allows you to create customized signup pages and landing pages to grow your email list.

With LionDesk, you can follow your daily, weekly, or monthly sales performance and keep track of your high-performing keywords and opt-in forms. You can also set up autoresponders and organize your key messages within your buyer persona’s email template. Finally, the app lets you track your business goals and manage your profitability.

LionDesk offers you a unique set of features that go beyond just billing. If your business focuses on sales or marketing, you can bootstrap your business and set your conversion rates and membership programs up in minutes.

And of course, LionDesk integrates with your business’s backend using industry-standard APIs. The resulting system is flexible enough to allow you to adapt to the ever-changing needs of the digital world.

The Bottom Line

The LionDesk is a simple idea that, after a few months of use, has started to pay huge dividends for me. As a CEO of a mid-sized company that sells B2B service offerings to B2B customers, I quickly realized that I didn’t have the necessary time necessary to close more business deals. I had been trying to do that by following the standard email & phone sales model and it hadn’t worked…often wasn’t working.

The LionDesk is intended to reduce the time it takes to negotiate a deal and identify a qualified lead. It also reduces the time it takes to get live demos. All of these things are critical to increasing the growth of my company, as well as my income.

What is the LionDesk?

The LionDesk is the brainchild of two individuals who had been doing sales both in and outside of the technology industry. They discovered that they were spending more than 2-3 hours each day looking for contacts, researching them, prepping them and then setting up and conducting demos. (It’s not uncommon for sales reps to spend 3-4 hours each day on the phone and/or in a meeting with a prospect.)