5 Legit Ways to Get a Free Business Email Address

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Zoho Mail

Zoho is a suite of applications that includes business software such as a CRM, free cloud based email marketing, and online document tools. Zoho Mail (which is free) is the company’s answer to an affordable, easy-to-use and forward-facing email marketing tool.

All you need to get started is a Zoho account (which also includes all the other apps) and the setup takes only a few minutes. Zoho’s setup guide and videos can be helpful, if you need a little help.

Once you have a Zoho’s account, you can create an email address from the Gmail, Yahoo or Outlook accounts (you just need to pick the ones you’d like to use). It easily syncs all your correspondence and contacts to the corresponding email account on Zoho. And by using the Zoho account, should you decide to use your Zoho email address on any other online site (or even on different mobile devices), you’ll be able to get rid of the email account clutter.

Of course, you can use your Zoho email addresses for all your correspondence, including your email signatures. You can enhance this functionality by adding a personal email signature.

How to Get a Free Business Email Address With Zoho

The company is available to home users via office max and small business owners. To get a free business email address … just ask.

When working with small business and home users, the Zoho For-pay email service offers a special feature that home users can easily use.

Zoho is known for its powerful and versatile online office software that loads fast, saves time, and enables users to work productively in every capacity.

Zoho are also well known for the Zoho tools that are available for free to home users.These tools include such powerful products as: Zoho Writer, Zoho Sheet, Zoho Stylus, Zoho Planner, Zoho Creator, and Zoho Vault.

Although Zoho is only available to small business owners and home users at this time, they have just introduced a special feature for users that can easily be used by both groups.

If you’re a home user attempting to get a free business email address, simply sign in to your Zoho account, click on the …Create a Zoho for PC… button from the admin panel (upper right), and follow the instructions.

Connect Your Domain to Gmail

When you use Google Apps, you get a free business email address. In order to get this address, you must add your domain to your Google Apps account. You can add a domain by either using the Google Apps admin console or by going through Google’s free domain validation service. Once you’ve done this, just connect your domain to your email account by following these steps:

Open the Free Email Address in Gmail.

Click the Activities ’ Connect your domain link in the Admin Console section of the left sidebar.

Enter the details for one of your domains and click Finish.

Once your domain has been connected, the email address associated with it will be displayed in the Legacy domain section of the Activity pane. All the messages sent to your domain will now also be sent to your free Gmail address.

How to Get Free Business Email Addresses With Gmail

If you are searching for free business email addresses, here is a step-by-step analysis of the most popular tools used to generate business emails.

Create an Email Address with Google Apps for Your Business

The most popular way to get a free business email address is to sign up for an existing Google Apps account. If the business already has a Google Apps account, you will be able to use the email address you need to start your new business right away. If your business isn’t already using Google Apps, here is an article that outlines how to get started.

Use Mailgun

Mailgun is a service that allows creators to send and receive emails without a traditional email host. It’s a great base for registering a new domain in a large quantity … which is perfect for SaaS startups!

Sign up for a Free Email Address With Inboundio

The third option for free business email addresses is to opt for Inboundio, which provides free email addresses for the following industries: 1) Consulting 2) Education 3) Insurance 4) Public Services.

Join an Email List with an Email Autoresponder

Google Workspace

Google Office is a free software for phones, tablets, and desktops, which gives you the ability to access files and applications from your Google account, as well as chat with coworkers. Business email addresses are included in the free version, so FreePBX works great in this scenario.

You can get a Google email address for each and every user, or you can have separate inboxes for each named user.

How to Get a Free Business Email Address With Google Workspace

Google Workspace is a free online document sharing platform that's available to all members of the Google suite … meaning, you don’t have to be a Google Enterprise or Google Apps for Work user to sign up and start creating and editing your documents.

While Google Workspace has plenty of unique features, many of the elements that make it a favorite among business users are very similar to other tools. To get started with Workspace, you just need to set up your email and sign-in account with Google.

Because Google doesn’t provide an email address to the general public, you can set up a free business email address that’s unique and dedicated to your Google account. To get started, make sure that you’re signed in to Workspace and have your Campus network up and running. Then, click on the Gmail link at the top of the Workspace screen to find your business email account.

Once you’re in your business email inbox, you can create a new email address for your Workspace account by clicking the “Create a new email” button. Name your new email, enter your physical work location, and click the Add to Work space button. That’s it!


Sign up to Bluehost for 20% off. Get a good and legit domain name too.

How to Get a Free Business Email Address With Bluehost

If you’re looking for a simple and easy way to get a free business email address, Bluehost is a great solution. Bluehost hosts all the pre-built websites for small business owners. Along with the website, you’ll also get a custom email address.

So if you’re looking for a free business email address, Bluehost is your first choice.

Bluehost offers two types of account options: free (shared hosting) and paid (dedicated hosting). You’ll need to pay a one-time fee for each account, depending on the plan selected.

The free Bluehost account comes with two GB (gigabyte) of storage space, whereas the paid Bluehost plans offer unlimited storage space.

For the free Bluehost account, you get one 3 GB storage space – along with 500 MB (megabyte) of bandwidth, and two email addresses. For the paid account, the free plan offers two GB of storage space, 2 GB of bandwidth, and five email addresses.

You can use either hosting plan for the one-time fee, though if you choose the free plan, you cannot upgrade to the paid program, so it’s basically the same.


Squarespace is a powerful and easy-to-use website building platform. Squarespace is an affordable, robust and reliable web host. They also offer free online tools that help in organizing and branding a website.

Email Marketing is an effective way to promote your website and business. Having a free business email address with Squarespace is an advantage. The SquareSpace Email Addon enables you to send branded welcome emails to your customers, clients, and customers.

How do you Get a Definitive Business Email Address with Squarespace?

You can either install the SquareSpace Email Addon or use the built in integration of Mailgun. If you opt for the former, then you need to sign up for a free Mailgun account. If you choose to use the built in integration of Mailgun, then you need to log in to your Mailgun account and select the option, “Manage Email Addresses”

You can either create a new email address or “tweak” an existing email address. You only need the domain name and the from email to send your emails. There are multiple ways to get an email address: you can either choose the first option (Toggle existing addressee) or you can choose the second option (Add an Email address). A single click will create your email address.

How to Access Google Workspace Through Squarespace

Our new blogs at the beginning of this year provide an all-new marketing resource that helps digital marketers, small businesses, and bloggers.

The Chrome app allows you to access your Google account right at your browser. With it, you can see all your calendars, contacts, mail, and folders anywhere you have an internet connection. It also works with apps so you can see your email in-line from within the Gmail app, Gmail chat. Google Drive and Google Docs are just two of the many apps that support the app.

Google Workspace has received a fair amount of negative publicity in the past couple of years. After all, 93% of the reviews on their site are negative. In this scenario, one would assume that using the Chrome app to access our Google account would automatically add us to this list of haters.

It doesn’t require any level of collaboration with Microsoft. The Chrome app allows Google employees, as well as their competitors, to access the same Google account.

This means that Google can easily bypass the Google Apps Marketplace in order to gain access to the account, providing an easy way to reset the passwords.

And as you know, one of our favorite snagging strategies is to go straight to the inbox and grab what we haven’t initially set.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I find an available domain name?

The best way is to consult with a domain name registrar to find out what’s available in your own area. Be sure to do this before you professionally register your business’s domain name or you could end up paying a fortune.

What are the best business email providers?

Email is a great form of communication that is used daily by a lot of people. Many people have multiple email accounts for different purposes.

Don't get me wrong, I am a huge fan of regular email accounts. I like my email inbox to be empty, and I like using one of the free email providers to do our job. I want our team to be mobile and tech-friendly.

It is also very convenient to manage multiple email accounts from one provider, especially if you use the same email service for personal and business needs.

A list of the top free email providers follows. These are the best business email providers on the market.

Google Apps (Cost: Free)

This is the best choice if you want a free business email address. It lets you create more than one email account, share contacts with other members of your company, and even set up email forwarding. I personally use Gmail for work on a daily basis. The company also offers a special app for both Android and iOS devices. The app works great and is very versatile. The mobile version lets me check my messages right from my phone. Another bonus? Google allows you to synchronize your email, calendars, and contacts into many more devices such as Apple and Android phones and tablets.

Microsoft Office 365 (Cost: Free)

Which is better: Google Workspace or Microsoft 365?

Besides email, we are working on the office documents, web applications and office software. But Google’s cloud also helping us to access other applications, and Facebook like Snapchat and Instagram are there for free.

Google Workspace gives you 1GB of Google Drive space for free.

Not even Microsoft 365 offers such a huge gift.

Google always tops the best app of any month. It has so many services that will convince you to by it.

Bottom Line

Getting a free email domain isn’t easy. But here’re 5 ways to do it:

Free Email Hosting

If you choose a web host for your site, chances are they’ll give you at least a one click away email address. Although it’s not perfectly safe, it is an easy way to get a free email address for your website.

Free Email Service for Businesses

There are a number of services out there that will provide a free email address for your business. When you sign up for these services, you’ll likely get a coupon code or promotion code that will allow you to sign up for a free email domain for your business.


Swagbucks is a popular rewards program that is known for its free gift cards, but they also offer a free email account. The sign up requires you to enter some personal information into a form, but the process is easy enough and the offer is pretty legit. You can earn points online, and when you have enough points you can convert them into gift cards.

Google AdWords

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