15 Insightful Billboard Design Tips & Examples

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Use Bike Billboards to Get Bang for Your Buck

Did you know that bike billboards have been around for decades? With that kind of history and data behind bike billboards, they end up paying off for their advertisers. So is it time for your ad agency to start looking into bike billboards? Here are some tips to help you decide.

Use Blips For Inexpensive Digital Billboard Advertising

Plenty of billboard and advertising plane owners are still holding out for digital billboards being a profitable way of reaching the intended audience. But times have changed, the whole phenomenon of digital billboards is by now a common knowledge, and suddenly you’re seeing lots of digital billboards turning heads in the form of conventional advertising message boxes.

As a matter of fact, a significant percentage of traditional billboards are now turned into display panels with digital advertisements. This way, more and more advertising companies are using digital billboard as a means for communication.

There’s a reason for this and it all boils down to their cost effectiveness and effectiveness. Digital billboards are indeed more cost-effective compared to traditional billboards because you don’t have to pay for renting the space, getting the message boards, advertisement expertise, technician, installation, and other service expenses that come with traditional billboards. In fact, this saves you thousands of dollars.

But, are digital billboards effective as well? Since digital billboards can be targeted based on geographical location, address, and customer’s shopping habits and preferences, and can also be displayed with specific content based on their needs, more and more advertisers are shifting their advertising budgets to electronic billboards.

Use an Outrageous Idea & Try Humor

If you’re going to use an outrageous idea, it’s probably best to use humor and make it part of the idea itself. Humor is a great way to lighten the mood of any billboard idea and make it stand out.

Play with a Local Icon or Copy

This is a very popular ad strategy. The reason it is so effective is because the viewer is thinking of something familiar. It also makes the ad more memorable. This can be especially effective for outdoor ads on a highway.

Example: Coca-Cola Fanta in Malaysia

As Coca-Cola is known for its lightweight and refreshing formula, this is a great ad to play with nostalgia. The design itself will reveal a bottle of Coke because of the contours of the bottle.

Example: The Coca-Cola Carousel

This amazing recreation of the popular Coca-Cola carousel is very different to a traditional billboard ad. By using a foreground and background separated by a central logo, this creates a 3D billboard ad. This is a great ad to reflect the Coca-Cola brand because it is so iconic. This billboard can be seen in the Coca-Cola museum in Atlanta.

Tailor Your Billboard Ad Based on Where the Customer is Driving or What They Are Doing

Billboard advertising is popular all over the world, and it can be a quick and inexpensive way to spread your message. But before you simply stick up a billboard, you need to consider what it is you want to say and where you want to say it.

Good advertising research will enable you to create the best possible billboard for your campaign. Establishing a clear marketing goal will help you decide whether you’re relying on a static ad, a changeable or portable ad, or a hybrid. As you begin to design your billboard, think about where your target audience is driving on any given day. A static ad could be placed on a freeway, in a shopping mall, or even sitting at a local intersection. Also, take into account the weather and the activities taking place around the billboard.

It’s also a valuable strategy to ensure that your ad isn’t too large for the target audience when they see it. While a large ad is an impressive sight, it also has the power to be distracting. One way to achieve this is to reduce the ad’s size in proportion to the sizes of the car and person driving by it.

Test How Your Ad Looks From a Distance

Using a digital gadget to see how your ad will look on a billboard can be a good thing to know. You can test out several designs and make sure your ad gets the impact you desire.

Without getting too complicated, and before investing in real, physical pictures, you can create a digital picture to display how your ad looks on a billboard. While using an actual photo requires a lot of money, you can use free apps like Photoshop or Adobe Revel to create a digital picture to display how your ad could look on a billboard.

Here is a perfect advice from a billboard designer: "Test your advertisement with the exact dimensions you will be using on your billboard. You will not get the same impression and reaction if you use the picture on your computer after it has been stretched."

Don’t Include a Photo of Your Team

Unless your company has millions of dollars to spend each year on advertising, you’re probably going to spend much of your money on outdoor advertising design, placement, and execution. With limited dollars, it’s important to get as much mileage as possible for every cent spent.

One of the most frequent mistakes made by corporations in designing outdoor advertising is the inclusion of a photo of the team. It’s a mistake because, without brand recognition, your cost per impression to reach your target audience has increased exponentially. There are exceptions to this rule.

If your company is a sports team owner or the representative of an alliance of teams, then you have an opportunity to include your team’s logo and/or wearing image in specific areas of your outdoor advertising design. That’s because this type of advertising design will bring recognition and loyalty to your brand.

If you’re going to include a photo of your team, it’s best to put that image in the background or in an isolated portion of the design for maximum impact. Typically, this includes the corner of the design, or something that’s not directly visible. Even this, however, needs to have a strategic design.

One example of winning design is the use of a ghosted image.

Know that Digital Billboard Ads Need More Maintenance

The reasons for the maintenance of Digital Billboard Ads is that because it requires far more time and effort to work on the billboard in terms of ad planning, content production, creative solutions etc. and Digital Billboard is always busy in the process of consideration and putting it in the various aspects like colors and typography the content, you need to be sure that you will be able to fill it with your needed advertising.

But in general, the level of maintenance for a digital billboard is even higher than the digital out of home. For example, if you are not ready to develop your content from scratch, you can hire professionals to prepare a professional billboard design and then you only need to fill in and you can start promoting.

Alternatives to hire professionals for creating the content and design is digital billboards provide the service, which they call commission sponsorship. This is an arrangement in which you pay a specific sum of money to the broadcaster for the specific time period you will be using a billboard.

Sometimes you can also get the digital billboard discounted if you are able to book five years in advance. But if you are planning to use the digital billboard for the first time, you have to pay the full price.

Use Memorable Contact Details

I often think of supermarket shopping as a process of elimination. You walk down the aisles, and as you pass by some product, you wonder, ………do I need this?…………………………………….

Then, you get to the end of the aisle, and your eye is drawn to the panel in the display that features what stats your budget has just approved and indicates what you’re meant to be shopping for.

But what if the panel included data from other sources that actually help you make the right buying decisions A lottery ticket scratching, for example, might help us decide what to buy.

In fact, what if there are statistics that determine which ads are effective? And what if we were only presented with the most memorable ones? What if the most memorable ones were ones that we were actually meant to see, rather than an ad that just happened to catch our eye for only a moment?

Meeting the consumer where they actually are, then, can help us connect.

Use a Vanity Phone Number On Your Billboard

If you’re looking to attract the attention of passersby, a vanity phone number will do the trick. If someone does visit your site or call, they will have the chance to hear a recording and make an appointment with this person by choosing from options that will be discussed on the recording. Depending on their preference, the caller will be directed to either a cell phone or a landline.

By using a vanity number on your billboard ad, you are assured that a lot of people will be interacting with your business. Not only will the number be linked to your business name, but the recordings can be customized to your best advantage.

When it comes to consumers, especially when it comes to advertising, they are always on the lookout for something new. Using a vanity phone number on your ad will keep your business relevant, and you will be sure to attract a lot of traffic.

Dare to Be Quirky to Build Brand Awareness

Banners are big business. Billboards are the most eye-catching and widely accessed way to grab a potential customer…s attention. But that attention is fleeting and can easily be lost if you don’t have a unique design to differentiate your billboard from the competition.

That’s where the beautiful detail of stock photography can help you stand out and build brand awareness. Individual images can be used to highlight different aspects and features of your brand and gain a competitive edge. This works especially well when you don’t have the time or budget to redesign your entire image, and not those available on stock photo sites have the right feel for your brand. Ambiguous photos can be used to emphasize your images, with the potential to tap into user’s emotions and create a real feeling of familiarity within previously unknown stock photos.

Here we offer 15 insightful and creative billboard design tips and examples to help you choose the best photo for your project and keep your eye on the ball.

Pick the Billboard Location Based on Your Budget & Target Audience

When selecting your billboard design, keep two main factors in mind: location and budget. You would naturally think that the main factor is location, which is true but only to an extent. Let’s analyze the two factors in detail.

Location: The location of the billboard has a tremendous impact on the CTR of the advertisement as well as the effectiveness of the ad. Positioning your billboard strategically can increase your CTR by up to 30% and conversion rates. That is a lot, right?

However, if you are one of those who think that location for a billboard is everything then you are at the wrong junction. Let’s see why. First of all, when it comes to location, your choice is limited. You can either choose a highway, a promenade, a monorail, a footpath or a car-free or partially car-free street. After that, it’s a matter of location and budget.

Make Sure The Text on the Ad is Legible

Oftentimes, the text on your billboard is the most important part of the ad. If you don’t make sure the text is readable, it won’t work. Consider the type and size of the text you’re using. Also, make sure that you’re keeping it short and sweet. Remember, many people only have a short amount of time to read your billboard.

If you find a good platform to advertise, you can try out creative ways of presenting the text. For instance, the text can be kept in minimum caps and underlined or reversed. If your ad is going to be outdoors, you could also try bolding words or use the old-school bold, underline, italics, and strike-out.

The color choices of your billboard are just as important, if not more, as the text. Being very specific about the color choices of your billboard is a good and effective way to direct your audience. Each color has its own meaning and significance and can be effective at connecting with your audience.

Pick colors that are the most important to your message and that are most readable and eye-catching. The color can also be used to signify any special offers in your ad. For example, a green ad might indicate a discount or a special offer that’s associated with the green color.

Keep Your Ad Simple to Help People Remember Your Message

The top ranked ads always look like they are placed by an expert.

While ad style is important, what’s more important is your ad message. There can be a perfect mixture of graphics and creative without even adding a word.

Keep the Message Concise

People don’t read ads that have too much text.

In fact, the longer an ad is, the higher the chances are that people will stop reading meaning they won’t be able to recall the ad’s message.

Don’t Overuse Graphics

If there’s something that makes your ad stand out it should be the graphics. But you don’t want to overuse graphics. While having high quality graphics is good, too much of anything is not good at all. It wears out your audience.

In the end, you still want people to notice the ad both visually and how it makes them feel.

Keep Your Text Complete and Easy to Understand

You would not be able to read an ad that has big blank spaces. So write your ad in complete words.

Consider Hiring an Expert

We’re certainly not experts on billboards, but we can say without a doubt that the companies who work with us possess quite a few. They are at the end of the process, yet they’re certain that they’ve set this up right. They know how to build their own design and work with ad agencies but also know when to outsource it.

If you’re unsure of how to design a billboard or how they should speak to the majority of people, you might save yourself time and money and consider hiring someone. Of course, you need to have a copy of the advertising campaign planned, but if you have more than a rough idea of the qualities you’re looking for in the image, it’s a solid idea to bring in an experienced eye.

BONUS: Present a Clear Call to Action

One thing that must be said before the main content begins is that this is a call to action. You want your reader to act or do something. The call to action does not pertain to a specific topic like so many on this post seem to be, but to a larger audience response (whether that be your audience buying your product on Amazon, listening to your podcast, or even just spreading the word about a particular social cause). So for this blog post, call us to action to:

  • read this article
  • think about how you can enhance your own presentation and make it more effective

act on your own thoughts by doing the same.

Most of us already know this. I know I’m being a bit facetious right now, but it’s important to note that most of us know this. But action is harder than just reading. And I’ll be honest, for me, at least, I am very uncomfortable in the public speaking realm.

And the benefit of this point is that by being uncomfortable for a bit, I’ll be even more ready to seek new, better methods. And I can’t think of any better way to seek better methods than by looking at the methods of others. So let’s set aside our fears and get on with it.

Over To You

Over the years, some of the most famous companies like Coca-Cola have expanded the boundaries of traditional billboards by developing clever, innovative ways of displaying their brand. Through a combination of creative and effective billboard designs, these companies have ensured that their brand is both effectively promoted and well-protected.

If you are looking to get a graphic design job, knowing how to design effective billboards is a creative skill which will give you a competitive edge over your fellow interns.

In this post, we will explore 15 of these creative billboard design tips and examples to help you get a leg up on your competition.

Why Billboards?
Outside of brand recognition, billboards have the power to influence the timelines of your customers and push them to walk through your doors. However, your advertisements are not just limited to your outside advertising. You can also display them on social media like Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter and many other platforms. … To make sure your advertisements are heard, try printing your logo on a t-shirt or your banner on a banner. Make it part of your brand by embedding your brand name on every street your firm steps out on.

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