How to Use Indeed Resume Search to Find the Best Candidates Fast

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How to Search Resumes for Free on Indeed in 6 Steps

The Indeed Resume Search methodology is an effective way to find only the best resume candidates. We’re not talking about –BS jobs” either. That’s right. Stop wasting time on <Insert your favorite search engine here>. The Indeed Resume Search incorporates a –money back guarantee” approach to sourcing the best job candidates. This resume search methodology is completely algorithmic. That means that, in addition to Search By Employer, you can also search by location and industry. By –saving your searches” time after time, the algorithm searches across a large index of resumes for you. Within seconds, you will be presented with a list of resumes that meet your search criteria. When you find a resume that fits your job profile, consider the free Indeed Resume Checkup and ensure you have a resume with a strong background. After that, you can even schedule the candidate for an interview to evaluate their levels of knowledge, communication and fit with company culture. Take advantage of the Indeed Resume Sourcing and experience the power of big data to find job candidates that aren’t BS.

The 6 Steps to Search Resumes for Free with Indeed Resume Sourcing are:

Create a new Indeed job posting.

Step 1: Create a Free Employer Account on Indeed

Step 2: Start with Indeed’s Simple Free Resume Search

Indeed has one of the largest databases of resumes in America.

Indeed has one of the largest databases of resumes in America. If Indeed is the one listing you want to appear on, you’ll want to promote your company to Indeed to get listed.

Start your Indeed free resume search here.

Want to Have Your Resume Show Up on Indeed?

Then follow the step-by-step instructions on Indeed’s website.

After your resume is submitted, you’ll instantly see if it meets Indeed’s guidelines. If so, you’ll be contacted by a Indeed recruiter who will work with you to create a winning resume.

Step 3: Get More Targeted Results Using Indeed’s Advanced Resume Search

Step 4: Use Indeed’s Robust Filtering Options To Narrow Down Results

Once you’ve found some great candidates and decided to move forward with a shortlist, you will see that Indeed gives you several filtering options to narrow down your search results. For instance, you can filter candidates to our Greater Seattle, Greater Los Angeles, Midtown, or San Francisco offices. Additionally, you can choose to receive referrals only for the following industries: Accounting & Finance, IT, General Labor, Admin & Customer Service, Medical, and Sales.

Besides using Indeed’s filters, you can always rely on the extensive salary estimate data available to find people who are likely to be well-suited to the positions you’re trying to fill. Indeed Resume Search takes advantage of this data to provide more accurate estimates.

Checking the salary range for each position will help you find people who fit within your budget while also providing you with suitable candidates for your opening. Indeed Resume Search will automatically track down candidates who are worth consideration, regardless of whether they are highly paid. In order to do that, it compares your job to the average salary for people with your title in the job’s industry.

Step 5: View Resumes on Indeed

Step 6: Contact Candidates Through Indeed Email

Believe it or not, getting in touch with the qualified candidates is as easy as sending them a confirmation email through Indeed.

Indeed Resume Search confirms candidates’ email addresses to ensure that they receive the confirmation email.

So make sure you complete this step so that you don’t have to hassle with the candidates’ email addresses.

Once you have applied the Indeed Resume Search filters, you can start sending out the confirmation emails to the qualified candidates. This is how Indeed email confirmation system works.


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How to Search for a Specific Individual on Indeed

The Rest of the Hiring Process

There are many ways to filter resumes in Indeed Resume Search. From keywords to advanced filters, search resumes by keyword and save candidates to your Favorites. In addition to searching resumes by name or title, you can ask Indeed about the candidates in your search.

Searching by Salary

When you search by salary, you are looking at a candidate’s salary history. You can search by many different variables, including the minimum, maximum, or average salaries the candidate will make if they take the job.

Searching by Experience

If you don’t know much about the positions at your company, search by Experience. You can filter your search to find only candidates that match the experience you are really looking for.

Indeed Resume Search is a great platform for fast and reliable results. Though it is a more expensive option than some other platforms, the experience, quality, and format of the Indeed Resume Database combined with the profile managers’ access to interview managers is a great combination.