How to Pay Bills in QuickBooks Online

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Why You Should Use QuickBooks Online Bill Paying

As online bill paying services are becoming more popular among people, it also becomes simpler for them to manage their various bills from any part of the world. Quickbooks online bill-paying service helps in making money work for you by doing work for you and includes so many benefits such as reporting and keeping in track with your finances.

QuickBooks online bill-paying service helps in quick and easy bill payments with no hassles, waiting, or paperwork. Using this service can be very easy, convenient, and you get to consolidate all your bills and manage them at one place. This service can help you save the time that you spend on paying bills.

If you are new to the world of online bill-paying, then this may be a very good option for you and there are various benefits provided by a quickbooks online bill-paying service. If you are tired of waiting for your bills to be paid and you are not very much familiar with online bill payment services, then this could be also a very good option for you and help you receive your bills on the time as they’re paid.

There are lots of benefits that you can enjoy through the use of a quickbooks online payment service. You can easily and quickly review your transactions by signing in to your account. Along with that, you can receive and make payments for all of your bills online.

How to Pay Bills in QuickBooks Online

Navigate to Pay Bills

First, navigate to the Services tab and you can navigate to Bill Payment. You can enter the Billers name and select the Billers service you use. You should have a list of billers and a Pay Bills button will appear on the top of the screen. Click on the Pay Bills button.

To pay a bill, click on the Pay Now button next to the bill displayed. Scroll down and you’ll see the bill information along with an Add amount to current balance checkbox. Select the bill and click on the Pay bill button.

After clicking on Pay bill, you will be prompted with a popup window where you can select or type the date and how many payment days will be covered by this payment.

After selecting, or typing the number of days, click on Add Payment button and then click on Cancel to navigate away from the payment window.

The new Pay bill menu is located on Pay Bills on the home page.

Select Bills for Payment

The first step in paying bills is to select the bills for payment. The bills you select for payment are those that you want to pay. You can select individual bills, a range of bills or all bills.

If you select an individual bill or bills, it will be returned to the list of bills. You can make additional payments on those bills.

If you select a range, all bills within the range will be considered for payment.

If you select all bills, all bills in the paybill register will be considered for payment.

Pay the Bills

Now you can pay the Bills within Quickbooks Online. Here is the step by step instruction to use the bill pay capability with your account in Quickbooks.

Step1: Preferences: Go to 'Preferences > Preferences' (For Company files, enter your company id as a profile in your Bill Pay Center).

Step2: Bill pay center: Click on 'Bill Pay Center' (See the screenshot) to access 'Pay Bills'.

Step3: Select the Payment method: Select your preferred payment method here.

Step4: Show the payment: Click on 'Show the payment> to access the Payment screen.

Step5: Choose the payment: Click on 'Pay' button to choose the payment.

Step6: Enter the payment information: Enter the payment or select from the Allowed payment list.

Step7: Send the payment: Select a checking account and click on 'Send the payment' to send the payment.

Wrap Up

You can sign up with many monthly billers and also pay them in quick books with their online payment processing tool.