How to Market on Facebook for Free in 5 Steps

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Create & Enhance Your Facebook Business Page

In this example, we’ll be focusing on creating your Facebook business page.

That’s because having a Facebook business page is still the most effective way to promote your business on the social network, with around 2 million active users around the world contributing to the 21.6 million active pages for 42.9 million businesses.

You can’t start marketing on Facebook without a Facebook business page, but the truth is, few businesses have effective marketing plans to take advantage of this extraordinary free marketing tool.

This is where you can really distinguish your business, and your personal brand in this case, from all the rest. Once you’ve created a Facebook business page and branded it with your unique style, you’ll see your fans, fans of fans, and even anyone browsing about on Facebook begin to connect to you and engage with you.

This is how your fan base will grow organically, without having to squeeze every penny out of each Facebook user.

Creating and Enhancing Your Facebook Business Page:

Set Up Your Page

Create an ad for your new Facebook business page.

This covers what you’ll include in the business page, what your goal is, and when you want to launch it.

Update your Business Page…

Sign up for a Facebook Page

Choose the Correct Category

Once you have decided what it is you are selling, the next step is to choose the correct category. Facebook has many different category ranging from tools, produce, fan pages, business, page, careers to, just the less business related ones and even other categories.

Facebook is a marketplace of ideas, so it is important to pick the proper category under which to market. Some of the categories that are most suitable for marketing are:

  • Services
  • Products

In the category above, you can post your services, products and also place a like.

If you are a newbie and not familiar with the term services, it relates to your field of work or the work you are offering, such as a lawyer or a mechanic.

If you are posting services, you should be sure to have a gallery of your work or something equally impressive to showcase your work at hand.

Also, do not forget to leave a few positive reviews at the end of your service. This will help you build a strong reputation and in the long run, it is all about building a good reputation.

However, you could also target the category category – products – which shows products and what people can get from them.

Something like this is relevant to companies as well as individuals who have created a product or service.

Enter Your Business Information

Once you set up your page, you’ll be able to add additional pages, like a Facebook fan page or personal profile. This is where you’ll take all of your business’s information, including contact information, photos, links to your website and social media accounts, or anything else that’s relevant. This information will remain stored in a business profile, unless you add it to a personal profile or fan page. Depending on what your page size limit is, you’ll want to select this option so all of your information fits.

You’ll also want to select billing information, such as your address. This information will be saved in your profile, so you can share it publicly or save it for yourself.

Once your information is set, you’ll be taken to your Settings tab where you can complete Account Security Settings. These options can be useful once your page reaches a certain limit and you no longer have the ability to change it.

Claim a Vanity URL

You can claim a vanity URL from Facebook to brand your Facebook fan page.

Facebook offers these vanity URLs rarely, so make sure to keep an eye out for them.

You can claim a vanity URL by following these steps:

{1}. Log in to your Facebook.
{2}. Go to the Facebook page of a person, company, or agency exactly the same as the person who is trying to take a particular vanity URL.
{3}. Click the link that takes you to the person’s page. Click ‘Edit Page Description’.
{4}. You should see a link at the top of the page description that says …… (Tick) Earn a Vanity URL.
{5}. Click the link.

Choose Appealing Pictures

The first step to marketing on Facebook is to choose appealing pictures. Remember that one of the main differences between various social media channels is the medium-customers use a smartphone. Therefore, graphics should be sharp, strong and clear.

You can acquire free stock images on the Internet. However, you should be on the lookout for inexpensive images that have the following essential parameters …

High Resolution

Softer images will not work so well as the photo will look blurry upon viewing on a computer screen.

Also, take into account the size of the display of the device used … once again, customers are using Smartphones.

Photo Content

You can simply use a smartphone’s camera to take an image of your products or advertisements. However, this process is not a very good one. The camera on a smartphone often produces photos that do not have the right balance between light and shadow.

You can fix these issues by means of an editing program.

Therefore, the second step to successfully marketing on Facebook is to choose photos with high quality.

Complete Your About Section

It’s a great idea to have an About section, which is a fantastic opportunity to (and you should) write a compelling description.

This is why it’s a good idea to get the head of this section of your Facebook page right the first time. So before you get started writing, take some time to decide what to put here. The description should be more than a one-liner.

If you have not created an About section for your Facebook page, see the section below entitled, ‘Get Started’ for more instructions on how to create an About section.

Describe Your Business Story

Start by describing the basic nature of your business. Your business story and your company’s reason for being should be the backbone of your Facebook marketing efforts. Without a solid business foundation, your Facebook marketing efforts won’t be able to be successful. Just like that, you’ll be starting from the very beginning.

Write a short paragraph or two that summarizes the need and reason your company exists and its future. The more details you can provide the better, but a good rule of thumb is to be general enough to be highly informative while at the same time provide enough detail to help you stand out from the rest. As you mention your reason for being, keep in mind you will quickly be asked for more information, so be prepared to ensure that you give them exactly what they are looking for.

Get Reviews

One of the best ways of gauging the appeal of your products and services online is to get reviews. In a saturated market, getting reviews from happy customers is one of the surest ways of scoring brownie points, especially if you can get a verified review.

But stopping here and just having a simple review page on your website won’t cut it.

You’ve got to leverage social media as an added marketing layer for your products/services.

With Facebook, you’ve got a repository of millions of people who are just waiting to tell the world about your product. Not only that, but they may have already provided a review for you on Facebook. All you need to do is provide a link to that review, ask them to write a review for your new product or service, and you’re done.

And it’s not just any link to any Facebook review. Your offer to your prospects has to be special, so be prepared to provide a special or unique prize that goes along with your offer.

With this in mind, I’ll provide you with some of the most effective ways of leveraging Facebook reviews to:

Gain an immediate boost in traffic

Get Fans to Like Your Facebook Business Page

The first thing you should do is create your Facebook business page, because getting fans is the foundation of a successful Facebook marketing campaign. Everyone has to start somewhere, and you don’t need to be 100% prepared when you begin your Facebook page. Building your initial fans is a slow process, but starting with a page that has a good mix of fan types and content will help you create audience engagement over time.

To attract fans, you’ll want to create an image that is eye-catching and interesting. This should be an image that is ideally eye-level on the page. The first thing people see when they visit your page is the image, so make it sure to make a strong first impression.

On your business/personal Facebook page, choose a unique image for your Facebook business page that is eye-level and easily visible. Avoid the temptation to just upload an image of you and your product. Most users tend to ignore the promotion and will scan the pictures first. Your product shouldn’t be the priority.

Target the Right Facebook Audience

If you want to get more people to become your Facebook fans, you want to attract the right crowd. A prime key to attracting the type of audience you want on Facebook is by posting creative, unique and engaging content that your fans want to see.

Facebook has an amazing huge network of users, where you can find the biggest Facebook fans at home. Everyone wants to be seen and recognized as a potential Facebook fan just like you. There are millions of people just waiting to get access to your great content.

If you are really serious about growing a network of Facebook fans, you need to stick to the basics when it comes to social networking. You need to use Facebook and other social networks consistently, every day. The number 1 Facebook friending tip is this: If you don’t post practically every day on Facebook, your chances of success are going to be very slim.

It is important to take your time to learn how to market on Facebook for free. Facebook is built on an evolutionary sharing cycle, and when you place it in the hands of a true digital marketer, you will see results quickly.

Add the Facebook Icon Wherever You Can

First your intended customer to your page. Facebook is free to join (you may have to establish an account), has more than 1 billion members, and is clearly the fastest path to growing and maintaining a loyal social media audience.

You’ve probably figured out by now that marketers are flocking to Facebook more and more to build their audiences.

You probably noticed that you have users leaving your site and being redirected to the Facebook website or app. You likely also used Facebook ads to find traffic to your site.

Facebook is like a giant (growing) pool of qualified customers you can dip your web content into. All it takes is the right mindset.

Here’s how to do it:

On page load, try to turn every page view into a Facebook user.

You can share content on Facebook right from the web browser using the embedded Facebook sharing button. You can also encourage readers to join your Facebook page and share your content from your website to Facebook.

To do this, click on the Facebook sharing button in the top right corner of your site. Facebook will open up a new window that will ask you if you want to share the page’s link or open the page in another window.

You can share your content from your home page, blog, or any other page on your website as a post.

Ask People in Person

If you have attended a small scale local business networking event, you will have noticed that many of the business people also use Facebook to reach out to people. Ask these business people how they used Facebook to find their customers and they’ll tell you all about Facebook ads.

Everyone is on Facebook nowadays, including office staff, new customers, and the internet is their first touchpoint with you. Therefore, if you’re going to get your name out there, contacting people on Facebook is not bad for you.

However, you need to stop using the same old marketing techniques and give your Facebook business page the best shot. In this article, we’re going to talk about 5 different ways to market on Facebook and the different ways that these methods can help you growing your business.

Ask People Online

Post one ad a day on different social media sites, especially Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google Plus. Email notification for each one serves as a reminder of which social network you are populating.

Go to the social media website that is the easiest for you to log-on to (for example, Facebook if you can’t even remember email addresses or Twitter because you only have your phone).

Search the site for have a search engine; click it and look for a business section. Write down the client list for the sites where you are posting ads.

Start posting ads, one of which should be a mini infomercial about your product. (This way, people will get curious about what you are doing and check out the actual product.)

Include a list of links to your sites in the mini infomercial, which will also remind people of where they can go to buy your product. (You are essentially creating list of opt-ins on the fly.)

If you don’t have a great product, write the ad inside the infomercial as if it were a sales page. Tell the people what you are offering, the ingredients, and the best way to use it.

Use headlines that are poignant and attention grabbing, and include a picture. Add links to the social media sites you are posting on, feature links, and so on.

Get Involved on Facebook

One of Facebook’s greatest strengths is the presence of a huge network of people who know, you don’t even know they know you or that you are even there!

They may be family members, people you shared a great experience with, friends from long ago. Or just they were the perfect target audience for your business.

Every day, thousands of companies take action on Facebook to market their products and services.

From virality to viral video, from e-commerce to experiential marketing; on Facebook there is a place for every business to market online.

This is the time to do something different with your business, with a direct promotion to build your company’s community. Your Facebook page is a precious space for your company to showcase, build value and link physical customers and online ones.

Steps to Market Successfully on Facebook

Have a clear, informative and attractive profile and a URL:

  • My home page, thank you Ryan.
  • And my most important place to share my product…Just @ Whatsapp me if you had a question or want to drop me a note.

Be consistent:

Be Creative

Your business needs to adapt to the changing landscape of marketing, which means that you don’t just have to man the phones and emails for contacting your customers.

Get into the habit of using pictures, logos, and graphics to make your Facebook marketing campaign creative and more memorable. Instead of just a phone number or a name you can remember, you can use fun, creative images that your potential customers will remember.

Are you a florist? Create an image of a beautiful bouquet of flowers with different colors, or even integrate a beautiful plant or a vase with a specific shape, such as a heart, an anchor or love-themed design.

Do you offer video games? Think of an image to put up with your Facebook business page that will make your customers want to keep coming back for more. You could include your products or even staff members to make your page stand out.

Use as many or as few graphics as you want, as long as you are clear about what you are trying to sell and who you are trying to market to.

Share Valuable Content & Engage Your Audience

If you’re looking for new clients, you’ll have to first get their attention. Attract new prospects and get their trust by engaging them on Facebook. After all, prospective clients want to know they’re getting a quality service. Instead of simply sharing your business on Facebook, focus on how your business is solving specific problems for people. Show them the impact your business is going to have on them.

Solve Problems for People
People love to share problems with others. People share problems on their Facebook page when they’re looking for solutions. Instead of simply telling your audience what you do, focus on how your business can solve their problems.

Share Stories
Stories are great tools to spark interest. Storytelling is the best way to share how your business is personal to your audience and helps them.

Ask Questions and Share Answers
People love solving puzzles, but we are also more engaged when we see someone else go through the process and solve it. Ask your audience questions and let them solve the problems on their own on your Facebook page.

Give People Exclusive Access
People love the feeling of exclusivity. Give your audience exclusive access to your business and their private messages will convert at a higher rate.

Post an Interesting Article

Write an interesting and simple article like the one you wish to write, with a link to your Facebook page. Be concise and use a good list. In addition, remember that a lot of other people do the same, so you must use quality information, enjoy with your visitors and respect your time.

The Good Way: Create quality content and use it to promote.

The Good Way: Your subscribers and fans will recommend your article to their friends as well.

Post an Inspirational or Funny Quote

Older and more mature audiences tend to respond well to motivational quotes and inspirational moments. If the quote is about something that’s meaningful to the user’s life, it’s likely to resonate with them.

For example, one of my clients decided to share a quote from U2’s Bono: “What this day needs is the merest smidge of Aaron Sorkin.”

Post Pictures of Your Customers

If you sell online, then you have to market through Facebook. And to have your customers share for you with their friends, you need pictures.

The ultimate solution to this problem is to take pictures of the customers using the products. This will instantly add professionalism and credibility to your business.

Of course, not all of your customers will want to stand in the foreground of the photographs. In order to increase the chances of a customer wanting to be photographed, you can create a portrait studio in your location or have them pose in front of your products. Alternatively, you can also offer a discount to those who are willing to be photographed.

You already have photos of your products on your website or display which are clearly visible. You should also consider getting photos of your products in the process of being used.

For example, if you manufacture or sell exercise equipment, take photos of people doing exercising with your product. This will make your products extra attractive. You can also take snaps of your customers performing their activities using your products.

Ask People to Tag a Friend

Ask a Question

Polls – Facebook users will answer any query you have at your fingertips, any time of the day. Simply go to your Facebook and click “Post” from your Facebook page.

Live Polls – Live polls are similar to polls, but you grab your Facebook friends by asking them a question and receiving their answers instantaneously right on Facebook.

Post a Video

The fastest way to start marketing on Facebook is to upload a video.

It’s easy to get started and there’s no learning curve.

You can shoot a video on your smartphone in less than 10 minutes and have a product ready to market on Facebook within a few hours.

Step-by-Step Guide

Start by shooting your video. First, set up your tripod.

Tripods are made to be stable and they usually come with a tripod head that has three legs. If your tripod doesn’t have it, and you don’t want to spend money on one, you can improvise by placing a flat object or a stack of books on top of your camera.

Next, take the following steps:

Preroll your video. This is as simple as incorporating a few seconds of video in your video. In order to optimize your video for search as soon as it’s live on Facebook you’ll need to have it pre-uploaded to your Facebook Page.

You can use this 60+ second video preroll for your preroll.

Use a webcam. However, there are definitely more convenient and affordable video chat apps nowadays such as Skype and Facetime.

Consider Paying to Boost a Post on Facebook

Promote & Offer a Deal

Like all things, the way that you market your Facebook Page for free on Facebook is based on its effectiveness. You could pay Facebook money to market your Facebook Page, or you could spend your time and effort. If you want to do things for free and maintain your costs, I recommend the 2 C⺧he marketing approach: Continue and Create.

Continue in this context means that you run and promote your current free Facebook marketing strategy. Create means that you add something new to your mix.

For example, how about a contest or a promotion to gain fans or followers.

Here’s how you can do it.

Focus on Customer Benefits

(or Losses)


Facebook ads are great because social proof is a powerful piece of evidence that a Facebook ad will be successful (Facebook is about making real, personal connections with people, after all). What works really well for Facebook ads is showing customer proof of your products.

If you have a knack for writing short summaries about your products, this is a great place to share what your product does.

This can be done in one of two ways:

Expressly that your product can add value to the customer’s life. Examples: ‡Increase productivity, save time, make your life easier/save money, etc.

Alternatively, this can be done by explaining that they stand to lose something. Examples: ‡Don’t have to worry about cleaning the oven again, save money (less oven cleaning), etc.

Pitch a Benefit while Targeting

The best kind of benefit Facebook ads can offer is a benefit or a loss. A benefit might be what your product does for the customer’s life and can be related to customer benefit.

A loss might be what your product eliminates or prevents: the cleaning process for example.

Pin a Promotion

The most effective way to reach your target audience is by promotion. When it comes to promotions, Facebook has a few tips of its own to set you on the right course.

Facebook has suggested ways to run promotions not only to give and receive gifts, but also to share information, to trade products and, of course, to sell their products or services. It has become more and more important to make a good impression on Facebook users so that they will return to your page.

One way of securing more visitors on your Facebook Fan Page is to promote it on your profile.

Promotions on your profile give visitors the opportunity to view your promotions, share them on their Timeline, answer a promotional question, like a post or join a group. This helps to build the trust of the user.

To run a promotion on your timeline, first create a new post with your offer. Then go to the details section of your post and tap on the "promoted" tab. Set the "promoted by" to your business name and the "promoted type" to "type post". This takes you to a pop-up window where you can choose the promotion you would like to run. Be aware, you can only select one promotion type each day. Choose the one that you would like to run.

What to Post on Your Facebook Business Page

How Facebook’s News Feed Algorithm Works

The first step to get noticed on Facebook is to have people to notice that you’re there in the first place. How can you get people to see that you’re on Facebook? For starters, you’ll need to fill your news feed with new or fresh content that isn’t from your current Facebook friends. Some experts suggest creating a mini blog using a third party tool like WordPress or Blogger. This has helped many businesses initiate a dialogue with their clients and gain more traction for their marketing campaigns.

The second step towards having the right type of content, is to make sure that your content on Facebook is of interest to people. The news feed algorithm will determine what content is placed front and center on your newsfeed based on content rules. This mainly includes the type of media you’re posting and how often you’re posting it. The more intriguing or thought provoking the content is, the more likely it is to appeal to your target audience.

What Users Expect on Their News Feeds

Advantages of Marketing on Facebook for Small Businesses

This article will demonstrate how small businesses can get started (or get going again) by using Facebook advertising.

Facebook has become one of the most popular social networks in the world, which has lots of advantages for businesses .

Because of those advantages, more and more small businesses are using Facebook to market their businesses. Here are a few things you need to know about advertising on Facebook :

Get a Facebook Fanpage

The first step in marketing on Facebook is creating a Facebook fan page. I wish they were called something else so you wouldn’t have to be confused by my third step below 😉

The process by which your fan page was created (You were asked whether you had a business page or a personal profile) determines how you manage your page. If you were given the option to create a fan page, it was probably created as a business page. It will have a very different look and feel to the personal profile pages which have a more casual style.

Have Your Business Information on Your Facebook Fanpage

Your business information can be found in one of two places:

In your Fanpage information (You can get to this by clicking on Edit Page in the menu at the top of the fan page) In your Facebook Ad information.

Most businesses choose to have their business information in their profile information. That’s probably the easiest option.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it cost anything to use Facebook Marketing Insiders for testing ads?

Answer: There’s no money paid for this service.

Can I use the Facebook ad tools on any of my pages/groups?

Answer: No. These tools can only be used on Pages that you have Full Profile administration on.

Can I use these tools for Ad setup, Pay-per-click, and Facebook Ads with Google?

Answer: The tools are only for Ads set up in Facebook. Don’t use these tools for Ad set up in Google.

I am a Facebook Business Manager and can’t access these tools. Why?

Answer: The Facebook Business Manager is only available on Basic Pages.

I am a Facebook Business Manager and can’t access these tools. What do I need to do to become able to run these tools?

Answer: You need to make a request through this form.

How Do I Promote My Business on Facebook?

You may already be using Facebook to market your business to your target audience. If not, here’s your chance to get started in one of the easiest and most cost efficient ways.

As Facebook is among the top digital marketing channels, more and more marketers are tapping into it by promoting their businesses on Facebook. HOWEVER, most marketers tend to overlook its optimization tools and the opportunity to make the most out of the social media network.

You’re in the right place if you’re looking to understand the inner workings of Facebook, learn tips and tricks, and get your business on Facebook in no time.

So this guide will demonstrate simple steps for building followers, growing your fan base, coordinating with your clients and building your advocacy on Facebook. With these simple steps, you’ll be able to get started with building your business on Facebook within a week.

Step 1: Every business needs a Facebook Fan Page

Before you start, we’ll first need to establish the foundation of our Facebook Fan Page ” that’s why here we are going to create a Facebook Fan Page for the business name.

Click the arrow above Create or Edit a Page to access this option. Create a Page for your business name.

Step 2: Design your Facebook Fan Page

How Do I Build My Business with Facebook?

Facebook is known as the king platform with over 1 billion active users. That’s more people than the next four biggest social networks combined!

If you’re trying to build a business on Facebook, it’s because you’ve heard that you can use the platform to market your products and services to your audience and pocket the cash. But the question is ”how?” Let’s take a look at the five essential steps to market your business through Facebook for free:

How Can I Promote My Facebook Page Without Paying?

Facebook is a great platform to market your business. But it’s not free. If you’re like most small businesses, you don’t have the budget to pay for all the ads you need to get ․hits” and that’s where Facebook ads can be a benefit to your marketing campaign.

But be warned, not all Facebook ads are created equal.

If your goal is to get more traffic to your site, you have a choice between cost-per-click (CPC) and cost-per-lead (CPL) campaigns. With CPC ads, you pay more for each click. With CPL, you pay progressively more as your visitor interacts with your page.

CPC is mainly recommended for those offering digital goods such as CPC tools, web design services, and software products. You just don’t get enough bang for your buck (pun intended) with the likes of ads for information-based businesses such as publishing, advising, or consulting.

But if your business is a service-based business, such as computer maintenance, website design, and IT advisory services, you’ll want to run a CPL campaign. These types of services can’t be easily compared to products.

The Bottom Line

Digital marketing has emerged as one of the top money-spinning ventures of the 21st century. It is constantly evolving and adapting to the time.

Small-time entrepreneurs are now able to use social media marketing to grow their businesses. The more a business uses social media, the more sales it gains from online marketing.

Facebook is one of the most preferred platforms today because of its user-friendliness and easiness of access. Over a billion people from all over the world use Facebook. Unlike the other social networking sites such as YouTube and Twitter, Facebook does not charge any subscription fee. Therefore, the use of Facebook is completely free to all users. Though it is free, it is not free of charge, as advertisements will appear on the Facebook website.

Facebook is a platform for companies, organizations, and businesses to interact and share information with its members. It is known to be a good place for sharing and discussing about topics and people of interest. It is also used to interact with other people, to build a business network, or to promote a product. But it is best to have a marketing strategy before one can work in a successful manner on the website.

Facebook campaign and marketing strategies are completely different from traditional forms of marketing and promotion. Marketing strategies are very time-consuming, and it is advisable to consider the time you can devote to it. Facebook can be a great tool for your advertising or marketing.