How to Host a Real Estate Open House

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6 Steps for Hosting a Successful Open House

When you are in the process of selling your house, is open house a must? The answer is yes, if you want to be successful.

First: Plan the Open House

Planning the open house can take several days to a week. You will need to market your open house well to get the best turnout possible. Simply telling your listing agent to "let…fly" may not work. Your open houses should be marketed well through your website, social media profiles, newspaper and more.

Second: Prepare for the Open House

Make sure your home is clean. It is also smart to market your open house in front of your home to give potential buyers the "full experience."

Third: Start the Open House

Start the open house by selling people on your house. Describe all the home’s positive features. Make it easy for buyers to answer whether they are interested by outlining the home’s complaints. Try to show buyers’ open houses which are similar to yours. Show them the home’s potential by walking them through it.

Fourth: Draft the Contract

Choose the Best Day & Time to Show

Not all homes are the same and the best times to show vary based on the home, market, and the neighborhood. Generally, you can’t set a firm time to show because they may need to be cancelled due to unexpected circumstances.

However you can set a general time that you would like to show the home such as Sunday afternoons, Tuesday afternoons, or Thursday afternoons.

Of course some homes are going to need to be shown at other times and most professionals make a note in the MLS of what the preferred time is to show.

As for times, generally open houses are shown Friday to Sunday typically between 12pm and 5pm and homes are typically listed between 11am and 2pm.

Before you begin your open house, you want to be sure that you have people who can come out to show the home and who are willing to come out. Together, you should write down all of the people who you would like to show the home with and any other scheduling considerations.

When you prepare for your open house, you want to be sure that the professional photographer you hired is going to be able to take the photos you need at the house. Additionally, you want the professional photographer to be able to take photos of any specific rooms that the listing agent is looking for.

Help Sellers Stage Their Home

Create an Amazing Brochure

This is not rocket science. Go ahead and define what your ultimate goal is. Take a Bow! Place the photos around the brochure and create a brochure from scratch in a couple of minutes.

What you are doing is creating a brochure that moves people. Create a brochure that identifies a buyer to your property and persuades them to sign a purchase agreement. A suitable brochure should not stand in one place. It should be easily carried and able to be passed on to a potential buyer. You should attract people to attend the open house and exhibit your property. The brochure could also contain the space to leave contact information including names, phone numbers, addresses, and email addresses.

The brochure should be friendly looking. It should contain images, colors, and graphics that are unique, attractive, fresh and credible. In case you are not a computer whiz, you can visit a print shop and make your brochure. It is quite simple to make your brochure. You simply have to collect the images and place them in a particular order. The various parts of the brochure and the position of the images are important. The images should be in a good order to attract the people.

Advertise Your Open House

If you want to attract compliments and sell your home quickly, hold a home open house. Though seasoned Realtors usually handle this process, you can handle the marketing aspects on your own. You should advertise your open house confidently and professionally. Start by sending brochures and listings to local newspapers and real estate web sites. When you initiate your open house event, provide plenty of notice and advice to the media. This valuable information will attract people interested in seeing your property. Make sure you advertise your open house with your Realtor’s license.

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Make People Feel at Home

Living in a home can be a tough decision to make. Not only do we have to consider the mortgage, the upkeep and the eventual cost of a home take, but we also have to sort past memories to ensure that we are making a wise decision.

This means that sellers are constantly working on making their home more enticing. They may add wood floors, change light fixtures and add some music, if they like. It’s their home, so they could radically change the look and feel of a home to better suit their tastes.

However, buyers don’t want to be reminded of the past. They want what’s in the present. So how can you make a home seem presentable to potential buyers while preserving the character of the home that you like and love? That’s where making a home open house comes into play.

Hosting an open house is a great way to help sellers market their home and to help buyers find that perfect home while ensuring that both parties are happy with the decision.

All-Right, If You’ll Allow Us to Introduce Ourselves…

Gather Feedback & Follow-up

Within 24 hours of each open house, the host should send an email to every person who previously expressed interest in the property or expressed an intent to attend the open house. The email should contain quotes from each of the guests; in the event that there are no guests, the email should contain a brief statement about the condition of the property and a request for feedback on whether it is still of interest to the guests.

Also, include any details that were unusual to the guests – for example, if the furniture is missing or if there are loose floorboards in the bedrooms. This type of detailed feedback allows the host to be more effective in conducting follow-up interviews, and it also helps the guests to choose between other properties that might fit their needs.

While feedback from a single open house is incomplete, it can still help the host to determine the outcome of the next open house. If there was an unusual occurrence or housekeeping issue that the guests noticed, the host can make adjustments to their housekeeping practices for the next open house or to the property on which the next host will conduct an open house.

When contacting each guest, it is best to use a template form, which can reduce the time required of the host and helps to standardize the presentation of the properties.

Use an Open House Checklist

The purpose of an open house is to show your home at its best while gaining visibility to attract prospective purchasers or home buyers in person. When you host an open house, you should make sure that you have a checklist of things to do beforehand to maximize the benefit of the event.

In this post you will learn all about how to host a real estate open house. We will begin with a checklist of the important tasks that need to be done in the days before the open house and during the event itself. If you want to up your chances of success, consider incorporating some of these suggestions before the open house.

Host a Realtor Open House

The best way to have quality buyers attend your open house is to have it hosted by a real estate agent. If possible, only have real estate agents host your open house, and ask them if they’ll provide an intro package at no charge. However, if you can’t find an agent to host the event, keeping the event open to the public is not a bad thing. You’ll want to contact the venue ahead of time to make sure they’re aware of which homes will be open to the public.

Bottom Line

The first impression, that is, the first ten minutes, is the biggest! You are the first and most important contact with the prospective home owner. You have ten minutes to get him motivated to walk through those open doors and to feel at ease with you and your agency.

Here are some general tips to get your potential home owner to feel comfortable and at ease with you and your agency:

● Real estate officials and other agents do not have a telephone book listing. They bring the people to the open house and leave the seller with a great impression of the home owner's professionalism by reaching out to them in person. Always make an effort to be on time and be ready to be accommodating to the seller.

● Be polite and friendly as if you want the seller to make the decision to buy that house.

● Always be courteous.

● Let them do the talking by asking only questions necessary to direct them to a property.

● Whether you are ready or not, you always have your marketing material. Always have some on hand.

● Demonstrate the amount of experience and passion by your experience with open houses.

● Try to convince the seller that you want to sell just like them.

● Show the importance of interactive open houses by interacting with the guests.

● Make it a point to do lots of handshaking and be friendly.

● Be friendly and warm.