How to Host a Real Estate Open House

Cody Cromwell
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6 Steps for Hosting a Successful Open House

When you are in the process of selling your house, is open house a must? The answer is yes, if you want to be successful.

First: Plan the Open House

Planning the open house can take several days to a week. You will need to market your open house well to get the best turnout possible. Simply telling your listing agent to "let…fly" may not work. Your open houses should be marketed well through your website, social media profiles, newspaper and more.

Second: Prepare for the Open House

Make sure your home is clean. It is also smart to market your open house in front of your home to give potential buyers the "full experience."

Third: Start the Open House

Start the open house by selling people on your house. Describe all the home’s positive features. Make it easy for buyers to answer whether they are interested by outlining the home’s complaints. Try to show buyers’ open houses which are similar to yours. Show them the home’s potential by walking them through it.

Fourth: Draft the Contract

Choose the Best Day & Time to Show

Not all homes are the same and the best times to show vary based on the home, market, and the neighborhood. Generally, you can’t set a firm time to show because they may need to be cancelled due to unexpected circumstances.

However you can set a general time that you would lik