How to Get Semi-truck Financing

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How Semi-truck Financing Works

If you’re interested in a career in trucking, the good news is that it is not necessary to spend years and thousands on training before actually getting a truck. One of the options that trucking companies use to incentivize a young driver to enter the industry is through the Truck Training Assistance Program (T-TAP) or Passenger Transportation Subsidy (PTAP) incentive programs.

So, how do these incentive programs work? Well, basically, the company will issue a CDL permit and several years of experience to someone from the younger generation who is interested in becoming a truck driver. In return, the trucking company will benefit from that truck driver increasing the company’s income, with the company providing the driver with a job and the truck. In addition, the trucking company will also help the applicant obtain financing to purchase the semi or dump truck of their dreams. So, how much assistance will the trucking company provide in the form of financing?

It is generally set at 0% interest for a year, but it can be extended to two years, which means the lender has to give the borrower 3% interest per year.

Semi-truck Loan Providers

Semi-trucks are becoming a popular mode of transportation in the US. From food to building materials, these trucks carry a wide variety of supplies from one place to the other. One thing is certain, though …a semi-truck is expensive to purchase. Since it is the most cost effective way of transporting goods, the cost is passed to the purchaser and charged as a monthly rental fee.

Since this is indeed a large vehicle, it gets offered at an extremely high price. Although it is considered a risk for lenders to provide such high amount of loan amount, there are financial institutions that are able to provide interest rates that are as low as 3%. Loans for semi-trucks are usually for a period of between 3 and 5 years, with an option for an additional 1 to 2 years. Loan terms are either fixed or adjustable and can be dependent on the amount of payment per month.

Although there are many financial institutions that offer financing to owners of semi-trucks, there are a few steps that owners can take to ensure that they get accepted by credit providers. When dealing with financial institutions, it is important to provide as much information as possible, without providing too many details. This will ensure that credit score and credit rating of the applicant are not evaluated.

Semi-truck Financing Providers

Can you imagine driving a truck and earning the highest income possible? How much will you earn? How much money does it take to become a truck driver? Can you turn your car into a truck and make a living doing it? What does it take to get a commercial Driver’s License? From all these questions you’re asking yourself, a semi-truck is God’s answer to all of these questions.

A truck is used to transport goods from one location to another and is used in all industries for various traffic purposes. There are certain conditions which are very crucial if you want to get a semi truck loan.

You have to be at least 21 years of age.

You will have to stay in the business for five years or more in order to qualify for the loan.

You will have to pay the loan premiums directly to the financial institution which is licensed to give you the loan.

You will have to maintain the loan for at least two years.

There are certain rules and regulations which make it difficult for you to get a loan and these are a few of them.

Smarter Finance USA

Traditionally, commercial financing has been available to companies, large or small, that have a proven ability to pay back their loan. This type of financing is risk free for the lender, and typically designed to be offered for a specific time period.

Smarter Finance USA intends to break the mold of how traditional financing has traditionally been conducted. Our model is, and has always been designed to be, loan backed for the life of the loan. This provides the commercial Real Estate Investor with a much stronger, risk free structure for the 1st and subsequent loan payments.

We believe in creating relationships for life. We strive to find the perfect commercial real estate investor for every client.

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Commercial Fleet Financing

For those of you who have your eye on semi-trucks, you’ll be happy to learn that there are many financing options available to you, including those with substantial, permanent down payment requirements. If you’re looking for a small part-time business, you’re in luck! Seasonal driving positions are usually the most flexible, and are usually the most plentiful. You will find drivers to work in agriculture, passenger hauling, route delivery, and much more.

What most people don’t know is that a good commercial fleet finance company can sometimes provide financing with little or no down payment. Most people don’t do this because they’re afraid of losing their investment to a bank.

The most common way to apply for semi-truck financing is by filling out a registration application and submitting the required documents to the dealers.

Today every trucker should especially confirm and carefully read the service agreement they sign with the dealer, because most dealer contracts contain a purchase price that is fixed and can even be reduced by the dealer.

Balboa Capital

Balboa Capital offers financing for a wide variety of applications, including semi-truck financing.

Balboa Capital’s semi-truck financing features a variety of financing options for application-based requirements.

There are several ways to finance your semi-truck. Two of the most popular options include:

  • Amortized loans.
  • Less than truckload (LTL) invoices.
  • Fixed purchase contracts.
  • Fixed price contracts.
  • Demand accounts.
  • Buy-sell agreements.

The type of financing that you choose is optimized to match your particular needs. Since more than one type of financing exists, you can also find a financing option that best matches your priorities.

The following article will delve deeper into the semi-truck financing available to you.

Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo is one of the leading suppliers of truck financing. They offer both Personal Lines and Commercial Lines. To purchase a truck, they have great financing rates that will fit any budget.

Their Personal Lines financing covers your personal truck all the way through the end of the loan term. If you used a bank, or any other lending institution, to finance your truck, this would be referred to as a final purchase loan. The difference between using a traditional lender to finance your truck and Wells Fargo is that you are freed of the high interest rate once the truck is paid in full.

Commercial Lines financing covers your business truck which means it is used for both personal and business purposes. This will be different from your traditional bank financing.

With Wells Fargo, there are no prepayment penalties or fees. You can prepay your loan at any time, however, some of the fees may apply. Since there are no prepayment fees, you would be wise to pay the entire loan off in full every month. The only additional fee you are required to pay for early prepayment is a one-time exit fee which will depend on your loan amount and term.

To learn more about truck financing, visit their website or give them a call.


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How to Apply for Semi-truck Financing

Current commercial truckers tend to have a tough time finding lenders and financing. Most truckers will have low credit scores and relatively few assets which makes them risky to lenders. Freight companies, banks and other lenders won’t typically lend to truckers themselves but will lend to leasing companies or other financing companies instead. This is where the trucking business gets difficult because they typically need to have their own financing in place for purchasing a truck.

To qualify for a loan, the following are among the typical requirements:

Livestock hauling, shipping, freight, and transportation companies will also need to have an asset that can be pledged, such as warehouse, office, or equipment. Assets of a minimal value, including personal household items, would normally not play any role in securing a truck loan from a lender.

Once you are approved for trucking financing, there are loan structures to consider.

Payments can either be fixed or variable. Current commercial truckers that use freight forwarders frequently are more in favor of variable payments.

Banks can require any number of clauses including collateral, covenants, net worth, and insurance. You can expect a commercial vehicle loan to be for a short-term of up to five years.

The best truck financing company will allow you a longer term if you can show clear time frames.

5 Steps to Getting Semi-truck Financing

Those looking to buy a semi-truck need a good financing decision as well as the understanding of how to get semi-truck financing. This proper thinking is what can help the buyer get the best deal on such a big purchase.

Know Your Truck

Before you approach a lender about financing a truck, you should make sure that you really need one and how it will fit into your future business. Most dealerships, which sell semi-trucks, would not lend them out to a buyer who does not have an established business.

To determine whether you are ready for a new truck, consider your current truck, how much you pay for fuel each month, whether you have any employees, and whether you currently employ a semi-truck. Consider the cost of damages to your present truck and if you could finance a new truck without taking out a loan. If you do decide to purchase a new truck, then be sure to weigh your options carefully by taking a second to review all of your options and your pros and cons.

Determine Eligibility

Before you start looking for bank credit, you need to determine if you’re eligible for a semi-truck loan. First, make sure you understand the requirements. Then ask yourself, Do I meet these requirements?

First of all, you need to be vetted by your own bank. We’re talking about a credit score…and a hard one at that. It will have to be at or above the bank’s minimum creditworthiness. Keep in mind that banks are always lending more and more money, which means that they’re lending to riskier enterprises. So one way or another, they’re still going to require a credit score at or above the minimum.

Next, you need to be able to pay for the semi-truck. You’ll have to test the truck’s worth and figure out a loan amount that’s within your budget.

If you can do all of the above, you’re ready to get approval on a truck loan.

Gather Needed Information

Before submitting the application, learn as much about the truck financing as you can. Information such as the trucking company’s annual revenue, accounts receivable, total number of trucks, and annual mileage traveled will be helpful. By knowing the capacity and the financial status of the trucking company, you will be able to know if they have the financial ability to grant the credit that you request. This is the only way that you will be able to accurately give their credit ratings.

If you do not know where to find this information, you can contact the trucking company. A great place to start is with their customer service department. Most trucking companies have a rapport with their customers and will often be willing to help their customers with getting an Owner Operators Permit.

Interview the Trucking Company

The next step in obtaining financing is to interview the trucking company. Inquire about specific financial terms that they may be willing to offer, such as term of the loan, or interest rate. Their financial health also needs to be checked. Talk about their current financial stats and talk about their future projections. This will give a clearer view of the ability of the company to manage.

Find the Right Truck

To borrow money, you need to find a lender that will finance your purchase. Since semi-trucks are large, people often find the process of selecting a lender challenging. This is especially true if you are purchasing an eighteen-wheeler due to their larger size. If you’re still not sure what type of lender to use, contact your local truck dealership to get connected with a truck finance agency representative.

You could also find truck financing through your bank directly. While it does work in this instance, there is a higher interest rate that will be added to the overall cost, and the lender won’t finance a truck with a private owner.

A second option you have is to borrow the truck privately from a credit union. Although this option is straightforward, you may need to seek out a credit union that has a program that allows for private loans.

Finally, use P2P Lending Providers (P2PLP” or ”peer to peer” loans) to finance your power truck. These types of loans are ideal if you are self-employed, have limited credit, need to buy a truck and need access to instant funding. Whereas some lenders will charge you an origination fee, P2PLP” lenders don’t charge any fees to begin your loan application.

Find Good Insurance

Getting a semi truck to go where you need it, when you need it- can be expensive. And finding a good insurance company can make a huge difference in keeping your premiums down.

Do Your Homework. (right)

In order to find good insurances, you should see if they’re in your area. If not, look for an agency that can deliver. Make sure to do a little research first to find out if it is possible to get delivery at your location. You don’t want to waste time or money making an appointment only to find out that they get no truck-er.

Make Your Appointment.

Set up a time to meet with the insurances’ representatives to have a talk about your short-term and long-term needs. How and where are you going to be using the truck? How much work do you think you’re going to be doing? How safe do you want to be?

Do Your Homework Once Again. (right)

Submit All Documentation to Your Financing Company

Next Steps: Owner-operator Cash Flow

Owner-operator financing can be a great solution for financing your next business venture. In this case, the vehicle is a semi-truck, which will need to be used to haul your load. In order to get the wheels going, you’ll need to secure funding for the truck, as well as your operating expenses.

Financing the Truck

Your loan would be used to purchase the truck, and you would have to finance your purchase by buying out your current owner’s interest. You'll be taking an option on the truck, which means that you will only convert the option into a final purchase if your business plan works out.

Financing the Operating Expenses

The operating expenses in a trucking company are truck maintenance, insurance, and fuel. So, you’ll also need help funding these expenses. Thus, you’ll need to secure a lender to provide you with the money. Here’s how owner-operator financing will help.

Since you will be the owner, you can negotiate a lower margin on the financing than you could receive as a partner. So, you’re going to be receiving more equity for the same amount of money.

Semi-truck Financing Mistakes

Most of the people who drive large trucks prefer physical work rather than sitting behind the desk. Those people want to purchase a truck fully paid, but they need a loan for a few weeks in order to pay for the truck. Some of them even take the loan for a month or so just to save some cash.

In order to increase your chances of getting the loan, you should follow a few factors, which we are going to discuss in this article.

Being a New Business

Owner, it's going to be hard to get enough money for start-up capital. The good thing is, some banks are willing to lend you money for working capital.

Working Capital is a short term loan given to a business in the start-up stages. If you've just purchased a business, naturally you need working capital in order for the business to survive and function. If you don't have this, your business will have to wait until it can start receiving sales revenue or until you can get more cash from a lender.

Working capital needs can be met by getting a bank loan, obtaining a line of credit or getting a merchant cash advance that lets you apply for a cash advance from a merchant partner you're working with.

The payback period for working capital is relatively short so these loans can be useful. However, most loans come with terms that prohibit you from charging unsecured debt (such as a credit card). Preventing you from using a credit card to pay for things during the loan is, of course, to protect the bank.

A better solution to paying your working capital needs is a merchant cash advance. No need to pay a higher interest rate and your credit rating is not affected in the least!

Merchant cash advances are easy to get, and can be paid back conveniently because you can use your own credit card to pay the amount of the advance. The process goes like this:

Having Poor Credit

Buying Your Truck From a Private Party

It has been said that the item that is least likely to be purchased from a private party is the automobile. As a homeowner you would feel more comfortable taking your car to the mechanic to get repaired, rather than take it to a stranger to fix it. When it comes to vehicles, the same feeling of comfort is extended to the auto dealer. Even at a private party, most people don’t feel comfortable negotiating and handing over large amounts of money.

In order to get around this issue, some people use the internet to help them find the right vehicle for them. This is also the route taken by many people who are in dire need of a truck, but just don’t have enough money to push into purchasing it outright. It is a great way to save a lot of money, and still obtain the vehicle you desperately need.

How it works is easy. You decide on a vehicle and then find a bank with an investment program that accepts it. When you find a bank that will finance you, you offer to bring the vehicle to them for a better price. Once you get up to speed with what a bank will pay you for the vehicle, you can then go and find a private party who will essentially give it away to you. The private party can’t sell the vehicle, but can fix up the title and get some cash out of it.

Low Cash Reserves

High Credit Score? No Problem!

Financing a new semi truck is no small feat. However, if you work for a large company with the necessary clout, it can help considerably in getting the new truck on the road.

Some of the terms the truck company has to adhere to are fixed for the life of the loan. They also have to be able to show the truck is fully documented. Having the ability for a large company to do this can help a guy who uses his truck occasionally.

You can still negotiate with the bank to get a better rate than what they expected. Here is an scenario of how to get semi-truck financing.

A truck operator has a new truck on order with the full cab option. He qualifies for the truck but due to the expensive nature of the truck, he has no extra funds to put in to help finance the cost. Without being in a position to reduce cash reserves, he simply asks a family member to cosign for the loan.

The cosigner does not have to be financially stable. In many cases, the cosigner simply has good credit that they want to help others with. The truck company will accept the cosigner as part of the financing effort.

A great way to get the truck started is to simple draft a lien agreement and bring it to the bank. The bank will then release the lien and allow the truck to leave for the delivery location.

Buying an Old Truck

Semi-trucks are large vehicles that are often used as trucks for transporting cargo, people, and heavy goods. However, they are not just trucks used for everyday purpose. They have the ability to carry long loads over long distances, and this is the reason why semi-trucks are used as emergency transport vehicles.

Even if you are not transporting cargo, the semi-truck is a perfect mode of transportation for people who need to transport passengers. This is why they are often used as buses.

And not only that, semi-trucks are also used for the purpose of delivering goods. Some semi-truck companies and businesses keep two semi-trucks on standby in case anything is damaged on the semi-truck.

This is the reason why many people are always on the lookout for those pre-owned and used semis. You can currently purchase an old truck that has been well taken care of for a very affordable price.

And buying a truck that is less than ten years old is even better. Here’s why you should go for an older truck:

  • You have a wider range of options when it comes to purchase
  • It’s cheaper to own
  • It’s cheaper to maintain
  • There are no hassles involved with financing

Equipment Leases vs Equipment Loans

A new equipment lease can make the following things possible:

  • Improve cash flow or reduce your loan payment
  • Improve cash flow or reduce your interest costs
  • Reduce the amount of capital equipment you need to purchase

If you want to borrow the use of a piece of equipment and you have the money, a loan is a quick and easy way to get it. However, a loan is not the only way to get equipment that you do not actually own. Equipment can be leased, which effectively means that you are borrowing the equipment and will be returning it in a specified number of months or years.

Leasing can be done for the same reasons as buying, as it offers you the most flexibility in acquisition costs, lessens the impact of future price fluctuations, and allows you to use the equipment for the number of years you need to use it for. For some light manufacturing and other companies, a lease is also a good choice.

Customers who rent equipment for manufacturing and other companies often prefer leasing to financing. When you lease equipment instead of using a loan, you get the immediate benefit of a new machine, without the impact of a loan payment. That leaves you capital free for other things.

In addition, the lease can be tailored to meet your exact needs. For example, it is possible to put some or all of the purchase price on a credit card, giving you some flexibility if you are having cash flow problems.

Where to Get Semi-truck Financing

With financing programs offered by the banks, lending institutions, credit unions, and even online lenders, it’s no wonder why so many truckers are seeking out new ways to find semi-truck financing. One of the reasons truckers and semi-truck financing interest each other so much is that many of the same people are interested in both. As a matter of fact, many truckers and trucking companies use the same financing providers for businesses because of the quick turnaround and ease of a one stop shop experience they provide. If you’re not one of the many people that currently have a truck or semi-truck, take a look at the list below to find out which financing companies usually provide the best rates and terms.

With trucking being such a popular career choice, many people want to know more about how to get a truck as an industry starter, but also how to go about getting a pre-owned truck. Like semi-truck financing, pre-owned trucks have many financing options, depending on what type of truck you’re looking to get, and what you’re looking to use it for. Unlike septic truck financing, semi-truck financing, and pre-owned trucks, people with a septic system (which are commonly for recreational vehicles) usually do not have much choice in the type of financing they get.

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