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Find Renters on Your Own

Sites like Craigslist, Kijiji, the Freecycle Network, Gumtree and the Share Directory are great places to begin your search. But there are many tiny sites (or networks of sites) that cater to groups of people who live in particular areas or industries. Here are some of my favorites. They’re all easy to use because they’re national, or around the world. Most of them are free too.

Use ‘For Rent’ Signs

If you’re considering renting out your property in the future, then you should use ‘For Rent’ signs to find renters. Although many renters have the option of putting their places on the internet, in the past, these ‘For Rent’ signs worked well to attract potential tenants. They were fast, affordable, and worked in some of the toughest conditions. Nowadays, the internet has lessened the impact, but these signs still work like magic when placed in appropriate places. In fact, the sign’s high visibility, and the fact that many tenants want to live in a property located in a highly visible location (like a busy road in the center of a residential neighborhood), has made these signs even more effective than ever.

If you have a mobile phone or a smartphone, then use these devices to help you market your rental property. They can easily be placed on your car, on your bike, or carried by you while you walk around the neighborhood. Thus, in addition to your regular ‘For Sale’ signs, you can use an ‘For Rent’ sign to find renters.


For Renters: How to Find Renters

Reputation is important to renters, especially when it comes to the safety of your property. A good renter is someone who will keep the place “tidy,” who will leave the security of the door unlocked and advertised, and who will respect your property rules. But that’s not always easy to find out.

Enter: Craigslist.

Craigslist is one of the most popular online portals where people sell and buy practically anything, from used couches to electronic parts, and from cars to furniture. You can take it as one of the best resources that can give you some idea about who is looking to rent your property and who is in dire need of housing.

Advertise on Rental Websites

There are numerous rental sites that have free rental listings.

Renters provide you with a lot of flexibility as far as time and dates of rental, friendliness, and selection of their rentals. It’s helpful to list not only your rentals, but other details of each rental property that would help potential renters decide which property to rent from you.

Information includes:

  • Relevant photos of the property,
  • Staff and guest information,
  • Commitment to quality,
  • Off and on-site dates of rental,
  • Holidays and special needs, and

Policy towards pets and smoking.

Adding these details to your rental listing gives potential renters a clear representation of your property and makes it even more appealing to potential renters.

Additionally, having a description of what’s included in the rental process and for how long will help with the ease of renting.

You can expand your listings and the level of service available to your customers by offering additional gear rental.

You can continue to build your customer base by enhancing your websites with an SMS messaging system. With this system, you can contact guests as soon as they book a rental from your website.

Your Own Website

Social Media

Finding a new rental apartment can often be a complicated and stressful process. Many people choose to attempt to take the easy way out by looking for a rental that’s listed on the market. Unfortunately, this method is not always the best, and it’s often times worth the trouble to actually switch tactics and take a more targeted approach. Utilizing social media sites like Facebook can be a great way to find new renters that fit nicely into your desired demographic.

Typically, renting social networks or other online venues are not used in the actual application process with landlords. However, this information can make the decision process much easier and can make the leasing process quite a bit faster.

Is It Really Worth It?

Before you can really get started looking for a new renter, you need to be sure that it’s worth the effort. The main reason why what I’m about to outline is worth the time is there’s typically more than one person looking for a place. What I recommend doing is taking the time to actually generate a list of people that fit your needs.

Print Media

Print media advertising is a useful tool if you are a landlord interested in getting the word out about a new rental property or a tenant who’s looking to find a place to call home. Here’s how to go about it the right way.

Start your search by sifting through local free and paid classifieds in your area.

Checking job sites and your local newspaper for rental-related ads can be a great way to find a tenant or a landlord.

If you run a local newspaper ad, make sure that you keep promoting your rental property over the course of time until you find the right lease candidate.

Use brochures to attract prospective clients to your rental or rental property. Hold a special tenant appreciation event, talk about your rental property on your Facebook and Twitter accounts, or write a blog about it. The more information you’re able to provide about your property, the more likely someone will want and eventually rent your property.

Allow potential tenants to rent from you as a walk-through. This is a great chance to ask the tenant questions about his or her specific needs, the price range that they’re looking to spend in your rental property or the type of property they’re looking to rent, and to see whether the prospective tenant’s are interested in looking at your property.

Word of Mouth

Word of Mouth, that’s the best way to find a great tenant. One of the best ways to find tenants is to ask neighbors and friends if they know anyone who is looking for a place. Your word of mouth relationship may be valuable! They know the neighborhood and the personalities of your customers. This form of marketing is very effective.

Neighborhood Screening Service

Ask your realtor to help out with the screening. The Real Estate board of the community will also have information on local housing sites. People can post their rent flats on these sites. These websites help your realtor to find good tenants for your property. These sites help to make a proper screen, hence it is very useful for you.

If you can’t afford to pay your fee, consider these sites. They’ll save you some serious money, allowing you to find tenants much faster.

Use Property Management Software to Find Renters

Property managers have the responsibility to maintain the complex and collect rent from tenants. In order to accomplish this, they need to manage the property by collecting rent, obtaining contracts, and conducting repairs.

To help manage a property, one of the first things a property manager should consider is adding a rental property management software to their team. This can help a property manager keep track of properties, tenants, and maintenance. Additionally, it ensures the property is maintained properly and can help identify any problems or make needed improvements on a property before they become an issue.

Property managers use a rental property manager software for a variety of functions. The most common are as follows:

  • Managing all of the properties under the property manager’s care
  • Recording all the details of the properties in the property manager’s database
  • Managing inventory and records of all issues and repairs made on the properties
  • Evaluating tenant behavior in order to keep tenants happy and prevent any issues

In order to effectively use a rental property management software, property managers have to be able to access it at all times. To make the most of the program, it must be available on a mobile device, computer, or tablet.

Property managers typically choose to subscribe to a rental property management software rather than purchase it outright due to the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of the software over the long term.

Pros and Cons of Finding Renters on Your Own

Renting your home is a responsible and productive way to earn money while also allowing you to make some extra income. Renters at your house bring you income, extend your property’s occupancy and help to keep your property in good condition. If your property is in walking distance to a major bus line, you can potentially earn a lot more from this. You should consider paying your tenants extra for allowing them to use their own vehicles on the property.

When it comes to finding tenants for your rental home, your best bet is to advertise in the newspaper or directory services in your region. For example, the Daily Press in Hampton Roads newspaper lists a multitude of rental areas and apartments. However, you can also advertise in a local magazine as well.

Most people recommend that you send flyers or ads to local businesses in your area to help you find more potential renters. When you do this, you’ll be able to reach out to more people that want to rent a house in your area.

Hire a Real Estate Agent to Find Renters

If you are looking for renters or property to rent, you will need real estate agent who can get your property filled quickly. Having an experienced real estate agent who knows the market will ensure your house is rented.

Before deciding to hire a real estate agent to find renters, you need to perform a full market analysis. 1. How much rent is the market selling for? is it the right price? 2. How will you find the property? Google and the websites to locate property available to rent is an option but it is not the best. Most real estate agencies advertise the property they have available, they have a lot of properties to choose from. You will get a lot more visitors this way. They are also located in almost every city or town around the world. They are a good choice for a real estate agent since they have the availability of properties.

Pros and Cons of Hiring Real Estate Agents to Find Tenants

Real estate agents are already working with buyers and sellers, so they can know your area, the inventory available and have many listings to choose from. While marketers work with properties that they have found and marketed to the public; they don’t get to know any of the concerns a buyer or seller has and have to reach out to many of their customers to sell their properties.

Real estate buyers or sellers appoint a professional who has the knowledge, time and capability to help them. They often overlook the fact that there are always people who are qualified in the market and are willing to do the job for below the market rate. Real estate brokers that buy real estate property may be an option for someone looking to make extra money selling property. However, this may be better suited for individuals who are not yet ready to put their time, energy, and money into the marketplace. Understanding the process, market, and the trends are important aspects to the real estate agent role with buyers and sellers. If it is something that you're interested in, this can give you some insight into what to expect as you continue your search.

Hire a Property Management Firm to Find Renters

There are so many challenges associated with finding renters for your apartment. Not only do you need to be able to attract them, but you also need to make sure you’re able to sell your apartment.

That's where property management companies can come in handy. They’ll do all the leg work for you, and will help you place your communicatino methods such as flyers, radio ads, and print ads.

Property management firms will also conduct a full market analysis of your building and make recommendations about your unit such as pricing, the number of years to make payments, and even a limit on rent increases.

Property management firms also work with investors to get them into the market. They’ll send out your treatment package to a pool of investors, ask them for their most creative financing solutions, and take care of all the details. One of the best aspects about using a property management company is that you won’t have to deal with marketing, leasing sign-ups, or leasing renewals.

They’ll also filter the applicants, having them go by the ideal criteria you’ve created such as income, credit score, and rental history.

Pros and Cons of Hiring a Property Manager to Find Tenants

Property management and finding tenants can get difficult if you don’t know where to start. Thankfully, there are some great resources available that can help you find tenants. However, these resources can be extremely time consuming, even when they’re working well. Consider signing on an experienced local property manager, such as one of these 15, to help you streamline your tenant finding process.

Pros of Hiring a Property Manager

A good property manager is invaluable when it comes to finding tenants. A qualified property manager will have the resources and experience behind them to make your property look attractive to potential tenants. A skilled property manager will also have a marketing plan organized that will help increase traffic to your property and put it in front of a larger number of potential tenants.

The right property manager will also be able to help you get the most money possible when you decide to re-list your property when the time comes. A good property manager will help you get ready for this possibility ahead of time, so you can get top dollar from your next landlord.

Writing a Good Rental Listing Helps You Find Renters

Unless you’ve dug out your trusty 10 year old copy of Where’s Waldo? and are thumbing through the pages to locate that precious mole you spotted on page five, you probably already know that in the world of apartments and houses for rent, listing the right information on a rental listing is crucial. This is because the people who rent your place are looking for unique listing options … and if you don’t list what they’re looking for, you’ll lose many potential renters (or at least a lot of time going back and forth to swap out outdated information).

Here’s what you need to know to help make your rental listing stand out from the competition.

Finding Good Tenants Involves Screening Candidates

If you want to rent your house or apartment out, landing qualified tenants is challenging. You will need to screen your applicants and decide which candidates are the best matches for you.

That’s why learning how to screen tenants is crucial if you want to have the best tenants in your rental property. It’s also why I put together this list of tips for how to find good renters.

The three most common methods of finding tenants are through contacting real estate agents, placing an ad in the local newspaper, and placing an ad on an apartment rental website. One of the biggest benefits of using the newspaper and online ads is that you’ll spend less time finding qualified tenants and can instead spend time doing other things.

Politely Request an Application

The first step of finding a tenant is asking to be contacted by those interested in renting your house or apartment. So when you first reach out to potential renters, start by sending an email or mailing letter with a simple request for the tenant to send you and application.

Read the Application

Bottom Line

Easy Method to Renters in Your Area

I love how Airbnb has brought people together all across the world. With guests from more than 98 countries who have visited my Airbnb space, I’ve seen some amazing adventures.

Whether you are traveling or living somewhere new, using Airbnb – or any other similar alternative – to find visitors for your space will allow you to meet and build relationships with people from all over the world that who have very different perspectives and experiences.

This little guide to find renters for your space on Airbnb will save you lots of time and give you an easy way to begin networking, learning about different cultures around you, and expanding your network of friends.