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When Companies Should Use a Video Press Release

If you are looking for unique video press release distribution methods, whether you are just starting out or need a reliable, hard-working team to get the word out, NOW is certainly a good time to look into video press release distribution.

In the world of online marketing and communications, video and video press releases are preferred; especially when you want to capture online media attention. But there are times when such a powerful tool can be a drag. That’s why you should consider using video press release distribution services, whether you need video press release distribution locally or nationally.

For example, you may have a video press release with outstanding content that would be perfect for a television news outlet. Such a video would definitely be perfect for a television news station’s website. If getting picked up by a local television outlet is your goal, a video press release can help you achieve that goal.

There are also other times when video press release distribution services can help the video press release go a long way. There are many situations when video can be overlooked or not used. For example, you may have a video press release with such great content that a major newspaper would find it perfect for a newspaper online video. But in the same year the video would be published, a television video outlet would run a video press release.

So what do you do?

Choose a Type of Video Press Releases

Video press releases are just as effective as an old fashion printed press release and can be distributed more quickly. Unfortunately, I know a lot of journalists who claim that they will never distribute the content of a video press release.

That’s why I would recommend you to use the strongest videos you can find – quality is worth paying for – and check, where possible, if you can get a longer movie. That way you’ll edit for 15- 30 seconds in your video and maybe find 10-15 seconds you can use at the end.

Awkward transitions are okay, but avoid them, if possible. The shorter the video- interview the better. It should be no more than 10- 20 seconds long, about 2 to 3 minutes, that’s a perfect length for the medium that’s at your disposal.

Another important part of the release is the use of quotes. Without it the video is not going to be distributed. And if this is not possible, you’ll have to be creative if you want your content to get picked up.

Use quotes from experts, people whose names show, people in the news, just to name a few.

Choose the difference quotes yourself, where possible so you can get to choose your quotes to your advantage.


Media Coverage Specialists

Media coverage specialists work on behalf of a business to attract customers or try to create a buzz and a buzz is helped by your video release help. Once ready, the experts help you distribute the release via YouTube or simply email.

Doing interviews is an effective technique for a lot of reasons and most importantly for the increasing innovative technology.

In the modern world, we can no longer live only by the old way, where we are waiting for the world to meet or to see us. On the contrary, we have to work harder to make it happen.

A video release is a way to achieve mass awareness for your business.

A video release is an effective way to help your promoting by showing an attractive idea of your product or brand. A video is the most effective thing that can be sometimes to make your audience to see, taste, or touch your product and naturally will be closer.

The media releases specialists do an increasing job for you and show you that you have reached the way to success.

It is all your word that is in need for the massive marketing.

Your video release can be your best tool to reach more customers.

Product Tours or Demos

When new products are introduced to the public, a press release can be used to create coverage for a product’s launch. Since PR releases are sent to media outlets around the world, the more quality coverage you can get, the better.

Creating a video press release is the ideal way to make sure that you have a promotional video that you can share with the many online and offline media outlets. A quality video press release shows potential media outlets that the new product offers a lot of value, ensures that the reporters will have access to information regarding the new product and your company’s history, and makes it easy for them to obtain video for their story.

If you have a new product that you want to market through online PR, here is what you need to include in your video press release:

The press release text itself should have a URL to a video of the product. The video should be either a product tour or a demo.

Edit the video to compile the different information you want to include in the press release. Include your company’s history and give a brief description of the history of the product. Show how it works, and explain why your product is better than the competition’s. Provide a simple demo of the product and how it works. If applicable, include a customer testimonial.


Making use of testimonials is an effective way of promoting an upcoming or current product or service. By recording testimonials from satisfied customers, businesses can quickly build credibility and drive customer loyalty. For this reason, many organizations, including health care providers, warranty repair firms, retailers, and event organizers make use of video press releases to convey their success stories.

Although businesses are more likely to use video press releases for commercial purposes, such as advertising a new product or service, there is nothing to stop an individual from composing their own video press release for personal use. Once an individual has created a video press release they wish to distribute, they can send it to both the local and national television, print, and radio outlets. The broadcast media will typically include your press release in their on air coverage, and some media outlets will print it, making it a permanent part of their archives.

Sneak Peaks

Of a New Product?

Discover a sneak peak of your new product by using the press note-leak technique.

Use a video press release to promote a new product, service, or business. This is a technique used most often by producers of movies, music, and video games. However, if you have a new company or new product, this same press release technique can be used to get coverage and media attention for your organization.

Most people don’t create press releases for any reason other than publicity until they are asked by a reporter what they are. So it’s important that your press release make a lot of sense and provide a great deal of information – including a video clip of the new product being advertised by your company.

Here’s how to put one together:

Your goal is to create a press release that can be read or watched by the media and important people within the company, without excluding anyone.

Write the press release in a way that will be easy to follow and that is not cluttered with unnecessary information. And it’s important to keep your press release clear and simple so important information can quickly be found and understood. A press release should contain the following information:

An attention-grabbing ‘line’ statement

Company Profile

Video Press Releases (VPRs), video profiles, videos to promote your products,etc… there’s no doubt in the present era, video has taken a crucial place in the marketing strategies. The more impact and radical video effect you can create, the more people would pay attention to your products or services.

In today’s business world, in which competition is becoming more fierce and people are becoming more and more focused on price and value, a good press release or informative video is a good way to better your company profile. And when it comes to company profile or product promotion, video is the most remarkable tool for you. For instance,the biggest business icon, Apple is accelerating its thrust in the video market with the release of an ad that focuses on the performance of the Ipad.

Interactive Videos

Business is constantly growing and changing. One way you can truly get ahead in this ever-changing world is to promote your small business with a video. Curtain up your small business and make your vision outreach to the world by launching a video press release.

A video press release is a digital document describing a product or service by presenting an animation, a video, or even live footage. While a video press release is usually directly linked to a product or service, it can also be used to describe an upcoming live event or a company event. If you’re not quite sure how to create your video press release, you can check out this easy to follow guide that will lead you through creating a slam-dunk video press release.

When drafting your video press release, there are three important components to keep in mind:

The primary purpose is to provide potential clients, fans, followers, and enthusiasts with a a quick but comprehensive glance at what your product or service is all about.

While this is your primary goal, you should occasionally mention the main features of your product or service.

In addition to promoting your business, a video press release can also help raise awareness about a sensitive subject, promote the services and products of a business that is committed to giving back in the community, and show an exciting new product or service.

Produce Your Press Release

When it comes to creating video press releases, it’s best to shoot b-roll footage of your business that is specific to the video press release. This can include film and still images, as well as from point-of-view shots. What you’d typically want the press release to include would be the same information that would be conveyed in a live interview.

As a rule, you’d want to focus on subjects that would support the main point of your video press release and the overall message that you want to convey. For example, the topic of a video press release for a business that sold a new product would focus on what the product does, the benefits it offers, and how it better improves upon the product’s popular predecessor.

A video press release shouldn’t focus solely on a company’s products or services, but also on the important aspects of the company’s corporate culture. For example, a video press release for a service company that focuses on building and repairing generators might include some footage of the company’s employees working and interacting with their clients in the field.

Option 1: Using In-house Professional Production Equipment

If you’ve ever produced a video for a nonprofit organization, then you’re probably familiar with the process of using in-house professional production equipment.

You’ll need a good camera, tripod, microphone, and editing software to make a professional quality video. To distribute the video, you can use a basic web-based video hosting platform. If you have a Linux computer, you could upload your video to YouTube or other video hosting sites directly from your Linux system without any outside help.

However, if you don’t have the proper equipment or a Linux computer, you might want to consider distributing your video through other web-based video hosting platforms.

YouTube, Vimeo, Veoh, Dailymotion and others are all web-based video hosting portals that host videos from both organized organizations and individuals.

Uploading videos to these web-based video hosting platforms is easy and fairly inexpensive. But although the process is easy…there is a learning curve involved.

Before distributing your video to one of these web-based video hosting portals, you’ll need to create a press release. A press release needs to include basic information about your video:

  • Filename/title of video
  • Description of video

Option 2: Outsourcing With a Press Release Service

Using an outsourcing service is a great way to reach a wider audience. For instance, you might want to put out a press release about the release of a new product. But in a rush, your first thought might be to e-mail the release to a local newspaper. Would you like to speak with some of their readers? Of course, you wouldn…you would like to directly address the decision makers, so you can reach the largest possible audience.

Option 3: Recording Yourself With a Mobile Device

Debating between a professional video or a recorded video? Both have their advantages – with a professional video, you are sure to get the video you need, whereas with a recorded video, you hold the option of trying new ideas and formats.

And especially with a recorded video, a lot of flexibility is visible. With audio files (such as the ones created in the Audacity software), and a high quality camera, you can record yourself giving a presentation and still use your recording for other video purposes such as a business video.

Also, audios can be easily edited, which makes these recordings a lot more versatile than a video created by a professional video team.

A recorded video is also a lot cheaper than a video produced by a professional team, which is such a great help when preparing a business video for a small price.

However, if you’re a businessman who lives and breaths online and the idea of creating a video on your own is very intimidating, you may consider contacting a professional team instead.

So now that you’ve figured out the pros and cons of both options, let’s get down to the technicalities.

Host Your Video Press Release

The first thing you should do when you are planning to release a new video is to host the release locally, rather than you publishing it to a video sharing website such as Vimeo. They charge a substantial amount of money to submit a video to their system.

If you want to be transparent about your video, host it on an inexpensive video hosting site and ask for people to download and share a link to the video on Facebook, Twitter or email.


Of your business or organization, but most small businesses.

Do not know how to distriubute them.

When People Search for Businesses on Google They Often

Type in a few words or phrases from a company name.

When people search for information, they don't care.

If you are a small business or corporate, they only.

Care about getting the information they need.

Your "press release" is that information they need,.

So Be Sure You Have a Video Press Release Ready To

Distribute to Google, Yahoo and other search engines.

Also, if you don’t have a video press release, create one.

Now and Study the Following Tips for Writing Your Video

Press release.


For anyone that has written a press release, they’ve been asked to send it to the local TV and radio stations, newspapers, and online magazines. This is where it can get tricky and time consuming. Emails need to be sent and sometimes you have to wait for them to decide whether they want to feature it or not. A better way is to post to social media, share it on Facebook, share it on Twitter, etc. You can also purchase YouTube or Vimeo ads that can be targeted to your press release. Both of these options will be similar in cost (if you purchase other money making videos), and you can post it on your social media right away.

Creating an effective video press release takes creativity, a little bit of know-how, and a little bit of time. Vimeo is becoming a great place to accurately deliver an engaging and dynamic video for any audience. With their partnership with PressPass, you are able to smoothly upload your videos with just the click of a button. Creating your video press release is as easy as uploading and adding a few lines of text to your video.

The more compelling and attention grabbing your video press release is, the higher chance it has of being featured by the media. This is the secret to engaging the media and making a video press release as successful as possible. Here are some tips to collaborating with any company or organization to create the best video press release possible.

Distribute Your Video Press Release

Press releases are important to distribute to the media in order to create exposure and/or capture the attention of journalists. Often, they may mention the film’s title as one of its key selling points.

When distributing your video press release, it’s important to check to see if any of the company’s contact e-mail addresses are out-of-date. In order to avoid sending your video press release to an old address, check the company’s contact information on the Internet and follow up to confirm that the right people are reading your press release.

In addition, for distributing video press releases that contain still photos, remember that you can send images via e-mail attachments, but they must be in .JPEG, .GIF or .BMP format.

While some video press releases contain all the information a journalist needs to have, sometimes you’ll have to tailor the press release a bit in order to submit it to online news sites.

Sending a Press Release Manually

Before you start getting your video press release out to the press, you have to make sure that you have the right one. Sending a video press release to a specific writer or publication can be a great option, but the wrong video press release can have a negative impact on your video and your marketing campaign. A manual press release is a great option for people who want to write and send a press release but don’t have the resources or knowledge when it comes to creating one.

Manual video press release options help you to create a press release, but don’t help you distribute it. If you have a marketing team or a marketing agency, you may want to ask them to distribute your press release manually. They can manage the process for you, and you will be able to focus on other aspects of your marketing campaign.

If you need to get your video press release distributed, there are a few different methods that you can use. Manual release distribution is the most traditional method of distribution. It involves sending an email to a list of subscribers, people who may or may not want your video. You also need to manually add the URL of your video to their email template, so they can link in their story.

Using an Automated Distribution Service

There are many companies that offer video and digital press release distribution services. The most important thing to decide when using one of these services is whether you want to organize your own press release, write the press release yourself or do nothing and let the service do everything for you.

If you want to distribute your own press release and need help coming up with one that’s both engaging and informative, then the services are definitely worth considering. You shouldn’t use one of these services unless you have a comprehensive press release already written.

By using a distribution service to write your press release and then distribute it to thousands of press release distribution websites, you’re letting a professional handle the work and you won’t have to worry if the story is interesting enough to make a journalist or reporter pick it up.

If you decide to use one of these services, there are a bunch of different ways to set them up and start distributing press releases. Here’s a brief overview of how to use two different types of service, the Automated Distribution Service (ADS) and the Turnstyle Web Release Platform.

5 Video Press Release Best Practices

You’ve created a great video that you think is a candidate for the press. No problem, right?

Experienced PR pros generally have a standard method for submitting their videos — using an online submission form. But is this the right way to describe your video?

Press releases are a way to get your content into the news. What happens if you’ve spent the time and money to get your video made, but how will it get into the news?

I’ve found that several PR pros and journalists will often work together to develop a PR strategy that puts the right news media in front of your video.

If you’re serious about getting more press about your video, here are five best practices to consider:

Create a video press release
This format helps you convey your story through the use of facts and figures with your written narrative intact. By putting media contacts in your in your release, you have a targeted plan for who you’re requesting. The video press release also typically includes information on how you plan to use your video (how, when, where, and why).

Produce an Ad-free Feel to Your Video

Video press releases are becoming more and more popular, both among video producers and copyrightholders. The rise of online video sharing and streaming sites such as YouTube is one of the main causes for the increasing popularity of video press releases. The potential to get to millions of viewers by publishing a video press release on the web is great.

The first impressions of a video press release are extremely important. Using video of your company’s video production can help draw the attention of your viewers, focusing on the company’s brand and images. High-quality video with a professional appearance is also important in order to attract many viewers.

When you have chosen a company to get in contact with, the next thing you should do is make sure they have the necessary resources to create a video press release. It should not only include the general information and background of the company, but also information and details about each of its patented products and/or products under development.

It can also be an advantage for your video press release to include the services of your company and the services you can offer.

Also, getting in contact with the right person in your company that will be able to give detailed information and answer questions properly might take time. You should, therefore, make sure that the company you are contacting can easily disseminate your video press release to the necessary people inside the company.

Tell a Story of Your Target Audience

Your video press release needs to capture your audience’s attention, explaining why they should pay attention to what you’re doing. The more a journalist likes and understands you and your brand, the more they’ll find it worth their while to write about you and your business.

Video press releases offer journalists a unique differentiator from other media, so when you choose to distribute one, you want it to do your subject justice. You want it to reach the right journalist at the right time. After all, the impact of your video depends on the platform on which it’s published.

This is where knowing your audience will help. Journalists on the web are used to staying on top of all the online media, and you’ll need to do the same. Knowing your audience’s tendency to skim articles based on keywords will also help you target the right media so that your release has the best chance of being picked up and published.

Include a Variety of Visual & Interactive Assets for Journalists

Some of the best communication tools we have at our disposal are visuals and interactives. As journalists, this is one of the most important parts of sharing your story because it successfully opens the line of communication between you and your audience.

Readers become more interested and stay engaged in what you have to say when they can see, touch and follow in real time, what you have created.

The same goes for video press releases, which are becoming more and more popular. New tools are developed every single day to help you share your video press release with the world.

But why and how should you do this? Let’s start with why.

Why Create a Video Press Release? As noted above, readers become more engaged when something they see makes sense to them. If your story explains the point of it with a short documentary style film in a few minutes, it’s a game changer; it makes your story come alive.

The "aha" moment is what makes the difference between a good story and a great one. The more viewers are able to understand your message, the more they will appreciate it.

When journalists can easily share your message in a few minutes or less as a video press release, they’ll be more likely to do that.

Film Several Takes of Each Scene in Your Video

If you’re having trouble getting the perfect take, re-shoot the scene. Every shoot goes better with a few tries than a single take. Also, filmmakers are more likely to pre-focus on the perfect shot and, as a result, they tend to miss some of these great moments.

Embed Your Video in a Published Press Release, if Possible

Video Press Release Examples

If you’re thinking of applying for a video press release, here are a few examples of video press releases that produced good results for their end-purchasers.

The first press release, which produces a commercial for the Home Depot, shows the homes of two families in two different states. We’ll argue that the Home Depot does a good job of using the video press release (PURSE) to illustrate how useful their products can be in a variety of situations. Their press release emphasizes the use of a certain tool for a particular project. In this case, building shelves. The video is shot in the homes of two different families, and both illustrate how the specific tool can be used in a particular scenario.

Garmin, a world leader in GPS and wireless devices for athletes, today announced the availability of a new charging system that is compatible with a host of popular solar-toting smartwatches.

Based on a new patented technology, these new systems are comprised of an epicentre dock that can host any number of compatible charging fittings including charge pouches (including Garmin’s Garmin Chirp, Worry, and Vivoactive HR, and the TomTom Spark for TomTom). The epicentre dock…s integrated electronic chip communicates with the charging system to indicate whether a strap is securely attached and whether it has completely absorbed solar energy.

The system is unique in its ability to charge diverse devices and accessories using an easy to install, simple to transform solar charging system. It is being introduced today to showcase the integration of solar charging technology with Garmin’s expanding product line of Adventure Smartwatches.

The new solar kit is included with the Garmin Fenix 5 HR, Fenix 5 DS, Forerunner 230, 235 and 935, and Forerunner 225 in the US and Canada, and is expected to be available worldwide in Q3-Q4 of 2017.

U.S. Department of Energy Unveils Blueprint for the Quantum Internet

Benefits of a Video Press Release

Whether your release is for the Internet or print publication, you can boost your credibility by adding a video. A video press release is a great way to introduce a new product, announce a new company, or highlight an accomplishment.

A video press release stands out from other press releases because it tells a story, it gives viewers unique access to important requests or news, or it tells a fresh perspective on a topic.

A video press release also provides the opportunity to establish personal contact with editors by including a link to your website. A video press release gives you instant branding and can set your company apart from the crowd.

To help you get started, we’ve put together this quick guide to video press releases.

Higher Engagement

Video Press Releases have become one of the most effective tools in the marketing toolbox, as they are an incredible way to get the word out to audiences that are accustomed to video content. A video press release not only has the potential to put you in front of a much larger audience than a traditional email press release, but it also provides you with a live video press release distribution service along with a proactive collection of key analytics that can be integrated into your video advertising campaign.

A video press release allows you to send story-based video content to a targeted audience of TV stations, movie theaters, blogs, international newspapers, magazines, and corporate websites.

Video Press Releases have the ability to surpass traditional email press releases, as they attract a much higher rate of clicks, can be distributed to over 300 different organizations, and have a much larger reach than traditional email press releases. In addition, they are also published instantly, meaning that they can be viewed at any time, with no waiting time.

Increased Touchpoints & Conversions

New studies show that video PR is gaining more traction over traditional press release (online article) PR, and this is impacting the types and number of potential customers that video PR is able to attract. For example, if you’re wondering how your most active and loyal customers and prospects are coming across your content, the answer can be found in the industry’s organic search and social media.

As you can see from the infographic (see below), your most active and loyal customers may be just as active on social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter as they are on your own website. Interestingly, these same customers and prospects are also likely to search for your brand and your content on YouTube. We find this interesting because of the fact that adding a YouTube channel to your brand’s website or to your firm’s online marketing efforts doesn’t always make sense or generate meaningful results.

Putting Your Video Press Release to Work

In this example, you will see how a video press release works to create targeted traffic for your brand. We’ll show how it works to increase your brand’s conversion rate and increase your website’s visibility. The added challenge of this video press release is that it must be created solely for distribution on YouTube.

Better Performance Tracking

Traditional press releases are dead on arrival! They are soon buried until the media picks them up. Compare that to a video press release, which can easily go viral and ends up on news stations all over the world! Video press releases come in a variety of shapes and formats, so there’s something for everyone.

A video press release is essentially a video that’s also used as the press release. This format has quickly taken off since the late nineties and early two thousands with the introduction of streaming video.

A video press release can be used to promote concerts, movies, charitable causes, products, and more.

Creating a video press release is easy; all you need to do is optimize your video for the web and place it in a free video press release generator. After that, all you need to do is customize the editor settings, add a tagline, then get your press release information together. You can then submit your video press release for distribution.

A video press release generator allows you to customize your press release in a variety of ways. Some will allow you to upload images, text, videos, or music to add to your press release.

A few things to remember when creating a video press release:

Always upload a video that’s high resolution. That means it has a lot of pixels (resolution) and good color.

Earned Coverage on a Variety of Outlets

One of the common complaints of entrepreneurs is missed deadlines. Missing a deadline can cost a lot of money and it can be quite stressful, especially if your clients’ projects are dependent on the deadline being met.

When you are hosting your own launch party, you should be courteous to guests and attend to your own responsibilities as well … and one of the first things you should do is to send out a press release which should be distributed to various outlets.

Giving a quick call to the PR department or a quick check to the press release forum of the site you are launching your product on like Launchpad, PRS, PRG etc. will give you a very descriptive list of media who will be participating and might be interested. Writing your press release is much easier when you base it on that list of outlets you are targeting. You can create your own list with the outlets you are interested in and then create individual press releases for each outlet.

This process could take a lot of days, especially if the outlet you are targeting is as large as the New York Times. The more media outlets you have, the more the process will take.

In order to hit your targeted outlets effectively, you should start your PR campaign early by sending your press releases to media outlets that are highly visible and make appearances often.

Better Accessibility Across Devices

With the growth of mobile and online, the demand to publish and distribute video press releases in a way that is as accessible as possible across devices of varying operating systems has become a demand of importance for a business. The media landscape has changed due to the dominance of mobile device owning humans and advertising platforms starting to target people’s mobile devices to reach them rather than just their computers and tablets which has resulted in the rise of video press releases. This allows for consumers to watch the news directly on their smartphones which is ideal for consumers and businesses but a hurdle for media houses who are trying to publish video press releases as traditional published media are being consumed less by consumers.

A solution that has become the go to standard for video press release distribution is by Advertise to promote free video press releases directly to brands and consumers using social media as the medium to distribute. This is done in a way that optimizes user targeting so that the brands target consumers who are genuinely interested in the subject of the video press releases. This method allows consumers to see video press releases on their desktops, tablets, and mobile devices making them accessible everywhere they are.

Bottom Line

A press release is a form of written publication designed to announce newsworthy information about a product, brand, service, or event. Press releases are public relations statements announcing the existence of news as well as relevant information about it. In order to effectively publish a press release, it should meet the following requirements:

  • It must be geared towards a specific reporter or outlet
  • It should be informative, succinct, and brief
  • It should have an attention-grabbing title

When creating and distributing a video press release, it may be a good idea to answer the following questions first:

  • What do I want the press release to accomplish?
  • Who is the target audience?
  • What is the content?

Many companies use dedicated PR professionals for their press releases, publicity campaigns, and public relations efforts. But sometimes, it’s simply not cost effective to hire a PR firm to distribute information to the media. Projecting an attractive and compelling promo video will help you get your message noticed.

If you’re a business and are looking to broadcast your brand’s information to the media, enhancing your video press release with an eye catching video will help you succeed.