How to Create a Business Website: The Quick Guide

Cody Cromwell
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Choose a Content Management System (CMS)

A CMS (or Content Management System) is a website management solution that allows you to create a website that has the ability to update content from your website itself. The CMS is the backbone of your website.

There are three ways to create a website, of which the CMS is a type of website creation and management functionality.

The first way (also referred to as website creation) is to use a non-CMS website base template. Each website base template is basically a template that comes pre-loaded with the theme, layout, fonts, and CSS of your choice, and everything is ready for you to customize on your own. You can also create your own website base template, which involves creating a template based on your own design.

The second way is to use a template built based on a CMS. Using a template built based on a CMS is easier and faster than creating your own template. You only have to follow the instructions on how to properly install the CMS and you’re good to go.

The third way is to use a design created by a web design company. A design created by a web design company is similar to having one done by a graphic designer or a media consultant.

Then there’s the option of using a CMS. Nowadays, more and more website owners are choosing to use a CMS because they find it to be more practical and easier to use.

Get Web Hosting (WordPress Users Only)

Web hosting and domain names are a big part of setting up a site. If you want to set up a blog, business, website or even a portfolio site you are going to need a decent hosting plan. The awesome thing about WordPress is you can get hosting for free with the site's hosting plugin (WordPress is free and easy to use, however we will still cover this in the WordPress s