How to Become a Real Estate Agent in Maryland

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Basic Maryland Real Estate Licensing Requirements

The state of Maryland and its Office of Professional Regulation has a few different real estate licensing requirements. In order to become a real estate agent in Maryland, you will first need to obtain registration and pass the licensing exam and do certain paperwork, and when all of that is completed, you will receive an active broker license.

You can check out the Maryland Real Estate Commission’s Broker License Requirements to see exactly what you need to do to become and agent in MD. The general requirements are pretty standard, so general information and web access will be helpful resources. State Resources

Some of the specific requirements are different than they are in other states, and as such, the resources listed above will be a useful source for some of your information.

Where you will need to look for additional information is in the specific sections of the exam requirements. When you register for the exam, you will have to pay a fee for the materials that will be available for you to go through during your study. Major publications for real estate will be a valuable resource as well as any other books that are applicable for the type of license you are seeking. Online Materials

Online materials will help you prepare for the test. These materials will be much quicker than the actual test, and if you are in a tight time crunch, they are quite a worthwhile investment. You can start with the online practice tests that will be available to you.

Pre-licensing Courses Required in Maryland

The Maryland Real Estate Commission (REAL) requires a pre-licensing course as part of the Real Estate license requirements. This Pre-licensing education must be completed before the date of the Maryland real estate exam, and all students need to be accepted into a state approved pre-licensing education course before applying for the licensing process.

All pre-licensing courses must be state approved to earn the RealEstate curriculum desired by the student. Do not assume a pre-licensing course will be state approved, all pre-licensing course must be state approved in order to become a Maryland real estate agent.

Maryland Pre-Licensing Courses

If you are interested in becoming a Real Estate agent in Maryland, start by checking out the various pre-licensing courses available. The REAL requires a real estate pre-licensing education before taking the written and practical exams.

Types of Courses

There are several types of pre-licensing courses, depending on the student’s education, age, and specialty. However, before you make any decisions regarding which type of pre-licensing education to choose, you must first figure out your desired Real Estate area of focus.

Maryland Real Estate Exam Information

The Maryland real estate exam, the Uniform Real Estate Examination (UE), is a state-specific test required for anyone seeking to become a real estate broker or salesperson in Maryland. The state of Maryland requires that anyone applying for this license must first pass this test prior to becoming a broker or salesperson.

Note: The rules and requirements are always changing for Maryland real estate licenses

The Maryland real estate exam includes the following:

  • Understanding of real estate business principles
  • Real estate law (9 percent of the test)
  • Real estate appraisals and residential reports of condition (7 percent of the test)
  • Property inspections (20 percent of the test)
  • Dealing with clients (15 percent of the test)
  • Dealing with other brokers (12 percent of the test)
  • Creating marketing materials (8 percent of the test)
  • The above information may vary slightly from test to test

Requirements for Maryland online real estate courses, access the AIA website and click on the course you need to register for. All courses can be Completed in your own time and convenience, at your own pace, from the comfort of your home or office. All you require is the internet and a few dollars to get started.

Maryland Real Estate License Reciprocity and Portability

As you probably know, being a real estate agent has several different aspects. One of the most important aspects to becoming a real estate agent is the real estate license you have to earn. The licensing laws for real estate agents in Maryland are rather complex, which means that in order to become a real estate agent in Maryland, you need to understand the license requirements.

In most states, the reciprocal agreements among state boards of real estate are organized according to the licensees’ initial state of residence. In Maryland, the reciprocity agreements alternate between primary and secondary licenses. However, in 2009, Maryland Board of General Appraisers (MBGA) established reciprocity agreements with reciprocity states. Therefore, Maryland real estate licensees have reciprocal rights in Washington D.C. and Virginia.

Additionally, the Maryland Real Estate Commission’s Real Estate Professional Program (REPP) has recently published the latest edition of the Reciprocity State Finder, which provides a comprehensive directory of all the state real estate licensing boards in the United States. This directory makes it easy to find the information needed to find reciprocity and licensing requirements for specific states.

Now that you know that reciprocity between states is now available to Maryland licensees, you may want to know how licensing reciprocity works. Here’s the basic overview:

Arrange the requirements of the state(s) you will be working in.

How to Choose the Right Real Estate Company to Work For in Maryland

When choosing a Maryland real estate company to work for, you will want to ensure that the company produces good results for anyone who takes a chance on it. Here are some tips to help you decide what to look for when selecting a company to work for.

Make sure that the company values hard work. While they might promise a dream position, if you will do the work to make it so, the company will likely value you for all of the hard work you put into the position.

Make sure that the company has progressive benefits. Whether you are looking to take advantage of discounted gym memberships, travel opportunities, or retirement packages, you should look at the company’s benefits to ensure that you can take advantage of them.

Make sure that the career opportunity is not only a great opportunity but also that you are qualified for it. With some companies the position you are applying for might not necessarily be right for you. You should always check with companies to find out if they think you are qualified for the position.

Make sure that the company communicates clearly and always sends their best people to the open positions. If you know that company is serious about their open positions, it typically means that they are serious about the type of people they are sending. It is your duty as a prospective employee to apply for the open positions and convey how willing and able you are to work for the company.

Washington D.C./Arlington/Alexandria

The requirements to become a real estate agent in Maryland are:

  • Complete an approved prelicensing course
  • Pass a state examination
  • Complete a two-year experience requirement (see below)
  • Work under the supervision of a licensed real estate broker
  • Complete continuing education requirements

You can find more information and course options by visiting the Maryland Department of Labor’s website here.

State examination required: Yes

As a real estate agent in Maryland, you will be required to pass an exam provided by the Maryland Board of Real Estate Appraisers.

Some of the other licenses real estate license requirements can be found in:

Maryland Real Estate Agents must provide:

  • Annual license renewal
  • Real Estate Property Photography
  • Maryland Real Estate Broker Agent License Requirements

You must be a licensed real estate broker in Maryland before you can become a broker agent. There is no exam to become a broker in Maryland. Maryland is one of 42 states that require the agent and broker licensee to be licensed, which is the case in most of the states in the mid-Atlantic region including Pennsylvania.

Some of the other licenses real estate license requirements can be found in:

Maryland Real Estate Broker Agents must provide:

  • Annual license renewal
  • Local Board office


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