How Order Fulfillment Companies Work

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What Order Fulfillment Companies Do: A 5-Step Overview

There are two separate approaches that order fulfillment companies use for their services. These approaches include on-demand order fulfillment and daily order fulfillment. The latter is sometimes referred to as scheduled order fulfillment. A typical day for your order fulfillment company involves receiving a client request for services, fulfilling the requested services, then merchandise the orders.

Order fulfillment companies handle a client’s order by taking in orders or requests through a client portal. Once the order or request is received, the order fulfillment company confirms that it is in fact a legitimate order and valid to fulfill. Then, the order fulfillment company identifies and selects the appropriate order for the specific order type. After the order type is selected, the order fulfillment company follows up with the client to confirm the order or whenever there is an update for the order. The order fulfillment company then sends out the ordered items based on the order type and shipping schedule.

Once the order fulfillment company sends out the orders, it updates the clients on the status of their orders. The order fulfillment company ensures that the client receives the order against their order and that the products, services, and shipping details are all in order.

Your order fulfillment company also offers a 24/7 customer service call center for your convenience. The customer service individuals are close to the scheduled time and place of fulfillment. This is done to ensure that the clients’ orders are delivered on time.

Inventory is Delivered to Your Fulfillment Company

In traditional wholesale, there is one seller and one buy