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Pitney Bowes

The eCOption process is the technology that allows for businesses and institutions to create and print custom postage on-demand. According to Pitney Bowes, this process allows them to:

Upgrade an aging system and reduce costs.

Implement a new system more quickly.

Improve the user experience.

Improve quality of life.

Improve security.

Implement Global eCOption in support of international lettermail.

Beyond the tangible benefits.

Realize a better return on investment.

Improve on-time delivery performance.

Reduce carbon footprint.

According to the Pitney Bowes website, their average customer has a turnaround time of 6 – 7 days on orders for a new eCOption printer. On average, CoStep has been able to reduce that turnaround to 1 day.

and finding the right eCOption service provider

The eCOption process can be broken down into five phases:

· eCOption request creation.

· Compliance Review.

· eCOption order preparation.

· eCOption print order.

· eCOption delivery.



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