Top 25 Home Remodeling Ideas to Attract Renters From the Pros

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Replace Items That Need Ongoing Maintenance

Make sure all your appliances are in good condition.

If you’re replacing your appliances with newer items, be sure they are more energy efficient.

If you are changing your furnace, be sure the new one will fit in the same space. Many are not scaled to fit properly so be sure to check before purchasing it.

As you are replacing stovetops and other appliances, think about installing microwave ovens or fireplaces as well. These are great for any family that doesn’t cook but enjoys eating together.

Change light bulbs when needed. In fact, replacing a few light bulbs now will pay for itself in the end.

Change your shower head when needed. By doing so, you’ll use less water and keep the hot water heater from running overtime.

Your house will thank you in the long run.

Add Extra Storage

Add more storage space to your home with a few simple home remodeling ideas. Check out the list below for a list of ideas for adding interior or exterior storage to your home.

Add a shed or garage to your backyard. When people look at your house, they’ll immediately notice the shed or garage in your backyard as a nice and convenient place to store things like lawn mowers, patio furniture, and bicycles. And it provides a barrier between your private home and the outside for those who are a little too comfortable in your backyard.

Add a laundry room. Whether it’s a small or large laundry room in your home, more and more families are moving away from having their laundry done at the Laundromat. Adding a laundry room in your home is a great way to add storage space for clothes.

Improve your walk-in closet. If you have room in your home already to add a laundry room, it’s not a bad idea to turn your walk-in closet into a clothes storage space. But don’t stop there.

Modernize the Kitchen

If you are looking for an additional source of income, converting your kitchen to a rental unit may be just what you need. Daring to remodel the kitchen will help maximize the number of prospective tenants who will want to rent your apartment or house. Replacing the traditional cabinets with stainless steel cabinets makes your kitchen very inviting. The sleek look of the cabinets lets the homeowner feel like a stylish young professional who can cook anything.

Several companies offer modern stainless steel kitchen cabinets. You won’t have to spend a fortune to make the transformation. You can add cabinets in various styles and sizes to your home. The prices can range from a few hundred dollars to more than a thousand dollars.

In order to decorate your kitchen, you can choose from various styles and colors. Use the base cabinets for storage. Add smaller cabinets to the backsplash of the kitchen for additional storage. Grab a couple of trays and place them next to the cooker to store the pots, pans, and other cooking tools.

Replacing the bad with the beautiful will benefit your reputation. If you have rental units in your home, this remodeling will attract some potential renters. Rental units will fill up your house or apartment right away.

Upgrade to Wood Flooring

When you are looking for more than 1 source of income, owning multiple income producing property types always adds to the bottom line.

When it comes to things like home remodeling and redoing, flooring replacement is something that can be done moving foward.

The biggest investment is in remodeling and redoing bathrooms and kitchens, if given a choice of just doing it one time or doing it multiple times over the course of years the best choice is to do it 2 times.

The amount of money that most people are going to be able to outlay the first time they do that is nothing compared to years and years of you going, if you do it twice.

Another great place to look for home base as far as home remodeling ideas is the bathroom.

A lot of people think that bathroom remodeling and redoing are a real bore and they end up giving up on them way too early in the process.

They start out thinking that there’s just not enough time to do it and they end up putting the idea to the back burner.

Then they find out that once you start focusing on the home remodeling ideas for bathroom remodeling you realize that they are easy to do.

Reglaze the Bathtub & Caulk the Bathroom

After using your bathroom, you’re probably going to need to fill the tub with water. Between hot and cold water runs, you probably don’t want to clean your bathtub unless it’s full of water. A deglazed bathtub allows water to flow back into the tub without using scrubbing brushes.

The majority of home renovation professionals recommend caulk between the faucet and the spout of your bathtub or shower. The sharp edges of the spout may cause leaks. By using a caulk gun to ensure a tight seal, you can eliminate leaks.

Try out Your New Home’s Fixtures

If you move into your home and everything works as expected, you might think the renovations are complete. You’re wrong. One of the best ways to determine whether all of the renovations are working as planned is to try them out yourself. Try the shower head while Adam is absent. Imagine the water running through the hose and into the wall.

This is also helpful if you have stand-alone furnaces or room air conditioners. Turn them on and, after a few weeks, go back to check for problems or signs of wear and tear.

Don’t Change the Home’s Style

Improve the Rent.

As you consider a remodel to your home, you’ll inevitably look to make your home’s home more favored by prospective renters. Whenever remodeling your home, whether for repairs or a remodel, you might be tempted to change things around to appeal to more renters. But the best approach is to keep your home’s look in line with your home’s rent structure.

Renters don’t like homes that are ‘out of character’ from the neighborhood. Thus, if your home’s rent structure is more than 25% lower than the surrounding homes in the real estate market, you’ll be better off keeping your home’s style of construction and fits in the neighborhood compared to a home with the same rent structure but out of place with its neighboring homes.

Some home remodelers will treat the home sold by a homeowner because of changing its style and remodeling the home to match the new style without changing the homeowner’s rent structure.

Touch Up Paint Between Tenants for Long-term Rentals

As a real estate investor, it’s in your best interest to do some –touch up painting” before every tenant takes over a rental. This is an easy way to improve the curb appeal of your rental property and help them get on the right track toward their personal goals. As a result, you have a more confident and motivated renter in your client base.

Here’s why you should touch up the paint:

Peels off after a few tenants. When a property gets older, paint can start to flake and peel away, which makes a home look worse than it actually is. Touching up the paint before each tenant takes over the home not only makes the rental more appealing, it also covers up some of the damage paint can cause! While you’re at it, give the doors and windows a pre-tenant touch up.

Tape off doors for a sweet surprise.

During the final walk-through, you will often find that tenants want to paint parts of the home, such as the baseboards and trim. By demonstrating the many ways to use touch-up paint, you can show them how they can easily go from a grey (or really any) color to a bright, more appealing paint with just a couple coats of paint.

Keep the tenant list.

Make the Space Brighter & Lighter

Fixing up your home can make a big difference in your home’s appearance and make it feel more lived in. But, if you’re planning to rent to tenants to assist them in choosing their own home, you’ll need to incorporate home-enhancing techniques to make your home look and feel brighter and lighter.

Here are some ideas to consider for indoor and outdoor spaces that will make spaces brighter and lighter.

Add a skylight. A skylight is an easy-to-install sun-indoors option that adds enough light throughout the day to brighten up a room. Install a skylight with natural light throughout the day to brighten up your home. Install a skylight with an electric light throughout the day to brighten up an area with a view.

Add a lamp. A lamp is a great option to add a bit of light when you’re looking to brighten up a room. Choose a desk, floor or table lamp to spread a little extra light.

Add artwork. Beautiful artwork can change the appearance of a room in a way that will make it feel brighter and lighter. Adding art to a wall will spread the light of a fixture into the room, and adding artwork to shelves will introduce a decorative touch.

Install Granite Counters in the Kitchen

Granite is most popular in high-end kitchens because it’s durable, beautiful, and timeless. Granite countertops bring your kitchen into the 21st century while also making it visually appealing and efficient.

Before you start to remodel your kitchen, be sure to decide where you’d like your granite counters. After determining where you want to install your marble countertops, perform the following tasks:

Clean the surrounding walls. Use a good abrasive, upholstery slicking, and degreasing agent.2.Maintain the wall surface

If you are going to swap your old laminate or tile counters for your granite counters, make sure to strip the old counters of any residue. Do this by washing the counter with a degreasing agent. Inspect the residue to make sure it’s clean and smooth before installing your new granite counters.

Set the size of the granite install.

Plan the size of the granite install on the approximate length of the new countertop. The install will be either an inch or an inch and a half wide. You might also want to think about what tools you’ll need to cut the granite.

Secure the granite cinder block with trowels.

Cut out the holes for the faucet and the drains, and nailing them in place.

Choose Ceramic or Porcelain Tiles

Using ceramic or porcelain tiles in aesthetic remodeling projects will guarantee that your renters will keep the floors looking great for years to come.

Have Fewer Interruptions: Tile is infinitely easier to clean than carpet, disposing of spills and neutralizing odors will be as simple as a swipe or a swish of a mop.

Cost Effective: You will spend much less money on replacement and maintenance costs then you would with carpeting.

Repaint the Cabinets

Many of the rentals in your area do not have the same cabinets that you have in your home. They typically come in brighter colors that are white or off white. If you are looking to rent your home and showcase your personal taste regarding décor, repainting the cabinets to match the walls can help to transform the overall feel of the room.

If you are a professional manager, you may want to repaint the cabinets to look as glossy and clean as the walls of the home instead of the more traditional soft colors so that the cabinets look renovated instead of dingy from sharing space with drywall.

The fresh new look would help you stand out among the other homes available to rent in your community.

Change the Entryway Carpet to Match the Carpet in the Home

The carpet in your home indicates your personal taste, making it the perfect place to showcase your personal style. It can be the same in the rental of your home so that potential tenants will notice that the carpet matches the walls and the cabinets.

Use Light Colors to Create Privacy

Be careful to use light colors as the color of the carpet can be distracting to the new renter. The color should contrast with the walls, reducing light coming from the windows in the rental.

Add Large Windows

You’re on your way to turning your home into a rental property, right? Along the way you want to keep the dollars rolling in. One smart large-scale home improvement to do now is to install large windows throughout your home.

Windows are the backbone of any home… the entry way, the visible face of the home, and the living room. Take some time now and make sure you’re setting your home up for any and all potential renters.

With open windows, fresh air and beautiful views are instantly available throughout the home. While this is mostly a cosmetic improvement, it’s a worthwhile investment to freshen up your home.

Windows also add easy access to light and breezes throughout the home, which makes it a great feature to have. Tack on the added value of increased property value, and installing large windows throughout your home automatically starts drawing in potential renters.

Although you can install new windows at any time, many of the large-scale home improvements… like a new roof, carpet replacement, and appliance replacement…will be too costly and time consuming to do at this point.

Improve the Lighting

General lighting for a home costs far less than you might think, and it can make a huge difference in the feel of different rooms of your house. Replacing large, standard fixtures with smaller ones can also help add light to small, dark rooms.

It’s common for renters to want to have a good amount of natural light in their home for the enjoy. One of the easiest ways to change out your lighting to make it appear better to renters is by replacing your lights with LEDs (light emitting diodes). These energy efficient fixtures provide bright light and last up to 25 years.

In order to be energy efficient, these fixtures are engineered to use less power than traditional incandescent bulbs, and they all have an easy, zero-cost way of providing different colored light settings ranging from bright white to daylight.

Unlike traditional incandescent bulbs, LEDs don’t need to be replaced every two or three years, saving you the cost of replacing traditional bulbs, as well as the hassle of relamping them every time they burn out. Of course, LEDs aren’t for everyone, but they are a simple option to consider if you want to upgrade your lighting.

Before you decide on replacing all of your incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent (CFL) or LED, there are a few things to consider:

Add a Kitchen Backsplash

While a backsplash is a decorative display of tiles, glass or stone fixed to a kitchen wall, it is also a practical kitchen feature – one that protects your cabinets from heat and spills, and makes them easier to clean. A backsplash can also increase the aesthetic appeal of a kitchen by making it look bigger and adding a splash of color or geometric pattern.

Kitchen backsplashes are usually installed before your cabinets. If you’re planning to do them yourself, you’ll need to make the cut. Backsplash material can vary based on the area of the cabinet and the design preference. A small kitchen may only need a wood or vinyl material to keep it sturdy, while a large-sized kitchen will do better with tiles or glass as it can withstand the weight.

Another consideration is the color … white or dark. A white backsplash will match the color of your cabinets better, but a dark one will make the cabinets look smaller. This usually depends on your design preference, but it is best to choose one that matches the rest of the kitchen.

Hire a professional for installation if you’re tackling this project on your own. They’ll be able to install it quickly and efficiently and ensure its safety.

Upgrade the Bathroom & Increase Its Space

As the number one most traveled room in the home, the bathroom is also the number one room most renters want to see when they come through the doors. While many renters may not be able to spend a fortune to bring the lush upgrades into their rentals, there are plenty of ways to make the upgrades affordable and easy to do.

Perhaps the best idea is to emphasize this important room by increasing its space and making it more appealing. Upgrading the sink, shower, toilet, and bathtub can create more room for renters to enjoy the room. Another popular idea is to invest in a good waterproof rug, which works wonders in keeping the space warm and inviting.

Increasing its functionality is another great way to attract renters. Working to create a safe and clean space is crucial to increasing the potential rent. Nothing is more enticing to renters than an orderly and habitable space, which is typically not something you find in rental properties as often as you do in owner occupied properties.

Although it comes down to preference, a backlit vanity mirror is a great idea that can increase the bathroom’s sense of space and furnishing. Ideally, this mirrors should be able to swing and tilt to give renters added light. They should also be able to accommodate enough storage for toiletries and make it easy to hang up towels.

Add Features That Differentiate the Space

In the real estate industry, what makes a rental property desirable in comparison to others is a combination of amenities, appointments and the space itself. Likewise, there is a point at which any rental property can be upgraded so that it becomes an even more desirable living situation for potential renters.

If you are considering selling your property, you can spend a great deal of time working on making your home appealing to potential buyers. If, however, the property that you currently have on the market is already appealing to potential renters without your intervention, you may want to consider internally upgrading the property on your own terms. These upgrades may not be as spectacular as adding a deck to the back of your home and may not change the exterior of your residence dramatically, but it will make your rental property more desirable to potential renters.

Here are 25 voluntary upgrades that may be worthwhile for you to give to your rental investment.

Add a laundry room, either in addition to or in place of a washer and dryer.

If you have the space and your rental home is a two-bedroom unit, consider adding a second bedroom. This will appeal to potential renters who have children.

Add a deck, either in addition to or in place of a porch.

Not only will a deck give your rental property easy access to a garden area, but you can also create a nice space for entertaining and gatherings.

Install an Air Purification Device

Technically, this is not a home improvement, but it is a good one to have in your home. It’s worth spending the money on this. For just a few hundred dollars, an air purification device can create the perfect environment for your home, and most models are low-maintenance. (For a more in-depth look, read Science Says the Best Air Purifier Is Invisible.)

This device will clean your indoor air, which is filled with allergens, and it will also remove any chemical odors, such as formaldehyde. The filters of an air purifier work sometimes like a double-pane window air conditioner by removing pollutants and odors while maintaining the humidity, temperature, and the clean air inside your home.

Air purifiers can be implemented in your home to treat specific areas. For example, you can have an air-purifying unit in the bedroom, another in the bathroom, and a third in the living room. All of them can work independently and separately to purify your home.

Keep the Home Dryer Free

In the winter, a humidity bulb in the bathroom will prevent your home from drying out while you’re not using the shower, and you can control the humidity level by opening and closing the bathroom door. Another idea is to install a temperature-controlled electrical air humidifier in the bedroom and another one in the hallway of your home.

Disguise Damaged Walls With Art

Surface Texture & Matching Paint.

Even if the walls are not showing any signs of damage, you can make use of wall art, surfaces with textures, and paint colors to give them a new life.

Wall art can be a great way to cover unsightly walls. You can pick something unique, simple, and bold that can transform a drab wall into a homely space.

Surfaces with textures can also look great on damaged walls. You can pick wallpapers and murals with designs that have a textured surface that can disappear right into your walls.

Paint colors can complement a damaged wall and give a new lease of life to it. Pick paint colors that can act as a one of your wall art pieces.

A good way to make use of your walls is to paint a plain white wall. This would allow you to use paint colors and wall murals without the worry of visibility.

Consider Adding an Outdoor Eating Space

Those who like to eat outdoors at any time during the year will particularly appreciate an outdoor eating space. It could be a deck or an outdoor fire pit. During the summer, it could be a drive-thru bbq pit where you cook your food before eating at a picnic table in the middle of a covered picnic area. Toward the end of spring and through the winter months, consider something like a bar and outdoor dining table. You could offset the cost of a professional outdoor eating space by adding an eating patio to your home.

An eating patio can also double as a landscaped deck. However, the seating provided and the open space that you need to lay out the dining table and chairs could be much different. Also, you will probably not want to have to worry about running out of seating, which means you could have more seating available than with an eating patio.

Often, an eating patio is as simple as a covered table and chairs. Nonetheless, opting for a covered patio space may increase the cost of remodeling your home’s common living area.

You will likely need to include a sink, a refrigerator and/or a electric stove under the table and chairs. You might also need a wood stove to warm up in the cooler months.

Use Dark Grout

If your home is on the market, then you’re probably looking for ways to create charm in common areas like hallways, bathrooms, and living rooms, without breaking the bank. The good news is that you can increase the attention your home gets by using subtle features like dark grout and unique light fixtures that draw the eye and communicate your personality.

Improve Your Landscape

Landscape improvements are what attract most renters to an area. Put simply, when we see a house with a lovely yard, we tend to assume the indoor climate is comparable. However, renters have to take a number of factors into consideration when looking for a place to call home, one of which is the landscape. Not only does a well maintained yard help the landlord sell or rent the house, it also helps attract new renters to the area.

Add a Bathroom Vanity

Adding a bathroom vanity is one of the top 25 home remodeling ideas to rent to. Large and small size vanities are available for any sized bathroom. Lets take a look:

For small spaces

If the bathroom has limited square footage or not a lot of room to play with, a small vanity might be the way to go. You can add a slim or curved design to fit into smaller areas.

For Medium Spaces

If you’re adding a bathroom vanity by yourself or if you have a small home improvement budget, a medium size vanity might be the way to go. This type of vanity is an easy way to create a custom look in your bathroom. You don’t have to worry about any plumbing issues (tubs, shower and toilets) and you can cut costs and decorative wallpaper together.

For Large Spaces

If you’re adding a bathroom vanity in the middle of a master bedroom or a hallway, a large size might be the way to go. In addition to the price you pay for you layout, will also have to consider the price of the vanity itself.

You have a couple options to consider, like stainless steel and solid wood, but lets keep it simple and add a solid wood vanity to really make a statement. A top quality material like solid wood will add the quality you’re looking for.

Use Removable Wallpaper

Having a pre-painted or framed floor to ceiling mural is a good way to satisfy your desire for a cohesive space while keeping that space ready for placement of furniture and equipment when you move in. However, putting together a floor to ceiling mural is a time consuming job.

Adding partitions using removable wallpaper can create partitions which can be painted/molded/screened or have decorative glass embedded in it. Some pieces of removable wallpaper are large enough to make a wall. Thus, a mutually beneficial solution can be achieved if you are looking for an affordable way to create a room that can be used for a few different purposes.

There are three different kinds of walls you can use to partition a room:

Back walls. This can be a solid wall already in place, or you can add additional wall at the back of the room that can be used as a backdrop for your mural.

Ceiling or wall mounts. To create a ceiling mount partition, you need to locate the horizontal bar of a ceiling storage rack which you can use to hang the removable wallpaper.

Wall mounts. Wall mounts can be put up pretty easily in almost any room. Four brackets are used to support a vinyl wallpaper, while a piece of plywood keeps the wall from falling.

Replace the Front Door

This is both a quality of life and a home appearance item. A new door adds a level of security but can also let your renter in while still leaving the feeling of a personal entry. A new door will provide instant curb appeal, and if it matches the rest of the house, you have a total remodeling job with no sacrifice to the home.

If the door is damaged and a repair will take too long to install, measure the width of the old doorframe and frame a new door the same size. If there is not enough space for an exact matching door, measure a replacement door and make the frame around an inch too large. When installing the new door, use a sliding track system that allows you to use the existing door knobs.

Fix up the Kitchen like a Pro

If your kitchen is a disaster waiting to happen, your Realtor can tell you that your prospective tenant won’t even consider renting your house if there’s no kitchen, and rightfully so. If you’re serious about staying in your home, you may not want to invest in a full remodel, but an upper-level kitchen remodeling job is a nice option if you’re on a budget.

Install Shelves for Small Bathrooms

Look around your home for space that isn’t used for storage. Throw away expired food, unused supplies, and accumulations of newspapers. If you can get rid of clutter and free up space, you’ll be setting yourself up for a home with more potential renters.

Installing shelving around the toilet, in the hallway, and near the laundry room will give renters interesting places to store their things. Make sure the shelving is sturdy for items that will inevitably be dropped on their heads. In multiple apartments, TV storage will be a necessity. Seeing the laundry drip dry in the background will make great photo opportunities for your renters to frame as mementos.

If you have a guest bathroom that is tucked away from the rest of the home, consider installing shelves in the bathroom as well. Many customers who have rented value the experience of having a privately owned bathroom, so make sure your guests can appreciate how young you are.

Another high-traffic room that can be converted into a great space that renters will appreciate is the entryway to your home. If your entryway features a doorbell, a great addition is a set of hooks to hang coats, jackets, purses, and tote bags. Imagine how much gear guests will accumulate while at your home and how nice it will be that they have a place to store it.

Bottom Line – Remodeling Ideas for Rental Properties

Using the right remodeling ideas will increase the chance that your property will attract tenants. This means the property will be ready and the kitchen, bathrooms, heating etc can be improved to maximum potential.

There are many home remodeling ideas that can boost the rental value. Tenant satisfaction has increased productivity and thus increase the rental income. The tenant is still present if they are satisfied.

Many tenants are happy with the property layout and structure. When the tenant is happy, the rent will be charged.

The property initially takes more time to get ready especially if the property is not rented at the moment. The renovation should always be done without reducing the property income. There should be a way to balance it in between.

All tenants have preferences. There is an option of remodeling it according to tenant’s choice and there is also the option of not doing it according to tenant’s preference.

Building materials are expensive and it is not just the money but the time as well.

Space transformation will increase the rental value.

Make sure you focus on the tenants who are appreciated by the previous tenants. Tenants who are appreciated by the previous tenants are the tenants with the potential to increase the rental income.

Try to find one more tenant who is satisfied in order to increase your rental value. Appearance is very important for the tenant.